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It appears leaders weren't able to convince 🇧🇬#Bulgaria's PM Kiril Petkov (whose government just collapsed) to end his veto on starting 🇲🇰#NorthMacedonia's 🇪🇺 accession talks this morning

The Western Balkan applicants almost boycotted this morning's meeting over lack of progress
The rumour going around is that the Western Balkan leaders are very unhappy with how this morning’s mini-summit went. Several EU leaders didn’t even bother to show up.

The press conference by VDL, Michel & Macron has been cancelled, Weatern Balkan leaders about to hold their own
This would be a pretty bad result considering the main point of this morning’s Western Balkans leaders meeting was to smooth over anger about Ukraine & Moldova being given fast-track candidate status while W Balkans have had every conceivable roadblock thrown in front of them
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#Putin held a meeting via videoconference with the participation of SVR Director Sergei Naryshkin, Foreign Minister Sergei #Lavrov, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai #Patrushev, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov and several other people
Questions of foreign policy were discussed. In particular, #Putin lamented the refusal of the #Chinese comrades to help with the circumvention of sanctions. Initially, Putin had high hopes for Chinese help and had good reason to do so
The #Chinese leadership, even before the war, made it clear that assistance in circumventing sanctions, if any, would be fast and large-scale. But firstly, no one expected that the war would not go according to plan and #Ukraine would put up fierce and effective resistance
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1/ Just as thanks go to #Putin for injecting life into @NATO, kudos to #SergeyLavrov for giving the kiss of death today to #OpenBalkan. This #Trump Administration brainchild advances the agenda of #Russia’s strategic partner in the region, #Serbia, under @avucic. 🧵
2/ #Russia’s main outlet in the country, Sputnik Serbia @rs_sputnik, has supported #OpenBalkans consistently. And why not?
3/ #OpenBalkan is open invitation for #Vucic to exploit #Serbia’s economic size for political advantage – free from political constraints or values of #EU. #OpenBalkan = ‘Serb World’ via the marketplace for Serbia’s smaller neighbors.
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The tragic USA "Baby Formula Shortage" proceeds apace...

A surprise introduction to the global news, but CCTV manages to tie it into the "Ukraine Situation" with editorializing that alternates between deft and daft. Image
CCTV snags three unidentified American "parent" interviews:

1) "Pretty scary to realize you might not be able to feed your baby."

2) "I say honey, we gotta go find this formula!"

3) "Baby doesn’t understand shortages." :-( ImageImageImage
CCTV then provides some dramatic footage from the baby formula lane in a big supermarket. Image
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Moldavië op één.

#esf #moldavia #Eurovision
Oh, inderdaad niet vergeten: swiffer kopen📝

#esf #australia #Eurovision
Onnodig kwetsend.

#esf #serbia #Eurovision
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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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#Serbia: è stato arrestato Goran Radojević, 47 anni, super ricercato dall'interpol per il furto de "Il ragazzo col panciotto rosso", quadro di Paul Cezanne rubato a Zurigo nel 2008. Al momento dell'arresto, Radojevic stava giocando per i veterani del Kaluđerica
ovvero la squadra della frazione di Belgrado dove ha sempre vissuto (perché se tutto il mondo ti cerca, tu giustamente te ne stai a casa). Pare infatti che Radojevic, una volta appartenente alla banda "pantere rosa", abbia passato la latitanza vivendo sempre nel suo quartiere...
La polizia è entrata in campo a fine primo tempo, identificando Radojević, aka "il Nero". Non ha opposto resistenza. Una sola richiesta: "fatemi almeno finire la partita". Al che il poliziotto avrebbe risposto qualcosa come "artista, ne hai avuto di tempo per giocare..."
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Thread: 4 May 2022: Day 70 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Belarus is to stage a "combat-readiness check" with its whole army, though assures one and all they mean no harm, despite the state being virtually annexed by #Russia several months ago and being the launchpad for the attack on #Ukraine's capital
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Thread: 28 April 2022: Day 64 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Britain is getting the messaging right on this: an acknowledgement of the reality that there is a task in front of us, but a refusal to even hint at recognising #Russia's annexation of Crimea or any other part of #Ukraine
#Russia managing to forge a nation in #Ukraine, revitalise a West that had seemed in terminal decline, and eliminate its own levers soft/economic influence in a war meant to do exactly the opposite is quite something to watch
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Il presidente serbo #Vucic, fresco di rielezione, ha definito "insensate e immorali" le sanzioni contro la #Russia, aggiungendo che Mosca "ci ha sempre sostenuto sul tema dell'integrità territoriale. Non dimentichiamo il 2015 e l'iniziativa britannica di dichiarare i serbi 1/10
colpevoli di genocidio".
Di cosa parla #Vucic? Della volta che la Gran Bretagna propose al Consiglio di Sicurezza #Onu di approvare una risoluzione sul massacro di #Srebrenica, avvenuto l'11 luglio 1995 ad opera delle forze militari serbo-bosniache guidate da Ratko #Mladic 2/10
contro migliaia di musulmani bosniaci. Le vittime furono 8.372.
Erano i giorni della guerra di Yugoslavia, con la zona di #Srebrenica sotto la tutela dell'ONU, la cui presenza era incarnata da tre compagnie olandesi di caschi blu. Il 9 luglio le truppe di Mladic iniziarono 3/10
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Thread: 18 April 2022: Day 54 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
"'I screamed at the [#Russian] guards: "He is dying, he is dying." I tried with my bound feet to push a bottle of water towards him,' says Dima, visibly distressed. 'All they did was laugh and say: "If he dies, he dies. All Ukrainians must die".'"…
#pt: "For 10 days, survivors of this room – all civilians – say they were starved, tortured, subjected to multiple mock executions [by #Russian soldiers], threatened with rape and forced to sit in their own excrement by soldiers under Trostyanets station [in Sumy]."
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Seems to be a common #German and western european racist view of the #Russian people. Well, western europe is the cradle of #Fascism.
She is Florence Gaub.
Deputy Director EU Institute for Security Studies @eu_is
Member of @wef Global Future Council on Frontier Risks
Vice President of @forumalpbach
Via: @shrubbly1
Western war media 'disturbed' at 'pro-war' flags on #Irish highway. #Russia Image
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1/ Is anyone surprised that Moscow would - immediately - claim that Russian atrocities in #Bucha were “staged”? Does anyone remember that Serbian President #Vucic – two decades after the fact – claimed that Serbian atrocities in #Racak, Kosovo were “fabricated”? 🧵
2/ Is everyone aware #Belgrade is revising its own past in the #Balkans – and distorting present reality of Russia’s brutal invasion? That there is a straight line between Vucic’s denial of Racak and Belgrade’s promotion of Russian aggression in #Ukraine?
3/ No. Accomplished @nytimes journalist @ATHigginsNYT downplays the Serbian government role in fostering adulation of #Putin, support for Russian invasion and Russian and Chinese #authoritarianism. Instead, we get more vox-pop ‘Balkan ghosts.’
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🗳️ #elezioni in #Serbia: thread sulla giornata elettorale

Alle 17, l'affluenza è del 45%. Un trend che alla chiusura dei seggi potrebbe segnare una maggiore partecipazione rispetto al voto del 2020 (48%). A questo deve aggiungersi il dato della diaspora…
Secondo gli osservatori di @CRTArs ci sarebbero state irregolarità di voto nel 10% dei seggi di voto.

Tra le denunce, quelle del "treno bulgaro" (un elettore vota scheda precompilata e porta quella in bianco all'esterno), ma soprattutto "liste parallele"…
Ovvero liste di elettori, di cui si verifica che abbiano votato, compilate da militanti del partito di governo SNS. Questa è la denuncia di @PavleGrbovic, leader di Psg, partito di opposizione che sostiene il candidato presidente Zdravko Ponos…
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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#Hungary’s Orban - with his anti-Western, ultra-conservative, anti-LGBTQ worldview - made no secret of his closeness to Putin

Indeed, Russia is one of his role models

But following the #Ukraine️ invasion, will this be his undoing in today’s elections?…
“We don't want #Hungary to be a diverse country. We want to be how we were 1,100 years ago”

#Orban said this in 2019, harking back with nostalgia to that golden era...known as the Dark Ages!

Like other populists, stoking culture war has been a key tactic
In 2017, Bannon invited Farage to help to create a global network of ‘populist nationalists’

He mentions Modi, Orban, Sisi, & Duterte but Trump, Bolsanaro, & @BorisJohnson were no doubt in his mind

Could an #Orban defeat mark the start of the fight back?
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Because most of people don`t know who that #Russia`n ex-#FSB and #GRU agent Igor"Strelkov" Girkin is, it's probably best to tell something about him. Image
Girkin was 20 years old #spetsnaz when #SovietUnion collapse. He take part of war against #Moldova. #Russia form a puppet state called #Transnistria there. Area still exist today and is occupied by Russian forces. Russia don`t have border with the area.
After that Girgin go to #Bosnia fight for #Serbia maybe part of #Russia`n army or just a volunteer for political reasons. In 1993 he graduated with a master’s degree in history.
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#DPR Tank duelling with Ukr AT Missile crews
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Footage of Chechens during street fighting in #Mariupol
The launchers they're firing seem to be disposable RPO-A with thermobaric rounds
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Chechen unit in a large weapons depot they captured in #Zaporozhye Region
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#US offering intel, weapons, eyes from the sky and mercenaries to #Ukraine.

A couple of maps of the latest developments in #Ukraine. Not much advance yesterday and #Russia announced a ceasefire and safe corridors in many cities, allowing diplomacy and civilians evacuation.
To stop buying oil from #Russia, #US no longer recognises Juan Guido as #Venezuela's President and visit @maduro_en to ask for the return of relationship and oil. It is also trying with #Iran for the same objective, after decades of sanctions on the people of Iran and Venezuela.
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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Ukrainian civilians have reportedly stole a Russian mortar. Who tf steals from the military.🤣🤣😭
#UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraine #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineWar #RussianWarCrimes
Russian shelling in a Residential building in irpen.
#UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraine #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineWar #RussianWarCrimes
More Russian Tanks captured by Ukrainian Troops.
#UkraineRussianWar #RussiaUkraine #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineWar #RussianWarCrimes
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A few other #peace & #security #intlaw situations going on in the world that have slipped off the radar because of #Ukraine....
#UNSC imposed an arms embargo on #Yemen's Iran-aligned #Houthis. #UAE was accused of 'making a deal w/the devil' to secure #Russia's vote.…
@RapporteurUn released report naming #Russia, #China, #Serbia as supplying arms to the #Myanmar #Tatmadaw, & called for states to comply with #UNGA res asking states not to supply arms to Tatamadaw.…
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Rus Mi-8 helicopters in Ukraine
#UkraineRussia #Donbas
#DPR Militia on the frontline...don't have exact location
Rus. column reportedly approaching #Zaporozhye
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Vadim Papura era un comunista ucraniano muy joven, de 17 años, que fue quemado vivo en la hoguera en la Casa de los Sindicatos de Odessa, establecida por las milicias neonazis ucranianas. Las hordas solían llevar a cabo y consolidar el golpe de 2014 (Sigues el hilo)
Un golpe ucronazis que derrocó al gobierno electo, culpable de ser demasiado "pro-ruso", es decir, muy poco "pro-estadounidense". +
¿Porque en los periódicos y medios de comunicación no se habló de estos hechos? Porque no se habla del discurso antifascista de #Putin en defensa de los pueblos del #Donbass? +
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