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🚨 Who is #BrijbhusanSingh of BJP? #Thread

It is important for us to know who this man is, whom #Modi is doing everything possible to safeguard him.

"You have not proved to be a good father. You have never cared about my sister or me. You only thought of yourself. We see our…… ImageImage
Brij Bhusan Singh was locked up under the Terrorist & Disruptive Activities Act. He was charged with sheltering Dawood Ibrahim’s associates & #Terrorists of the same gang at his residence in New Delhi.

‘Our image has suffered’ admits Late Sushma Swaraj ji in 1996 ImageImage
“I put a rifle to the back & shot him. He died” admits B Singh on TV with no fear of Law & Order.

Forget being convicted, He never even faced a proper trail! 🙏
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Who is #BrijbhusanSingh of BJP? #Thread 🚨

It is important for us to know who this man is, whom #Modi is doing everything possible to safeguard him.

"You have not proved to be a good father. You have never cared about my sister or me. You only thought of yourself. We see our…… ImageImage
Brij Bhusan Singh was locked up under the Terrorist & Disruptive Activities Act. He was charged with sheltering Dawood Ibrahim’s associates & #Terrorists of the same gang at his residence in New Delhi.

‘Our image has suffered’ admits Late Sushma Swaraj ji in 1996 ImageImage
“I put a rifle to the back & shot him. He died” admits B Singh on TV with no fear of Law & Order.

Forget being convicted, He never even faced a proper trail! 🙏
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"#SouthIndia penalised for their success” 🚨

Population share of southern states has ⬇️ significantly from 26.2% in 1951 to 19.8% in 2022. This is the outcome of effective adoption of population control measures

Look how this has turned into a disaster for us👇

#Thread ImageImage
15th Finance Commission cuts states share of central taxes to 41% from 42%. Although it is a loss, it is still understood as this 1% goes into newly created Union territories.

The adopted formula of 15th finance commission has 30% weightage for area & population, 15% each. Image
The 15th Finance Commission is using the 2011 population data, instead of the 1971 data to devolve taxes across states.

Among top 5 biggest losing states, four of them are from Southern states. This talks about how ‘South India’ is clearly losing its share! Image
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.@AshwiniVaishnaw Ji....You Must Resign taking Moral responsibility of Tragic #OdishaTrainAccident as demanded by CONgress & most importantly,by Liberal Intellects!

THEY All've declared that you've failed! THEY aren't wrong.

Let me recount your Numerous FAILURES!

🔥Bharat's Railways recorded whopping 25% growth in revenue, an⬆️of ₹49000 Crore over PY

🚈 2022-23: ₹2.40 lakh Crore
🚈 2021-22: ₹1.91 lakh Crore
🚈 2020-21: ₹1.40 lakh Crore
🚈 2019-20: ₹1.74 lakh Crore

How can you increase Railway Revenue, @AshwiniVaishnaw Ji?

🔥Railway Electrification:

As on 31 March (Cumulative rkm)

1947-2014: 24866 rkm

2014-23: 58812 rkm

Let's be fair to UPA!
2002-07 : 1810 rkm
2007-14 : 7223 rkm
Total : 9033 km (12 yrs includ. 2 yrs of ABV Govt, Avg 753 rkm)

2014-23 : 33946 rkm (9 yrs Avg 3772 rkm)

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Long Thread:

Life is limping back to #Manipur but not yet completely normal. Intellects are busy giving all kind of futile advices to Govt because they fail to understand that MEITEIS TOO HAVE RIGHTS.

I need to take you back to history to make understand better.


Today #Manipur is MADE to sit on Volcano. Who is responsible? Has it happened in last few years or decades?

NO!! It is a grievous outcome of Nehruvian folly of outsourcing North-east to Missionaries!

A beautiful State is brought on verge of collapse by historical sins!!

Not only #Manipur, but entire North-east has been a victim of Verrier Elwin’s conspiracy to keep region into “ISOLATION”, to allow Missionaries harvest their souls with Rice-bags. Those who didn't relent....were forcibly uprooted and pushed away from National Mainstream.

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#MorganStanley Report on Bharat's Economy has come as shot in arm for #ModiGovt which is constantly under criticism by so-called GREAT Economists like Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram & RR Rajan!

Let me give you it's observations without going into technicalities!

India is transformed in less than a decade: Morgan Stanley!

It's report says: India has changed in many ways in less than a decade under the leadership of PM @narendramodi . At the same time, it is moving towards achieving a place in the world system.

#MorganStanley has highlighted number of Positive Changes taken place in Bharat in last 9 years.

It's observations:
🔸India is poised to play an Imp role in Asian & Global growth.
🔸THIS India is different from 2013 & has carved its niche in World Order in just 10 years.

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Long Thread:

Was #ManipurViolence vi0lece by Christians against Hindus? Was it only a targeted religion based Vi0£ence or there is more to it? What was the real cause?

Let me give you Full Details. Only Facts. No Narratives. No Propoganda.


Manipur is a beautiful State with rich ethnic culture and suddenly it was MADE to burn.

What was the reason?

It all started After #Manipur High Court's order to State Govt on including Meitei community in the ST category.

Now you will say what is Meitei Community! Right?

So, to proceed 1st on Demographic Composition of #Manipur

Manipur is home to Meiteis who're Original Residents of State. They form 53% of State population (including Meitei Mu$lims).They are mainly concentrated in Imphal Valley.
They present REAL Ethnic Culture of Manipur.

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More than 40% of the wealth created in the country from 2012 to 2021 had gone to just 1% of the population while only 3% had trickled down to the bottom 50%.

The wealth held by the top five percent is 61.7%, nearly 20 times greater than the 3% held by the bottom half. Image
An Indian earning a monthly wage of Rs 25,000 is among the top 10 percent of earners in the country.

The average income of 90% of Indians is ~Rs 12,000 per month, and for the bottom 50% (which is 600 million people), it is Rs 4500 per month. Image
The richest have cornered a huge part of the wealth created through crony capitalism and inheritance.

The top 10% of the Indian population holds 77% of the total national wealth. Image
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India’s pvt sector is going gangbusters on coal mining, breaking all records ⛏️⛏️

A 5yr old #ModiGovt reform has set India’s captive coal economy on a big growth path.

Here’s all you should know! 👇 Image
India’s coal is primarily produced by 2 sets of entities.

⛏️ PSUs: #CoalIndia & #SCCL

⛏️ Captives: Pvt sector entities or PSUs like #NTPC or #SAIL which mine coal to meet in-house power demand

Here is how their production (million tonnes/MT) has fared over the last 10yrs 👇
Brackets show share of captives in overall production.

(Total | Coal India | SCCL | Captives)

FY14: 566 | 462 | 51 | 53 (9.3%)
FY15: 609 | 494 | 53 | 62 (10.2%)
FY16: 639 | 539 | 60 | 40 (6.2%)
FY17: 658 | 554 | 61 | 42 (6.4%)
FY18: 675 | 567 | 62 | 46 (6.8%)
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There have been many opinion polls, but honestly speaking, I was waiting for one from @pradip103 who has been nearest to Actual Results in past few elections.

Below is opinion poll which he has come up with which is worrying me a bit.

1/10 ImageImage
If @pradip103 is predicting 100-114 seats for BJP, then @BJP4Karnataka really needs to pull it's socks up to reach magic figure of 113 out of 224 which is looking a bit dicy right now.

BJP must go on aggressive campaigning highlighting it's achievements.

Campaign has to be Development + Hindutva Appeal.

Development & Social Reforms:

🔸Upper Bhadra Irrigation Project
🔸PM Kisan Scheme
🔸Shubha Lagna Scheme: Mass marriage programme for daughters from poor background.
🔸Kashi Yatra Scheme
🔸Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme

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On 20 April 2023, Army vehicles convoy was targeted by Terr0rists btwn Bhimbar Gali & Poonch in Jammu region. One truck was struck with grenades & small arms ki££ing 5 jawans of Rashtriya Rifles in line of duty.

Why this sudden aggression by #Pakistan ? My Take!

We all know that #Pakistani economy is in turmoil. Choked from all sides. Inflation is sky high. Lot of civil unrest. It's Jokers called #PakistanArmy taking beatings from all sides from TTP & Baloch Rebels.

Then how could Pakistan dare to carry this small Terr0r Attack?

So when I sat to think on this, I could think of some reasons.


It may sound stupid, but it's not! Due to reasons mentioned before, Pakistan's Present Govt is sure to lose upcoming General Elections.

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Long Thread:


#ED has attached properties of Karti Chidambaram worth ₹11.04 Crore (Book Value)(Mkt Value ₹65.88 Crore) in INX-Media bribery case.

I don't think it will make him any difference considering it's peanuts compared to his total assets.

It's a known secret that @PChidambaram_IN Launders his money through Companies in name of his son @KartiPC . So I'm going to focus mainly on Karti Chidambaram.

Ready? Hold your breath. It's going to be countless. Afterall, Their scams are also countless.

Fasten seatbelts!

What I'm going to mention is not my fiction but as per #incometaxdepartment Chennai Investigation Unit’s report which has mentioned illicit wealth of this immoral family sprawling over 14 Nations with 21 foreign bank accounts & numerous properties.

I'm starting list now.

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You must be thinking #Switzerland is a beautiful country, but I know it has an ugly face when it comes to Bharat!


Because it has started interfering in Internal Affairs of MY Nation!!


Read details!

Some Persons of Indian Origins (PIO) and European officials are planning Govt change in 2024.

It has already started from December 2021. Several small gatherings are held in London and Delhi since then.

Let me give you details on latest 3 such meetings held recently.

1st meeting was held at a Private Residence at Moti Bagh in New Delhi with 20 participants.

2nd meeting was attended by 12 PIOs & #European Diplomats at #Swiss Embassy in South-west Delhi.

3rd meeting was held at Office of a Lawyer at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg at New Delhi.

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Short Thread:

Don't blame #Satyapal_Malik for exposing truth on #ModiGovt 's failure in saving precious lives of 40 bravehearts from #CRPF . His Expose is AS TRUE AS #AtiqAhmed was a true Mu$£im working for upliftment of oppressed

Let me give proof with selective points.

1. #SatypalMalik said #CRPF had demanded 5 aircrafts to carry 2500 Jawans.

Personnel Carrying Capacity of World's Largest Aircrafts:

Y-9: 248
II-76: 140
C-130-J-30 Version: 128
C-17: 102
IL-76: 90

Satya Pal Malik could fit 2500 in 5 aircrafts.But Modi denied him chance.

2. #Bharat is a poor country still with 1G Technology. Bharat's PM can't afford to have personal phone & his driver's phone can't get range even after coming out of any National Park.Therefore,PM of Bharat needs to go to a Dhaba & make a call to #Satyapal_Malik by putting...

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🔴On March 31, Madrasa Azizia was set on fire by Hindutva mob during #RamNavami celebrations in #Biharsharif, Naland. Mohammad Shahabuddin, the caretaker of the institution said that The madrasa contained more than 4,500 books which were destroyed in the fire.
“The armed men were chanting ‘#JaiShreeRam,’” said Mohan Bahadur, a guard at the madrasa. He also said the mob attacked him, but he managed to flee. The 110-year-old library was vandalized by armed mob of around 1,000 people. #rssterror #RamNavamiViolence #ModiGovt #Hindutva
The saffron mob threw petrol bombs into the mosque and the library. #MadrasaAzizia was established by Bibi Sogra in memory of her husband, Abdul Aziz, and she is recognized as one of the most respected philanthropists in the history of #BiharViolence and vandalism have marred..
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🔴The report, titled ‘India-China Border Tensions and US Strategy in the Indo-Pacific’ by the American think-tank, Center for a New American Security @CNASdc states thathe #ModiGovt “would expect intelligence support and winter gear from the US,…
..but it also might.request things like joint exercises, emergency senior-level military and defense consultations, and inclusion in #Quad statements of the need to defend Indian border claims – all to enhance its deterrence vis-à-vis #Beijing.” @thewire_in @htTweets @ndtvindia
The US responded to the 2020 border crisisby extending full diplomatic and material support for #India. The US provided information and intelligence and expedited delivery of equipment, including two MQ-9B surveillance drones and winter gear”. #indiachinaborder #ModiGovt
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#BRILLIANT Example of #Modigovt CAPEX !

Rs20000 per Plate of Food for #G20 comes as No Surprise

#Modinomics CAPEX is GOLD PLATED thereby costing us at-least 50-100% More than what a Frugal Govt should spend or what has been spent by the same institutions in the past.
This is precisely why your Road Cost you Rs75 LACS per 10 Meters of Road (Bangalore- Mysore Expressway) or the User Development Fee at your Airports are being raised by 500% etc

I have written Several Detailed Threads on this subject
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Dear India,

#ModiGovt 's headlines management through a pliable media has tried to take your attention away from some dangerous situation that our Nation is suffering from.

Allow me to update you on one extremely important topic - India's Forex reserves.

Why do we need Forex?
We need reserved of foreign currencies with the RBI to meet our

A. Import expenses
B. Repayment of external debts
C. Investments abroad
D. Services like education, medical treatment, tourism, on-site projects etc

We earn forex through exports. And add more dollars thru loans
Overall imports in April-November 2022 are estimated to be USD 610.70 Billion.

India's overall exports (Merchandise and Services combined) in April-November2022 are estimated to be USD 499.67 Billion.
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While @PMOIndia refuses to answer about his direct role that caused massive wiping out of Billions of Dollars from investors in Adani Group shares and their other stake holders, pressures from the Supreme Court has forced SEBI to initiate a probe.

👇 SBIs response to SEBI
BJP IT Cell projects through its WhatsApp groups that the loss impacts only a handful of people who invest and trade in shares. That it does not affect most people because they do not invest in shares.

That's a lie. The loss in value of Adani Shares hits Banks net worth
The Adani Group pledged worthless shares of their new ventures and took massive loans from SBI

Value of these shares have fallen by over 83%.

So, to recover their loans if the banks sell these shares they recover ONLY 17% of the loan value.

#ModiGovt forced SBI to invest
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India as a Nation is in serious danger because of @narendramodi 's refusal to discuss the China threat in the Parliament.

One can understand his compulsions. The debate would defuse his strongman image built through Lakhs of Crores of investment in media and gifts.
China's plan to expand its rail network in Tibet from the current 1,400 km to 4,000 km has serious implications for India's national security. Stretches of rail lines will run close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
This means that Chinese trains carrying thousands of troops can be deployed swiftly right up to the disputed India-China border; that gives the Chinese army a big advantage in the event of war as India does not have overland connectivity infrastructure on its side of the border.
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The share of tax collection that is NOT to be shared with States has been increasing.

This increase is on account of the policy changes that the Union Government has brought, such as:

[ Increasing share of non-sharable Tax Collection (%) 👇] Image
- Introduction of Special Additional Duty of Excise on Motor Spirit

-Road and Infrastructure Cess in 2020-21,

-Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess in 2021-22.
Because of these changes, in FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24, more than 17 percent of central tax collection will be outside the divisible pool.

Hence States will not be able to get the full benefit of high growth of central tax collections.
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LIC publicly holds 96 stocks with a net worth of over ₹ 1, 24,366.2 Cr

Out of this it invested ₹30,127 Cr in Adani group assets. That's 24% of its total exposure in the stock market

The total Equity based mutual funds in India has invested just  ₹25,263 Cr to Adani Group.
Among the 44 MFs, SBI Mutual Fund had the highest exposure of ₹6,142 crore to the Group, with the biggest investment of ₹2,776 crore in Adani Enterprises, followed by ₹1,816 crore in Adani Ports & SEZ and ₹790 crore in Ambuja Cements.
Kotak Mahindra MF had an investment of ₹2,329 crore - ₹1,080 crore in Adani Ports & SEZ, and ₹661 crore and ₹495 crore in Ambuja Cements and Adani Enterprises, respectively.

Nippon India MF and ICICI MF have almost same exposure of ₹2,095 crore and ₹2,092 crore
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As per the latest figures of the government, India has registered its highest-ever total FDI inflows of $84.84 billion in 2021-22.

India is one of the few destinations among developing economies for foreign funds to invest.
The Adani fallout risks damaging the country’s status as a top pick of foreign banks’ emerging markets desks.

India’s probity in corporate governance and Government's model of entrusting a few with running India’s infrastructure and soliciting investments abroad is in question.
If SEBI and Media are now empowered to probe any alleged wrongdoing then India could emerge healthier in the long term.

At a pivotal moment of Nation development, what #ModiGovt does next has very serious implications.

Millions of retail investors have lost money @AdaniOnline
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@gautam_adani, what should we conclude when you say that the expose about your fraudulent business practices is an attack on India?

Aren't you directly implying that the #ModiGovt is hand in glove in your crime?

Are you hence dragging @PMOIndia Mr. @narendramodi in this? Image
Dear @gautam_adani

Your response to #HindenburgReport is actually a 54 page document. Rest all are annexures on financial documents

Your defense spans from page 26 to 54

It's a corporate psycho horror script. Unbelievable. In fact you have agreed with each of the charges
Notes from your response

1. The report is only 54 pages long. After that are a series of annexures. Of various financial statements. Or various legal orders
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