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Pretty sure we're sadly watching an aircraft about to be shot down. Overflow destination, never descended, NORDO, and headed right towards DC. N611VG #aviation @FoxNews Image
They're scrambling fighters out of Andrews AFB now, apparently.
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Nestled in a backyard garden in Kemback, Fife Scotland is the last bit of a notorious Handley Page Victor. 1 of the 1st 5 built and once the largest aircraft ever to (accidently?) go supersonic. 1/5 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair ImageImage
It is the cockpit of HP Victor B Mk.1 XA917. The aircraft is seen below, brand new in 1956, one of the first 5 Victors in the Handley Page shops at Radlett. The tail in the foreground is of XA918, used to help develop the tanker variant. It was scrapped in 1970 2/5 ImageImage
On June 1, 1957, Handley Page chief test pilot Johnny Allam took XA917 on a test flight from Gaydon, Warwickshire. 3/5 ImageImage
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Flight Review: Condor Airlines Airbus A330neo Business Class From Seattle To Frankfurt

Earlier this year, in preparation for the launch of its #Airbus #A330neo flights, @Condor Airlines invited Simple Flying to fly on the inaugural Seattle to Frankfurt flight. (1/5)

#Aviation Photo: Lukas Souza
Once the boarding process began, it went quickly and smoothly, as far as I could tell from inside the #aircraft. The crew was extremely friendly and excited to show off Condor’s new plane. (2/5) ImageImage
All passengers received a blanket and pillow at the seat when boarding, and as I was in the Prime seat up front, I also received a set of @Condor branded pajamas, which included the stripes on the inside of the hood. Every seat came with a sustainable amenity kit... (3/5) Image
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A self-storage company in west London puts eye-catchers atop its tower that overlooks A-40. A July 2013 G.E. image caught them placing one on display. Thankfully they understand what they have… 1/6 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair ImageImageImage
…so in 2021 they removed it and commissioned a thorough restoration. It's Hawker Hunter WT555, the 1st production F.1 and a very important airframe. First flown on 16th May 1953 from Hawker's plant at Dunsfold, it was retained by them for handling and performance trials. 2/6 ImageImageImage
It then retired to ground instruction duties at RAF Locking, then to the RAF Museum at Cosford with a camo livery it never had in operation. Incredibly, the museum decided to dispose of it. The owner of Vanguard wasted no time snapping it up as an eyecatcher. 3/6 Image
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UK Start-Up Carrier @globalairlines Has Acquired An Airbus A380

Several members of the aviation community were already preparing obituaries for the #AirbusA380 during the dark days of the pandemic amid the global grounding of the superjumbo.

#aviation Photo: Global Airlines
At one point, there were just a handful, if any, #A380s in the skies. However, the type has since made a comeback and is even set to be flying with a new #airline soon. (2/5)
@globalairlines founder and chief executive James Asquith shared the following about his company's plans:

“Acquiring our aircraft rather than leasing showcases our commitment to financial security and resilience from day one.. Acquiring (3/5) Photo: Global Airlines
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The Walter Soplata Aircraft Collection deserves a long thread of its own, which I am working on. Meanwhile I am looking for one particular airplane that he had…Ahh here it is…this one. 1/5 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair ImageImage
Douglas Skyraider 09103 was one of several prototypes Douglas built in 1945-46. Originally called “Dauntless II” It was first designated XBT2D-1 in the USN’s clumsy pre-1946 designation system. It then became an XAD-1 Skyraider. 2/5 Image
Mr. Soplata was a visionary who saw value in acquiring important aircraft the military didn’t want. He was a working man, not rich, and was tenacious in buying and moving these relics to his Ohio farm throughout the latter half of the 20th century. 3/5 ImageImageImageImage
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This summary provides an update on the situation in #Bakhmut, as reported by the General Staff.

The fighting in the area has continued, albeit with decreased intensity.

#Ukraine #warzone #militaryoperations #battlefield #conflict #defense Resume: This summary provid...
The AFU has managed to make gradual advances in the suburbs. The enemy has conducted offensives in multiple directions, resulting in 23 skirmishes in the past 24 hours. They have also carried out air strikes and shelling from MLRS.

#combat #UAVattacks #artillerystrikes
The Defense Forces' aviation responded with seven strikes targeting enemy personnel and military equipment. Ukrainian defenders successfully destroyed two Shahed strike UAVs and an Orlan-10 reconnaissance UAV.

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BOSS and MRS. BOSS out for a Spin
#Aviation #ART by Cosmo aka #Yada...
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#AirIndia #pilots unhappy over salary revision. The airline has offered a guaranteed flying allowance equivalent of 40 hours, which used to be 70 hours pre pandemic and was brought down to 20 hours.
Multiple pilots said this in a nut shell: "The DGCA allows a minimum flying of 1,000 hours, which if you calculate leaves and training gives you approximately 72 to 73 hours per month. This has also long been a healthy number of flying hours after which a pilot can take ...(cont)
"a respectable salary home. But, if the airline under-utilises us, and gives us flying only for 40 hours we take home much less than pilots of other airlines and what we were already taking home pre-pandemic. There is also rising inflation to account." (crux of what many said)
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Chitral Airport, Pakistan, has a crashed Fokker F-27 Friendship that is now “Friendship Restaurant”. “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.” 1/4 #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation
Built in 1960, Fokker F-27 AP-ALN flew for Pakistan International Airline from 1961-July 5, 1994 when, flying from Islamabad to Chitral with 4 four crew members and 38 passengers,…2/4
#1 engine had trouble on final & poor alignment with the runway forced a go-around. #2 engine was at full power and gear and flaps retracted, but it still lost height. As it turned to to avoid the river it landed in a field, sliding for 300m before colliding with a tree. 3/4
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Stored outside, all that remains of a very rare French research aircraft of the late 1940s, rescued after being a target on a gunnery range. The third of only 4 built and the only survivor. 1/ #planespotting #avgeek #aviationdaily #aircraft #aviationlovers #aviation #milair
Sud-Ouest Espadon (Swordfish) first flew in 1948 & was intended to be fighter/interceptor but, as with so many 1st generation jets, it proved to be underpowered and failed to meet specs. The 4 prototypes then became test beds for various engine configurations. 2/
This one, SO.6025, fitted with a rocket engine below the fuselage, was the 1st European A/C to break the sound barrier in level flight, 15 Dec. ‘53. Along with jet fuel it had rocket fuel & nitric acid between the jet intake & rocket so it could be safely dumped if necessary. 3/4
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Mar. 1:
1/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

#Dutch seismologist, #FrankHougerbits, who predicted the #Earthquake in #Turkey & #Syria,🔸#Warned of a large-scale #Earthquake that could occur in Mar. 2023.🔸..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
2/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

A report released by the #SSGEOS (#SolarSystemGeometrySurvey) scientific institute, where #Hougerbits works, says the approach of the #Planets on Mar. 2 & 5 can..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
3/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

..can lead to 🔸very large #Seismic #Activity in the period from Mar. 3 to 7.🔸

So, according to scientists, #Tremors are likely in 12 points of the #Planet ..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
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Mar. 1:
1/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

#Crimea report:
New #Russian #Missile #Attack could be #Pinpoint or in #Multiple waves

This was announced by the head of the #Joint ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Warships #Ukraine .@oleksiireznikov…
Mar. 1:
2/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

..#JointCoordinatingPressCenter of the #DefenseForces of the #South of #Ukraine, #NataliaHumenyuk on the air of the telethon.

According to her, the #Russian..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ships #Ukraine…
Mar. 1:
3/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

.#Russian #Ship #Grouping on #CombatDuty in the #BlackSea continues to be unchanged.

“These are 15 #Russian #Ships, among which there are 5 #Missile #Carriers..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War…
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1/ #Ukraine #Sudan #Denmark #hackers #Quran #aviation

Russian KILLNET Hackers target Danish airports

Quote: Our friends from Sudan carried out attacks on the infrastructure of Danish airports due to the burning of the Koran:
2/ 🔴 | Copenhagen Airport…

🔴 | Aalborg Airport…

🔴 | Vesthimmerland Airport…
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When being "#1 Worldwide" is not a good thing. Lots of people watching @Qantas 144 after the pilot declared a mayday upon losing an engine. Here's hoping for a safe landing in Sydney.… #aviation #qantas
On final approach now.
FlightRadar24 shows it on the ground taxiing off the runway with as many as 135K watching.
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In 2018, following d US-Bangla airplane crash, I had two questions (img 1) b/c d #AviationAccident record was horrendous.
ONE reason? Lack of proper investigations. We had clocked ~1 fatal accident/yr since 1990 & BUT most had been blamed on the pilot (img 2). #Nepal
Sure, #Nepal's has one of the toughest & maybe even THE toughest terrain.

BUT then why these? 8 things I discovered in 2018 (see images 1-3)? #Nepal #AviationIndustry #AviationAccidents
My own educated conclusion? The State of #Nepal has scant regard for human life. (You can see that not just in the #AviationIndustry but also in the way it has done NOTHING to address d incredibly high rate of accidents on d roads & highways.
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I managed to walk about 12km yesterday and throughout the walk was constantly looking up as aircraft landed on runway 27 @SanDiegoAirport. As @Airbus A350 destinations go this one is a little unusual approach wise… Follow on my walk as I explain…#WePilots #aviation #SanDiego
Unlike other major #airports San Diego doesn’t have an Instrument Landing System (ILS) on R27,I’ll explain why later.The approach is also a little steeper than the norm to avoid small hills on the approach. It’s stunning day or night as you fly through the city to land. #WePilots
From Balboa Park most aircraft descend using a GPS approach that follows a descent angle of 3.5 degrees from a approach fix to the runway. An imaginary descent path to follow to the runway using GPS rather than an ILS beam from the ground. But why is SAN an unusual destination?
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Sur le mois de décembre, j'ai tenu un Calendrier de l'Avent des Ordres de grandeur 🗓🎅🏼

Alors pour bien commencer 2023, voici une compilation de mes 25 visuels (avec liens vers les posts LinkedIn)👇

En espérant que ça vous sera utile, je vous souhaite une très bonne année !
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Planes landed at Reagan National Airport in wind gusts of up to 48 mph today - travelers tell me they experienced the wildest landings of their lives. #aviation
Photographer @news_photog also captured this plane that did not land on this attempt, the pilot instead heading back up to try again in the heavy winds. #holidaytravel
Meanwhile inside the airport many of the folks in this long line are trying to figure out how and when they can finally get to their destinations. Many have experienced at least one cancellation, for some it has been multiple. #aviation
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Starting to see a few significant delays on the arrivals board at Reagan National Airport. However you will notice some of these are actually planes landing a little early. #aviation
It is definitely busy at Reagan National, which is a hub for American Airlines. Some people are dealing with canceled flights but most seem to be getting out okay. #aviation
A portion of the current departures board @Reagan_Airport. A few delays, but most of the flights are listed as on time, at least for now.
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Distribution of #hydrogen using freight-compatible modules significantly reduces infra costs, transfer losses, and fueling/turnaround times vs. conventional fuel logistics chain. This modular solution will enable hydrogen #airplanes in commercial service as early as 2025. (1/6)
A conventional fuel #infrastructure for #hydrogen #aviation would require a near-simultaneous massive capex investment across 4,000+ commercial airports worldwide. This would easily exceed the trillion+ investment in LNG infrastructure. (2/6)
#Hydrogen, while lighter, safer, and cheaper than jet fuel, does take more volume. As a result, a conventional liquid hydrogen fueling operation can take 4X longer than with jet fuel—as long as 1h20min—wreaking havoc on turnaround times and unit economics. (3/6)
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#avgeek #aviation #USNavy #airplane - Vought OS2U Kingfisher; 1519 built starting 1938. Used by US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and the Soviet Navy. 450 hp; 1 x .30 cal (one fixed forward; one ring mounted in back) + bombs or depth charges. 1/
2/ OS=Observation Scout, U=Vought and 2=2nd plane by Vought for Observation Scout duty. Some had wheels vs floats. Were they convertible or built that way? OS2Us flew from land, naval air stations, or were catapult-launched off battleships, heavy cruisers or light cruisers.
3/ OS2Us sat atop a launch car sled on the catapult. An electric motor turned the catapult 30 degrees off the bow as the ship sailed into the wind. A 5" smokeless powder charge rammed the car to 80 mph in .5 seconds, retention pins dropped and the plane was off!
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#avgeek #aviation #RoyalNavy #aviationlovers – The remarkable Westland Wyvern naval strike airplane featured contra-rotating propellers and a mighty, behind-the-cockpit 3,200-hp Rolls Royce Eagle engine. This configuration allowed a cut down nose... 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ optimized for aircraft carrier naval aviation. 127 built, 1946–1951. Six W.34 prototypes↖️. 7 x TF.1 pre-production planes↗️ built in 1946. 9 x TF.2 ↙️↘️built in 1949. These used either a Rolls-Royce Clyde or 3,560 hp Armstrong Siddeley Python turbo-prop. ImageImageImageImage
3/ There was a single Westland Wyvern TF.3 two-seat trainer converted in 1950 from one of the previous aircraft. By the way, Wyvern was a legendary dragon. The definitive model was the TF.4, which was later renamed S.4. So what are TF and S (torpedo fighter? Strike?)? Image
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