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7 Best #YouTube channels for #personal_improvement, #learning, & #Productivity🌠🌟✨

*With links*🔗


All about intentional living, self-companionate productivity, intentional living, #self_discovery and #self_love.

This is my all-time favorite YouTube channel! I’ve been a subscriber for 4 years🤩.
🎥Favorite video types:

1. Anything about self-love.

2. Life Admin days.

3. Anything about processing #feelings and #journaling.

- @muchelleb
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I have already participated in four cohorts, but gathered another 11 learnings by reading Tiago Forte's book. I list them all in this 🧵. #BASB #tweet100
1) The Hemingway Bridge is a massive game changer for me to know where to start next time on my projects.
2): My notes are allowed to be messy, just an initial brainstorm to kickoff a project.
3) Learning 3: My system has to fit for me and not for others!
4) Projects should be cut as small as possible to "celebrate" more successes-
5) I'll leave a status message for my future self when a project is interrupted.
6) I really try to only capture what resonates with me in some way.
7) I'll work more with checklists in the future
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1. Track your progress.

You can't manage what you can't track.
Are you building habits? Track them!
Find a way to track your progress.
Write your progress down.
2. Journal.

Journaling is a very effective way to coach yourself.
And a journal can be more patient that a human coach.
Ask yourself questions, write down your thoughts, know your weaknesses... Be self-aware.
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"Writing a book there?" the café stranger asks, thumbing his novel.
"A journal," I say. I'd been assessing his shoes; dust coats his boots and cascades up Carhartt pant legs. Perhaps carpentry or construction—like my brother.
"There must be a lot happening in your life," he says,
gazing out the window. His tone is curious, friendly: "You're just writing away."
"I've always done it. Since I was 8."
"In the same book?"
"Different ones."
"Hm," he nods. "Maybe everything you've written will become a book. Your life story."
I smile. "I don't think my life's
that interesting."
He rubs his chin. "There's probably a purpose to it though, if it's something you've always done."
"I think about that. But I'm not sure what purpose there might be."
"We might not do things," he says, leaning back, "if we knew the future." He opens his novel.
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Just completed the 21 day #habits challenge, inspired by @hubermanlab.

A group of 6 friends went for it. Each picked 6 Habits.

4 hit most days. 2 didn't.

Insights below:
We based our challenge on this video:

- Every habit at least once every 2 days.
- Every day at least 4 habits out of 6
- no punishment if you fail a day
- If you miss tracking for 2 consecutive days you are out of the challenge
Results: 8 people started, 2 stopped tracking. We checked in via spreadsheet + whatsapp

Results for me:
- did 11 sessions of cardio (will stick to it)
- Prioritized sales for @Pairingdev - which was my primary goal
- Started Journaling every day
- Gained 3kg 😮, gym 10 sessions
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This has clearly been a challenging time in markets but more importantly in life. I shared this note with our investment team over a week ago. I encouraged everyone to keep a journal to document their behaviour and emotions. I’m sure @farnamstreet has more to add! 1/n
I imagine each of you experienced a roller coaster of emotions over the past couple of weeks as markets gyrated. This is normal for times like this. But it does present a good opportunity to learn about our emotional behaviour in times like this...2/n
It can help us to improve our #decisionmaking when the next #financialcrisis hits us. I would encourage everyone to keep a #journal of their emotions, observations & conclusions. “Today feels like the bottom”....
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[Day2: Failing Better Together]
Q: What does "failure" mean to you?

For me, my #sciencefails & #SciComm fails fuel my teaching & community-building values:
- Creating spaces to fail better
- Building communities to exchange learnings
- Scaffolded experiences to reframe failure KyleMarian on a microphone with her back to the camera. She's facing the audience and hosting a storytelling show.
#Failure is an important part of #Science & #Comedy, but it wasn't until I got into comedy where I started understanding the impact of being transparent & celebrating failures.

It also got me thinking: does #Academia have an integrated process & outlet for dealing w/ failure?
Do you incorporate #journaling or #reflections into your #SciComm practice?
If you work in teams, do you have regularly-scheduled de-briefs?
As professionals, are you given allotted times in your paid schedule to reflect on project learnings?
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