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Nestled in a backyard garden in Kemback, Fife Scotland is the last bit of a notorious Handley Page Victor. 1 of the 1st 5 built and once the largest aircraft ever to (accidently?) go supersonic. 1/5 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair ImageImage
It is the cockpit of HP Victor B Mk.1 XA917. The aircraft is seen below, brand new in 1956, one of the first 5 Victors in the Handley Page shops at Radlett. The tail in the foreground is of XA918, used to help develop the tanker variant. It was scrapped in 1970 2/5 ImageImage
On June 1, 1957, Handley Page chief test pilot Johnny Allam took XA917 on a test flight from Gaydon, Warwickshire. 3/5 ImageImage
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A self-storage company in west London puts eye-catchers atop its tower that overlooks A-40. A July 2013 G.E. image caught them placing one on display. Thankfully they understand what they have… 1/6 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair ImageImageImage
…so in 2021 they removed it and commissioned a thorough restoration. It's Hawker Hunter WT555, the 1st production F.1 and a very important airframe. First flown on 16th May 1953 from Hawker's plant at Dunsfold, it was retained by them for handling and performance trials. 2/6 ImageImageImage
It then retired to ground instruction duties at RAF Locking, then to the RAF Museum at Cosford with a camo livery it never had in operation. Incredibly, the museum decided to dispose of it. The owner of Vanguard wasted no time snapping it up as an eyecatcher. 3/6 Image
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The Walter Soplata Aircraft Collection deserves a long thread of its own, which I am working on. Meanwhile I am looking for one particular airplane that he had…Ahh here it is…this one. 1/5 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair ImageImage
Douglas Skyraider 09103 was one of several prototypes Douglas built in 1945-46. Originally called “Dauntless II” It was first designated XBT2D-1 in the USN’s clumsy pre-1946 designation system. It then became an XAD-1 Skyraider. 2/5 Image
Mr. Soplata was a visionary who saw value in acquiring important aircraft the military didn’t want. He was a working man, not rich, and was tenacious in buying and moving these relics to his Ohio farm throughout the latter half of the 20th century. 3/5 ImageImageImageImage
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On the one hand, it helps to be an #avgeek to enjoy my flight sim threads. But even if you're not, I find that they shed all kinds of light on little-known history, or at least history seen from a different, unexpected angle.
Often, I don't know that much about these planes when I begin. Sometimes I do, but I never heard of the Caribou, for instance. But it usually turns out they have all kinds of interesting features and back-stories that I never imagined.
And a lot of times, as you can see, the "skins" (liveries) I can find for them are from real planes with unique stories of their own, if you take the effort to track them down.
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Chitral Airport, Pakistan, has a crashed Fokker F-27 Friendship that is now “Friendship Restaurant”. “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.” 1/4 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation
Built in 1960, Fokker F-27 AP-ALN flew for Pakistan International Airline from 1961-July 5, 1994 when, flying from Islamabad to Chitral with 4 four crew members and 38 passengers,…2/4
#1 engine had trouble on final & poor alignment with the runway forced a go-around. #2 engine was at full power and gear and flaps retracted, but it still lost height. As it turned to to avoid the river it landed in a field, sliding for 300m before colliding with a tree. 3/4
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Stored outside, all that remains of a very rare French research aircraft of the late 1940s, rescued after being a target on a gunnery range. The third of only 4 built and the only survivor. 1/ #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair
Sud-Ouest Espadon (Swordfish) first flew in 1948 & was intended to be fighter/interceptor but, as with so many 1st generation jets, it proved to be underpowered and failed to meet specs. The 4 prototypes then became test beds for various engine configurations. 2/
This one, SO.6025, fitted with a rocket engine below the fuselage, was the 1st European A/C to break the sound barrier in level flight, 15 Dec. ‘53. Along with jet fuel it had rocket fuel & nitric acid between the jet intake & rocket so it could be safely dumped if necessary. 3/4
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I was gonna wait to make a 🧵 on my first #boeing777 trip until I got more pics, but since my second trip canx, I will start now! #AvGeek

WALKAROUND: The 777 is simply MASSIVE. This just doesn’t come across in the PowerPoint walkaround training. (1/27) 777-300ER at gate JFK
The 737 and Bus feel like properly big airplanes—200 pax is nothing to sneeze at—but a 777 preflight feels like readying a mega yacht for a voyage on the high seas. It’s the first airplane I’ve flown that feels like a “ship.” And it almost seems alive, with (2/27)
the humming of systems and fans winding up and down. There’s a definite sense of occasion as we prepare the aircraft for departure; an army of ground crew are swarming the airplane, supporting our flight. It’s really neat to see. And I don’t know what is is about the big (3/27)
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Un « espace aérien » désigne une zone, définie sur trois dimensions, dans laquelle tout appareil volant doit se soumettre à des règles ou procédures établies par l'Autorité de l'Aviation Civile compétente, ou fixées par l'Organisation de l'Aviation Civile Internationale (OACI).
De la nécessité de séparer les appareils volants les uns des autres et de fournir les services requis aux aéronefs sur base de leur classification, est née une série de divisions, latérales et verticales, de l'espace aérien, du moins restrictif (non-contrôlé), au plus restrictif.
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It's rare to be able to see shockwaves in the exhaust of a jet engine without the aid of the afterburner being lit, but in this brilliant photograph they can clearly be seen.

📸: on IG

The initially overexpanded flow of the exhaust adjusts to ambient pressure through a sequence of shock waves and expansion fans known as shock diamonds, normally requiring specialized optical equipment to see. ⤵️
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***The Great Twitter Aircraft Tracking Thread***

The current owner of Twitter, @elonmusk has generated public panic over the recent days on the topic of reception of radio signals, and has spread unsupported/unproven talking points that are dangerous to democracy.
This thread will incorporate a previous thread I wrote on this topic using proper legal resources while also adding further education on the topic of radio signal monitoring and the sharing of that information as a discoverable public record under federal FOIA law. #FOIA
This thread will also use and incorporate FCC laws as they pertain to the reception and sharing of radio signals.

Before I get into this, I want to lay out my credentials.

I am an experienced, retired aviation Security & Safety Officer.
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#avgeek #aviation #USNavy #airplane - Vought OS2U Kingfisher; 1519 built starting 1938. Used by US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and the Soviet Navy. 450 hp; 1 x .30 cal (one fixed forward; one ring mounted in back) + bombs or depth charges. 1/
2/ OS=Observation Scout, U=Vought and 2=2nd plane by Vought for Observation Scout duty. Some had wheels vs floats. Were they convertible or built that way? OS2Us flew from land, naval air stations, or were catapult-launched off battleships, heavy cruisers or light cruisers.
3/ OS2Us sat atop a launch car sled on the catapult. An electric motor turned the catapult 30 degrees off the bow as the ship sailed into the wind. A 5" smokeless powder charge rammed the car to 80 mph in .5 seconds, retention pins dropped and the plane was off!
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December 17, 1903, 10:35 am, Orville Wright makes the world's first powered, controlled, sustained flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft flying 120 feet in 12 seconds (6.8 mph). #WrightBrothers #airplanes #avgeek #STEM 1/
2/ It took place at Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Though 700 miles via train, boat and foot from Wilbur and Orville Wright's Dayton, Ohio hometown, it offered excellent headwinds and near complete privacy as it was undeveloped and very hard to get to at the time.
3/ They walked the Wright Flyer back to the runway, a 60' long wooden track. A skid had cracked, but they repaired it. Now at 11:00 am, Wilbur Wright↗️, 36, flew next, reaching 175 feet in 12 seconds. Next, Orville Wright↘️, 32, flew 200 feet in 15 seconds.
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#avgeek #aviation #RoyalNavy #aviationlovers – The remarkable Westland Wyvern naval strike airplane featured contra-rotating propellers and a mighty, behind-the-cockpit 3,200-hp Rolls Royce Eagle engine. This configuration allowed a cut down nose... 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ optimized for aircraft carrier naval aviation. 127 built, 1946–1951. Six W.34 prototypes↖️. 7 x TF.1 pre-production planes↗️ built in 1946. 9 x TF.2 ↙️↘️built in 1949. These used either a Rolls-Royce Clyde or 3,560 hp Armstrong Siddeley Python turbo-prop. ImageImageImageImage
3/ There was a single Westland Wyvern TF.3 two-seat trainer converted in 1950 from one of the previous aircraft. By the way, Wyvern was a legendary dragon. The definitive model was the TF.4, which was later renamed S.4. So what are TF and S (torpedo fighter? Strike?)? Image
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Today's @United/@BoeingAirplanes order is every bit as massive as has been teased over past weeks. The carrier added 100 firm 787 orders, 100 options, and 100 more 737 MAX to its backlog through 2032.
$UAL $BA #AvGeek #PaxEx
The first 100 787s are tipped as replacements, mostly for the 767s but also very much for the older 777s in the fleet. Indeed, despite the company waxing on about the A350 as a potential 777 replacement eventually, the vast majority of the existing 777 fleet will go to 787s.
Assuming exercise of the options, United believes that ~80% of its long-haul operations could fly on the Dreamliner by the end of the decade.

In some markets that could also mean a lot of extra Y seats, in order to keep the premium capacity flying like today.
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1/ #B21 #B21Raider #avgeek #aviation #B21Reveal (tonight; 8pm). The #USAF's new B-21 Raider long-range stealth bomber aircraft leverages existing technologies, fast computer design, better production, etc., while echoing the now ~30-year-old B-2 Spirit. @kadonkey @Sylvia70485099
2/ Six B-21 Raiders are already in production. 100(?) planned. The B-21 honors Jimmy Doolittle's #WW2 raiders who flew B-25 Mitchell bombers off the Hornet to hit Tokyo in 1942. The new bomber is actually smaller in size and capacity than the B-2 Spirit.
3/ #B21 #military - World War III - The B-21 features won't fly low but at about 60,000 feet, hence the "diamond" silhouette vs the B-2's jagged rear. Unit cost could be $700M (my guess). To operate them for 30 years will cost about $203B for 100 B-21s.…
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#A380 #Boeing #Airbus #avgeek - The world's largest passenger plane, the wide-body two-story Airbus A380, entered service with @SingaporeAir in Oct. 2007. 254 built through 2021 when production ended. @Emirates bought ~half. 1/ @Sylvia70485099
2/ I love Boeing B-747s, but the A380 feels even bigger and statelier despite the decidedly awkward proportions in these glamor shots. :) The project started as the A3XX in the mid-1990s. Surprisingly, neither was the first double-decker passenger liner.
3/ The A380's major components come from across Germany, England and Spain (and elsewhere?) with final assembly in #Toulouse, France, long a big French assembly hub. This collaboration has always been part of the multinational Airbus company's model.
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1/ #avgeek #aviation #airplanes #USAF - April 20, 2016: A quartet of Lockheed F-22 Raptors salute the OTD 100th Anniversary of the Lafayette Escadrille over the Lafayette Escadrille Monument, just west of Paris. The first squadrons to get the F-22... @Sylvia70485099 @kadonkey Image
@Sylvia70485099 @kadonkey 2/ were the 94th and 27th Fighter Squadrons. The 94th carries the Lafayette Escadrille's legacy, which is actually quite sad since it buried it. Here the French Air Force buzzes the same with some Mirage 2000s and a Rafale. Image
3/ The USAF's abandonment of the Lafayette Esacrille is truly disgraceful. France, however, honors the Lafayette Escadrille. Beyond the monument, the commemorative Dassault Mirage 2000 N, it actually has a Escadron de Chasse 2/4 La Fayette at BA 113. Merci, France! ImageImageImageImage
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#avgeek #aviation #ColdWar #USAF #WW2 - Birmingham, Alabama's Southern Museum of Flight has DC-3, F-14, Beechcraft Starship, F-4N Phantom II, A-4F, T-33, F-86D/F-86L, D-21, Mi-28, Tuskegee trainers, model ships, and much more! Please follow me! 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ There are exterior displays right next to the museum's main building and also a bunch at a field a couple of blocks away. Here are Bell-UH-1H Huey, A-7E Corsair II, F-4N Phantom II, A-4F Blue-Angel, T-33 and an F-86D/F-86L Sabre.
3/ The first remote lot is two blocks from the museum and behind a chain-link fence. Still, it's impressive and includes a A-12, F-84F, F-101, F-102A, F-104, F-105, F-111A, CH-54B, T-28, MiG-21U, T-2C, etc.
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#avgeek #planespotting #USNavy #USAF #USMC: Douglas SBD Dauntless / A-24 Banshee carrier-borne and land-based dive-bomber saw extensive action in the Pacific. At Midway, SBDs damaged the IJN carriers Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu, leading to loss of all four. 1/ TY @Sylvia70485099 ImageImageImageImage
2/ The SBD ("Scout Bomber Douglas") first flew in 1940. Recognition: circular perforated dive brakes; wings: compact, sturdy, non-folding. Crew: 2. 5,936 built, 1940–1944. Used by USA, France and New Zealand. Let’s visit the different versions and check out details… #Models ImageImageImageImage
3/ SBD-1: 1,000 hp Wright R-1820-32 Cyclone; 6-volt electrical system. 2 x .50 cal guns on upper cowling + 1 x .30 cal rear-facing on semi-circular mount. 57 built, all in 1940. USMC only. Images:…⬅️. ImageImageImage
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So, in your opinion, which is the most iconic WW2 fighter plane and by which criteria? Here are four for starters. You can suggest others too... #avgeek #aviation #airplanes #WW2 ImageImageImageImage
2/ Here are a few others to join the Mitsubishi Zero, Me-262, Spitfire and P-51 I showed above. Thus voila the Dewoitine 520, FW-190, Yakovlev Yak-3, Hawker Hurricane. ImageImageImageImage
3/ So many great choices... ImageImageImageImage
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#avgeek #aviation #RAF #USAF #P51 - The P-51 Mustang was built to a British spec for a new RAF fighter and later served in the USAAF. Let's tour the fighter, from its prototype NA-73X to P-51D, etc., its development and different versions... @kadonkey @Sylvia70485099 1/
2/ The British Purchasing Commission asked North American to license-build Curtiss P-40 Warhawks for the #RAF. Instead, North American designed a more modern NA-73X prototype fighter with the same 1,090 hp Allison V-1710 engine. It first flew September 9, 1940.
@AlexanderZPain @MartinKoenigsb2 @kingdomman66 @majestic_air @curlyboy1975 @deecanadian 3/ It was 25 mph faster than the P-40. Britain bought 320 NA-73 + 300 NA-83 (fishtail engine exhausts) and christened them Mustang I. This new RAF type was used for recon and fighter-bombing. It had a 12' wide landing track, simple production, etc. 4 x .50 cal; 4 x .30 cal.
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I am yet to see a video of a US-2 doing its giant STOL flying boat thing and not be floored by its awesomeness. #avgeek


It’s the size of a 737 and it’s just hanging there like it’s on a string.

It has a stall speed of 49 knots and a cruise speed of 260 knots.

It basically sticks its tongue out at physics.
For those wondering about the low speed magic - the US-2 makes excellent use of boundary layer control. It’s the only amphibian in the world to do so and it has an extra engine just for this purpose.…
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A (new) @SFBART at the @flySFO station. It’s an airport connection that I, and many travelers, have taken for granted but was never a guarantee.

A brief BART to SFO 🧵 Image
The line opened in 2003 after decades of work and political compromises that resulted in it being built as a wye with the other end at Millbrae. This added operational complexities that continue to this day. Image
But let’s rewind. The first plans for BART did not include an airport station at all. In a 1957 report to the California legislature, the Rapid Transit Commission recommended a line passing the airport along what are today the Caltrain tracks. Image
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Time to fly! ✈️

#bikedc ➡️ #avgeek
And an #avgeek good morning from @JetBlue!
Trains! 🚇
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