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[They] are in full force #QAnon! Welcome to United Police States of America😡 #SusanWojcicki #Panic #YouTube
Never watch 💩 #60Minutes but DVD ended & BAM💥 there she was throwing up lies & #censorship 🤮 Outright says cut down amount of time..controversial content ... by 70%!”
2. Listen to this video! 👆🏻 Remember who #SusanWojcicki and #SergeyBrin are ! And #FollowTheWives #FakeNews #SocialMedia #Censorship @realDonaldTrump
#WeAreTheNewsNow & [they] do NOT like it! Threatened by Truth! 🐸 #QAnon! 🙏🏻 #DoItQ!
3. Here is entire interview #SusanWojcicki 👉🏻…
“YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice”🤨😒 Mmkay🙄 Lies because👇🏻💥BUT they change algorithms to “cut down the amount of time Americans watch controversial content by 70%”💥
#DoItQ #QAnon #Censorship
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#GOOGLE [ DARPA] says 'hackers' 🙄 put monitoring implants in I- phones for years #SurveillanceState
[DS] #Musk [DARPA]claims China is the Future In AI #BigTech #Building8…
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يسعد صباحكم 🌸💕
حابه أشارك معكم تجربتي لعمل تحليل الـ DNA 🧬 لمعرفة أصولي الجينية.
طبعاً أولاً وقبل كل شيء لازم نعرف ان تحليل الأصول الجينية يعتمد على 3 أشياء:
1- Autosomal chromosomes
2- Mitochondrial DNA
3- Y chromosome (يكون في جينات الذكور فقط)🛑 وهذا اللي يحدد أصول الأجداد
- بالنسبة لنا احنا الإناث عندها فقط X chromosome 🤷🏻‍♀️ لما نسوي التحليل راح يطلع أصولنا الجينية من ناحية الجدات فقط (جدات الأب وجدات الأم) .💞
- عكس الذكور لأن عندهم X and Y chromosomes فبالتالي يقدرون يطلعون أصولهم الجينية من ناحية الأجداد والجدات✅ وهذا أفضل بكثير ..
طبعاً في شركات كثير تقدم هالخدمة أنا اخترت #23andme 🧬💕
بحكم شهرتها ولأن عندهم قاعدة جينية كبيرة بحكم اللي استخدموها من قبل لكن بعدين بحثت وطلع فيه شركات أخرى أفضل جودة.
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1. #DARPA > #LifeLog=Facebook, You Tube, Twatter,#23 and Me, #Alphabet, #Google, Internet, M-I6, Robotics, #FVEY GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI and much more all have in common??
Let us take a look at DARPA it creation, its ‘inventions’, and it’s history…
Thread 1/45 >#WeAreTheNewsNow #Q
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957 #Alphabet #BigTech 🤡
What Is #DARPA?…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI #Qanon
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video via @YouTube
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Funding immortality: If anyone has the cash (& hubris) to reduce death to a problem simply waiting to be solved, it's the entrepreneurs who made fortunes doing the seemingly impossible. These 5 tech titans are bankrolling attempts to outsmart…jr2J
Peter Thiel Is Very, Very Interested in Young People's Blood.

The contrarian billionaire venture capitalist (started PayPal) believes transfusions w blood from young people may hold the key to his dream of living forever.

"In add'n to personal, emotional reasons for accepting death..also logical arguments for it. Death serves many purposes, incl population control & resource redistribution. Were it to recede sharply, overpopulation & inequality could become…://
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"Can #African clinics help decode #schizophrenia and #bipolar disorder by collecting #DNA from thousands of patients?"

Sounds like a job for Wojcicki sister #3, Janet, #Fulbright scholar. They were looking for ways to ~diversify~ their biobank! 🙄…
How Anne and Susan Wojcicki's parents raised the founder of 23andMe and the CEO of YouTube…
Janet Wojcicki, Fulbright
Host Institution
University of Swaziland…
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1. Responding to #QAnon's drop on the "#FiveEyes UK/AUS POTUS (Obama) targeting (Trump) using pushed RUSsian decoy meetings / campaign insertions.
Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS assist/set up", an anon reminds of Downer role
2. #QAnon asks relevance of Anne Wojcicki, co-founder/CEO of "23andMe". She was married to Russian Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google & President of Alphabet, Google's #Clown op, could #Bridge genetic data w sociopolitical profiles to target organ donors, deny insurance, eugenics.
3. #QAnon drops link to In-Q-Tel who #Bridge high-impact start-up tech companies w/venture capital to fund accelerated integration of advanced tech into Intel Community. Advanced technologies in secret communities could be (and have been) used for evil. #Q
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