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The mendacious propaganda of #Somali troops being involved in the #Ethiopian civil war, particularly in the #Tigray region, is undoubtedly deceptive and I will dispel it once and for all. (🧵) 1/25
The @nytimes freelance reporter @MarksSimon deceitfully uses this screenshot in an attempt to give credence to the notion that #Somali troops were brought into #Tigray and were present around the city of #Aksum. 2/25 Image
Marks uses the UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in
Eritrea, written by Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, as his source. 3/25 Image
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Crisis? What crisis?
If you read this thread and think we should act please quotetweet and tag in who you think should see it.…
1.2 degrees of heating…
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Rejection hurts. There's no denying it.

But just because your business pitch was rejected by a venture capitalist (VC) doesn't mean that your startup is doomed.

In fact, getting rejected can be a good thing. It can help you learn, grow, and become a stronger entrepreneur.

Here are three things to do when your business pitch is rejected by a VC:

1. Don't take it personally

It's easy to take rejection personally, but it's important to remember that it's not about you as a person. It's about your business pitch.
Maybe the VC didn't like your idea, or maybe they didn't think your startup was ready for investment.

Also remember,  VCs are bombarded with pitches every day. They can't invest in all of them, so it's not surprising that most pitches are rejected.
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The US declares war on #Africa. Among this congressional bill's mandates: "To manipulate African governments and their policies, as well as the public opinions and voting preferences of African populations and diaspora groups."…
h/t @paulrey44802793
US war on Africa: "Invest in, engage, or otherwise control strategic sectors in #Africa, such as mining and other forms of natural resource extraction and exploitation, military basing and other security cooperation agreements, and information and communications technology."
Keep in mind that the US House of Representatives already passed this declaration of war on #Africa on April 27, 2022.
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Ancestors hair recreation thread !
If i didn't found a couple of years ago this photo album that was featuring more than 100 African women with the hairstyles they were wearing prior to colonization, i would surely had never started ! #Thread #africa #pride
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1)Chris Ani made an announcement to all his Cryptohub groups informing them that if they wish to remain in the groups, they’ll need to pay $200 as a yearly subscription.

This is ridiculous and wrong to say the least because everyone who paid for the Trade to earn course was told Image
2)they had a life time access to the course and it also came with being added to a Discussion group, Exchange group and Signal group which we all had life time access to. They Exchange group however was shut down because they didn’t put proper measure to protect people from being
3)cammed and as a result, a number of people got scammed. Today, they come up with this ridiculous announcement and this has steered an angry reaction in Group 7 and I imagine the same across the other groups.Chris Ani is nothing but a fraud and a cheat who has consistently
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NEW - @USAmbUN says that while U.S. chairs UNSC in May, @SecBlinken will chair a UNSC meeting on the intersection between food insecurity & conflict.

The U.S. will also chair x3 meetings on #Syria:

- Humanitarian on 20th
- Chemical weapons on 23rd
- Political situation on 31st
@USAmbUN @SecBlinken .@USAmbUN also announces that on May 18, the U.S. will convene & @SecBlinken will chair a Ministerial meeting at the UN, focused on food insecurity & conflict, amid #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

Vitally important, as food crises worsen by the week in #Africa & the #MiddleEast.
@USAmbUN @SecBlinken .@USAmbUN on the upcoming UNSC July vote on cross-border access into #Syria:

"It's important that we do everything in our power to keep cross-border assistance flowing into #Syria.. cross-line is clearly not enough.. I will do everything I can do expand the [existing] mandate."
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African startup companies raked in over $380M in April across 40 deals, taking the total funding received in 2022 to over $2B, a whopping 168.36% YoY increase over the same period in 2021.

🇰🇪 received the lion's share attracting $275M(72%), followed by 🇳🇬 (8.9%), & 🇪🇬 (7%). 1/n ImageImage
Energy ($270.5M, 5 deals) emerged as the most funded sector thanks to @SunKingGlobal's Series D, followed by Financial Services ($55.5M, 11 deals), Software ($20M, 4 deals) & Agritech ($19.2M, 5 deals). 2/n Image
@SunKingGlobal's $260M Series D topped the funding charts in April, also making it the largest round in 2022. This was followed by @PylonUMP's $19M Seed, @umbamobile's $15M Series A and @farmerline's $12.9M (Pre-Series A + Debt). 3/n Image
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"Retha is a remarkable person who saw a need and moved forward to fill that need. After becoming ill with #MECFS she formed a Facebook support group in 2012." #fundraising…
"She became aware of the dire needs of patients for hope, companionship, financial assistance, medical treatment, special care facilities, and basic living necessities. She realized something had to be done for #MECFS in #SouthAfrica and founded The @mecfs_sa"
"The Foundation provides #healthcare and counselling services for people with #MECFS who cannot afford it; raises awareness of ME/CFS, and #advocates for the rights and interests of people with ME/CFS." #imhopeful
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🇷🇺⚡"Russian special operation in Ukraine contributes to the liberation of the world from the oppression of the West" — Lavrov

"It is obvious that the attempts of the collective West to interfere with the natural course of history," ...

... "to solve their problems at the expense of others, are doomed. Today's world has several decision-making centers, it is multipolar. We see how the states of #Asia, #Africa, #LatinAmerica are developing dynamically. Real freedom is emerging for everyone choice," ...

... "including ways of development and participation in integration projects. Our special military operation in #Ukraine also contributes to the process of liberating the world from the neo-colonial oppression of the West," ...

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Day 63 of #Russian invasion of #Ukraine: +1,900 missile launches since start of invasion - most of missile / airstrikes vs Ukraine in #Mariupol & #Donbas, per a senior US defense official
NEW: US assesses there are now 92 #Russia|n battalion tactical groups now inside #Ukraine, per a senior US defense official
NEW: #Russia making "slow & even...incremental progress in the #Donbas, per a senior US defense official

"But there has been continued pushback by the #Ukrainians...a lot of back & forth" the official says, noting Russian forces in #Ukraine still plagued by logistical issues
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @GeoffreyOnyeama @Sarpong_KA, @UstaNcusta, Dammu Ravi, and Omneya Ghamry

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@GeoffreyOnyeama: #Nigeria & #India share a special relationship in this age of #globalisation. #India has a comparative advantage in the #health sector. Its role during the #COVID19 outbreak attests to this point.

.@GeoffreyOnyeama: The #IndiaAfrica Forum Summit (#IAFS) process is aimed at developing a precise roadmap that responds to the priorities of #African countries. #India can share its technological know-how which will boost our substantial partnership.

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @doctorsumitseth @RVlahutin @sharads @aurora_ravi @Hiroakitanikkei and @erinwatsonlynn

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@doctorsumitseth: e–KYC, e-signatures are an outcome of #digital transformation, where the last man standing has also benefited. This is the silent revolution that has transcended in India; from the #MissedCall economy to #4G penetration

.@sharads: #Internet committed the original sin: It became an advertising-supported web. It created an ecosystem where the big three companies have information about us on the internet.

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Quindi, ad oggi, la strategia economica dell’Italia si basa su

1) #PNRR con moltiplicatore 0.9, minore di 1 = debito senza crescita. Come dice lo stesso #Draghi, debito cattivo, senza alcun progetto di rilancio sistemico del Paese
2) Minacciamo #Sanzioni sul #gas #Russia senza avere alternative immediate, quindi facciamo aumentare il prezzo e continuiamo a pagare ed, indirettamente, finanziamo la guerra in #Ucraina
3) Nessuna strategia per rafforzare #Export, unica componente dell economia che tiene a galla il #PIL. Ne, nel dettaglio, una strategia di penetrazione di #Asia e #Africa, uniche aree che cresceranno nei prossimi anni
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@kentonthibaut reports on #China’s discourse power activities in #Africa, #LatinAmerica, and the #MiddleEast, how China leverages its reach to gain influence, and the impact these activities have on democratic resilience worldwide. 🧵👇…
@kentonthibaut (2/8): As #China continues to take an increasingly active role on the world’s stage, its efforts have largely bolstered authoritarianism and eroded institutions in fledgling democracies worldwide through their use of their immense diplomatic, media, and political power.
@kentonthibaut (3/8): #China sees disseminating CCP-approved narratives in the Global South to enhance their discourse power as key. The strategy includes:
1. Co-opting foreigners' voices to spread pro-China messaging
2. Using international platforms to spread #propaganda in target environments
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Originalmente ia falar sobre #indígenas, mas somente meus bisavós o eram, então não sou parente o suficiente para nenhum krenakore ou guarani, nem claro o bastante para ser branco. Então replicarei as palavras de Hassan Nasrallah sobre [um aspecto do] tema: Image
Eu mesmo não sei árabe, mas há mutuals meus que sabem. Que eles não me deixem mentir! Também irei resumir para que caiba no formato do Twitter, então que me perdoem de antemão.…
O primeiro ponto é que o representante dos EUA no Conselho de Segurança disse ao se dirigir à #Rússia: “Qualquer ataque a civis é considerado um crime de guerra e estamos registrando todos os eventos”. No sentido de que os EUA estão monitorando tudo de perto, e então julgarão...
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#ISIS’s spokesman, Sheikh Abu Omar al-Muhajir, in a new audio clip published two days ago:
1. Call for more terrorist attacks in #Israel
2. A call to exploit the weakness of the West against the background of the #Ukraine-#Russia war & to carry out revenge attacks in #Europe👇
(stabbing, trampling ...) in memory of #ISIS’ former leader and spokesman.
3. A Promise to continue efforts to release ISIS members from prisons.
4. Praising the rapid pledges of allegiance of ISIS’s members to its leader.👇
5. Praising ISIS’s success to expand along the continent of #Africa

It is probable that the timing of the publication is not accidental and was published near the day of the Badr battle, the first battle in which the Prophet Muhammad and his army defeated the Quraysh tribe.
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Thread 🧵


#IS spokesman Abu Omar congratulates IS fighters and all Muslims on the arrival of the month of Ramadan.

He announces the start of a new ghazwa (incursion/invasion).

He pays tribute to the late leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi and the former spokesman Abu Hamza.

Sends greetings and thanks to IS fighters from all areas of activity and for swearing in new leader Abu Hassan al-Hashimi and invites them to new operations.

Praises and highlights in particular the operations of IS fighters in West #Africa.

Very interesting mention in greeting all #IS supporters and activists and to the media, apps and social networks.
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To make technology promises into reality, we must recognize Africa as a continent with 55 countries that are all different. Let's work with them to build what is required rather than serving them with one solution.
-Teki Akuetteh (@hub_adr)
Thank you to our great panel, everyone who contributed, and to all who attended.

Access the full "Development Co-operation Report 2021: Shaping a Just Digital Transformation"
👉 Image
@DIAL_Kate @Robert_Opp @SwarayRahman @SLMIC3 @MFAestonia @SocEcoCulDig_MW @BMZ_Bund @hub_adr @GSMA @UNDPDigital (1/3) Want to hear more about #DPGs and #DPIs from DIAL? Check out some of our resources!

Priya Vora and Jonathan Dolan's recent paper for @brookings asks, What is 'good' digital infrastructure?…
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- Born in APARTHEID, South Africa

- Freinds with Pater Theil-Theil an alleged Nazis Homosexual White Nationalist?

- Elon was going to be Kanye's Campaign Manager - why? Was it to siphon votes from African Americans?

- Diamond dust on Zambia?

Should we even trust #ElonMusk?
#ElonMusk's family once owned an emerald mine in #Zambia

"Errol returned to South Africa with a half-share in a Zambian emerald mine, which would help to fund his family's lavish lifestyle of yachts, skiing holidays, and expensive computers."

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We all unknowingly share #misinformation sometimes🙈. Some of us more often than others. Here we know a guy who makes people’s phones hot with #fakenews in the friends #WhatsApp groups📱🔥.

His name is 🎤 #Kofi 🎤 Image
#Kofi is your everyday young person who’s very invested in current affairs in Africa & across the world📰📱📺 Image
#WhatsApp is #Kofi’s app of choice. He however shares online news and content from very questionable sources in the friends group. Often without #verifying the content🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ Image
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🧵⭐️ Have you ever noticed how the stars twinkle in the sky? Did you know #Indigenous people use this phenomenon for a wide variety of applications?! Image
#Twinkling - called "scintillation" in Western science - is caused when distant #starlight is impacted by our atmosphere, causing it to change in brightness as it reaches our eyes.

The rate of this flickering is related to wind speed and turbulence in the atmosphere. Image
For #astrophysicists, it negatively impacts the quality of telescopic data. #Telescopes are placed high on dry, clear mountaintops to help reduce this. Image
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@CultExpert This relationship between former cult members and the Evangelicals who deprogram them + their ties to the Republican party is a fascinating recurring theme.
@CultExpert The Nazis used cult tactics, too.
@CultExpert When one considers these conservative "purity test" it all make more sense. The pledging of loyalty to a set of bizarre, evolving, principles. And, if you don't adhere to them; well, you're thrown out of the group — you’re just a RINO.

You are excommunicated.
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Have you ever wanted to study the #astronomical knowledges and practices of ancient cultures around the globe? @UniMelb will be offering a brand new course on #Archaeoastronomy during Semester 2, 2022!

Enrolments are open...… Image
'PHYC20017: #Archaeoastronomy' will be delivered jointly by the School of #Physics in the Faculty of #Science and the #History & #Philosophy of Science Unit in the Faculty of #Arts.

Enrol now!…
#Ancient and #Indigenous cultures of the world developed knowledge systems long ago and constructed #monuments that reflect detailed knowledge of the #Sun, #Moon & #stars. The sky played an important role in ceremony, #political structures, #architecture, and social development. Image
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