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#Serbia #Belgrad #Coronavirus

Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic is threatened with imprisonment in his homeland of Serbia for a suspected violation of Corona rules.
The public prosecutor's office brought charges against the former Bundesliga professional and demanded six months in prison, the state news agency Tanjug reported on Thursday evening.
Under Serbian law, the court must now decide whether to accept the charges against the 22-year-old footballer. According to media reports, the international should have celebrated in the capital, Belgrade.
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#JoeBiden hailed former #KLA leader #HashimThaci in 2010 as “the #GeorgeWashington of Kosovo.” A few months later, a #CouncilOfEurope investigative report tagged #Thaci as an accomplice to the body-trafficking operation.… ImageImage
Once the bombing ended, many of the #Serbs remaining in #Kosovo were slaughtered and their churches burned to the ground. #NATO’s ‘peace’ produced a quarter million #Serbian, #Jewish, and #Gypsy refugees.” ImageImage
Approximately 1,500 #Serb civilians were killed by #NATO bombing in one of the biggest sham morality plays of the modern era. As #British professor #PhilipHammond recently noted, the 78-day bombing campaign “was not a purely military operation: Image
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Today, #Serbia is marking the Remembrance Day for the victims of the #SecondWorldWar and the 79th anniversary of the mass shooting of civilians executed by nazi #Germany.

Among them were children, students and professors from #Kragujevac.

⬇️ Please read the full thread ⬇️
The main focus was the free territory in #Serbia which resisted the #German offensive for a period of three months. 

The #Germans set out in full force during October and November 1941. They carried out mass repressions against the #Serbian population. ⬇️
The massacre took place on October 19, 20 and 21. The shootings first began in villages.

After that, a decision was made to continue the killings in city of #Kragujevac. Arrests and raids were carried out indiscriminately and #Serbian population was executed in groups. ⬇️
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#Turkey needs to create a new Europe Doctrine. Today, we witness a #European reality that is seemingly homogeneous yet in reality extremely heterogeneous. #EU and European nations are incapable of giving a monoblock response to any regional or global issue, still far from
embodying the principle of political unity, and we face with a European practice in which internal unbalances are adorned with internal fault lines.

When we draw out a general "cluster" map of #Europe currently inside, we see that at least six different "basins" formed:
1. First and formost is the famous "#Paris-#Berlin" line

2. The category of countries in #WesternEurope "administered" jointly by #France and #Germany (#Austria and Benelux countries).

3. #Latin alliance

4. #Visegrad Group based in Central and #EasternEurope
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‼️Very important thread‼️

Missing babies affair and abduction of young children by the Centers for Social Work in #Serbia

• Exposing the network of children traffickers in Serbia

• Who is behind this profitable business?

#SaveOurChildren #ProtectOurYouth

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️
1/ This Thursday a press conference was held in #Belgrade and the topic of discussion were the missing babies affair and the abduction of young children by the Centers for social work, which was not attended by a single journalist.

This was a reason of writting this thread. ⬇️
2/ Two weeks ago, I wrote about the case of a little girl who was first taken away from her biological family due to poverty, and then kidnapped from a foster family, from where all trace of her is lost. ⬇️

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Today we present Economic & Investment plan for #WesternBalkans to boost economic development & recovery of the region. We will mobilise up to €9 billion of funding for investment flagships in transport, energy, green & digital transition, to create sustainable growth and jobs.
In addition, investment capacity of the region should be boosted by mobilisation of a new #WesternBalkans Guarantee Facility, w ambition to potentially raise investments of up to €20 billion. Plan will increase grants compared to loans, as region’s fiscal space is limited.
The Plan also offers a path for a successful regional economic integration to help accelerate convergence, ultimately speeding up process of #EU integration. This plan should help to transform #WesternBalkans into one of the most attractive region for investments in the world.
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Exactly 20 years ago, thanks to #GeorgeSoros who funded a colored revolution executed by #Otpor & #Antifa, #Serbia lost its sovereignty and became an occupied country.

October 5, 2000 is a day when #DeepState, NGOs and foreign intelligence services began to rule.

Full thread ⬇️
By 1999 #GeorgeSoros was pulled into the #ClintonCrimeFamily "humanitarian" propaganda and became a supporter of Albanian independence and ally to DioGuardi who presented a Congress with a petition, signed by 40 prominent policy makers urging #US intervention in the #Balkans. 👇
With the breakthrough of the Open Society and HRW, #GeorgeSoros was one of the main sponsors of the #Belgrade radio station @b92vesti.

He founded #Otpor, an organization that received suitcases of money to carry out a colored revolution on October 5, 2000 in #Serbia. 👇
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• Falsified history of Albanians as a reason for taking #Kosovo from #Serbia with argument that Albanians have "moral legitimacy" on Serbian land

#Illyria #Serbia #KosovoIsSerbia #TheMoreYouKnow #AncientWorld

Full thread below 👇 Image
1/ One the picture is member of the Svana ethnic group from Mestia in the Caucasus (~1888–1900).

Many traits (from language to behavior) characteristic of this small ethnic group are strikingly similar to those of the Shqiptars (Albanians). 👇 Image
2/ Here we will speak scientifically based on the Serbian multi-millennium habitat in the #Balkans (and in #Europe), while at the same time we'll expose the ominous mythomania among Albanians - as, allegedly, the local natives - and their fictional Illyrian origin. 👇
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On September 27 in 1998, the body of one out of two Serbian babies, twins who died immediately after birth, was exhumed and dismembered with bare hands by Albanian children who were taking cattle to pasture in that area.

#Kosovo #Serbia #Serbs

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️ Image
Two male twins, from parents Radojko and Dragica Petrović, died soon after birth. They were buried on July 4th & 5th not far from the village of Grace in #Kosovo, small village between Vučitrn and Priština.

On the holy day, known as Day of the Cross in Orthodox Christianity, ⬇️
the grieving grandfather went to visit the graves. He hoped that alone, in silence, he would be able to pray and relief his pain.

The scene he saw freezed the blood in his veins, a horror he couldn't have imagined that is possible to happen. ⬇️
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21 year ago, 14 #Serbs were killed in a massacre while harvesting their crop in the #Kosovo village of #StaroGracko, their families’ hopes for justice are fading as no one has been prosecuted.


#Serbia #SerbianLivesMatter

Full thread 👇 Image
Just weeks after the #Kosovo war was officially over and the country came under #UN and #NATO control in June 1999, 14 agricultural workers out in a field in #StaroGracko harvesting their wheat.

The next day, the bodies of the men, age between 17 - 45, were found dead. 👇
A 17 year old was the youngest of the victims killed on July 23, 1999 in this village south of the #Ibar River – one of the gravest crimes targetting #Serbs since the deployment of international missions in #Kosovo after the war. 👇
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#Serbia #MaliZvornik #Plane #crash

A MiG-21 military aircraft crashed in Serbia in the border area with Bosnia-Herzegovina. Both pilots were killed in the accident near the town of Mali Zvornik, as the Ministry of Defense announced in Belgrade.
A farmer, on the bottom of which the plane hit, was seriously injured, according to a prosecutor in the district capital Sabac. The cause of the crash is still unclear. According to the ministry, the two pilots were on a flight under their assignment.
This was not detailed further.
The MiG-21 had been used in what was then Yugoslavia since 1962, the last machine of this type entered service in 1983. The MiG-21 aircraft remaining in Serbia are mainly used for training purposes.
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Serbian people are looking for the information from the government about girl called Nevena Stefanović, who was previously taken from her biological parents and than kidnapped from the foster family, since when she's missing!
#SaveOurChildren #ChildTrafficking

Thread ⬇️ Image
Saša Borojević and his legal team are appealing to the Center for Social Work in #Zajecar to inform the public whether the child was sold for 33,000€, as some sources claim, and given for adoption abroad by the Centre for Social Work in #Serbia (as it was the case many times) ⬇️
Only with the signature of Minister Djordjević children can be adopted (read: SOLD ABROAD) to foreign agencies for the adoption of children.

Minister Djordjević and the rest of Serbian government @avucic @NesaStefanovic did not provide any information to the child's parents yet!
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This is probably the most important thread I ever wrote, therefore, it's supported by numerous evidence... 🙂

Thread: Forbidden history of #Europe

* The lost world of #OldEurope - The Danube Valley Civilization

* History of Illyrian #Serbs and ancient #Serbia

⬇️Full thread ⬇️ Image
2) There were once a mysterious European cultures located in the #Balkans which left us a legacy in the form of valuable artifacts covered with a sacred script, spacious houses, professional ceramics, lawish jewellery and other artisan products & sophisticated goods... ⬇️ Image
3) #LepenskiVir culture is the very beginning and it lasts from 9500 - 6000 BC. The #VincaCulture lasts from 5500 BC - 4000 BC. The period from 6200 BC - 4500 BC it is covered by the #StarcevoCulture

The Neolithic period in #Serbia is covered by these 3 amazing cultures. ⬇️ Image
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Thread: Anatolii Alekseevich Klesov, professor of biology at "Harvard", with analysis of genes shows that #Serbs are ancestors of today’s #Slavs and many other nations in #Europe, whose gene is 12,000 years old.

According to the theory of #Klesov, who heads the scientific 👇 Image
consultative administration of Genealogical International Bureau, the Russians are descendants of those who were living in the #Balkans, today’s #Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia. 👇
Serbian genes (R1A1) are 12,000 years old as opposed to others that are old 4,000 to 7,000 years.

All A – nations (except two) in #Europe have over 40% genes of #Serbs, the scientist claims.
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1) Topic: European Genocide, #Jesuits and #Serbia

What is the background of Kalergi's plan for #Europe's destruction?

Why is #Christianity in danger?

#TheMoreYouKnow #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #EU #MigrantCrisis #ChristianOrtodox

⬇️ Full Thread ⬇️
2) When thinking how to start this topic, I remembered the words of Austrian cancellor Sebastian Kurz addressed to #Serbs.

During one of his interviews, he said that we should "give up the past (thinking of giving up #Kosovo) and look to the future"... ⬇️
3) He represents so-called modern European civilization that is forcing this nomadic approach to life - when you don't like it, you pack your stuff & leave. e.g. Pakistani or Algerians don't like where they have lived for centuries, so they leave and wish to settle in #Europe. ⬇️
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Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić says will "not allow anything to affect Serbia's relations with #Russia and #China," issues arising from agreement will be discussed, Trump's strategic goal is to get as many embassies to #Jerusalem as possible given Jewish/Evangelical support Image
State Secretary of #Serbia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Stevanović partakes in conference organised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with #CCP ambassador & scientists from China, Serbia, Central/Eastern Europe.

Total #CCP lovefest on #COVID19/#BRI/everything else Image
Notably, Wu Beiyi, Director-General of the Institute of European Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the President of #China-CEE Institute, who opened the conference, had his US visa cancelled during an FBI counterintelligence operation…
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#EU warns #Serbia, #Kosovo over #Israel embassy move: #Jerusalem’s status should be worked out between Israel and so-called Palestinians… via @YahooNews #SerbiaKosovo back off.
.@SharrenHaskel @Likud_Party, chair @KnessetIL 🇮🇱Foreign Affairs SC, said that “#EU efforts to educate #Serbia and #Kosovo are shocking.”
.@SharrenHaskel @Likud_Party @KnessetIL 🇮🇱 called on other countries to move their missions to #Jerusalem "the eternal capital of the Jewish people."
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What’s wrong with this picture of #Serbia's President Aleksandar Vučić visit to @WhiteHouse & how it triggered scandal in #Russia-Serbia relations
1.@realDonaldTrump notorious for breaching protocol to (1) raise his own profile with foreign leaders
(2) establish psychologically assymetric relationship of “superior – subordinate”
(3) make counterparts feel like the very meeting w/ US President is some kind of privilege
2.The protocol implies
(a) 2 presidents should sit in front of each other,have equal access to the table (Vučić sitting farther from the table,can’t put his hands/papers on it)
(b) talks should take place in a neutral setting,ideally some negotiations room,not presidential office
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Dear friends & followers, please check out the article below published by dear @PeronistZoomer 💙 ⬇️ Thank you!

Amazing & unusual things can happen when you're doing something good... one of them is that you meet people who're sharing the same passion for spreading the truth 🙏🏼
This is a victorious #Montenegro where Montenegrin #Serbs gathered with a support of Serbian Orthodox Church ☦️ despite the bans, police brutality and torture, threats with ethnic cleansing if communist dictator wins the election, blackmail...

These are real patriots. 🇷🇸❤️🇲🇪
And these are Montenegrin #Serbs only from city of #Podgorica...

One family. One love. ☦️

#Serbia 🇷🇸❤️🇲🇪 #Montenegro
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/06/2020…
xTrends on Twitter: They are moving $30 trillion market with a few billion.…

#market #stocks
The violent blasts that can add to an avalanche’s devastation : Research Highlights…

#avalanche #research
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Thread: #NATO behind the riots in #Montenegro against Serbian Orthodox Church

#Christianity #ChristianOrthodox #Serbs #MontenegrinSerbs #EU

⬇️ Full Thread ⬇️
Various powers are trying to gain influence over Serbian Orthodox Church in #Serbia, #Montenegro and #RepublikaSrpska.

#NATO has been one of them, next to #Vatican and #UDBA, Yugoslavia’s very secret service that still has a huge power in countries of a former #Yugoslavia. ⬇️
Western media usually refer to #Serbia as a “Russian ally.” While this is true only in a historical and cultural sense, there is no formal military alliance between #Moscow and #Belgrade.

Serbia officially follows the the policy of military neutrality, with its armed forces ⬇️
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I’ve now had a chance to go through the “economic normalisation” agreement between #Serbia 🇷🇸 & #Kosovo 🇽🇰 in detail and it’s fairly underwhelming. Lots of rehashed/reheated announcements. The White House 🇺🇸 has called this agreement “historic” - it isn’t. Some thoughts... (🧵)
To start with, this isn’t an agreement “between” Serbia and Kosovo but rather two (admittedly fairly similar) documents with a list of undertakings President Vučić and PM Hoti have signed up to. It’s simply not a bilateral agreement. US didn’t sign their undertaking either.
“Operationalising” rail links between Serbia & Kosovo is low-hanging fruit. Services already run as far south as Zvečan (Kos) & north to Kraljevo (Srb) on a daily basis, so the reconnections of the line to Pristina is quite straightforward. A good step for passengers/freight tho.
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I would like to share this video thread with some incredibly well researched & produced documentaries about #KosovoiMethojia and #Serbia. The videos will help explain history & why tensions exist in that specific region in the Balkans.

#KOSOVOISSERBIAthread #TheMoreYouKnow
"The Weight of Chains I"

"The Weight of Chains II"

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