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@redcell_doc talking about #SCT and #VTE in a #23andme cohort! Check it out here. #ASH22 1/n
@redcell_doc Sickle cell DISEASE has a unique reason for thromboembolism -- PE predominance - in situ or embolism from legs? Unclear still. But we know #SCT patients have higher D-dimer levels so maybe there's a hint for more in trait patients. #ASH22 2/n
@redcell_doc so, why not look into this diverse and high powered cohort? Did you know 80% of 23andme people consent to research cohort (caveat 90% of this cohort is from the United States)! #ASH22 3/n
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1) Have you ever wondered why events like these seem to "repeat" ? Why do bad things happen on schedule and what is the connection? HINT: Creativity Comes From God, Lack of Creativity is what I call the Broken Record. Image
2) Have you seen the Spanish Flu #mask and Kovid Connections? Fauci LIED ImageImageImageImage
3) Now Lets Connect the Names to the Spanish Flu> Bill Gates Sr/Jr + Rockefeller + Anthony Fauci ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Did you know that you can use your genetic raw data file from #23andMe or #AncestryDNA to learn more about your health?

A thread on using your data to optimize health and prevent chronic disease 🧵
2/ When getting started learning about how your #genes impact susceptibility to chronic disease, it can be overwhelming.

It isn't like high school science when you learned you inherited the 'brown eye gene' or the 'short gene'.
3/ Most chronic diseases, like #diabetes or #heart disease, have a genetic component. But it is a combination of multiple genetic variants along with lifestyle factors that lead to disease.
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If you got a DNA test for Christmas, I'm urging you to reconsider taking it. You're potentially exposing yourself to massive personal and financial risks.

And you can potentially harm discriminated-against populations including disabled people.

[thread 1/17]
#23AndMe #Ancestry
Your immediate financial risk is if the DNA test reveals anything about your predisposition to certain conditions, when you apply for health insurance, the company can reject your claim if you don't reveal those conditions.

Then you can get charged more if you do reveal
Also, if you take a test, you are giving away private biometric data not only affecting yourself, but your relatives. Now that your child knows you're pre-disposed to a condition, that can affect their insurance too
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Is @NebulaGenomics using @MGI_BGI for their 30x 2x150bp #WGS genome sequencing? Image
I received an email from @NebulaGenomics today, with a discount code for a $299 genome sequencing offer. Which made me wonder: are they using the already cheaper @MGI_BGI #DNBSEQTx sequencing for this? It would mean they can run it at cost or make a small profit from it.
Then you realise there is "analysis" charge on top of the $299 which you can't untick, so the $299 #WGS 30x genome goes up to $499. Still, at $499, you would find it difficult to make money if you were @NebulaGenomics and you were using something like an @illumina #NovaSeq
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1/ Q. Is blood type really linked to a higher risk of #COVID19?

Short answer: We don’t know yet.

Long answer: read on 🤓
2/ A study by DNA testing company @23andMe reported that people with blood Type O were up to 18% less likely get infected with #COVID than other blood types and were also less likely to be hospitalized.
3/ The findings appear to align, in general, with results from the few other studies available from China and New York City, and most recently from a study in Europe.
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