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I have seen and commented about on a number of threads about this video and the low level manoeuvre of the 727. Whilst it is unusual, this airport also presents some risks which are unique. Let me explain here. #avgeek #B727 #aviation #africa
I first came to Mogadishu just before Xmas ‘92. It was dark and we landed at the airport the evening before the US Navy Seals were caught by CNN coming up the beach just to the north. It’s was then, and still is, a challenging place to aviate into.
Weapons are plentiful and when combined with the use of narcotics they are often fired randomly at anything, including aircraft. So it’s worth avoiding flying over any built up areas, period. This was the results of a food for weapons “swap meet”.A great way to mitigate threats
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Ever wondered why IndiGo has faced so many in-flight engine shutdowns linked to low-pressure turbines on Airbus A320neos, while Go Air hasn't? Turns out it's all about how IndiGo flies its jets. #AvGeek
IndiGo follows a practice of revving Airbus A320neo jets at full thrust right after takeoff that could wear down the engines, an investigation by India's DGCA found. Go Air, which uses a so-called alt-climb approach that applies less thrust, hasn't had any such issuers this year.
Climbing at full thrust can help planes burn less fuel, sources told us. IndiGo has had 13 incidents on in-flight engine shutdowns linked to LPTs this year, compared with Go Air's zero. DGCA ran a comparative analysis on how both airlines operate.
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First one to find a potential base wins a Mars Bar.

Ready, steady, GO
Okay so lets work off the assumption that the eight helicopters were Black Hawks.

Top speed 350 km/h ish?
Oh hang on maybe Ospreys?
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Here we go! #Super80Sendoff is underway. I'm at ⁦@DFWAirport⁩ to join ⁦@AmericanAir⁩ as it celebrates the end of MD80/Super80 "Mad Dog" service.
Will be headed out to Roswell, New Mexico to watch the final flights land.
The first few @AmericanAir #Super80SendOff flights to Roswell are now in the air
Here she is, the final @AmericanAir MD80/Super 80 Mad Dog revenue departure. @DFWAirport to @fly2ohare flight AA80. #Super80SendOff
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Here's something that looks like an incident/an encounter between the Russian and Americans over the Black Sea around Crimea earlier today.

I will leave it up to the experts to judge, but here's what I found. It's not gonna fit in one tweet, so a thread.

#potn #avgeek
As many of you must have seen, a United States Air Force RC-135U "Combat Sent" (reg. 64-14847) did a mission around Crimea. Not all that uncommon. It used ICAO 000030, which does not belong to this aircraft, and first appeared on his ICAO 000030 at 07:06 UTC.
Around 09:02 UTC, the RC-135U at 31,500 ft, changed heading from SE to SW, and began a very steep 5,700 fpm descent to 5,000ft.

At the same moment, there was a Russian aircraft (#1F637B) ~7km away, deep below at 8,000 ft. Its last position was at the same moment (09:02:56 UTC).
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Haha! You mean selling the helicopter doesn’t erase the pilot records? @ZevShalev @NarativLive ...1)
This one is going for a lot of cash... 2)
Visoski’s captions specifically mention the piloting of a Boeing 727, a Boeing 757, a Gulfstream 550, and a Bell 430 helicopter, and he used hashtags such as #Gucci and #Versace and #AVGeek when showing off a particularly impressive view. 3)
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This video has been doing the rounds for a week or so and the accident report is also available as this happened in September 2018. The aircraft crashed in a lagoon 1500ft short of the runway at Chuck Airport, Papua New Guinea. This was a totally avoidable accident. #AvGeek
During the video you hear several warnings, indeed the accident report cites that that pilots received 17 warnings during the latter part of the approach. I agree with others such as @miami_rick who state that any one of these would have necessitated a go around. Accident avoided
The official report cited the crews operating as “not at a standard that would promote safe aircraft operations”!! Sadly,the actions of the crew resulted in a totally avoidable death and 16 serious injuries and further losses were avoided by the locals rescuing those in the water
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A quick look at India's domestic pax traffic in April & the impact of 9W's suspension. Some background data:-
In April 2019, there were 473 domestic city-pairs with traffic (min. 1 Pax Per Day Each Way or PDEW)... 1/n
#AvGeek @shukla_tarun @CAPA_Aviation
...258 of these city-pairs had traffic > than 100 PDEW ~ 96% of all domestic traffic.
209 had traffic higher > 150 PDEW ~ 92.5% of traffic > can support one #B737 / #A320 flight daily.
98 had traffic > than 500 PDEW ~ 76% of traffic > can support multiple flights...
... 43 had traffic > than 1000 PDEW ~ 54% of traffic > this is the core of most airlines' domestic route network.
26 had traffic > than 1500 PDEW ~ 43% of traffic
I will just focus on these 26 routes.
Traffic on these top 26 routes declined overall by 11% y-o-y.... 3/n
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By the mid 1800's #RAFLuton had so many Display Teams it gave one of it's Runway Boats to the teams for their world tour, covering over 3 countries the teams displayed to a record 1017 #AvGeeks!
Unfortunately after an accident during a formation landing the world tour was stopped and the remaining teams returned to #RAFLuton. This was the last photo taken of the Phantom aircraft seconds before they landed on the Runway Boat hitting the Chinook #AvGeek
After the Formation landing disaster of 1861 the #RAFLuton Navy wanted in on the Display Team action and formed The Runway Boats, the average display lasted over 4 days! Here they can be seen in their famous Triangle formation!
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Kempegowda Airport T2 contact bay numbering will start from "V36" to "V67" including CODE C,D,E & F.
"V57" & "V60" will be the CODE F gates (A380) for Terminal 2.
#avgeek #BLR #T2 #Expansion
Taxiway "P" & "Q" will be the 2 Eastern Parallel TWY's Connecting the new Runway 27L to the current Runway 27R.
#avgeek #BLR #expansion
A 3 star hotel & a Budget hotel has also been planned inside the KIA campus, to be located near the petrol pump station at KIA.
#avgeek #BLR
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Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX has crashed m, en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. #ET302
This is the second fatal crash involving a @Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft.
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The next critical thing we need for landing particularly is the Gear 😳🤭 Whilst this doesnt have GEAR written on the lever it is actually shaped like a wheel and has on this version the very groves that also appear as tread on the actual tyres. Cool use of symbology. #Avgeek
On this @BoeingAirplanes 747 the speed brake is on the left of the thrust levers and is shaped like a handbrake lever that you may have had on an old car. This is used to increase drag inflight or to “dump” lift and aerodynamically brake on landing. #AvGeek #Aviation
In the unlikely event of an engine fire to assist pilots the switches for the fuel cutoff and fire extinguishers will light up bright red and in the case of the extinguishers will also have the number illuminated. Note the APU extinguisher handle is at 90 degrees to the engines
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The Flightdeck of a @BoeingAirplanes 747 may look to the lay person as an extremely complex and frightening place to work. Indeed the first time I stepped into this “office” I was awestruck. But Boeing has put in a few clever things to help us as pilots. Let’s have a look >>>
Let’s start with the lever used to select the Flaps. Not only does it have Flap written on is actually shaped like an aerofoil to allow you to use another sense when selecting these critical high lift devices that also provide drag for landing. #AvGeek #Boeing #Aviation
Broken thread. 🙄 Click in this tweet to see the rest. Sorry my buffoonery.
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Tomorrow we will have 34 domestic flights being operated by sets of all women crew at @airindiain! Feeling proud and happy! #WhoRunTheWorld #HappyWomensDay #girlpower #WomensDay2019
First Flight of the day on International Women’s Day begins with our set of all female crew on board @airindiain! Happy Women’s Day to all! Jai Hind! #WomensDay #WomensDay2019
Here’s more :) Our all female narrow body crew on board @airindiain flight from Delhi this morning! #WomensDay #WomensDay2019
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#OnThisDate in #Aviation: Jan. 17, 2008, @British_Airways Flight 38 crashed just short of the runway @HeathrowAirport. Thanks to the incredible training and professionalism of all involved, plus a little luck, there were no fatalities. #AvGeek #Safety #BA38 (Thread)
AUDIO: Listen to the chilling ATC recording of the #BA38 incident.

The calm and cool professionals in the @HeathrowAirport Tower, along with the rest of their @NATS colleagues, performed exceptionally. #Heroes

LISTEN: > > >

#AvGeek #Safety
INSIGHT: To better understand the #BA38 event from the inside, you can read @NATS' post "MAYDAY MAYDAY – The untold story of BA38 from the controller on duty."

> > >

#AvGeek #ATC
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New pvt aircraft arrived at #StMaarten #SXM today. Airbus A330-243 Prestige reg HZ-SKY2. Wonder who was on that one... ?!?!?
According to @flightradar24 last flight was yesterday (Dec 25th) -- Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Washington D.C. --- "diverted" to #SXM --- the plot thickens! ✈️😀
HZ-SKY2 A330-243 Prestige SXM departure video with sound ... flew on to #SanJuan #SJU (long-term parking?) -- #avgeek @BigJetTVLIVE
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So my initial thoughts on the @Airbus A321NEO... Far out the engines are massive. And quiet. Did an upper-middle range flex takeoff from Auckland and I could barely hear them. Departing Melbourne we were almost TOGA and they were still barely noticeable. #AvGeek
You know what? I think it feels more like a 777-300ER than anything else. It rides like one, sounds a bit like one and the engines definitely behave in similar ways with their low frequency rumble. On the ground it feels like the 300 too.
You can definitely draw a parallel between the feel of the 777-200 and the 777-300 to the difference between a 320CEO and 321NEO.
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Today I shall be travelling from Hong Kong to Macau via the world’s longest sea bridge. At the moment it is extremely tourist unfriendly. reckon it’s going to take me at least three hours door to door. Part one: catching the A11 airport bus from Causeway Bay.
Left my flat at 9.15am. Let’s see
Right, here’s the bus. Wonder if it has business class?
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There’s a lot going on in this #spacegif, and most of it is very wrong. So let’s talk about the story behind the failure of the Mercury-Redstone 1 launch. #AvGeek #Spacegeek
Mercury-Redstone 1 was intended as the first unmanned test flight to validate the Mercury capsule and the Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle that would eventually be used to launch Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom’s suborbital spaceflights.
There were 2 electrical cables connecting Mercury-Redstone 1 to the launchpad, 1 for power and grounding and the other for data. At liftoff, the data cable was supposed to disconnect first, followed by the power cable. Instead, the reverse happened.
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Watching the chaos that is JFK airport on Snapchat and @flightradar24. Cannot believe it’s allowed to operate like this and hasn’t been shut down with all inbounds diverted.
The most insane part of the JFK madness right now is that it has been going on for DAYS. Seeing some jokes about airlines turning round over the Atlantic, but no joke, that’s a better option right now.
Meanwhile, there are two Aeroflot flights with the same flight number on the ground at JFK. I can’t even.
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