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Thread (1/9) Proud of our new report! So many messages distilled for you, by our team @EU_ScienceHub and from a polyphony of #EnergyScenarios. Let the deeper understanding of it mature now. Enjoy its taste !… #EUGreenDeal
(2/9) Scenarios achieving 50-56% CO2 reduction by 2030 see total #coal use reduce by 70%, #oil by 25-50% and #naturalgas by up to 25%. The use of total #biomass ranges from limited growth to an increase of up to 60%. All compared to 2017.
(3/9) The growth of #wind power generation varies between a factor of 1.5 and 3.5 and the growth of #solar power between 1.5 and 4.5. Between 2017 and 2030.
#Hydrogen and #CCUS emerges in some but not all scenarios.
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THIS- 11 more passengers have tested positive for #COVID19 today who travelled in various @IndiGo6E flights. 3 were earlier reported.

Break up of 14 who flew IndiGo:

Delhi-Jammu: 3
Bengaluru-Coimbatore: 6
Delhi-Coimbatore: 2
Chennai to Coimbatore: 1
Bangalore to Madurai: 2
More: @IndiGo6E has grounded its crew of 5 flights where passengers have tested positive since May 25

Cases also reported from @flyspicejet @allianceair

These are being detected by states which are quarantining and testing passengers. Screening/Aarogya Setu clearly NOT enough.
Earlier today, 6 people who flew from Chennai to Salem in @FlyTruJet have also tested positive.

#DomesticFlights #Aviation #Corinavirusindia
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(1) #THREAD OKADA AIR: THAT WAS THE AIRLINE THAT WAS! #HistoryVille #Nigeria #Aviation #Travel #History #NaijaProud There can never be another Okada Air. That much is clear. The...…
(2)... circumstances which gave rise to its birth only happen once in a lifetime, and it's safe to say they can never happen again. Okada Air was set up by Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, a ranking chief of the Bini people, in late 1983. At that time, the...
(3)...boundary between #scheduled air services, the exclusive preserve of Nigeria Airways (WT), and charter flights, was distinct, but the pioneer outfit #Kabo Air was operating regular flights, and Igbinedion was determined to match him. The initial fleet...
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Hello, after 2 months India has resumed commercial #aviation

My employer has asked me to fly from @DelhiAirport to @BLRAirport and back

I will be tweeting about #NewNormal of flying post during #COVID__19

DEL wears a deserted look with barely 14 flights an hour
Mostly people who have essential needs are taking the flight very cautiously

Suraj, from Noida has an urgent surgery that needs to be done at Bangalore & has covered himself in a hazmet suit

#aviation during #COVID__19
Airlines have placed agents so that you don't get confused about the gate number

Segregation is essential to maintain #SocialDistancing

#aviation during #COVID__19
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India will resume domestic flights from May 25. I noticed some skepticism about flying amid the #CoronaPandemic. Here’s a thread on why flights are the safest mode of transportation and why you should #KeepTrustinAirTravel.
1. Health and hygiene inside the cabin are ensured using multiple highly efficient airflow and filtration systems. The constant “downward” wash of air @ 1 metre/sec reduces the risk of cross-contamination. There is no right-to-left or front-to-back air flow.
2. Cabin air is fully filtered and renewed every 2-3 minutes. At 10,000m cruise altitude, air is very dry, very cold (-50 degrees) but the air is controlled (temperature, pressure, oxygen & humidity) before being injected back into the cabin.
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QUESTION: The terrorist responsible for the #Pensacolashooting on 6 Dec, 2019 had been linked to Al Qaida for almost a decade. We asked Hans Jakob Schindler @FightExtremism, "What does this say about Al Qaida's current activities in the 'West'?" Follow this thread for the answer.
ANSWER: "The newly obtained evidence form the two phones of the perpetrator apparently show not only his long standing association with AQAP (at least since 2015) but that he planned and prepared the attack for a long time, potentially years.
This demonstrates that AQAP remains the al-Qaida affiliate that is most geared towards attacks outside the immediate conflict zone, in particular attacks on US, European and other Western targets.
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Based on 👇

Land,Labour,Liquidity&Laws that are not isolationist but inclusive

Ease of Doing Business

DBT,JanDhan,Aadhar, Micro Insurance,Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Awaas Yojana,PM FasalBima Yojana,Krishi Sinchai,Swachh Bharat--Key Landmarks
GST,IBC&PSU Bank Recapitalisation in last 6 yrs,have been big reforms

52606Cr given via #DBT to 41Cr #JanDhan holders

Free wheat&rice to 69Cr ration card holders

18000Cr tax refunds given

Free cylinders to 8Cr #Ujjwala holders

#20lakhcrores #COVIDー19
Project DevelopmentCells,working for Promotion of Champion Sectors,in States

#MakeInIndia&Upgradation of Industrial Infra,a success&more will be done to #Decongest economy

3376 SEZs&IndustrialParks with 5 lakhhectares,to be ranked& mapped,in terms of readiness for competition
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Relief for NRIs, foreign visitors: Prolonged stay in India due to lockdown to be discounted. Follow the link to know more #Covid_19 #Lockdown @FinMinIndia @CNBCTV18Live…
India COVID-19 patients: 3.2% on oxygen support, 1.1% on ventilators, 4.7% in ICUs. Follow the link to know more @awnusharma reports #Covid_19 @ICMRDELHI…
Madras High Court shuts down all liquor shops in Tamil Nadu with immediate effect. @JudeSannith24 reports #Covid_19 #lockdown #Liqour Follow the link to know more…
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For my fellow Utah/Nevada/Arizona desert corridor residents, heads up... starting Tuesday, military birdies out of Nellis will be flying and we may literally feel it.
#avgeeks #aviation nerds in UT NV AZ ^
I forgot to add that it is expected to commence this Tuesday.
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The market value of @embraer has tumbled to a mere $1.1Bn . If the @PMOIndia works quickly to use the bonhomie between @narendramodi & @jairbolsonaro to acquire a 70% stake here now it could give #India a major leg into civilian airliner manufacturing fast…
The #Aircraft market could be down now but it will begin to pick up as herd immunity & vaccines kick in . Acquiring @Embraer could give #India a domestic manufacturer for the UDAN project . Also the KC390 would be a readymade MTA for the @IAF_MCC .
There are market predictions which indicate #India will need more than 1000 short range airliners to serve a growing Tier 2&3 city airports by 2035 . At an average price of $50Mn today that's nearly $50Bn if we import these jets.
Sir @narendramodi ,this is a golden opportunity.
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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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Le @hc_climat a publié un rapport sur les enseignements croisés entre crises #COVIDー19 et #climat. Les échos en sont justes mais trop souvent focalisés sur les mêmes sujets : émissions, #aviation, etc. Soit une faible partie de ce qui est dit. Elargissons donc l’horizon : 1/22
Recommandations. Le rapport s’ouvre sur deux pages reprenant les 18 recommandations tirées du texte, en 5 thèmes : enseignements de la crise ; intégrer le climat à la sortie de crise ; principes directeurs d’une relance ; mesures à déployer ; mobilisation internationale. 2/22
Intro : les liens entre crises environnementales et pandémies sont connus. La mondialisation des 40 dernières années a produit les causes profondes des catastrophes covid et climat. L’urgence est sanitaire; l’urgence climat ne doit pas être oubliée dans la sortie de crise. 3/22
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Exactly a year ago,Jet Airways turned off its engine

In this thread, I will post pictures of some landmark moments of one of the finest product, Indian #aviation had

~ JRD Tata & Naresh Goyal stepping out of Jet's first flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on May 5, 1993
Saroj Dutta, member of the founding team & Jet's crew infront of the airline's first acquired aircraft- a Boeing 737

Dutta became face of efficiency of private hands in commercial #aviation

He passed away in 2015

Jet before its rapid decend, had a fleet of 112 aircraft
The crew uniform of Jet Airways was one of the most elegant across global airlines winning frequent awards !

An evolution of the crew uniform which had the imprint of Sabyasachi Mukherjee to the last one being designed by Italian Robert Capucci #aviation
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More airplane photos!

Last fall I went flying with my good friend Tony in a Champ. True low and slow fun flying at sunset.

One of those perfect, smooth as glass, quiet evening flights. #aviation #avgeek #flying #champ #tailwheel #flight #airplane
This flight is worth a thread.

Tony was always there to help me build my Sonex. This day was the first time I took him up in it. We started out in the Sonex.

He’s now building an RV and I love stopping by to help.
So then we hopped in the Champ. Now, I love flying my Sonex....but there is something about puttering along at 1500’ AGL in a Champ that cant be beat. We headed southwest from Clow towards Newark, IL.

There’s a grass strip there - Cushing Field.
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Les années 70 ont vues l'arrivée d'un nouveau type d'avions: les gros-porteurs. Dans le civil (B-747) comme dans le militaire (C-5 Galaxy), ces monstres des aires semblaient très prometteurs... #Thread #Aviation ⬇️
Leur taille impressionnante ont changé la manière dont on pensait le transport aérien. Il était maintenant possible de transporter plus, plus loin, plus vite. Et certains commencèrent à faire le parallèle avec un autre engin... le porte-avion. #hype
Eh oui ! Pourquoi ne pas étendre ce concept au ciel ? Un vaisseau-mère pourrait transporter des chasseurs n'importe où, bien plus vite que par la mer et bien plus loin dans les terres, combinant un grand rayon d'action et une grande puissance de feu.
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#Thread Chief MKO Abiola: Multi millionaire investor, newspaper mogul, banker, industrialist, sports promoter, airline baron, philanthropist, shipping magnate, & politician. The first Nigerian to own a private aircraft, altho others crowded after him #Thread
(2) He bought a Hawker Siddeley 125 eight-seat business jet for himself, in 1972. Next, he built a small hangar at Old Domestic, the General Aviation section of Lagos airport, for the aircraft #Aviation #AvGeeks #PrivateJet #History #Nigeria
(3) He soon added a second HS and launched Concord Airlines as a platform to rent out the aircraft, when he wasn't using them. He eventually flew several HS airframes, including 5N-RCN (a play on Radio Corporation of Nigeria, one of his businesses) In a...
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Dans les années 60, un Paris-New York prenait la demi-journée (une grosse dizaine d'heures, comme aujourd'hui en fait). Beaucoup ont alors vu un marché pour des avions de lignes supersoniques, et ainsi naquit le Concorde de Sud-Aviation et BAC. #Thread #Aviation Volume 2 ! Image
Les soviétiques aussi ont voulu rejoindre la partie et ont conçu le Tu-144, plus rapide que son homologue européen mais mois sur, mois raffiné, et moins rentable dans un pays communiste. Mais il y avait en fait 3 concurrent dans cette course... Image
En effet, à l'époque, un projet Soviétique voyaiy rarement le jour sans une réplique américaine, et inversement. Et alors que me Concorde commençait à prendre forme dans l'esprit des ingénieurs franco-anglais, les Américains se sont joint à la fête ! Introducing les SST: Image
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Many of the long standing societal rules were re-written at times of crisis. We are undergoing one of the biggest crisis of our generation. Wonder what rules will be re-written in the post COVID world. Trying to predict few changes in the new world

Thread 1/n
AI and Digital transformation will lead the way in the post Covid world as people will finally wake up to the potential of technology in optimizing their respective businesses.
#COVID #coronovirusindia #economy #recession #IndianEconomy #startups
The de facto delivery of education will change to online mediums now that the education institutes will start seeing the potential of online education delivery. Low impact in K12, high impact in higher education.
#COVID #education #edtech
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Lockdown Day #1 (with bae)

Things seem fine and manageable.
Navratri starting today.

Pic of Fast Food. #21daysLockdown #NAVARATRI #LOCKDOWNDIARIES #Covid19India Image
Update on Day #1
We are discussing whether to keep a dog 🐕 or something like fish.
Day #1 contd.

ICSE student in my room was flaunting how they have read classics like Mcbeth and Great Expectations in school. The KVian and CBSE pass out in me has started reading it already. We don't flaunt and we aren't easily impressed. Image
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Big :

- India bans travel of anyone from European Union, UK, Turkey (never made it to EU) to India.

- Mandatory two week quarantine for people coming from UAE Oman Qatar and Kuwait or even transiting from these places.

#coronavirus #india #travel #tourism #aviation.
Since many asked, checked with government authorities:

- Ban applies to Indian citizens of all these EU countries etc and quarantine too applies.

- Whether quarantine at home or hospital will be as per APHO there.

@MoHFW_INDIA. #coronavirus #travel #tourism #india.
An airline official replied :

"For once, @TheVijayMallya will heave a sigh of relief 😁"

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So I have been posting a lot of comments on threads about #flatteningthecurve and #aviation looking at what the likely impacts of #covid19UK may be both in Commercial Aviation and more broadly to both the UK, and by analogy, USA. 1/
Since I am throwing numbers around it behooves me to explain my method, its limitations, and the potential implications. First off I am using a simple #Logistic model for diffusion of #COVID19 through the UK population. 2/
I am not and epidemiologist, but I have analogous knowledge. I have estimated the logistic #growth_rate based upon @PHE_uk data on current cases. I am also assuming an ultimate 80% penetration of the population in a single peak. 3/
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In light of the latest landing mishap involving a #B767, having flown it for many years and about to have my second go at it, let me explain a few particulars regarding the dynamics of landing a 767 and specially landing in gusty conditions...
The #B767 is amazingly stable and forgiving throughout the flight envelope, but in my experience, the one area where a bit of caution and standing at the ready comes in very handy is during the de-rotation of the jet after the main gear touches down...
The reason behind this is the fact that the ground spoilers, the panels that pop up from the top of the wing after landing spoiling the wing’s lift thus placing the weight of the jet on the wheels for braking to be effective..
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Disappointing to see #trade only mentioned in relation to anti-dumping & level-playing field measures + 0 tariffs & quotas in @MichelBarnier speech. Surely negotiators could do better, even in 10 months. Industry will need more than that, on both sides @StefaanDeRynck 1/
0 tariffs & quotas is important but not sufficient. You need to ensure industry can actually benefit from it (Rules of origin!). Something @Kommerskoll knows something about... Considering how prod & #supplychains are integrated, industry needs + than bilateral cumulation 2/
For #customs, a bare min. is to seek to retain the UK in the EU safety & security zone so that entry & exit summary declarations are not required. That's in line with the EU security coop objective & is vital for accompanied roll-on roll-off (Dover-Calais, Dublin-Holyhead...) 3/
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THREAD #OTD in 1953, Air Force test pilot Chuck Yeager set a new unofficial speed record in the Bell X-1A rocket research aircraft, reaching Mach 2.44 at an approximate altitude of 75,000 ft /1
#avgeek #aviation
…In doing so, Yeager beat the record that Scott Crossfield had set just 22 days earlier in the Navy sponsored D-558-II Skyrocket, when the NACA pilot had become the first person to exceed Mach 2. The intense rivalry between the still relatively young Air Force and the Navy.. /2 set a new speed record before the 50th anniversary of the Wright brothers historic flight at Kittyhawk on December 17th led to a flurry of activity out at Edwards AFB. The Air Force had hoped to reach Mach 2 much earlier than 1953, but after the first of the .../3
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