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After @CBSNews published a searing exposé of tattooed gangs of sheriff's deputies running wild w/in the L.A. Sheriff's Dept., and profiled the #AnthonyVargas family, one of the "Banditos" deputy gang prospects who killed him was part of a posse outside the family home last night
The @CBSNews investigation is damning. Deputy gang members get "brownie points" for shooting, using excessive force, planting weapons. The deputies who killed #AnthonyVargas were prospects of the "Banditos" deputy gang in East L.A. They killed again.

Compton station “Executioners” deputy gang prospect Michael Vega killed #AndresGuardado execution-style, 5 shots in the back. LASD quickly covered it up. This led to the first Coroner's inquest in 30 yrs. Vega left town. Detectives pleaded the Fifth.…
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I'm (slowly) doing a series digging into 👮 shootings, what they say about the way disenfranchised Black & brown communities are policed, and what that means w/ regard to what reimagining public safety should look like. First up, the #FredWilliams inquest.…
LASD once again proved themselves hostile to the inquest process, claiming a "credible threat of violence" against the deputy precluded them from revealing the deputies' names.
In this case, the detectives did not technically plead the Fifth, as they did during the #AndrésGuardado inquest.
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BREAKING: Deputy Miguel Vega, who shot and killed #AndresGuardado, is out of the country and will not be testifying at the coroner's inquiry into the shooting.

Retired Judge Candace Cooper says the inquest will be continued until he comes back to Los Angeles. @SpecNews1SoCal
Retired judge Candace Cooper says she believes he intends to invoke the 5th amendment but may give a written declaration.
Deputy Chris Hernandez invoked his fifth amendment and submitted a written declaration. He did not show up at the inquiry either, and former judge Cooper says he may be subpoenaed again.
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I’m in court this morning as a witness for the Coroner’s historic Inquest in the killing of Andrés Guardado by a Compton Sherrif. These videos are a key piece of evidence. Word is the shop manager, Andrew Haney, who I interviewed here, has disappeared. #andresguardado
Update: Deputy Miguel Vega, who shot Guardado, is out of the country. He intends to submit a declaration in lieu of testifying invoking the 5th. His partner, Hernandez, submitted a declaration invoking the 5th. Detective Davis, the on-site investigator, is invoking the 5th.
Homicide Investigator Joseph Valencia is also invoking the 5th.
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here is the "yes,l agree that the sun rises in the east" disclaimer: no one should have to be shooting cops, cops shouldn't have to be shooting others (but there is a lot more to cops using deadly force)
But the way that @CBSNews @CBS8 & @nbcsandiego are covering the #ComptonShooting of LASD deputies lays bare broadcast #journalism's dependence on quick, easy content from reliable sources at the expense giving viewers a fuller context.
Context to why someone is this volatile world would shoot an LASD deputy could be explained by the suspicious death of #AndresGuardado…
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There are now four whistleblowers with similar stories of alleged deputy gang activity by so-called "Executioners" at the Compton sheriff's station, according to attorney Alan Romero.

They are all in fear for their lives, especially after one found a dead rat on his doorstep.
Deputy Art Gonzalez - whose testimony is now public - has not received any protection from @LASDHQ after reporting alleged gang activity by a group of 15-20 deputies with matching skull tattoos.

Instead, he says his initial, anonymous complaint was quickly leaked to the gang:
Gonzalez says Executioners held crucial positions at the Compton station: scheduling, dispatch and even internal affairs. That gave the alleged gang immense power - allowing them to give overtime, days off, and assignments to members and prospects.
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S.B. 731 is dead for now. Tonight, #CA Democrats FAILED communities impacted by police violence. They failed to take one basic step to decertify abusive police officers that 45 other states have already implemented. We tried doing it their way. We got next. #SB731 #NAH
We fight for #AndresGuardado. #SB731
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LASD whistleblower Deputy Art Gonzalez said - under oath - the deputy who shot and killed 18-year-old Andres Guardado was a prospective member of the Executioners, an alleged violent clique of tattooed deputies inside the Compton Sheriff's station. #andresguardado

Gonzalez said the Executioners controlled the work schedule and boosted arrest numbers at the station. He accused them of falsely reporting suspects had guns in order to justify use of force.
Sheriff Alex Villanueva @LACoSheriff said the department is investigating Gonzalez's claims, relieved two deputies of duty and transferred six others.

But he also said the allegations were likely exaggerated.
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These kinds of posts aimed at making the case for LAPD's worth are incredibly harmful for a number of reasons...
First... they're responding to the effort by members of the city council to explore alternative models to traffic policing that don't involve armed officers and the larger convo. around #defunding police.
*It's a welcome effort in that it'd reduce the likelihood of profiling/stop&frisk or the potential for traffic stops to escalate/result in the death of Black ppl. But it doesn't address how to avoid those issues in the cases LAPD would be called to deal with. But I digress.*
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still processing how much time was spent on an unrelated shooting at that location - done in order to try to paint #AndresGuardado as a criminal/potential threat - vs. how much time was spent speaking about how he came to be shot in the back
just gonna repost this thread here and ask yet again that this question/discussion be a part of coverage of youth in communities where gang activity is prevalent.
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NEW: LASD releases first video showing #AndresGuardado standing in front of Gardena body shop before deputy shooting. Also released first image of the gun he allegedly had w/ illegal extended mag. No cameras caught shooting. LASD says the body shop was selling nitrous/noz. @FOXLA ImageImageImage
LASD says there have been 23 calls for service to this body shop, including a gang related murder in 2018. LASD says #AndresGuarado was not a security guard, wasn't licensed, no uniform, no gun belt, and being 18 was not legally allowed to own a pistol. Investigation continues.
LASD did not release any new information as to why #AndresGuardado was shot in the back 5 times, or what deputies said during their interviews. They say the investigation continues and they're not waiting on search warrants to come back from social media companies.
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I’m outside the LASD station in Compton where protesters demanding justice for #AndresGuardado just had a tense exchange with deputy about a vehicle protesters moved onto the courtyard
The deputy backs up and leaves the group of protesters — about 75 people, far fewer than on June 21 when hundreds marched to the station
Protesters are demanding immediate arrest of LASD Deputy Miguel Vegas for the killing of #AndresGuardado and the resignation of Sheriff Villanueva. Organizer Cliff Smith is w/ Coalition for Community Control Over the Police.
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More than 100 & counting gathering in Gardena to march for Andres Guardado, the 18 yo shot by an LA Cty sheriff’s deputy Thursday evening. It is the second fatal shooting by a @LASDHQ deputy in a week.
A memorial to #AndresGuardado outside auto body shop by where he was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy last week. @LASDHQ says Guardado fled patrol officers on foot when they approached. His family says he was doing his job as a security guard, and disputes @LASDHQ account. ImageImageImage
Family of #AndresGuardado has asked for a peaceful march for Father’s Day to the Compton sheriff’s station. This is his uncle Oscar Abarca.
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An 18 year old Salvi boy, #AndresGuardado who was helping an LA autobody shop with security issues in the Gardena District of LA was murdered by police on June 18th. They allege that he had a gun and ran away from them when they “approached” him.
His heartbroken family has said, “We didn’t know him to keep guns—he worked two jobs and was a good kid. We’re all dead inside.”
The auto shop owner whom Andres was helping for months said he never carried a gun was obviously scared when police drew their weapons on him. When asked about the decision by police to shoot Andres, he said, “There’s no reason.”
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#BREAKING LA Sheriff’s deputies shoot and kill an 18 year old Hispanic security guard outside the auto-body shop he was patrolling in Gardena. Police say the guard, who was armed, ran prompting the shooting. #LA #Gardena #PoliceBrutality #Shooting
The Sheriff claims one deputy fired after the guard, 18 year old #AndresGuardado, pulled a gun and ran. Witnesses say Guardado never pulled his gun, which he was carrying as part of his security job. #Gardena #GardenaShooting #LA (📷-CBSLA)
NEW: 25 days after the death of George Floyd, the City of #Gardena just released a statement denouncing the actions of the Minneapolis officers. This comes less than 24 hours after #LASD deputies shot and killed 18yo #AndresGuardado, an armed security guard. #GeorgeFloyd
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