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1. The problem with such surveys is not their veracity. It is an art to make numbers dance to the tune you set. The problem with such surveys is that they’re setting a narrative that is not matching with the objective. Rahul Kanwal rushes to the survey &

2. is blatantly normalising the theme of #BharatJodoYatra as Brand re-launch #RahulGandhi. Whether it’s intentional or a lack of understanding, I don’t know. But its end-result is a trivialisation of a Yatra that travelled the entire length of India, involved ‘000s of people &
3. created a mass-political hysteria in the offices of Modi & Malviya. The Yatra brought about people hitherto unwilling to come out or share platforms, it brought out the cong cadre on roads, it brought together elements from the opposition for the cause of Unity. BJY is a rare
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1. Mumbai, while you took a Sunday off, there some who were marching. No, this is not about #BharatJodoYatra. This happened in your city, attended by the top leaders of the ruling party at the centre. Like the BJY, this too had a relation to Love. Unlike BJY, it was against it.
2. The march was aptly called the Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha. It was organized by Sakal Hindu Samaj, a front for Hindutva RW organisations like the VHP, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Sanatana Sangh, Karni Sena.
Do you know what ‘Aakrosh’ means – extreme anger if my Hindi is correct.
3. & you may wonder what is the ‘aakrosh’ about? Jobs? Inflation? Petrol prices? Cylinder? Adani? Amateurs! Sheer amateurs!!!
The ‘aakrosh’ was against ‘LOVE JIHAD’ with calls for laws against religious conversions & BOYCOTT of goods from shops owned by ‘THOSE’.
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1. BJP propaganda machinery attacked #BharatJodoYatra with a lot of slander. One of their accusations pointed to the defections within the Congress over the last decade. Their trolls picked up the theme. There were the unsolicited advises on ‘Jodo’ Cong 1st. Thank You!
2. Yes, the Cong did go through a disturbing trend of defections.
Many of them moved to greener (or saffron) pastures. Happens when idealism is traded for opportunism. & the pendulum swings both ways. Remember that.
There were also those who moved away because they believed the
3. Cong was in a decay after its electoral defeats. They, like the voters were filled with disappointment. Ideologically, they’re, as are the majority of voters, still breathing the Cong philosophy. Remember that.
Both the set of defectors will flock back to the Congress.
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1. 4080Km & the journey has just begun! #BharatJodoYatra has not concluded, it has become a mission for every Yatri to return with the message of Unity, Harmony & Dignity of India, its people & its culture. When #RahulGandhi set foot from Kanyakumari 5mo back, it was dismissed as
2. an aimless venture. Yet, the obsession with RG & INC ensured the walk was always under intense scrutiny of media & the IT cell. That was BJPs 1st folly. They allowed India too to keep an eye on Rahul Gandhi, perhaps many waiting for the next opportunity to mock him. & they did
3. Amit Malviya worked overtime to put out edited videos of Rahul’s speech. News channels went overboard defaming those who joined Rahul in his walk. It was an overdose of hate & lies. Rahul walked, Cong supporters, liberals, members of civil society continued to join him.
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#Pathaan + #BharatJodoYatra + #Hindenburg -The war is not lost against hate, tyranny & crony capitalism

Pathaan proves India will not bow down to non-stop slander & hatred. #ShahRukhKhan𓀠 taught us how to love cutting across culture, religion, nations. Image
2. 🇮🇳 has not forgotten the love affair. Thank You 🇮🇳, for saying ‘Enough is Enough’ & for coming out with your loved ones to watch #Pathaan. Thank You India, for the🖕to the Haters! Thank You for not seeing #SRK as your beloved & not through the eyes of religious hatred. Image
3. Thank You India for your nostalgia at KKKKK….Karen & tears of Joy on why Pathaan was called Pathaan. Thank you India for seeing colors & not getting affronted. You once cheered in joy when Simran ran to catch Raj’s hand breaking away from all the chains that bind love. Image
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@ikamalhaasan மாற்று அரசியலுக்காக மநீம என்ற புதிய கட்சி ஆரம்பித்தவர் இன்று இடைத்தேர்தலுக்காக திமுக கூட்டணிக்கு ஆதரவு தருவதில் நமக்கு கருத்து வேறுபாடுகள் இருந்தாலும் நம்முடைய மாற்று கருத்தை தகுந்த இடத்தில் வெளிப்படுத்துவதே சிறந்தது
@RahulGandhi உடன்
#BharatJodoYatra நடைப்பயணம் மேற்கொள்ளும் போதே நம்மவரின் பாதை என்ன பயணம் எந்த வழியில் இருக்கும் என்பதை தெளிவாக கூறிவிட்டார்
ஈரோடு இடைத்தேர்தல் என்பது யாரும் எதிர்பாராதது அதுவும் பெரியார் குடும்பத்தில் இருந்து வந்த எம்எல்ஏ அகால மரணத்தால் நடக்கும் இந்த தேர்தலில் அவரின் தந்தையே
பொதுவாகவே இத்தகைய இடைத்தேர்தலில் மக்களின் ஏகோபித்த அனுதாப ஓட்டு அவருக்கு கிடைக்கும் அதுமட்டும் இல்லாது ஆளுங்கட்சி தன் கூட்டணி கட்சி வெற்றி பெற பணத்தை தாராளமாக செலவு செய்யும்
தமிழக மக்கள் ஓட்டுக்கு காசு வாங்கி வாக்களிப்பதை வாடிக்கையாக்கி இருப்பதை மறக்க கூடாது
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The same people keep doing the same thing and scoring self goals. On one hand the Hon'ble PM is naming 21 islands after those decorated with #ParamVirChakra on the other hand on #ParakramDivas questioning surgical strikes? It's the same people, everytime destroying the party!
Lt. Gen. Hooda who carried out the surgical strikes joined the Congress! Today is #ParakramDivas ! Why would anyone speak about #surgicalstrike at such a time ! Not the first time these self goals are scored !!
To clarify Lt Gen Hooda did not join the Congress but prepared a comprehensive report on India's National Security that he presented to the then Congress President Rahul Gandhi ji. But the drift of my tweet and substance is understood and stands.
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1. Mid-90's to early-00's was the age of Tendulkar & SRK in public imagination. They were the icons for the youth, families, romantics, common public - they were the Indian dream, jetting out of Pepsi commercials & Airtel hoardings. They were icons India desired to be & hence
2. brands made them their brand ambassadors, spending crores to putt them in your living rooms & on roads. I remembered this because today on the Mumbai roads, I witnessed another 'CAPTURE' of Public Imagination by someone else. Not this #Pathaan, but a self-anointed one.
3. He comes to Mumbai today, again! He is someone who has hoarded our public spaces in Mumbai since the last few months putting big brands to shame with prime OOH real-estate at his disposal. No prizes for guessing who the FAKIR on the Road is. He is literally 'Larger than Life'
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ओशो से पूछा एक साधक ने - भ्रष्ट राजनेताओं से देश को छुटकारा कब मिलेगा? ओशो ने कहा- "बहुत कठिन है क्योंकि प्रश्न राजनेताओं से छुटकारे का नही है, प्रश्न तो तुम्हारे अज्ञान के मिटने का है! तुम जब तक अज्ञानी हो, कोई न कोई तुम्हारा शोषण करता ही रहेगा!…
कोई न कोई तुम्हे ठगेगा ही ! पंडित ठगेगा, पुरोहित ठगेगा, मुल्ला-मौलवी ठगेगा, राजनेता ठगेगा! तुम जब तक जाग्रत नहीं हो, तब तक लुटोगे ही, फिर किसने लूटा, क्या फर्क पड़ता है? किस झण्डे की आड़ में लुटे, क्या फर्क पड़ता है?
समाजवादियो से लुटे या साम्यवादियों से, क्या फर्क पड़ता है ! तुम तो लुटोगे ही ! लुटेरों के नाम बदलते रहेंगे और तुम लुटते रहोगे! इसलिए ये मत पूछो कि भ्रष्ट राजनेताओं से देश का छुटकारा कब होगा? यह प्रश्न ही अर्थहीन है,
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There is a Tavleen Singh column in Indian Express ‘Developing country dreams’. It could have very well been titled, ‘the subtle Modi-chalisa’. The article seems to come across as a weighed one balancing out Modi’s achievements with his failures. 1/n
The article starts off with Modi’s dream that is soon turned in to THE Indian dream of a developed India superstate. Tavleen then goes on to mention about the ’91 crisis & Rao-MMS partnership that ushered in LPG. If the credit is due to them Ms. Singh, how is it Modi’s dream? 2/n
It is not a politician’s dream, it is the Indian dream, beginning with the middle-class that came into prominence once liberalisation took off. Not Modi’s dream ma’am. For most of us a story is as good as the h/l & the 1st para. That is where the Modi-deification happens & 3/n
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A spread of negativity happens with whatever we hear around us. But today *there are a lot of good news, and wonderful actions happening, that don't appear in the media and are changing the planet and humanity* Here are some:
The Norwegians decided not to drill oil wells on the Lofoten Islands (with $53 million in oil reserves) to preserve the islands' ecosystem.
For the first time in Malawi's history, a woman has been elected president of the country's parliament. The Esther Challenge canceled 1,500 child marriages and sent them back to school.
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Criticism of #BharatJodoYatra does not make you anti-national. That shit is only reserved for Modi baiters. Questioning the BJY makes you a concerned citizen. After all, in a democracy, political parties are answerable to the public. 1/n Image
Criticism is your right. Making the criticism informed is your duty.
In a land where law upholds freedom of expression, information reaches you via news media. This information should be unbiased, factual & representative. While new orgs can suffer from ideological bias, 2/n Image
there can never be a spread of misinformation with vile intent. While journalists can have individual opinions, they should not veil the lies. Yet, in the media space post-2014, information has not just become one-sided, it has slipped into a hate & misinformation driven 3/n Image
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It's said that BJP is always in election mode. Very True. Electoral defeats don't deter them. True that too. It's impossible to beat them. As of now, appears daunting. Yet, here they are, scared. Attacking #RahulGandhi, looking under his t-shirt, spying who he has lunch with 1/n Image
Its IT Cell head has gone on an edit-err-cheap frenzy of pushing out edited videos of Rahul’s press meets. It’s a Shake before you Break.
Let me tell you why. Rahul Gandhi has managed to get the rat out of the hole. Because the BJP is so brilliant at fighting elections, 2/n Image
they seem surprised in a no-fight, only-love scenario. #BharatJodoYatra is a non-electoral yet political weapon of peace. BJP doesn’t understand this. They’ve a mechanism driven by data, analytics, social listening tools, campaign blitzkrieg that work to deliver electoral wins3/n Image
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Dear BJP Supporter,
I know many of you are making fun of #BharatJodoYatra & mocking #RahulGandhi. Do I think your views are misplaced? Yes. Do I blame you for it? No! But with a rider. You’re blameless as long as you’re believing in stories that Amish or Arnab feed you 1/n
Afterall, you believe what you’re told & told repeatedly by ‘NEWS’ channels. You’re blameless out of ignorance. Remember, however, ignorance is not bliss.
I know this post will not change your heart. But I don’t want you to support Rahul Gandhi or Congress. 2/n
I want you to THINK. ASK. QUESTION the media for its non-stop attack on the opposition & dutiful defence of the govt. Don’t you think there is something wrong in always being pro-govt & anti-opposition? Don’t you think media has a responsibility to ask tough questions to govt 3/n
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The BJP has become obsessed with #RahulGandhi. & it’s one of a sickening kind. & an entire machinery is deployed with all its might to tarnish One Man. Let that sink in. One Man, not a religion, not a political belief, not a country, just One Man! How much are they scared of 1/n
Rahul Gandhi? The Nazis went after the Jews, the BJP went after Muslims, the North Koreans went after the rest of the world but rarely has one man rattled a govt so much ever the way Rahul Gandhi has done to the BJP ruled central government. Why, shouldn’t you ask even if you 2/n
happen to be a BJP supporter? Congress after all (according to the BJP) has become irrelevant. Are they scared of a congress revival? Are they scared of Rahul Gandhi talking to you directly like Modi has never been able to do. Let’s talk about RG. Let me ask you all that you 3/n
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They claim #RahulGandhi is high on Ganja. That’s why he can brave the cold in a single t-shirt. You’ll come across more absurd statements but this one ranks up there.
This is just a fund thread on
1/n Image
1. RG has an army of clone who’re walking in his steed
2. RG is taking performance enhancing drugs & IOC is aware of it
3. The Chinese gifted RG special mech-shoes to enable walking
4. It’s all just a hologram
5. RG stole Modi Ji’s mushrooms
2/n Image
6. RG’s T-shirt has a nano-chip (2000 notes)
7. RG drinks monkey blood at night to warm his body (pick your beast)
8. It’s an android (another Made in China gift)
9. RG has done skin implants & coating to prevent heat reach his body
10. RG is possessed by dead terrorists
3/n Image
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അടുത്ത PM ആര്?

നമ്മൾക്കെല്ലാം ഉണ്ടായിരുന്ന ഒരു തെറ്റിദ്ധാരണ ആയിരുന്നു ഭരിക്കാൻ പുതിയതലമുറ കടന്നു വരണമെന്നത്.. Youngistaan (2013) പോലെയുള്ള സിനിമകളും ആ കാലഘട്ടത്തെ ഒരു ട്രെൻഡ് ആയിരുന്നു കറപ്ഷൻ നിറഞ്ഞ ആ കാലഘട്ടത്തെ രക്ഷിക്കാൻ ഒരു പുതിയ young നേതാവ് ഉദിക്കണം എന്നത് തെളിയിക്കുന്നു.
കൊണ്ഗ്രെസ്സും ഈ ട്രെൻണ്ട് ആണ് വിജയിക്കാൻ പോകുന്നത് എന്നു ധരിച്ചു കാണണം. 2012ൽ ഇന്ത്യയിലെ നാലാമത്തെ വലിയ സ്റ്റേറ്റ് ആയ ഉത്തർപ്രദേശ് മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി ആകുന്നത് 38 വയസ് മാത്രമുള്ള അഖിലേഷ് യാദവ് ആയത് വലിയ സ്വീകര്യമായതും അവരുടെ കണക്കുകൂട്ടലുകൾ ശെരിവച്ചുകാണും
ഇതിന്റെ ഭാഗമായി രാഹുൽഗാന്ധിയെ അടുത്ത PM അക്കാനായുള്ള മുന്നൊരുക്കങ്ങൾ ദി വീക്കിലെ കവർ പേജ് പോലെ പലയിടത്തും പെട്ടന്ന് രാഹുൽ ഗാന്ധിയെ ഉയർത്തിക്കൊണ്ടു വരാൻ ശ്രെമിച്ചു.. അതേ സമയം BJP കൃത്യമായ റാലികളും, തീപ്പൊരി പ്രസംഗങ്ങളും നടത്തി ജനമനസിൽ ഇടം നേടികഴിഞ്ഞിരുന്നു.
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(It's Long Every One Can't Read)

Wait For The End -

I am Congress...
I Question Rss For What They Did To Fight With British ?
But Wait My Party Made By A British
Irony !
Obviously They Made Me For Their Use
& Distract Indians From Real Free dom Fight , Destroy and Break The Culture
And I Am Doing This and Will Do Till I D!e

I Divided India Basis Of RELIGION And I Give Gyan Of Secularism

I am the K!ller,C+ter & Rapeist of Hindu Girls In Direct Action Day /Partition
Mahatma Said Hindu Sisters To Eat Poison and D!e in the Hand of Buslims
All Members Voted For Sir Ballbbhai Patel But Still I Selected A Play Boy
For India's PM
And I Give Lecture About Democracy
India Never Elected Me

Gandhi Sympathy -Nehru
Indira Sympathy-Rajib
Simply Ruled
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#BharatJodoYatra has been a personal walk of discovery for Rahul Gandhi as much as it has been a wake-up call to the last cadre of the Congress. Whether RG has been able to shed the Pappu-tag that was thrusted upon him by the promotions hunters at BJP can still be debated yet 1/n
a new Rahul Gandhi has emerged. He was always a fearless man, a principled one. Now we see a man whose discipline is phenomenal & whose energy level can electrify an entire village. Wakes up every day at 4am, begins his walk at sharp 6am, walks 24km daily, has covered 2800km 2/n
in a walk that he set foot 100 days back from far south now it marches near the India Gate. If you still call him Pappu, you do it at your own peril. Because the dishevelled man is nonchalant in his stride, held back in his words & steadfast on his feet. 3/n
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The #BharatJodoYatra continues to garner more public support in each state. ImageImageImageImage
Th #BharatJodoYatra has been successful in reaching out to people and in its goal to unite the People of India against the divisive politics. ImageImageImageImage
The support that's extended to the #BharatJodoYatra makes one thing clear, India is fed up of being lied to, being dictated to hate each other ImageImageImageImage
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Today is the last day of campaigning for the first phase of #GujaratElections2022    . Here is a thread on the campaigning style and content. Must read for all those who follow #GujaratElections2022 .
PM @narendramodi in Rajkot said these #GujaratElections2022 is* to resolve that we want to take Hindustan and Gujarat to that height ( of Vikas) , come what may .
Well .. you wondering why these Gujarat Assembly elections imp for Hindustan 's development? We too🤩
Most imp reason forwarded by Mrs Smriti Irani for why BJP should be voted and confined to be voted for power.
1. In non BJP States, people are like for chanting Jai Shri Ram
2. Women who wear saffron are picked up from their homes sadness harassed in @AITCofficial ruled Bengal
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If you say out loud on social media something like "oh #BharatJodoYatra is drawing good crowds but I don't think it will translate to votes", you do realize that you are effectively campaigning for the BJP? When you push their prospects, even as a Pascal's wager, you help them.
People don't seem to get the difference between elections and sports contests. You can make predictions about sports and it doesn't really affect the outcome.

But democracy is run by campaigning & messaging. If you yourself start off saying your side will lose, you're useless.
If you say "India will lose the world cup", you're just someone on the sidelines making a prediction with no consequences.

Butt when you say, out loud to other people "oh BJP will win no matter what 🙄🤷🏽" that's like if Hardik Pandya himself says India will lose the world cup.
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कांग्रेस समाप्त हो चुकी है !
राहुल को पूछता कौन है जी, महा ____के सामने पप्पू को कौन जानता है ?

हम भी यही सुनते सुनाते रहते है और उम्मीद थी कि हिन्दी भाषी मध्य प्रदेश तक पहुँचते पहुँचते #BharatJodoYatra थक चुकी होगी.

जिस बच्चे की दादी और पिता शहीद हो गये हो, जिसका बचपन ख़ौफ़
और पहचान बदलने में गुजरा हो वो किसी महा मूर्ख का विकल्प कैसे हो सकता है ?

लेकिन इस #भारत_जोड़ो_यात्रा में वो कांग्रेस और वो कांग्रेसी दिखाई दे रहे है जो कभी महात्मा गांधी के साथ चम्पारण और दांडी में चले थे.
बीजेपी के समर्थकों को एक सुझाव जरुर है कि आलोचना के दृष्टिकोण से ही एक झलक इस यात्रा की जरुर देखे.

इंदौर एक इतिहास रचने जा रहा है !
👉 @parmodpahwaInd ✍️
शुभ रात्रि 🌹🌹
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The noisy battle of words over VD Savarkar is a distraction to cover up news that the Government does not like - news about the #Notebandi hearing in Supreme Court, #MorbiBridgeCollapse, the popularity of #BharatJodoYatra, the rising popularity for @RahulGandhi.
Indians are fast realising that they have been fooled since 2014, duped by false promises, taken in by massive Govt-organised scams, legislation that enslaves rather then liberates them.
#WhatsApp forwards don't fill empty bellies and stories of past #Vishwaguru glories do not make up for joblessness or loss of earnings. The people are waking up the fact that they have been divided and told to hate each other. #BharatJodoYatra threatens this cosy conspiracy
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