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Congrats @equartey and @paystack team!

Big win for #roamcult in West Africa.

Brilliant move from @patrickc @collision and @stripe
3am call with @equartey many months back remains easily one of my favorite user calls of all time.

The guy is a genius, level of integrity and compassion and work ethic was just radiating off him.

So great to hear that @Paystack had a huge payday. So well deserved.
Also, never heard someone speak so highly of @fortelabs #BASB course.

Tiago if you can, try to get a testimonial from @equartey

Might be one of your biggest success stories of all time.

Definitely changed my understanding of how impactful your work can be.
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A growing thread of observations on the public RoamFM graph, its conversations, and everything in between (will add more over time for #roamcult):
1. Top names mentioned when asked how a guest discovered Roam (no order): @shuomi3, @vgr, @adam_keesling, @nateliason, @fortelabs x @Conaw beef

It's either Shu's quick videos, viral tweet threads, Nat's post or BASB power propelling Roam as a tool.
2. Majority of guests jumped from @evernote and @NotionHQ to Roam either:
- 100%
- Hybrid (eg. Notion for teams, Evernote for Archive)

A few have mentioned OneNote, physical notebooks.

Most recognized structure-first note-taking didn't fit their brains, and Roam was the answer
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I've learned a few things in the 296 days since I downloaded @NotionHQ for the 1st time. Today I'm making a few more modifications to my workspaces & will share updates throughout the day explaining these changes - including the HOW & the WHY. #notionforacademics #notion #edtech
1st: Have you heard of @fortelabs PARA system for digital organization? If not, go check out Tiago's posts about it here: - but make sure to come back so you don't miss all my updates today! 😀
Before learning about PARA (@fortelabs), I mainly focused on my projects & tasks. Now, after PARA, I focus on my GOALS (Quarterly, Annual, & Long-Term) and how my Projects (and their associated tasks), Areas, & Resources contribute to accomplishing those goals. #edtech
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Daniel has amazing quake books!

For the historical record tho, rediscovered Zettelkasten from a @RyanHoliday blog post shared in a Facebook messenger thread of @fortelabs #basb alum that @AltonSun added me to, because he heard I was building a knowledge graph app in spring 2016!
Still, @deadly_onion introducing me to @soenke_ahrens is how I got the real language to share Zettelkasten with others - was huge huge milestone for introducing concept to people here and indirectly to @lesswrong via my sharing framework with Abram Demski…
That said, if @deadly_onion ever recommends a strange book, would have to be insane not to immediately buy it.

Unfortunately looks like I got Amazon's last copy of that recent rec - will try to Roam it for y'all though 😂
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AFAIK this is how stygmergy wprks with Ant colonies looking for food.

Basically a vizualization of how I imagine students using future @RoamResearch browser to map the web, chart the most efficient paths for learning skills via YouTube, articles, exercises etc.
Design is a search problem -

Exactly right!


"In Science, if you know what you're doing... you shouldnt be doing it" - the great Richard Hamming,

from The Art of Science and Engineering

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Today, I completed the transformative #BASB course, created and tought by the singular @fortelabs.

I am now part of the most intellectually curious, accepting, helpful, and inspirational group of humans on the interwebs.

Just some of the chips of wisdom I picked up:

“Your [first] brain is for having ideas, not holding them.”

“Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.”

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🌞☕️ Share your morning routine & setup.

A morning routine is how you automate waking up in a way that you ensure you are ready and grounded for the day to come. It should adapt as life shifts.
Mine for the past few years has looked like this.

Setup at dining room table (good lighting and availability to kids as they wake).

Make @fireweedcoffee.

Grab a pencil, a @baronfig notebook, my laptop.
I follow an updated version of the morning review I developed when I took @fortelabs #BASB course. This morning list helps to automate my morning so that when I get to the bottom of the list, I have prepared for my day as best as possible.
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i feel this way every time i read and take notes.
if you haven't yet learned about progressive summarization, there's never been a better time. it's free, quick, and easy. here's a broad overview:…
and a video demonstration (demonstrated by yours truly - the workflow is demonstrated with kindle but applies to many mediums):…
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1/ Why Procrastination is Key to Project Success.
2/ In Part 1 I described how to maximize flow states by increasing the conditions of flow.
3/ How does this approach help us when executing projects? Here are the problems people face when managing projects:
(1) It takes too long
(2) Goes over budget
(3) Doesn't match the scope.
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0/ Several people read my last tweetstorm and found that it assumed too much context. So here's round two.
1/ Some people take notes. Some people don't. Do you?
2/ The concept of notes isn't especially groovy, sexy, cool, or interesting, unfortunately. Sorry. Maybe it will be after this thread.
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1/ I'm toying with the idea of a final stage of Progressive Summarization. #BASB
2/ Currently, the final stage is to incorporate what you've learned from your notes into a "remixed" deliverable of some kind - such as a tweet, a blog post, or a book.
3/ Of course, that's not really final within your own PKM, because the deliverable and the materials that you used to create it circulate back into your PARA notebooks.
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