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#Documentaire "La bataille d'#Airbus".
En 2013, le géant Airbus est poursuivi pour des soupçons de corruption par les autorités américaines. En dévoilant les dessous de cette affaire de #GuerreÉconomique...…
... cette enquête montre comment la justice est devenue l’un des instruments de la guerre économique impitoyable menée par les États-Unis contre les grandes entreprises européennes.
Le DoJ, armé par l'#extraterritorialité des lois américaines, s'est mis au service d'une "stratégie de conquête dans les secteurs de l'aéronautique, de la santé et de la recherche. Les entreprises françaises font l'objet d'attaques ciblées par le biais de contentieux juridiques."
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⭐️The big five weapons firms have achieved impressive stock growth since Russia’s invasion, dramatically outperforming the major indexes. Shares in #LockheedMartin, #Raytheon, #Boeing, #NorthropGrumman, and General Dynamics appreciated in value 12.78 percent on average in the…… Image
That growth is even more impressive when compared to the performance of the major indexes. The top weapons stocks, on average, outperformed the S&P 500 by 17.82 percent, the NASDAQ composite index by 23.88 percent, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 12.71 percent.
Much of the U.S. weapons industry’s revenues originate from U.S. government contracts, paid by taxpayers. For example, Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons manufacturer, may be a for-profit, publicly traded company but the firm’s 2021 annual report acknowledged that,…… Image
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Pilot error:

[poor training due to incomplete training manual, to include improper instructional nomenclature and pictorials] minor injuries:

bruised egos | get home-itis | self induced management dysfunction.

#737MAX #Boeing #AmericanAirlines - @
This was investigated under 49 U.S. Code § 44709 - Amendments, modifications, suspensions, and revocations of certificates

(a) Reinspection and Reexamination.—
(1) In general.—
The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may….
reinspect at any time a … or reexamine an airman holding a certificate issued under section 44703 of this title.

(2) Notification of reexamination of airman.—Before taking any action to reexamine an airman under paragraph (1) the Administrator shall provide to the airman—
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#Trump ‘not far away from #truth’ on #Ukraine#Kremlin | Jan 27
- “Indeed, should the US President wish to put an end to this conflict, he could do it very quickly, using the opportunity to simply give instructions to the #Kiev regime,” #Peskov on Friday… Image
Google Hides The Main #Reason For America"s #Arming Of #Ukraine | Jan 28
- Google’s censorship policy removes links to #SouthFront for 2 years. #Twitter and #FB also began to delete links to SF articles long before any sanctions against SF were introduced Image
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2023 will be the year of layoffs…
20/1/2023 - #Google's parent #Alphabet to lay off 12,000
18/1/2023 - #Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

#layoffs #layoffs2023
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#A380 #Boeing #Airbus #avgeek - The world's largest passenger plane, the wide-body two-story Airbus A380, entered service with @SingaporeAir in Oct. 2007. 254 built through 2021 when production ended. @Emirates bought ~half. 1/ @Sylvia70485099
2/ I love Boeing B-747s, but the A380 feels even bigger and statelier despite the decidedly awkward proportions in these glamor shots. :) The project started as the A3XX in the mid-1990s. Surprisingly, neither was the first double-decker passenger liner.
3/ The A380's major components come from across Germany, England and Spain (and elsewhere?) with final assembly in #Toulouse, France, long a big French assembly hub. This collaboration has always been part of the multinational Airbus company's model.
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Corporate PACs have donated +$44 million directly to the campaigns and leadership PACs of the SEDITION CAUCUS.

#KochIndustries ($626,500)
#AmericanCrystalSugar ($530,000)
#HomeDepot ($525,000)
#Boeing ($488,000)
#UPS ($479,500)

Corporate pledges to democracy abandoned

In the days after the insurrection, 250 companies suspended donations to members of the Sedition Caucus. Less than two years later, less than a third of those companies have kept their promises.


#MetLife funding TREASON
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - Comenzamos aquí, como cada mañana, nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Gracias por compartir🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - Aquí podemos ver a un grupo de militares ucranianos entrenando con los Wolfhound cedidos por el 🇬🇧 #ReinoUnido.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - 300 voluntarios procedentes del Krai de Primorie, en el Extremo Oriente ruso, se preparan para ir a luchar al Donbás, según se recoge en este vídeo.
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Disaster thread recompiled here;

It's all mathematical from the first accident to the last. Image
The first accident involving damages on people occured 17/1/2008 (ddmmyyyyy)
1+7+1+20+8 = 37

37 is the 12th prime and also a twin prime.
73 is the 21st prime.

37><73 7+7+7 = 21. Except 47° that got injured you will see where this is going. #boening777
29/7/2011 was the 210 day of the year. 7+7+7 = 21.

Also 29+7+11 = 47°
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Dubai Air Show 🚀✈🚁

▶ 14-18 Nov, 2021


@DubaiAirshow Image
L-15 jet trainer aircraft 🇨🇳

Credits: on pics

/1 ImageImage
Japan's C-2 Transport plane 🇯🇵


© on pics

/2 ImageImage
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#BREAKING Boeing hit by $6.4 bn in costs on delayed 777X program
#UPDATE Aerospace giant #Boeing concluded its reports from a bruising 2020 on Wednesday with another unpleasant surprise: a $6.5 billion hit from delays to its new 777X plane that increased its annual loss to $11.9 billion
#BREAKING UK aviation authority allows Boeing 737 MAX to resume flights
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1/📌#SARSCoV2 spread on #Boeing 777. Seven infections identified, at least 4 of which were likely the result of transmission events during 18 hr Dubai to New Zealand flight✈. Genomic sequencing confirmed virus genomes were identical/near identical🧵
2/An alternative exposure event, such as in the Dubai Airport before takeoff, can't be definitely ruled out but a much more likely scenario is transmission in flight given the 7 were sitting in close proximity on the flight. The virus spread despite 5 of them reporting mask use.
3/Pre-flight testing did not catch the index case infection. Post-flight testing while in quarantine in New Zealand did, underscoring the importance of policy that requires quarantine for visitors.…
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1/09 > Premier vol d’essai réussi pour la voiture volante de #Toyota et #SkyDrive via @Siecledigital #LaMethSci Image
[#Vidéo] 28/08 > En images, le 1er vol d'essai de l'engin monoplace (futur biplace) de #Toyota et #SkyDrive #LaMethSci
.@FrancoisSillion > on estime entre 150 et 200 projets d'appareils électriques à décollage et atterrissage vertical aujourd'hui #LaMethSci
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#KRITIS Sektor #Transport und #Verkehr

US-Ausschuss prangert #Boeing wegen Schlamperei und Vertuschung an

Die Abstürze zweier Boeing #737Max kosteten 346 Menschen das Leben. 1/3…
Der abschließende Befund des US-Repräsentantenhauses [245 Seiten!]: Ursache war die #Gier des Konzerns, die zu gutgläubige #Luftfahrtbehörde ist mit schuld. 2/3
"Max-Abstürze..schreckliche Höhepunkt einer Reihe falscher technischer Annahmen von #Boeing-Ingenieuren, mangelnder Transparenz des Managements und einer grob unzureichenden Aufsicht durch #FAA." Boeing wird in dem Bericht erneut eine "Kultur des Verheimlichens" vorgeworfen. 3/3
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Saturday night charts review.... coming up, a thread. Sponsored by UK Radio 1 dance anthems :)
This does not look bullish.... $AZN
Read that stanly drunkemiller has bought shares in $CCL. This and other Covid battered stocks, (airlines) are looking juicy on monthly / weekly charts. Few more days until these bars mature.
#Boeing $BA
#Carnival $CCL
#InternationalConsolAir $IAG
#Easyjet $EZJ
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"...#GeneralDynamics, #Boeing, and #Raytheon who all have profited to the tune of hundreds of millions from the war and have seen their #stocks soar since the start of the conflict."
by @hijodelcuervo… #Yemen #SaudiArabia #warmongers #WednesdayWisdom #War
"In addition to killing and injuring hundreds of civilians, #American-made weapons have exposed #Yemen’s people to highly toxic substances on a level not seen before..."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #yemencrisis #WednesdayWisdom
"...the #Saudi-led coalition, equipped with the latest U.S.-supplied #weapons, has been unable to advance as local residents fight to free their #homeland, whatever the sacrifice."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #SaudiArabia #yemencrisis
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It has been an unusual day today as I have reflected on 13 years of flying the #Boeing747 for #BritishAirways with a few people. I woudl ask for your indulgence as I take a short walk down memory lane from Boeing 747 No 1 to Air Force 1. #BA747 #BritishAirways747. >>>> Image
It all started in 1969 when Joe Sutter an engineer working for #Boeing launched the first #Boeing747 from Boeing Field in #Seattle. The aircraft was the first widebody airliner & over 50 years later it is still be flying. Join me visiting No1 here 👉🏻 Image
This year has seen @BoeingAirplanes announce the end of the line for the #Boeing747 as they will stop manufacturing the freighter version soon. The venerable aircraft hasn’t changed much since 1969 but it will be around for many years to come. Read here 👇🏻…
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#Muetzenich will US-Atomwaffen aus Deutschland heraus- und die #NukleareTeilhabe abschaffen. Dafür gibt es viele Argumente. Ein guter Punkt für die @spdde und die @spdbt. 1/9
#NukleareTeilhabe heißt, wir entscheiden über den Transport der Sprengköpfe ans Ziel, die USA über die Zündung der Bomben. Wir haben mitnichten die letze Entscheidung, wie @BrunnerGanzOhr in @faznet behauptet. 2/9
#Atomwaffen haben an Bedeutung verloren. Die #USA lagern im Fliegerhorst Büchel kaum 20 Sprengköpfe - vor 1995 wohl 480 in Deutschland. Ist das die Schutz-Käseglocke? 3/9
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#RevoutionaryThinking #THREAD

I just showered and shaved after a shitty night's sleep. My hair's an unprecedented #jewfro - the most personally-fascinating element of this apocalypse so far. I had some thoughts in the shower, as showers often have - about the #CorporateWorld. Image
The corporate world's about the #rich getting #richer - that's not news. However, the corporate worker pays a price for their "living wages" & "benefits." Stress-levels and corporate cultures can be soul-crushing, depressing and desperate - but people stay and serve their time.
Those of us outside the bubble can only marvel in wonder at daily life inside Nike's World HQ or on Google's Bay Area Campus. Even average high-tech companies mirrored those life and work combining #wonderlands, such that employees need NEVER return home.
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#coronavirusindia. Important steps announced by Govt. Senior Citizens (65+ yrs) please stay home. Children below 10 stay home. No scheduled international flights to India till March 29 & private sector work from home. Top focus @IndiaToday ImageImageImageImage
Metros, Railways, buses to consider alternate seating to maintain social distancing. Concessional booking except for Divyang, students, medical cases to be stopped from midnight. Children should avoid public parks. Avoid non essential hospitalisation. Avoid infection. #IndiaFirst
201 Indians evacuated from Iran yesterday. Now in #Jaisalmer Army quarantine facility
March 21 #AirIndia to send #Boeing 787 Dreamliner to #Italy to bring back stranded Indian students & other Indians. #coronavirusindia
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God I can't wait till we finally get back to the #Moon and finally onto #Mars. Or even launching from the #USA again. So embarrassing that @NASA has been crippled for the last 9 years like this. Definitely worse than the budget cuts that killed the last 3 #Apollo missions. (1/7)
I understand the need to retire the #Shuttle, but doing so before you had a replacement for it in line in short order was just so short sighted. Even IF the @NASA_SLS didn't fall so behind schedule and run SO badly over budget (initially supposed to launch in 2018... (2/7)
and now not going to launch until at LEAST 2021 - as well as costing an insane amount per launch for a "disposable" rocket.)

All of that would have been fine with me except that initially there was a 7 year gap. A planned 7 year gap with zero launches from American soil... (3/7)
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Analysis: #NYSE $BA

Case 173 #Boeing Company

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#BA 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Ever since peaking at 446.01 (Feb. 2019) price has returned back to the 2 year trading range. The #SMA 50 and 20 are both negative and price should reach 293.00 especially on a close below 304.50. The immediate and short term is .....

BA 2/4
..... #bearish. A close above 394.40 is required to turn this #bullish and the long term objective is 496.00. Planning to trade the large range.

BA 3/4
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Ya llegó, ya está aquí, la de Chile 🌶, Mole 🍗y Pozole 🍲.

De Empleo 👷🏻, el avión ✈️ y ¡QuINSABI qué! 🚑 ABRO HILO ⬇️
De chile 🌶: El #IMSS informó con bombo y platillo la creación de 342,077 empleos durante 2019, un dato según ellos “contundente” para todos los que aseguran que México no va “requetebién”, pero se les olvidó informar que eso corresponde al 51% de los empleos creados en el 2018,
es decir 49% menos, y estos sí son sus datos, para que le vayan tanteando el agua a los camotes, el incremento en registros ante el IMSS respecto al 2018 fue de 1.7%, el peor de los últimos 10 años.
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