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Mar 26 18 tweets 7 min read
THREAD How #Montenegro received #Kosovo #Albanian #refugees in 1999:
#NATO bombed #Serbia on 24 March. Most foreign #journalists were in Belgrade as all transmission facilities were in hands of Milošević. Few days earlier I had called🇲🇪#President @DjukanovicCG. He asked if I /2 Image 2/ could bring a satellite uplink as all were in #Belgrade, controlled by #Serb regime. @SkyNews could not send one as insurance would not cover it, so I found private #SNG operator in #London, explained #Montenegro would give dish armed protection & he would make lots of $$$ /3 Image
Feb 9 8 tweets 4 min read
THREAD #TuckerPutinInterview is NOT #journalism. It is dangerous to accept opinionists' & propagandists' "interviews" as "journalism". While they do elicit #media interest, they substitute #Showbiz for journalism arguably serving show business but damaging not just journalism /2 Image 2/ as profession, but also, more importantly, #publicInterest that it stands for. #Talkshow hosts, #Television "personalities", #SocialMedia #Influencers & the like have neither qualifications nor, much more importantly, knowledge & experience to handle tough interviewees who /3 Image
Nov 28, 2023 14 tweets 6 min read
🧵#OTD in 1997 #Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) 1st appeared in public. 2 days earlier #UCK fighters ambushed #Serbia #police patrol. MUP reinforcements, firing indiscriminately, killed local teacher Halit Geci, unarmed civilian. His funeral on 28.11 coincided with #Albanian /2 Image 2/ Flag Day (#DitaEFlamurit). 3 masked armed people appeared & read statement claiming that #UCK would fight for freedom & independence of #Kosovo. Less than 18 months later, UCK, helped by #NATO, won the war & no #Serbian soldier or policeman remained. Full #independence was /3 Image
Jul 12, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
THREAD: I first visited #Srebrenica on 28 November 1992 covering 1st UN food convoy that reached the enclave since the beginning of #Bosnia war. We were 3 teams, @SkyNews, @CNN & Belgian @RTBFinfo. (@amanpour & @NicRobertsonCNN were there). #Belgium #Army provided food trucks. /2 2/ They were good & reliable but #Dutch #military #police who were convoy command & security already then failed to impress me: pompous and incompetent. Unprepared, could only communicate with @UN HQ in Kiseljak and #UnitedNations in New York was by #SkyNews & #CNN satphones! /3
May 25, 2023 6 tweets 6 min read
THREAD Re. today's expected flood of "Dear #Tito" tweets:
#OTD 25 May, is birth anniversary of former #Yugoslavia leader Josip Broz Tito. Many call it his #birthday although he has been dead for 43 yrs. I do not wish to rain on their parade, merely offer my own and my family's /2 ImageImage THREAD to clarify, question in a PM: we were a normal & pretty ordinary non-Communist family. Not (openly) anti-Communist but not collaborating with the regime in any political capacitiy. Both my grandfathers were opposed to the idea of #Yugoslavia - they realized it may have /2 ImageImageImageImage
May 22, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
Nisu mi dnevnici pri ruci pa ne znam precizno datum, ali bilo je između 8. i 15.12.1992, dakle pola godine od početka rata. Radio sam reportažu o snimanju nove epizode #TopListaNadrealista na @MultimedijaBHRT. Bila je glad, civili su masovno ginuli, pali su Doglodi, Bare, Azići/2 Image 2/ #UnitedNations general Srboljub Mackenzie dozvolio je Mladiću da preko aerodromske piste prebaci u borbu 4 tenka. TLN okrene na šegu i ispjeva pjesmicu:
"Preko piste se vozaju,
tenkove krit ne moraju,
četnik ti je pravi džiber,
prosvjeduje Stjepan Šiber".)
Vrlo je napeto, /3 Image
Aug 5, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read
THREAD In 1995 after #Oluja I reported from #Bosnia on #Serb refugees fleeing #Croatia.
A guy, 25 driving a tractor loaded w/ women & children shouts: “Hey, jounalist, remember me?” I didn’t. “In July 91 [after Struga massacre] you told my commander ‘your parastate [#Krajina] /2 2/ can’t exist, you should find a way to reconcile with #Croatia, it is your country'. They kept telling us we’ll never lose, that Serbia is behind us, but as time went on I oft thought about your words. I sensed you were right & we were headed for our own destruction”. Then & /3
Aug 4, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
NIZ: Jedan od malobrojnih poštenih i iskrenih iskaza sa srpske strane o #Krajina i #Oluja. Od onoga koji je na kraju svoje postupke svojom odlukom i svojom rukom platio glavom:
“Izlazim pred ovaj Tribunal s dubokim osjećajem sramote i kajanja. Dozvolio sam sebi da sudjelujem /2 2/ u progonu najgore vrste, protiv ljudi, samo zato što su oni bili Hrvati, a ne Srbi. Nevini ljudi su bili proganjani, nevini ljudi su nasilno istjerani iz svojih kuća i nevini ljudi su ubijani. Čak i nakon što sam saznao što se dogodilo šutio sam o tome. Još gore, nastavio /3
Feb 18, 2021 14 tweets 6 min read
THREAD #Serbian #Orthodox #Church bishops start Conclave (#Sabor-Holy Assembly in #SPC parlance) to elect new #Patriarch, 3 months after previous died of #Covid. Election much more about politics than religion, mainly #Serbia #Kosovo relations but also #Russia Orthodox Church /2 2/ vs. #Ecumenical Patriarch of #Constantinople. Most of numerous traditional cleavages within SPC (Young Lions vs. Old Guards); Serbians vs. TransDrinians; ecumenicals vs. hardline Orthodox etc. will be irrelevant with only the split between Russian vs. Greek students, roughly/3
Dec 1, 2020 10 tweets 6 min read
THREAD #OTD in 1918 elected representatives from South Slav lands of former Austria-Hungary address non-elected King of #Serbia expressing their desire to create a joint state, initially under lame name of Kingdom of #Serbs, #Croats & #Slovenes (SHS), later renamed #Yugoslavia /2 2/ An archetypical #Balkans business: well-intended, ill prepared, poorly executed. All sides try to cheat & gain advantage over their partners, with biggest & strongest imposing their will at force whenever they can, at same time paying lip service to equality and brotherhood /3
Nov 27, 2020 8 tweets 7 min read
THREAD As I have my #Bosnia #War diaries out & it's 28 years from 1st #UnitedNations food convoy into #Srebrenica, 6 months under siege:
On 25/11/1992 UN French Gen Morillon announces a convoy with 150 tons of food, some of it also to go to #Serb town of Bratunac, not besieged /2 2/ 26/11 UN convoy reaches Bratunac, is met by "spontaneous resistance" by local Serbs (some bussed in from Serbia across Drina river). Bosnian Serb military commanders declare themself helpless as "people are democratically expressing their anger at UN feeding enemy 'Turks'"/3
Nov 25, 2020 5 tweets 5 min read
Loptanje mi je prilično idiotska aktivnost. #Maradona me posebno nervirao, umišljeni #CheGuevara na brdu kokaina i prijatelj apologete klanja i ubijanja Nemanje Srbina.
Ali to je moje privatno mišljenje. Stručno je da bi večeras SVAKI #TVdnevnik morao početi njime.
Znam, znam Image Na @hrtvijesti :
A da ste stavili njega prvoga manje biste ljudima bili gadni
Nov 1, 2020 12 tweets 12 min read
THREAD #PopeFrancis gives rare interview to #Serbia semi-official daily @PolitikaOnline. But as "Francisko", a name that in Serbian evokes sombreroed Mexican bandits rather than @Pontifex. Who is responsible for this #Vatican PR disaster? None other than Papal Nuntius to Serbia/2 Appreciate if someone knows of a way to connect this thread together, in right order 1-9. Thanks
Jan 27, 2020 15 tweets 6 min read
My aunt Nives Portolan (1927-2018), #Holocaust survivor. Tattoo number 8614, inmate of Risiera di #SanSaba, #Ravensbruck & #Auschwitz. Liberated by Red Army January 1945 @ 38kg.
#HolocaustRemembranceDay #Holocaustgedenktag
THREAD /2 2/ She hated #Communism. But had only praise & admiration for #RedArmy. They never expected to see such horrors at #Auschwitz but within 48 hrs RedArmy had organized excellent medical care for inmates. Later relocated them to recovery facilities. Very dedicated & non-political /3
Jan 18, 2020 12 tweets 5 min read
THREAD #WarCrimes
In 1992 I spent hours talking with Radovan #Karadzic. I had that dubious honour mainly thks to the fact that I was the only Western journo (stranded) in Pale who knew the region & its people, history, myths, beliefs, politics, culture./2
nyti.ms/3ahrgnb 2/ Those bizarre sessions would usually start late in the evening and, over gallons of whiskey, oft went on till the wee hours of the morning. He obviously wanted to know what I had seen in Sarajevo just a few hours earlier (for insurance reasons, in the early months of the war/3