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She’s the Boss, FULL STOP.
MOSTLY EVERYONE has been On A ride going Round N Round for everything that isn’t Real. All scripted to awaken everyone & staged to make sure Humanity gets back on the right Timeline.

ALL OUTCOMES have been foreseen,all the data collected SHOWING what NEEDED TO
HAPPEN AS IT DID has happened/is happening.

“It had to be this way” means,All the data collected showed GOOD what had to happen exactly how it has so humanity gets back on track.
WE HAVE IT ALL” means that Data gets Everyone who chooses back to where they were always meant
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100-500-1,200-1,800-3,000 years of lies, No matter how many opinions someone has doesn’t make those lies true & never will ..
No matter how much “Knowledge” ones think they have based on THOUSANDS of years of lies, does not make those lies true …

It seems like Until the
People get what they want, all those lies throughout time that have been force fed into the masses for many generations will continue causing people to treat their fellow man like trash


The masses will end up allowing those layers of life that told those lies for many
Generation push them OVER THE EDGE destroying themselves, others & or this world …


THE WORLD/COUNTRY can FINALLY #BeStill PROVING you’re not going to do exactly as [THEY]/evil (the common enemy God & Lucifer have that enslaved humanity/hurt children) [NEED] everyone
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Figuring out #WHY & WHO knocked down the ‘TWIN Towers’? …

Twins, Same Same But Different, Still the same !

It will all make sense, I Promise.
Justice has already been served, the Country is going up against propaganda & Artificial intelligence.

The worst enemy
The people have during these times in their own selves letting their emotions get the best of them …
Once that starts happening, that’s when the QUICKSAND affect starts taking over your life with 1 thing after the other going “wrong”, the more you struggle the faster you sink.
#BeStill & Be True …

Good Night & peace be with you ALL !
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Let me put it to you like this, everyone was supposed to stick close to 🦌 from the very beginning, most went down every road but the one they were supposed to go down. Every which way ones would go, it would be A dead end of accounts misleading you, hating, pot stirring or drama
No matter what everyone was being shown as far as "proofs" or "Confirmations", it was never good enough or it wasn't coming from any of the ones most put all their eggs into 1 basket with.
Now, as everyone finally gets to where they should have always been from the
Very beginning, AAAAANYONE else would be like "The hell with all of you" because of the way so many chose to hate, judge or run away from the light TEACHING about the darkness. Not me, here I stand with open arms still waiting for everyone to finally get it..

I have been saying
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July 31, Day 1 of @naval’s 60-60 routine. Started 7am, fasted. First time feeling 60 minutes. Urge to open eyes and check timer, so many thoughts, sad, happy, mini chaos or mini panic, unfinilar silence by the time the timer rang. #meditation #innerpeace
.@naval’s 60/60 meditation. Day 2, Going through a bad breakup so lots of heavy thoughts. Painful, waves of heavy emotions. I get exhausted at the end, this time, came 5 min short, I did the meditation after a 6k run. Struggle goes on. #meditation #healing
Day 3 of @naval’s 60/60 meditation quest. Emotional roller coaster, very very rough moments, urge to scream at times..but also some very short absolute still moments, very short though. #meditation #selfhealing
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A good word from God in the midst of a lethal pandemic: "[God] says, 'Be still, and know that I am God.”

God is still sovereign and as we place ourselves in the loving hands of the crucified and risen Jesus, God the Son, we have nothing to fear.
That, of course, is not a license to take stupid risks. And it doesn't mean that we should listen to the medical professionals and public health officials when they tell us to maintain social distancing, self-quarantining, frequent hand-washing, and the use of sanitizer. After...
...all, Christians believe our bodies are the Holy Spirit's temple over which we are called to exercise good stewardship.

Nor does God promise us believers in Christ are immune from the realities of this imperfect and fallen world...
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As we learn to cope with the realities & the pause that #COVID19 presents us, I’m reminded of the power of being still. It’s an odd thing to do these days but there’s beauty in it. Like the musical notation of the fermata which adds beauty to the song and provides time for pause.
The trick is to make the most of the pause and enjoy the moment of being still. We may need to pause from gathering big but there is no requirement for social distancing to keep us apart. When we look back on this extra time we have been given, will we remember binge watching,…
… spending time on social media or wasting time? Maybe we need to use this gift of time to do something extraordinary. Like spending more time with family, friends and loved ones. Or doing something for those people if it’s not possible to do something with those people.
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