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A video depicting a macabre scene of a fake Trump shooting, stabbing & brutally assaulting journalists & his political opponents was shown at a conf for his supporters at his Miami resort 😱

More than 700 people with links to ISIS have escaped from a detention camp.

Common thread for Mueller, Ukraine & Syria: Russia Helps Trump, Trump Helps Russia

Our now former Kurdish allies in Syria announced a new deal with the RU backed gov’t in Damascus — a sworn enemy of USA — after Trump ordered the withdrawal of US forces from N Syria

Vienna: Connecting Trump, Giuliani, two fixers and a Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash to the RU/Israeli mafia

Giuliani said that Parnas & Fruman had been to Vienna 3 to 6 times in the past 2 months.

Are Parnas & Fruman Trump’s backchannel to Firtash/Putin/SM
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Incoming #EU High Rep @JosepBorrellF’s first speech gave us a glimpse of #EUdiplomacy’s next 5 years. #EPhearings2019

His endorsement by the Parliament was never in doubt. Still, Borrell’s energetic speech went further than expected.

2/ Borrell shared views with his trademark outspoken tone and all the famed sides of his character:

☞ The mature #EU integration enthusiast and former European Parliament President

☞ The responsible internationalist development buff

☞ The assertive Spanish foreign minister
3/ Borrell raised a shield in defence of the rule-based multilateral order, pointing to Ukraine as evidence of the dangers ahead if it keeps unraveling.

The sub-text: ‘I am not just talking about Moscow being unilateral, Mr Trump’.…
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Sam Nunberg, a former aide on Trump’s campaign in 2016 who made a name for himself through his combative TV appearances has joined another campaign to elect Kadri Veseli as PM of Kosovo.…
Nunberg is working as an adviser to Kadri Veseli, the Democratic Party of Kosovo’s candidate for PM in the Oct. 6 elex. He’ll “provide public affairs & comms strategy services including strategic advice, public relations & government outreach,” #DirtyTrix…
📌This according to a copy of the contract filed with the Justice Department. The contract, which was signed last week, is worth $110,000.

🔑That’s our hard earned tax dollars at work to pay for #DirtyTricks to affect the outcome of Kosovo’s election.…
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‼️WTF Is Trump’s Former AG Matt Whitaker Doing Meddling in Kosovo’s Election?

Trump’s former appearing Attorney General appears to be celebrating his freedom from the searing highlight of the Trump adm by involving himself in… Kosovo’s election.…
Whitaker, maybe extra well-known for his previous position with a “scam” firm that promoted time journey tech & the hunt for Bigfoot than for something he did throughout his quick stint on the DOJ, hit the Kosovo marketing campaign path w/ gusto this week.…
The short-lived AG stumped for Kadri Veseli, a Trump-supporting candidate Tuesday in an look that was rapidly met with a assertion from the U.S. embassy in Kosovo stressing Washington’s neutrality in the nation’s Oct. 6 elex.


@RepAdamSchiff ^^…
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‼️Richard Grenell

10/3/19: Trump has selected the U.S. amb to Germany, Richard Grenell, as the Trump adm’s envoy for ongoing “peace talks” between Serbian and Kosovan officials.

📌Note: Dirty Tricksters Whitaker & Nunberg are busy bees in Kosovo…
I bet Grenell been sent to meddle in the upcoming election to install Kadri Veseli as Prime Minister.

Veseli is the founder of the KLA & fmr head of SHIK. SHIK was an underground intelligence organization credited with post-war murders of political figures in Kosovo.
Grenell, who will remain as ambassador to Germany in addition to his new duties, will lead U.S. efforts to assist Serbia and Kosovo to reach a “formal peace agreement” that could result in Serbia's recognition of Kosovo as an independent nation. #SureJan…
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21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼…
🗣️‼️Very important Thread‼️🤨👇🏼
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🔴 [Thread] Je partage avec vous les meilleurs extraits de #QatarPapers de @Malbrunot et @cchesnot que je suis en train de lire ⬇️
#QatarCharity c’est 8148 mosquées et 490 centres de mémorisation du Coran dans le Monde, 138 centres islamiques ou mosquées en Europe.
#QatarCharity à versé 298 181 € au président de la Ligue islamique de Norvège pour l’achat d’une église et sa transformation en mosquée à #Larvik. Tout un symbole.
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20 years ago today, I was loaded on this train against my will and was made a #Refugee. I had done nothing wrong and broken no laws. I simply belonged to the wrong ethnic group. 1/xx
Around midday on April 1st 1999 Serbian police from Slobodan Milosevic's regime backed up by what looked like irregular militia came to my apartment building in Pristina, #Kosovo and started shooting in the air. They demanded we come out and ordered us to walk behind a car. 2/xx
From listening to the news,I knew something really bad was about to happen 2 me,but I didn’t exactly know what.The option ranged from being beaten,killed, used as a human shield to protect Serb military bases against #NATO bombing to forcefully being removed from my country.3/xx
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1# The crime against #Serbs in #Kosovo & #Metohija occurred 15 yrs ago today(17.03.2004)
The March #Pogrom was planned by the Western intelligence services organized by the Albanian (Shiptar) separatist-terrorist leaders & executed by over 50,000 Albanians
2# They killed 28 #Serbs, injured 800, expelled 4000 from their homes, ethnically cleansed 6 towns and 9 villages, demolished & destroyed 35 #Serbian holy sites, 1000 #Serbian houses, 10 Serbian schools, health centers, post offices and other #Serbian state-owned buildings.
3# Everything was done with passive observation of 20,000 #KFOR members, 3,000 members of the #UMNIK, and nobody responded.
Since 1999, when #KiM fell under the occupation of the West, genocide against #Serbs has been carried out by Shiptar terrorists.
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Hace unos días (27enero) el terror islámico llevó la muerte a una Catedral de #Filipinas 🇵🇭

20 muertos y más de 100 heridos demuestran, otra vez, que con yihadistas no se negocia.

La masacre fue un mensaje de fuerza en un triste aniversario.
Ese domingo estaba marcado por la conmemoración de otra masacre, la conocida por #SAF44 en Mamasapano (también en Mindanao).

En 2015, durante una misión anti-terrorista, 44 miembros de la Fuerzas Especiales murieron en una emboscada, seguida de ejecuciones a los capturados vivos
El #SAF44 fue una tragedia nacional a la que #Europa no prestó atención.

Quizá por que los islamistas de Mindanao (el feudo de los terroristas del Frente Moro de Liberación) son fuertes gracias a las ayudas que reciben de países como Arabia Saudí 🇸🇦 y Turquía 🇹🇷
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I want to turn your attention to the #Balkans.

Tens of thousands are protesting in #Serbia for the fifth week in a row. Despite the snow and cold weather, despite the censorship in the country, the people want their voice to be heard. I hope the world takes a good look.
Publicly owned communications giant Telekom bought a private cable network Kopernikus (owned by a brother of a high ranking ruling party official) for €200m.

Money was then used to finance the acquisitin of the remaining two foreign owned TV stations with national frequency.
The reasons for the protest:

-wide scale censorship and media control
-beating of @BorkoStef, one of the opposition leaders with metal rods
-eroding democracy and freedom of elections
-shady negotiations with #Kosovo behind closed doors
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The new @wiiw_news Handbook of #Statistics 2018 contains updated key #macroeconomic & structural indicators for 22 economies in #CESEE serving as easy-to-use reference tool & facilitating comparisons across topics, countries & time.…
Thread: 1/11
New features of the 2018 ed. include e.g.
- new key indicators at #regional levels
- #wages & #investment data by activity now also available for #Turkey
- comparable #structural breakdown for all countries
Find below examples of some conclusions from the newly released data
All countries in #CESEE experienced positive #economic #growth in 2017, clear leader was #EUCEE with average real GDP growth of 4.9%. Ten economies achieved their highest real #GDP growth rates over the last 5 years.
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My father served in the #JNA He was stationed in Zemun. I have a beautiful photograph of him in his army uniform. My mother still has a small calendar of his, with 365 crosses on it. She knows the exact day he contracted pneumonia that year, still has all the letters he wrote.
That was the time I don’t remember. I look at the black and white photo of my tall, smiling father, and I know that like thousands of ethnic Albanians of his generation he would fight for Yugoslavia if needed
I remember 1989. Many Albanians serving in JNA, returned in coffins.
The coffins were sealed, the families of these unfortunate 19 year olds were not allowed to open them, and the funerals were hastily held at night.
My mother went to one such funeral in the middle of the night. Because in one of those coffins lay one of her students.
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I spent months trying to warn ppl that Vucic & Dodik had invested serious capital in selling Trump WH proxies on partitions plans for #Kosovo, knowing that it was step 1 in rebooting Milosevic’s “Greater Serbia” project. Not alarmism now, eh?…
ITT from March I explicitly warned that we would hear more & more talk of partitions & new borders in the #Balkans. It’s product of aggressive Serb nationalist lobbying — backed by RUS — & would result only in renewed violence. Full stop, no exceptions.
The reason why I even bothered responding to this Tim Less character, for instance, was bc I recognized was testing the waters for dangerous ideas. Kosovo is the first target bc it’s “soft”, partitioning BiH is the real objective tho. Complete 90s redux.…
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Xhaka le marcó el gol a #SRB e hizo el águila albanesa. Tremenda provocación del #SUI a sus rivales.
Granit Xhaka es el #SUI que acaba de marcar el gol y su hermano Taulant representa a la Selección de #Albania. Ambos se enfrentaron en la Euro 2016 en #FRA.
¿Se acuerdan las Eliminatorias para la Euro 2016? Se enfrentaban #SRB y #Albania en #Partizán, todo era un caos entre ambas parcialidades y fue peor cuando el serbio Stefan Mitrovic bajó un drone con la bandera de la Gran Albania. Ahí comenzó el caos.
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1) It's 10am on a Saturday morning and Mullen wants to talk SECURELY to #Hillary about #Kosovo...#FOIA #Huma…
2) Appointed by George Bush, Michael Mullen was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 1, 2007, to September 30, 2011.
3) He wants to talk to Hillary on a secure line and give her background information about Kosovo. What's so important about Kosovo in 2011?
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