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Alleged WhatsApp chat transcript between #SRK (SRK🤡) & #SameerWankhede (SW😎) as reported by Free Press Journal on #AryankhanDrugsCase

SRK🤡 - Sameer sahib may I speak with you for a minute please. Regards shah rukh khan. I know this is officially inappropriate 1/N ImageImage
..and maybe outright wrong but once as a father if I can speak with you. please. Love srk

Sameer - Pl call

SRK - Let me is it a good time to call just tried. Thank you

Sameer(?)- Can't thank you enough for all the thoughts and personal insights you gave to me about my own.
I will make sure that he turns out to be someone that you and I are both proud of. This incident will prove to be a turning point in his life I promise, in a good way. This country needs honest and hardworking young people to take it forward.
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उत्तर प्रदेश निवडणूकीच्या थोडं आधी @iamsrk चा मुलगा आर्यन खान याला अटक करण्यात आली होती. ती अटक खंडणी उकळण्यासाठी केली होती हे रोज पुराव्यानिशी तत्कालीन मंत्री @nawabmalikncp हे मांडत होते. तेव्हा अनेक लोक मलिक साहेबांना दोषी ठरवत होते. (१) Image
आता त्यावेळचा NCB zonal director समीर वानखेडे याच्याविरोधात CBI ने FIR दाखल केली आहे. कोट्यावधी रूपयांची खंडणी उकळण्यासाठी आर्यन खान याला अटक केली होती. हे आता CBI च सांगत आहे. नवाब मलिक यांनी केलेले आरोप पुर्णतः खरे ठरत आहेत. (२)
वानखेडे हा मोठा देशभक्त असल्याचं लोकांना वाटत होतं. तो स्वतः ही सारखं देशभक्त असल्याची पुंगी वाजवायचा. मात्र त्याचे कारनामे काय आहेत ते हळूहळू समोर येत आहे. नवाब मलिक यांना अटक केली आहे, वर्ष उलटून गेलं आहे, मात्र या बदमाश अधिकाऱ्याला expose करायचं काम त्यांनी आधीच केलं होतं(३)
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@iamsrk in my life 1/5
कोई 17-18 साल पहले की बात होगी, मेरा जर्नलिज़्म मास्टर्स का वायवा चल रहा था। यूनिवर्सिटी के वीडियो प्रोडक्शन-सिनेमेटोग्राफी के HOD ने पूछा कि आपने लिखा है कि आपका फिल्मों में इंट्रेस्ट है। आप क्या करना चाहते हैं..मैंने कहा..कभी स्क्रीनराइटिंग!!
@iamsrk @iamsrk in my life 2/5
वहां से पलट कर सवाल आया..कोई सीन बताइए, जो आपको बहुत पसंद है..मैंने दो बीघा ज़मीन का एक सीन बताना शुरू किया..क्रॉस क्वेश्चन था..कोई नई फिल्म??? मैं 10 सेकेंड रुका और मैंने #Swades का वो सीन बताना शुरू किया, जिसमें मोहन #SRK @iamsrk ट्रेन से लौट रहे हैं..
@iamsrk in my life 3/5
और ट्रेन में बैठे मोहन की निगाह उस बच्चे पर पड़ती है, जो मिट्टी के कुल्हड़ में पानी बेच रहा है, एक केतली लिए हुए..मोहन का चेहरा देखिए..देखिए उस खिड़की की सलाखों को, उससे नीचे दिखते बच्चे को..पानी देने और लेने के लिए बढ़ते हाथ, @iamsrk की आंखों को..
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#Pathaan + #BharatJodoYatra + #Hindenburg -The war is not lost against hate, tyranny & crony capitalism

Pathaan proves India will not bow down to non-stop slander & hatred. #ShahRukhKhan𓀠 taught us how to love cutting across culture, religion, nations. Image
2. 🇮🇳 has not forgotten the love affair. Thank You 🇮🇳, for saying ‘Enough is Enough’ & for coming out with your loved ones to watch #Pathaan. Thank You India, for the🖕to the Haters! Thank You for not seeing #SRK as your beloved & not through the eyes of religious hatred. Image
3. Thank You India for your nostalgia at KKKKK….Karen & tears of Joy on why Pathaan was called Pathaan. Thank you India for seeing colors & not getting affronted. You once cheered in joy when Simran ran to catch Raj’s hand breaking away from all the chains that bind love. Image
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For anyone remotely attached to #ShahRukhKhan, last couple of years have been like a movie of its own.

There was occasional hope, but many massive setbacks.
At times, We almost gave up on the hero. At times, the world that he ruled, that itself seemed to be crumbling.

But then the bad guys crossed a line. It suddenly became too personal. Now..this battle belonged to all of us.

I think thats the msg #SRK fans are giving out now.. by turning up in such huge numbers. Nothing else explains such love.
He was right, he belongs to all of us.

And for me personally, it took this entire journey to realise that I truly, truly love him... To realise that all this while, I was secretly rooting for him. The love hadn't waned a bit.

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“I am really scared of failures. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, I saw a lot of failures. When I came from #Delhi, I had no family. At a certain juncture in my life, I was thrown out on the road because we could not pay rent.
@iamsrk Image
Poverty instils fear, stress and sometimes depression,” #SRK once shared in interaction with around 800 management students.
"When I decided to shift to #Mumbai, I had 1500 Rs in my bank account, which I had earned from 'Circus' & 'Fauji'.
What I am today is because a lot of people came together to ease my path when I needed it the most. I still don't check my bank account because I know I have at least 1500 Rs, which is important!
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“My mother gave us a lot of love and affection because my father expired ten years earlier and is not in the best financial condition, as he had an expensive disease. He died of cancer. She had to run the house, and she was a social worker and magistrate.
She came from a well-to-do house that should have made her a spoiled person—but she took it all on herself, and never did I have to ask for anything twice. She gave it to me without ever spoiling me.
She brought a lot of life wherever she was, just by being herself", #ShahRukhKhan shared about his mother, Lateef Fatima Khan, in an interview.
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So here is my @iamsrk story. As a journalist working with @TheDailyPioneer I was trying desperately to get in touch with #ShahRukhKhan for an indepth interview. It was IMPOSSIBLE and his agent/PR lady who would either not respond or kept putting me off with barely contained 1/n
exasperation (i am being polite)
After patiently,politely following up for days,I lost it. as it is,doing films & running after stars wasn't my thing,I got hold of SRK's no(no guys, I don't have it now-honest.I failed to transfer it to a new phone🙄). My first few msgs went -2/n
-unanswered. Exasperated, I sent him a blunt-not rude- SMS-I was tired of following up on this, and i would prefer closure so I could get on with other things.A No, was better than maybe, soon etc -.and i would be grateful if he could do me the courtesy of a response. a few 3/n
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Why do we as individuals, as a community, as a nation, as a world revel in maligning the rich and famous.
Why does a part of the collective, a part within each of us, have this need to put someone down.

#StopMaligning #StoptheShaming 
#StopJudging #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #SRK
Esp. when there's an opportunity for the slander of someone successful, or their family; especially if they have made it on their own terms as an 'outsider'. Worse still, if they don't toe the line and are not 'politically correct'. And God help them if they happen to be Muslim.
We grudge the rich their riches, the privileged their privileges, the famous their fame because of our own severe LACK or Scarcity Consciousness that we don't want to take ownership of. "How dare THEY have it all. It's not fair."

#StopMaligning #AryanKhan #SRK #ShahRukhKhan
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“Come...Fall in Love” said the poster. And we all did just that with #RajMalhotra & his #Simran for 25 years. I was going through an old interview that I did with #SRK where he spoke about that RAJ. Sharing some vintage SRK quotes as #DDLJ25 . 1/6
“I've sold the exterior of Raj in so many films but in #RabNeBanaDiJodi I'll show his interior.. I'm showing you the machinery of Raj. For every Raj that you've seen & loved, whether he wears a leather jacket, rides a Harley or plays the violin, the inside of Raj is 2/6
Surinder Sahni my character in Rab Ne…who is completely normal and nothing like a yuppie hero.”
“I'm ok with Raj. I liked him earlier. I think he's got older now. I can play Raj as a hockey coach or as Don. I can take him to any level.” 3/6
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#SSR_Case_Handed_over_to_CBI: #Kisko_Kya_Mila ?

With the #SupremeCourt finally ordering #CBIForSSR enquiry into the controversy surrounding unnatural death of #SSRDidntCommitSuicide, here is a list of who got what.
#KangnaRanaut: Revenge over #KJo
#IshkaranSinghBhandari: Publicity
#ArnabGoswami: More shouting rights
#RajdeepSardesai: Terrible insult (as usual)
#BarkhaDutt: Panauti tag reaffirmed
#MemebaiPolice: Egg on face
#BiharPolice: An axe, to grind
#BabyPenguin: Humble pie
#BabyPenguinKaBaap: A shakey chair
@BJP4India: A stick to beat Penguins (PeTA, please note)
@INCIndia: More confusion in the ranks
@ncp: More Pawar to Parth
#RheaChakraborty: Her original wish
#BollywoodLiberals: Butterflies in the stomach
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Friends of criminal goon #ImtiazKhatri - a thread to expose all those who are hand in hand with the underworld. #RepublicForSushant #JusticeForDishaSalian
Hi there #DeepikaPadukone, #GuruRandhawa, #RanveerSingh, #HoneySingh 😊 Image
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Mohanlal a.k.a Lalettan happens to be the patron saint of Malayalis. His films have influenced every aspect of our lives, even the name of our quiz team CIDs From Kerala.

On his 60th birthday, a thread on the lesser known tidbits about him.

#Mohanlalbirthday #Mohanlal60
1. #Mohanlal was a wrestler par excellence in the 1970s, and stood first in the #Kerala State Wrestling competition representing the Veerakerala Gymkhana in Vanchiyoor, #Thiruvananthapuram.

#Mohanlalbirthday #Mohanlal60 Image
2. #Lalettan is the third person to be awarded an honorary black belt by the Taekwondo Association of India, in an effort to promote the sport amongst youngsters. The first two recipients were Shah Rukh Khan and former Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Lalthanhawla.

#SRK #Taekwondo Image
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Part of my review of #DDLJ. That last line is mind-bogglingly funny 😂
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