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With the introduction of a more efficient ‘Single European Sky’, the #EuropeanParliament (@Europarl_EN) wants to make #EU #airspace and the #aviation sector greener, more resilient, and fairer to consumers. (2-minute video)

Sadly, Britain is not part of this initiative.
We were told that #Brexit would mean more sovereignty. But as it turns out, it means less.

We no longer have any say in the running and future direction of our continent, even though the decisions made will affect us, whether we're a member or not.
The bottom line is that #Brexit makes absolutely no sense. It offers no solutions, no benefits, only damaging downsides.
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I remember that shit. It fucking 𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗱, same as the #DCBlackout / last summer around the WhiteHouse. That situation looked like potential use of military assets (US Mil ECM "#jammers"). That was the night/morning the #BunkerBoy memes were born, iirc?
Re: ECM: US Flt Carrier Group was testing their jammers off the coast of Florida while I was stationed there temporarily for work (Airborne Elec Sensor OP).

The carrier group was at a range of ~40NM (iirc) from the coast - their jammers still rendered our gear unusable. #KPMP
As ECMs greatly impact navigation systems on any Civilian or Commercial flight - #FAA has very strict reporting guidelines on their use, or anything else that impacts #FlightSafety.

See the below link for real-time USA #TFRs (Temporary Flt Restrictions):
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#Climate needs #electrification AND #hydrogen.
Both compete for #renewableelectricity, policy and infrastructure support. Policy makers have to take decisions, secure expectations, avoid further fossil lock-in
Our paper offers guidance.

#efuels(right) replace fossils without the end-use transformation required by (direct) #electrification(left)
This promises to make combustion technologies and fossil infrastructure part of the climate solution;
yet, shifting the burden to the supply side has limitations…
#Efuels require 2 – 14 times more (renewable) electricity than a direct #electrification (e.g. electric cars are five times more efficient)
Remember, (growing) renewable power capacity is far from fully meeting only today’s electricity demand.
(no regret: #renewableexpansion)
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2/ The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird has two near twins: A-12 recon and YF-12 prototype-only interceptor (three made). A YF-12 is at the USAF Museum in Dayton. It has cut-back "chines" (where the wing meets the fuselage). TR: Detail from Wiki. Bottom: SR-71 for comparison.
3/ A-12; 15 built; 6 lost; 9 on display. Crew: 1; Crew: 2,500 lb payload. 101'7" long x 55'7" wingspan x 18'6" tall. Wing area: 1,795 sq ft. Mach 3.1. 85K' ceiling. 2,900 mile range. What differentiates this visually from the SR-17. Anyone? Source:…
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Trying to start a business when you are Disabled + suffering from Executive Function issues is a MAJOR reason why you don't see more Disabled Business Owners.
I'm also un-medicated, so I'm trying to do the absolute BEST I can while pushing through. I am absolutely panicked in this process, but I REFUSE to just give up.

I've given up before. I've failed before.

So why not just WIN???

And it sounds so easy, but DAMN.
Consistency is the key to a Hell of a lot.. and as someone with ADHD (CONSISTENCY ISSUES HELLO), it can very tough to stay on track - but dammit, if I have to CHEW ROCKS to get Reparations.Tech off the GROUND, I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(1/5) Our research project @giub @unibonn analyses entanglements of urban renewal, airport expansion/ construction& affordable housing near international airports #airports #aerotropolis #displacement #contestations #sustainability #ecomobility #policy #politicalecology
(2/5) Airports act as symbols of modernity, Aero-cities become nodal points for industry & top priorities for urban planners, city developers & national governments both in G. North and South. #aviation #ecosystem #cityplanning #Mobilität #Klimagerechtigkeit
(3/5)Airport expansion/constructions are witnessing land struggles+displacement of local communities+ethnic clashes. Aviation-related conflicts call for questions on sustainability, environmental justice, citizenship & human rights #landacquisition #EnvironmentalJustice
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Heads up: Iceland has been monitoring #volcano unrest at #Reykjanes Peninsula. #Aviation color code orange due to quakes & indications of shallow magma dike. If an eruption occurs, ash hazard may affect North Atlantic air #travel.… #geology #weather Image
"Suspense in Iceland as dormant volcanic zone shows signs of life" by @physorg_com - volcanologists say a #Reykjanes eruption would likely be more lava than ash; not expecting repeat of 2010 Eyjafjallajokull #aviation #travel disruption… #volcano #geology
"Sleeping Giant: Earthquakes And Volcanoes In #Reykjanes" by @rvkgrapevine - volcanologists describe how the peninsula's eruption history shapes expectations of possible volcanic activity to mostly lava flows, not explosions/ash… #Iceland #volcano #geology
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For the first time ever, the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels debut a F-16 Fighting Falcon and F/A-18 Super Hornet flight formation known as the “Super Delta” during a joint training evolution this afternoon over the Imperial Valley.
The formation grew out of a series of joint training opportunities held in 2020 and 2021, and serves as a symbol of the teamwork, discipline, and skill of the men and women of our United States military forces deployed around the globe.
We are humbled to have the opportunity to virtually debut a full flight this Memorial Day weekend during the nation-wide broadcast of the National Memorial Day Parade:
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Why I chose #ammonia (NH3) for fixed wing planes:

- we produce it already, airports should start doing this too
- it's good for heat transfer, we need to heat wing edges to prevent icing
- it's liquid at low pressure and cold temperature (jet fuel -47 C, ammonia -77 C)
- it's less likely to ignite (jet fuel 210 C, ammonia 651 C)
- the phase change means you don't need pumps and can drive generators using the gas pressure
- fuel cell can consume NH3 to produce N2 & H2O
- NH3 can also be cracked to N2 & H2 gases, letting H2 fuel cells be used too
- no carbon pollution
- H2O can be cracked to H2 & O2 gases
- N2 can be reused to make more NH3 with H2 gas

A closed cycle for electricity storage and transportation is just what we need to stop sending carbon into the atmosphere!


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A @Boeing 737 jet on a domestic flight in #Indonesia has reportedly crashed.
#SJ182, which took off from Jakarta, was en route Pontianak and lost more than 10,000 feet in altitude in one minute — about four minutes after departure.
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"the new King of Wall Street is leading the charge...
..there could be as much as $120 trillion up for grabs...It’s tied to the $5-trillion global transport. industry, the $9 trillion healthcare industry, the $850-billion airline industry.. the $26-billion food delivery segment"
"world's first #carbonoffset ride-sharing platform to an electric vehicle subscription service... #ESG investors are loving it.

And its "people & planet first" motto fits in perfectly with the new kings of #WallStreet.

From Climate Naysayers to #COVID Believers: Money Talks"
The big lie: "#Alphabet [#GOOGLE] is one of the leaders in the Big Tech push to go green. Not only is Alphabet powering its #datacenters w/ renewable #energy, it is also on the cutting edge of innovation... investing in new tech. & green [] to build a more sustainable tomorrow."
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After 8 months of no flying, Comair is back in the air.
Airline went into business rescue from 5 May. Kulula will fly today with BA SA flying next Wednesday.
Airline has managed to find investors and get back into the air despite #aviation globally on its knees.
3,2,1 and take off. Crew informs passengers that this is the first time in 8 months that #Kulula is flying again. It’s been a tough time for the crew but Comair has managed to retain 1500 jobs.
#Comair recently faced court action from #Numsa
The union took the company & Solidairty to court to try and declare that the business rescue Practitioners are operating income a procedurally unfair manner. NUMSA lost. #Comair tells us it was a significant win for them.
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(a #spaceevents thread)

A wonderful thing about the world of space is that we are all connected virtually during this time. I've got to take part in some amazing initiatives over the past few months and I look forward to seeing what's coming up!

#spaceagenda #ISUNET
The #SASpaceForum that was going to be in COVID safe conditions and virtually is now fully online. I look forward to live-tweeting the event from home! If you want to join, you can from anywhere in the world check out the link below⬇️

#ausspace #space

The #Sentinel6 is to be launched in T-10 hours! You can follow the event through Facebook, Twitter and have the links shared with you through Eventbrite.


#Space4Climate #seeingtheseas #sentinerd
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Recently, the @FinMinIndia notified that ‘aircraft leasing’ will be considered a financial product. This will be permitted at GIFT City—India’s International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). This may seem like a minor development, but is a big step. Here’s why - a thread <1/13>
@FinMinIndia The #aviation industry is going through a rough patch. @IATA expects air traffic will take years to recover to pre-pandemic levels. Over time, #zoom and #googlemeet can eat into the air #travel business market. <2/13>
@FinMinIndia @IATA The other reasons of #airtravel: leisure, #education, visiting friends & relatives could see a bounce-back. Recent trends show that the demand can quickly fill up when #lockdown opens. The 'winter schedule' will have more than half the pre-#pandemic capacity deployed <3/13>
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"Development is not the big issue here – both on the engine and fuel side. The problem is the business case. So far it makes no financial sense to build zero emission ships." – Jakob Steffensen, @DFDSGroup Head of Innovation & Technology #IVIW2020 Image
.@hellings_bart of @GoodFuelsmarine is convinced that the #ammonia and #methanol route is promising, but the business case is not yet there as current demand is insufficient. #IVIW2020 Image
#Aviation contributes 2-3% of CO2 emissions, but takes decarbonising very seriously. There's no silver bullet to eliminate our impact, we need a series of solutions: batteries; fuel cell tech; & H2 combustion engines—a #renewables surrogate.”—@Airbus’s Glenn Llewellyn #IVIW2020 Image
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Formation of MI-8 and Puma during Exercise Golden Eagle - May 1982

This was the first ever General Headquarters controlled joint Army Aviation and Special Services
Group exercise named’ Golden Eagle’ conducted by Chief of General Staff.

It involved dawn-dusk heliborne
operations with #SSG troops. This exercise was held in area Haripur and Mansehra with participation by 4 #Army #Aviation Squadron (MI-8 ); 25 Army Aviation #Squadron along with additional crew from 21 Aviation Squadron.

#Reconnaissance started on 5 May 1982 and verbal orders were given on 13 May. Squadrons moved out on 28 May in area Haripur. The first mission of re-supply to commandos was carried out on 1 June 1982.

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Yesterday we released a NEW report #WhatWouldNoDealMean.

And, you've guessed it, this report is the subject of today's #ThursdayThread. 🧵…
.@BorisJohnson has said that no deal with the EU would be a “good outcome” for the UK.

This report highlights what it would mean in terms of trade, fisheries, connectivity, the impact on citizens, Northern Ireland, economics, security, foreign policy, politics and more.
On #trade, the two sides would revert to #WTO rules.

We’re talking tariffs, customs checks, and regulatory checks. In other words, increased hassle, increased time and increased costs for businesses trading with the EU.

@CSBarnard24 explains.
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Just when you though life could get no better, YET ANOTHER @UKandEU No Deal report comes out and proves you wrong. You can find it here (THREAD) 1/19…
Strap in. There’s a lot to say. And I’ve learnt about gifs 2/19
This report was truly a team effort – and it was quite a team! I have to thank @CSBarnard24, @dgbailey, @ProfTimBale, @matt_bevington, @MeredithCrowle1, @drsarah_hall, @hayward_katy, @MartinHeneghan, Carmen Hubbard, @james_lisak, @HusseinHKassim, @McEwen_Nicola… 3/19
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