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I literally proved it doesn’t matter what either side has done in the world, one can still be for all of humanity without all the nonsense that comes with having to “choose” A side …


I’m supposed to say “f*** you” you chose that side, “f*** You” you chose the other

F*** NO !
There are no sides or drawn lines, I lead by this example for the last 7 years & chose forgiveness ..
WHAT DID 60% of the masses choose?
Feeding into everything & anything that sucked their soul from them, divided them, made them choose this group/that group
Because of their “beliefs” & whatever else that’s been fed into?

What are you going to do when EVERYTHING I have said while I was silenced is true ?
What are you going to do when you find out food, anything you drink & the very air everyone breathes was manipulated to
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Way to many on this virus of life have been/are trying to be someone they’re not, this is why none of what should matter, matters like it should. .

Some “nobody” BEFORE #ANYONE has been literally laying it all out there for everyone, with EVERYONE on the world stage SHOWING/
Proving It all being true—Along with those on the world stage, the Military has been showing this entire time as well & still so many try to be someone they’re not or it’s gotten to the point ones don’t have A care in the world of what has been shown/is being shown daily
because no one knows who/what to believe. This is what [THEY] wanted all along & NEEDED to happen. This is why [THEY] unleashed all the botts & infiltrators pretending to be someone they’re not.

This place is truly the Virus of life & should be unplugged, along with
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Wanna know #WHY He did this?

My step son was 9 years old, was still having issues wetting the bed due to A medical condition, he was being teased about it from his older brother & some kids at his school his old brother told.
Long story short, word got around & it broke him
At A very young age.

I put on A CARS Pull up & ONLY A Cars Pull Up, Had some glasses on, spiked my hair & I think I had A disgusting cigarette hanging out of my mouth.
I posted it on my Facebook page for him to show all who were bullying him & told him it even happens to
Grown ups at times ..

The Photo is still floating around somewhere for all to see & I could 117% care less what ANYONE has to say about it.


Because of all the truths I have shown EVERYONE, evil hurts
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A Lot Of Seeds Planted in 7 +++ - ++ - + Years …
After Years of Watering, GROWth ..
Many Refused to Drink when Lead to Water, So I/WE brought the Water to them.
Flow Like Water On Wheels.
Respect The MANY Cultures & Always Honor those strong healthy #ROOTs—They are the ones who made sure IMPOSSIBLE could be made Possible by THE 1 who makes IMPOSSIBLE possible.
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Do you see how many people talk shit on this platform daily about someone?
They’re all in 1 group, mostly talking shit about 1 individual that has not 1 thing to say about ANYONE but everyone seems to have A lot to say about him.

Crazy how that works.

Raise your hand if
You have received A DM from me in the last 9 months, what was that DM about & have I ever talked shit about Anyone to you?

I don’t talk about anyone, except for that 1 RAT. He hurt this movement more than anyone will ever care to know. Even WWE can’t stand him, no one can.
Those who do put up with his garbage are also the ones running their mouths every day about someone SHOWING what no one else can.

If all the “PROOFS” as they call them, were coming from anyone else, showing someone else being “legit” they would be fan boys & girls.
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Shit Coin is & always has been A scam … I tried warning about it, few listened, most talked shit.
The Crypto crowd has not A care in the world why WE ALL are here, it damn sure isn’t for money or because of money. Anything that makes you think YOU can be set free right now in
Life, in A get rich quick way is LYING.
None of it is real & people continue investing into their very own demise, investing into the very ones that are taking YOUR money & funding the very ones who seek to destroy ALL OF YOU. That is how BLIND most are today WITH EVERYTHING !
We live in A world where EVERYONE has been SHOWN daily who God is & why God is here during these Biblical times & little to none of it has mattered.
Everyone & everything else is chosen over the words that set everyone free.
Heck, even YOUR king has shown MULTIPLE times, none
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Please share this far & wide! Both @ParachutesP & @HarvestHillsYYC are trying to raise funds to help humans & pets this Christmas & beyond.

The amount of people needing a helping hand especially since the start of the #COVID19AB & #COVID19 pandemic has risen as each day goes by.
Earlier this year we began planning this raffle in hopes of being able to garner enough success out of this raffle to sustain both organizations for a month or more.

But we need #Calgary’s #Help. We #need #Canada’s #Help. We need #Alberta’s #Help.
We can’t afford to lose another pet or lose another life to #DomesticViolence, #Mentalhealth, #Homelessness, or anything else for that matter.
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@phenrikand 1/ I’ve been in the digital cash and eMoney space since 1999 for co-design It was centralised command control money digital USD on an EMV card where the backend -> every transaction traced & tracked by float manager @jpmorgan debitcard ATMs via @Mastercard
@phenrikand @jpmorgan @Mastercard 2/ Every Navy base & every ship in a flotilla was like an island🌴 at sea (at any point in time it could have only local and no or limited comms back to treasury) Similar to today’s offchain and onchain networks eventually reconciliation would happen. DoubleSpends manual captured
@phenrikand @jpmorgan @Mastercard 3/ Proof of Work Blockchains tend to centralisation. The top5 PoW 💥 Blockchains generally work 💪and have a huge bounty on their embedded value across their networks PoS and others not so much
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