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💥💥My latest: British Psychological Warfare Threatens Balkan Conflict💥💥

#MI6 #BritishIntelligence #Bosnia #RepublikaSprska #Yugoslavia #Serbia #Balkans #BalkanWar…
In 2020, in total secret, British intelligence ran a secret psychological warfare campaign to sell extremely harsh #COVID19 lockdown restrictions to a sceptical Bosnian public. The Embassy in #Sarajevo used local PR firms, and FCO contractor Albany for the purpose. ImageImageImageImage
Albany is a veteran of British psychological warfare operations the world over, most notoriously in Syria, where it set up fake opposition media assets and provided "communications support" to violent armed groups, in order to circulate pro-regime change propaganda globally. Image
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Why are #Azerbaijan #Iran 🇦🇿🇮🇷 relations so bad?

Five 5️⃣ simple facts 🧵 (below) help explain why the 🇦🇿🇮🇷 Azeri-Iranian relationship has deteriorated and what’s really behind the recent attack against 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran ⤵️ . . .
1️⃣ #Sociologically: Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 & Iran 🇮🇷 are very different societies. Iran’s regime has a hardline, old and extreme interpretation of Shia-religion, while Azerbaijan has a more modern interpretation (gender parity, customs etc). It lay at the root of many differences . . .
2️⃣ #Historically: Iran (& Russia) colonised Azeri and South Caucasian people, while today large Azeri communities continue to live inside of Iran, many of which have strong linguistic and cultural bonds to Azerbaijan and do not accept Tehran’s radical governance-style . . .
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🇬🇧🇷🇸⚡️Mr Stuart Peach, British special clown to the Balkans, has stated that “Russia wants to bring war to the region, but valiant defenders of democracy will not allow it”.
#balkans #serbia #uk #stuartpeach #ukrainewar #russia #ukraine #vucic
He claims that he "remembers well" the wars in the former Yugoslavia & the years of fighting & killing that left scars on generations of people on both sides, with young people still living with the horrid legacy of those wars: hatred, a ruined economy & an uncertain future.
“We will do everything to prevent another armed conflict in the region,” he says. The "we" he refers to are local politicians who must reject nationalism & put the interest of all above their own, assisted in this by Britain and other Western allies.
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🇷🇸🇹🇷⚡️Relations between Serbia and Turkey are experiencing a "golden age"
#serbia #turkey #turkiye #kosovo #vucic #dacic #balkans Image
Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu assessed that Serbia and Turkey are in a "golden age" of bilateral cooperation. He emphasized this not only in a conversation with the head of Serbian diplomacy, Ivica Dacic, but also in a telephone conversation with Serbian President Vucic.
The diplomat indicated that Ankara will continue to work on improving relations and stressed that Turkey is ready to help Serbia in connection with the recent floods. He also noted that delegations from Turkey visited Serbia more often than other countries in the region.
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🚨🇷🇸 #Vucic: "I serbi sono i colpevoli di turno per l'Occidente. L'Occidente non ha voluto nemmeno capire perché i serbi hanno alzato le #barricate".

#Vucic: "Abbiamo visto tutti la prima versione del piano franco-tedesco, ma temo che nessuno volesse parlare del contesto e di ciò che la #Serbia sta affrontando. Le circostanze geopolitiche sono cambiate. C'è un grande nervosismo".
🚨🇷🇸 #Vucic: "L'Europa è di fatto in guerra. Non c'è tolleranza. Vogliono che tutto sia come vogliono nel loro "cortile", e i #Balcani occidentali sono il loro cortile. Stanno cercando una soluzione immediata".

#Kosovo #Balkans
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Sembra che ad un certo punto, amareggiato e innervosito dall'esito del colloquio con i "Big Five", il presidente serbo #Vucic abbia messo sul tavolo, davanti ai membri del suo partito, perfino le proprie dimissioni. "Se qualcuno pensa ed è in grado di fare meglio", ha
scandito dinanzi ai colleghi del Partito Progressista Serbo che gli chiedevano di respingere "l'ultimatum" occidentale sulla questione del #Kosovo, allora "sono pronto a farmi da parte". E "se la popolazione rifiuta i negoziati, e se qualcuno pensa che dovremmo distruggere
economicamente il Paese", allora "lascerò la guida a chi è più intelligente di me".
Bastano queste indiscrezioni a raccontare il clima respirato in #Serbia, dove proprio in questi minuti è in corso una sessione del governo alla presenza dello stesso Vucic.
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🔴 #USA : Lorsqu'il s'agit de respecter le droit et l'ordre international, les États-Unis sont très flexibles.

EXCELLENT ‼️ article de Larry C. Johnson, un vétéran de la CIA et du Bureau du contre-terrorisme du Département d'État.

La #Russie est mauvaise. Elle est très 🔽
très mauvaise car elle viole délibérément les règles sacrées qui assurent l'ordre international. En effet, l'Occident a "cimenté l'ordre mondial fondé sur des règles" et la #Russie est tout simplement trop stupide pour les comprendre, selon le European Journal of 🔽
International Law. L'article suivant a été publié en juillet 2021 :
À la suite de la rencontre entre Vladimir #Poutine et Joe #Biden à Genève le mois dernier, M. #Lavrov a fait part de son mécontentement face aux "avertissements" lancés par les responsables américains à 🔽
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💥💥My latest: Secret intelligence files expose dark reality of US proxy war in #Bosnia💥💥

#CIA #MI6 #Yugoslavia #FalseFlag #YugoslavWars #Balkans…
There's the Western version of the war in Bosnia, and what actually happened - a disturbing tale of CIA black ops, literally explosive provocations, illegal weapon shipments, imported jihadist fighters, potential false flags, and stage-managed atrocities. Read all about it here!
These files public domain for almost a year, yet no mainstream Balkan "expert" has mentioned them, let alone dug into their explosive contents (paging @JasminMuj). Wonder if this is because they detonate the fantasy that the war in Bosnia was a simple matter of Serb "imperialism"
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#Azerbaijan #gas #Export

The launch of the Ionian Adriatic #Pipeline (IAP) will allow Azerbaijan to supply gas to three countries of the #Balkans (Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania), Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.
Gas has become one of the main issues on the European agenda since the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, Aliyev said on Friday at the 48th Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy international forum in Italy's Cernobbio.
"There are a lot of projects, one of which is Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria. Another similar project is the Ionian Adriatic Pipeline. Azerbaijani gas will be supplied through this pipeline to three Balkan countries," Aliyev said, adding that Baku has received official requests
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#Azerbaijan #Balkans #gas #Export @presidentaz

Запуск Ионическо-Адриатического газопровода (IAP) позволит Азербайджану поставлять газ в три балканские страны (Хорватию, Албанию и Черногорию -ИФ), заявил президент Азербайджана Ильхам Алиев.
"С началом украино-российской войны вопрос природного газа стал одним из главных в повестке дня Европы. Есть много проектов, один из которых - интерконнектор Греция-Болгария. Другой аналогичный проект - Ионическо-Адриатический газопровод (IAP). ⬇️⬇️
⬆️⬆️По этому трубопроводу азербайджанский газ будет поставляться в три балканские страны", сказал Алиев, выступая в пятницу на 48-м международном форуме Черноббио в Италии.
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The drill ship #AbdulHamidHan, #Erdogan’s latest vanity project in a country where 15 million people suffer from hunger, was launched yesterday. But who was #AbdulHamid after whom the vessel was named? A thread on the #BloodySultan and the #HamidianMassacres by #theHELC 1/12
Abdul Hamid II was Sultan of the #Ottoman Empire from 1876 to 1909. During his reign, unrest amongst his oppressed subjects in the #Balkans and Asia Minor intensified. His barbaric response would culminate in the massacres of #Armenians and #Assyrians of 1894–1896 2/12
After #Turkey’s defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878, it was agreed in the conference of #Berlin that Russia would evacuate the Armenian populated territories of the Ottoman Empire in return for the implementation of reforms to protect the local population 3/12
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Η προσπάθεια αποσταθεροποίησης των ΔΒ, υποκινούμενη από τις δικτατορίες της Ασίας, θα πρέπει να βρει ως απάντηση μία αστραπιαία, χειμαρρώδη και τόσο πρωτοφανή, από την 🇬🇷, αντίδραση, που να μην αφήνει περιθώρια για εφαρμογή Plan B
#Σερβια #Kosovo #Balkans…
Η αδράνεια στην δεκαετία του 20′, θα αντιμετωπιστεί από τους ιστορικούς του μέλλοντος σαν προδοσία!

#Σερβια #Taiwan #Balkans #Albania #Greece #NATO #Χο_Τσι_Μινχ #AlQaeda
Η Ελλάδα είναι η μόνη χώρα που διαθέτει όλα εκείνα τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία/μέσα ώστε να τραβήξει τις χώρες των Δυτικών Βαλκανίων «πίσω» στην Ευρώπη, σε αντίθεση με γεωπολιτικούς μας ανταγωνιστές, που μόνο κοντύτερα στον αυταρχισμό της Ασίας μπορεί να τα φέρει.
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🧵#Kosovo is not #Ukraine

A new #Kosovo-#Serbia war is not - and won't be - an option, as #NATO has there its biggest mission. And this is why there will not be a #Ukraine scenario in the #Balkans, despite the desire of many to announce/foresee a new war in Europe
The war in #Ukraine has surely changed our sensibility. However, the two geopolitical contexts are very different.
#Serbia can't afford a war; #Kosovo has not a proper army. But, most importantly, they don't desire it. The status quo is more politically convenient for both.
If #Serbia send the army (not an option now), the consequence would be a disaster. And not only for the military reaction by KFOR. Eventual sanctions could literally destroy already weak Serbian economy, that is higly dependent on EU support and trade with EU member states
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Thread: 1 July 2022: Day 128 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Russia bombed a block of flats in Odesa overnight, killing at least ten civilians
Great move from #Canada. The worries about depleting Western weapons stockpiles are largely misplaced: what is happening in #Ukraine - defending Europe from #Russia - is what these weapons were acquired for in the first place.
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Happening now: @USArmy Gen Christopher Cavoli - nominated to serve as commander of @US_EUCOM and as Supreme Allied Commander-#Europe - testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee
"In #Europe, the core security challenge is #Russia" per Gen Cavoli

"Russia's unprovoked invasion of #Ukraine ushers in a new era in European security...It will be up to us all to reestablish an enduring stability"
"But #Russia is not our only challenge. #China's growing influence is also of huge concern" per Gen Cavoli "As are terrorism, migration, #cybersecurity, & #climatechange"

"We cannot be a one-problem alliance"
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🆕 #THREAD: On April 5, the European Court of Human Rights handed down a negative judgement on claims regarding the alleged pushback of approximately 1,500 asylum seekers into Greece via North Macedonia in 2016.

@Malichudis and @yuhsiang_wangTW report.
The case regards incidents that took place in March 2016, and offers an insight into the shift that would come in migration management within the continent.

As countries in the #Balkans began sealing off their borders with fences...…
... #Idomeni, a small Greek village near the border with North Macedonia, became crowded with thousands of stranded asylum seekers who had to sleep in the open for weeks.

On March 14, 2016, approximately 1,500 asylum seekers entered North Macedonia on foot.
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Thread: 3 April 2022: Day 39 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Ukraine beginning to de-mine the areas around Kyiv that they have taken back from #Russia, a process that will take years. Sadly, it's also likely some of these areas will have to be fought over again after Moscow resets and tries again for the capital.
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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#Russia/#Ukraine Thread 🇺🇦 🇷🇺 [1]
#Russian news agencies are reporting that #Luhansk separatist region prevented a terrorist attack on a soldiers rally. #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #Ukraine #Crimea #Donbass #Donetsk #EU #Europe #NATO #US #Russia #Belarus [2]
Elements of #Russian forces in #Crimea are reported by #Russian media to be returning to North #Ossetia and #Dagestan, following the end of special exercise in the region. #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #EU #NATO #US #Europe [3]
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#Russia's government not being very subtle about how this is going to go with #Ukraine: a provocation will be staged and the Russians will claim to be acting in self-defence when they invade, while screaming about 'Western false-flag operations'.
Integrating this thread from Feb. 11 here
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US intelligence believes #Russia is preparing to stage a false flag incident to justify its initiation of hostilities in #Ukraine. Been a lot of signs for months that Moscow was plotting provocation to ignite this.
#Russia's representative to international organisations in Vienna. At this stage, Moscow isn't even trying as it prepares its provocation to begin the offensive in #Ukraine.
I think we'd all worked out the Russian script that far, but all the same nice to know NATO has, too.
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Monday's #Covid19 thread starts here. Still holidays around the world for many, including #UK. But here all eyes on Boris Johnson - will he, or won't he make more restrictions or even lockdown? We should know today.

I've got more hospital data in the thread, updated real time..
So let me start with #UK. I've managed to get new health data, which will be critical to the decision on new restrictions in #England

As of y'day there were 7,536 #Covid19 patients in English hospitals; up 17.1% in a week.

But 2,425 of those are in London and that's up 45.5%
Strangely, South-East & South-West areas of #England have fewer #Covid19 patients in hospital.

Occupied hospital beds by region (weekly change):

#London 2,425 +46%
#Midlands 1,345 +17%
#East 681 +16%
#NorthWest 945 +8%
#Yorkshire/NE 847 +3%
#SouthEast 803 -2%
#SouthWest 490 -5%
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THREAD on #Serbia and #Russia: President of #Serbia #aleksandarvučić is in #Sochi, #Russia to meet #Russia's President #VladimirPutin. The main talking point of the agenda, the price of Russian #gas for Serbia. #Serbia is entirely dependent on the import of Russian gas.
#Russia owns majority shares in NIS, Serbia's national oil and gas company, sold to Moscow below market price in 2008, in return for #Russia's protection in the #UN on #Kosovo and hoping that Moscow would construct now-defunct South Stream pipeline over Serbian territory.
The energy dependency was confirmed with the inauguration of the #TurkStream pipeline in 2021. In light of the ongoing energy crisis in Europe, the Serbian President fears the high gas prices for Serbia. The first reason is more immediate, the start of the heating season.
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Past couple of weeks have been quite eventful on 🇧🇦.

Following many meetings, emails, (zoom) calls, background talks and tweet-reads, let me bring together some key facts, assessments, positions & actions of different actors.🧵 1/24
What has Milorad #Dodik done so far?

I. Together with RS opposition:

1. Adopted RS law annuling Inzko’s imposition = RS made parts of the state-level criminal code not applicable in RS.

2. Voted against all decisions in state-level institutions except essential = financing.
II. Without the opposition:

1. Laid out a detailed plan to create parallel entity institutions = to collapse 🇧🇦 institutional & legal architecture.

2. Lower RS Assembly house adopted a Law on parallel Agency for medicinal products and devices = to disrupt unified market.
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