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#JustIn | Finance Minister #NirmalaSitharaman said that the entire duty reduction in petrol and diesel has been done out of the RIC component of the taxes levied on petroleum products so the burden of the tax cuts will be borne solely by the Centre. | @tragicosmicomic reports
Allaying concerns that the duty cuts will lower the devolution of taxes to States, Finance Minister #NirmalaSitharaman said that the basic excise duty on petro products, which is sharable with states 'has not been touched'. | @tragicosmicomic reports
Total taxes levied on petrol and diesel include a Basic Excise Duty, a Special Additional Excise duty, the Road & Infrastructure Cess and Agriculture & Infrastructure Development Cess, of which only BED is sharable with States, the minister pointed out. | @tragicosmicomic reports
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அப்படியே இந்த NEET விலக்கு பத்தி எதாவது நியூஸ் வந்தா நல்லா இருக்கும்

#banneet #news #ParundhuMedia #ShriTwitz #ParundhuNews #Tamil #rtitBot #Tamilnadu #Parundhu #JUSTIN #SunNews

@TamilArivai Image
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#JUSTIN | நீட் தேர்வை ரத்து செய்வது உடனடி இலக்கா இருக்க வேண்டும்; முதலமைச்சர் மு.க.ஸ்டாலின் அறிக்கை

“மருத்துவ கல்வி கற்க தடையாக இருக்கும் நீட் தேர்வை அனைவரும் இணைந்து போராடி வெல்வோம்”(1/3)
“நீட் தேர்வால் மருத்துவம் படிக்கும் வாய்ப்பை இழந்து உக்ரைன் சென்று உயிரிழந்த மாணவர் நவீன் மறைவு வேதனை அளிக்கிறது”

“உக்ரைனில் நிலவும் இக்கட்டான சூழ்நிலையில் இந்திய மாணவர்கள் தனித்து விடப்பட்டதாக செய்திகள் வருகின்றன”(2/3)
மாணவர்கள் மீது குறை கூறுவதை நிறுத்திவிட்டு அவர்களை மீட்பதில் கவனம் செலுத்த வேண்டும் என முதலமைச்சர் மு.க.ஸ்டாலின் வலியுறுத்தல் (3/3) | @mkstalin | @CMOTamilnadu | @arivalayam | @PMOIndia | @narendramodi
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#JUSTIN: Special NIA Court rejects bail plea of Bhima Koregaon Violence accused Sagar Gorkhe, Ramesh Gaichor, Jyoti Jagtap, Hany Babu. Court says contents of letter speaks that CPI(Maoist) was “hell bent to end Modi-Raj” by “another Rajiv Gandhi like incident” @narendramodi
The Special NIA Court states there is prima facie case against the accused while rejecting their bail. It has laid out serious allegations in the Order wrt a letter, the contents of which speaks of ending the “Modi led Hindu Fascist regime” & targeting his roadshows.
Special NIA Court says the aforesaid material concludes that Hany Babu, a Professor at Delhi University to as having knowledge of the conspiracy which was being hatched to “end Modi Raj” with a “Rajiv Gandhi Like Incident” & “targeting his roadshows” #bhimakoregaon
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#JUSTIN: Plea in Karnataka High Court by a lawyer seeks directions for CBI/NIA investigation into possibility of a hatch to “Islamise India” & radicalise the country on account of “massive agitations” spiralling over the Hijab issue.
Direct Bar Council of India to take action against Senior Counsel & Counsel for Petitioner(s) for “going beyond their brief” & comparing “Hijab with food & water” which “caused chaos, communal disturbances” in the country: Plea by Advocate Ghanshyam Upadhyay #KarnatakaHijabRow
*Correction: Bar Council of Karnataka &/or any such bar council in India
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🔴 #DonUpdatesLIVE | #Ukraine🇺🇦

எந்த நேரத்திலும் உக்ரைன் மீது ரஷ்யா தாக்குதல் நடத்தலாம், என்பதை நாங்கள் உறுதியாக உணர்கிறோம்: அமெரிக்கா

📍ரஷ்யா சில படைகளை திரும்ப பெறுவதாக கூறப்படுவது உண்மை இல்லை, என மேற்கத்திய நாடுகள் மறுப்பு.
📍ரஷ்யர்கள் படையெடுப்பைத் தொடங்க ஒரு ஜோடிக்கப்பட்ட சாக்குப்போக்குகளை கட்டமைக்கலாம் என அமெரிக்கா எச்சரித்துள்ளது.

📍மேலும், 7000 ரஷ்ய வீரர்களை உக்ரைன் எல்லைக்கு அருகே, ரஷ்யா நகர்த்தி உள்ளது: அமெரிக்கா

#UkraineConflict | #UnitedStates
📍ரஷ்யாவிற்கு எதிராக ஐரோப்பிய ஒன்றிய நாடுகளை ஒன்றிணைக்கவும், நாளை முதல் 3 நாட்கள் நடைபெற உள்ள G7 முனிச் பாதுகாப்பு மாநாட்டில் கலந்து கொள்ளவும் அமெரிக்க துணை அதிபர் கமலா ஹாரிஸ் ஜெர்மனி செல்கிறார்.

#KamalaHarris | #MunichSecurityConference
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#JUSTIN | Senior @isro scientist S Unnikrishnan Nair has taken charge as the director of #VSSC. Nair will continue to also hold the position of director, #HSFC (Human Space Flight Centre) that is spearheading the #Gaganyaan programme. 1/n
He has B.Tech in mechanical engineering from Kerala University, ME in Aerospace engg from @iiscbangalore, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from @iitmadras. 2/n
“Some missions will be taken up on priority. SSLV will come in April, Gaganyaan test vehicle missions will be this year, and we are looking at #chandrayaan3. These are immediate goals. We'll continue with overall Gaganyaan activities and other projects," Nair told me. 3/n
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#JUSTIN | Indian Institute of Science @iiscbangalore says it has installed and commissioned Param Pravega, one of the most powerful supercomputers in the country, and the largest in an Indian academic institution as part of the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM). 1/n
The system, which is expected to power diverse research and educational pursuits, has a total supercomputing capacity of 3.3 petaflops (1 petaflop equals a quadrillion or 1,015 operations per second). 2/n
It has been designed by the @cdacindia. A majority of the components used have been manufactured and assembled within India, along with an indigenous software stack developed by C-DAC, a statement issued by IISc reads.
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#JUSTIN | 1938ம் ஆண்டு தமிழ்நாட்டில் நடந்த மொழிப்போராட்டத்தின் வெப்பம்தான் 2022ம் ஆண்டு வரை தணியாமல் உள்ளது; அன்றைய நாள் தந்தை பெரியார் மூட்டிய நெருப்பு ஒட்டுமொத்த தமிழர்களையும் ஒன்று சேர்த்தது - முதலமைச்சர் மு.க.ஸ்டாலின்

#SunNews | #CMMKStalin
இருப்பது ஒரு உயிர், அது மொழிக்காக போகட்டுமே என்று சிறைக்கொடுமையால் முதலில் உயிர் துறந்தார் நடராஜன்; அதன் பின்பு உயிர் துறந்தார் தாளமுத்து - முதலமைச்சர் மு.க.ஸ்டாலின்

#SunNews | #CMMKStalin
1938ம் ஆண்டு தொடங்கிய போராட்டம் 1940ல் இந்தி கட்டாயம் இல்லை என்று அறிவிக்கப்படும் வரை நடந்தது; 1948ம் ஆண்டு மீண்டும் இந்தி திணிக்கப்பட்டது. அப்போதும் பெரியாரும், அண்ணாவும் போர் பரணி பாடினர் - முதலமைச்சர்
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#JustIn: #BombayHighCourt issues a five page order detailing the conditions on which it granted bail to #AryanKhan #MunmunDhamecha and #ArbazMerchant in the #MumbaiCruiseDrugs case.

A detailed order with reasoning to be issued later, says Justice Nitin Sambre.
Following are the bail conditions for #AryanKhan #MunmunDhamecha & #ArbazMerchant

- Each to execute PR bond of Rs 1 lakh n surety
- They shall not indulge in any activity punishable under the #NDPS Act.
- Shall not contact in any manner with anyone related to the case
- #AryanKhan n others shouldn't attempt to either directly or indirectly influence any witness or tamper with the evidence.
- Trio to surrender passport with special #NDPS court and not leave #Mumbai without permission of the concerned court.
#MumbaiDrugBust #AryanKhanBail
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#MadrasHighCourt hears PILs challenging Tamil Nadu govt's Gold monetization scheme which was announced in the Legislative Assembly recently, whereby unutilised #temple jewellery was proposed to be melted into gold bars.
Advocate Niranjan Rajagopalan informs that there are three Writ petitions. Argues that the administration of every Hindu religious institution should be done by trustees.

CJ: First of all ... everything that is announced in the Assembly does not become effective. It becomes effective only when notification is issued. Has any notification been issued?

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#DelhiHighCourt takes up petitions seeking recognition of same-sex marriages, queer marriages under various Acts including Special Marriage Act, Foreign Marriage Act. Matter before CJ DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh.
Advocate Karuna Nundy appears for a petitioner, says that pleadings appear not to be complete.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, says they have filed.

#DelhiHighCourt #LGBTQ
SG Mehta says that the question is whether marriage has to be between a "biological man and a biological woman"

Mehta: There seems to be some misconception based on Navtej Singh Johar case. It merely decriminalizes, (does not recognize same-sex marriage)

#DelhiHighCourt #LGBTQ
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#JustIn:4 injured as gunman opens fire in #Russia’s #PermStateUniversity.

Stay tuned for more updates.

#Breaking: 8 killed in Russian campus shooting: investigators

Report by: AFP News agency.

#Russia #WorldNews
#JustIn: Shocked at the horrific attack at #PermStateUniversity in #Russia; our deep condolences for the loss of life & best wishes for the early recovery of those injured:
#IndianEmbassy in #Russia

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#JustIn: As per reports, #AmarinderSingh has told #SoniaGandhi ahead of key #MLA meet that he "can't continue in Congress with this kind of humiliation."

Stay tuned for more updates.

#IndianPolitics #News Image
#JustIn: #Punjab CM Captain #AmarinderSingh calls a meeting of party MLAs at 2 pm: ANI Sources

Stay tuned for more updates.

#Congress #ChiefMinsiterOfPunjab Image
#PunjabCongress rift: CM #AmarinderSingh convenes meeting of party MLAs, 'refuses to be humiliated more'

#Congress #ChiefMinsiterOfPunjab…
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#PrimeMinister #NarendraModi congratulates #BhupendraPatel on taking oath as CM of Gujarat.

"I've known him for years & have seen his exemplary work, be it in the BJP Organisation or in civic administration and community service," PM tweeted

@narendramodi @PMOIndia #GujratCM
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#SuhasYathiraj has captured the imagination of our entire nation thanks to his exceptional sporting performance: PM @narendramodi lauds the Paralympic #Silver medalist.

#Paralympics #Praise4Para #Cheer4India
Inspiring IAS officer #SuhasYathiraj has made India extremely proud at #Tokyo2020 #Paralympics: @KirenRijiju, Union Law Minister.

#Praise4Para #Cheer4India
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Lawyer Anand Daga and Sub-Inspector Abhishek Tiwari, arrested by CBI in connection with alleged document leak connected to probe against former Maharashtra Home Minister #AnilDeshmukh likely to be produced before a Delhi Court shortly.
Daga was detained by the CBI on allegations that he paid illegal gratification to get hold of a document from a junior CBI official in connection with the probe.


Read more:…
Lawyer Anand Daga and SI Abhishek Tiwari will be produced before Special CBI Judge Vimal Kumar Yadav.
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#JUSTIN | 2021-22ம் ஆண்டில் கூட்டுறவு நிறுவனங்கள் மூலமாக பயிர்க்கடன் வழங்க ₹11,500 கோடி இலக்கு நிர்ணயம்

ஜூலை 31 வரை 98,036 விவசாயிகளுக்கு ₹763 கோடி பயிர்க்கடன் வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ளது - கூட்டுறவுத்துறை கொள்கை விளக்க குறிப்பில் தகவல்

#SunNews | #TNAssembly
மக்கள் எளிதில் சென்று வரமுடியாத பகுதிகள் மற்றும் மலைப்பகுதியில் நியாய விலைக்கடைகள் திறக்க சிறப்பு கவனம் செலுத்தப்படுகிறது - உணவு மற்றும் நுகர்வோர் பாதுகாப்பு துறை கொள்கை விளக்க குறிப்பில் தகவல்

#SunNews | #TNAssembly
கடந்த மே மாதம் 7ம் தேதியில் இருந்து தற்போது வரை மட்டும் 3,38,512 புதிய மின்னணு குடும்ப அட்டைகள் வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ளது - உணவு மற்றும் நுகர்வோர் பாதுகாப்பு துறை கொள்கை விளக்க குறிப்பில் தகவல்

#SunNews | #TNAssembly
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#DelhiCourt has rejected the anticipatory bail application of President of Hindu Raksha Dal, #PinkyChaudhary , under investigation for his role in the Jantar Mantar Anti-Muslim sloganeering incident.

Court observed that,"we are not in a Taliban state. " Image
"Rule of law is sacrosanct governing principle in our plural and multi cultural society," added Court.

"While the whole of India is celebrating AZADI KA AMRUT
MAHOTSAV, there are some minds still chained with intolerant and self centric, beliefs," noted Court

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IEBC has gazetted Election Campaign Contribution and Spending Limits for parties and candidates. Presidential Candidates may raise and spend upto Kshs. 4.4Billion. Nairobi Gubernatorial Candidates may raise and spend upto Kshs. 117Million. 1/9
Individual contributions must not exceed 20% of the prescribed spending limits. This is to avoid moneyed contributors single handedly financing and owning candidates and creating a possibility of quid pro quo post-election corruption. 2/9
Remember, all contributions and spending can only be done by IEBC authorised Expenditure Committees. Any money raised and spent outside the Expenditure Committee is ILLEGAL and constitutes an offence punishable by a fine of upto Ksh. 2M or 5yrs imprisonment. 3/9
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#JustIn | Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma speaks to Mizoram CM Zoramthanga regarding the Assam-Mizoram border dispute

"#Assam will maintain status quo and peace; have expressed my willingness to visit Aizawl and discuss these issues," tweets Assam CM @himantabiswa Image
"Hon'ble @himantabiswa ji, as discussed I kindly urge that Assam Police be instructed to withdraw from Vairengte for the safety of civilians," tweeted Mizoram Chief Minister @ZoramthangaCM

More here:… Image
Reports Of Firing At Assam-Mizoram Border; Chief Ministers' Twitter Fight… Image
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#JustIn | India and China had frank exchange of views on the situation along LAC in eastern #Ladakh: MEA on diplomatic talks on border standoff with #China

Both sides agreed on need to find early resolution to remaining issues along LAC in eastern #Ladakh: MEA on diplomatic talks with China

Both sides agreed to maintain dialogue for mutually acceptable solution for complete disengagement in all friction points: MEA on talks with #China

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"Today’s meeting on #JammuAndKashmir was conducted in a very cordial environment. Everyone expressed their commitment to democracy and the constitution. It was stressed to strengthen the democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir": Home Minister @AmitShah
"We are committed to ensure all-round development of J&K. The future of #JammuAndKashmir was discussed and the delimitation exercise and peaceful elections are important milestones in restoring statehood as promised in parliament," Home Minister Amit Shah
#JustIn | PM Modi tweets after meeting with J&K leaders: "Important step in ongoing efforts towards a developed and progressive J&K"

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