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"One thing I learned early how many people with large audiences are just bullshitting in a confident tone of voice. It's very easy to make a name for yourself that way. The path of integrity takes more work, and not many take it." -- @caitoz…
Crop harvests for direct food use insufficient to meet the UN’s food security goal…
#GlobalFoodSystem, #FoodSecurity, #UnitedNationsGoals, #HarvestCalories, #DirectFood
Life Cycle of Strawberry Plants: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2022)…
#LifeCycle, #StrawberryPlants, #DefinitiveGuide
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In a district that has more black people than Latinos (WA-9,) Suspected #AntiBlackRacism candidate @ElectGallardo is running for Congress so that she can help immigrants. Not Americans. She doesn’t mention black people at all. #dragGallardo Get to work family!! #FBA #Freedmen
You can also add Suspected #AntiBlackRacism candidate for CA-52 @Vazquez4CA52 to the list. He’s using that black and brown, underrepresented community word salad language.
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@OlufemiOTaiwo and @LesterSpence at @redemmas ask, "Why philosophy for radical change?" and discuss what Taiwo calls the constructive view: Our planetary structure was built by the slave trade. The scale of #reparations should match that
They compare the incremental vision of Conyers to the broader one of Detroit's Reparations Ray.
Taiwo admits he gets +confused w each passing year about class/race debate. He responds: as a historical matter of fact, the organizing forces (enslaving) of this planet did so in a racially stratified way. That's this world. Not everything is race or class, but it's one history.
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The concept of structural racism was conceived for a reason... the civil rights movement did make some important, positive changes, but it also taught white people to hide the racism in our behavior and in the institutions we run. Every TYPE of organization has racist versions
currently operating in this country--I believe that. There are racist businesses, government, education, philanthropy, churches, whatever you can think of. You can't whack-a-mole your way to racial equity. You need a radical--from the roots--shake-up that reorganizes everything.
Nothing fits that bill like #Reparations. Literally nothing. And you can be sure that the closer we get to it, the more distractions and destruction we will see to avoid it happening. But #Reparations is coming--even though some people would rather see this whole nation burn to
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“While operating without financial resources, Grills said the task force, YCG and A/B partners were in the process of finalizing contracts and were ready to proceed with directions from the nine-member panel.”…
“Everything came to a halt at our March meeting,” Grills said. “Unfortunately, we may have put a negative spin on the reputations of communications firms that have spent years building credibility.” 👀🤦🏾‍♂️…
There should be more community support for federal #reparations legislation. Why would anyone have to hire a PR firm to galvanize community outreach efforts? This work starts on the ground. Canvassing, knocking on doors, volunteering in community events, sponsorships etc.
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🧵Threading the second day of #AB3121 notes here! 🧵

It's day 2 of the April CA #Reparations Task Force meeting in San Francisco.

The Task Force will discuss its first report📜and how they plan educate the public about their work 👨🏿‍🏫📢.

Here's the agenda:
And we're off!

Public comment is now beginning🎙️. In-person first, then they'll be taking comments by phone ☎️.

To call in, dial 877-226-8215 and enter this participant code: 5981272. An operator will tell you what to do from from there.
Community outreach, or the lack thereof, is a hot topic today in the public comments. Later this afternoon, the Task Force is expected to talk about its plan for public education.

Here is Cheryce Cryer on the topic:
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🧵 Threading today's #AB3121 notes here! 🧵

California's #reparations Task Force is meeting in ✨San Francisco✨ today and tomorrow at @ThirdBaptistSF.

This morning begins with public comment from 9:05-10:05.

Live Stream:
Things are were off to a slow start at @ThirdBaptistSF this morning, but now roll call is getting started.
Rev. Dr. Amos Brown says he is "peacock proud and elephant elated" to have the first in-person reparations task force meeting here at @ThirdBaptistSF, where he is the Pastor.
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Tomorrow at 9am the first in-person* meeting of the CA Task Force studying #reparations for Black Californians will take place at Third Baptist Church (@ThirdBaptistSF) in San Francisco.

I'll be there with @bethlaberge for @KQEDnews. Will you be there?
For background on the meeting 👂 here:
Wondering what's gonna be talked about?

Here's the agenda:
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Here's problem I have with black immigrants. I've been saying this in various ways for three years. What is their exit or reentry plan? They are fleeing the most resource rich continent on the earth to land in white countries whose only goal is to keep wealth & resource white.
Historically, African & Caribbean nations have always been self interested when it comes to Black Americans (Freedmen). But they open their doors & resources to all other ethnicities. Black countries do not offer citizenship or economic opportunities to Black Americans (Freedmen)
Here in the U.S. black immigrants believe they are on the ladder to economic freedom, but to what extent & for how long? The U.S. is a country where the OVERWHELMING majority of the wealth is under white control & all the other immigrants who are here are willing to accept their
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Okay, here we go. Thread!

I'm observing an emerging narrative. There's truth in it,
but not the whole story.

A narrative, that states, the movement and progress
that reparations have made come from the political
education of the founders, Yvette Carnell & Antonio
Moore. (1/x)
This is a fact. Ms. Carnell & Mr. Moore have provided
invaluable political education that galvanized many
thousands of us into political action. (2/x)
The number of groups that represent the contemporary
reparations movement can look to the brilliant education
from the founders of ADOS as their starting point. (3/x)
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The Black Conservative: A black conservative journalist responds to David Horowitz's article, "Ten Reasons Why #Reparations for #Slavery is a Bad Idea and Racist Too".…
There Go Crazy Miss Daisy.

"Why y'all Blacks complaining 'bout slavery, now? The cotton has been picked and sold, we got iPhones now, and economies running on full speed; y'all should've asked for reparations - during slavey -- or at least during Jim Crow?"
A Black Libertarian view on reparations for centuries of slavery -- free labor

The Case Against Reparations

"America owes black people more than it has given—but reparations aren’t the answer."…
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#RoyalVisitJamaica made u want 2find out more about Jamaica, Britain, slavery, wealth & #Reparations ? Search: Legacies of British Slavery website. It tracks who the slave-owners were 1763-1834 & how they invested ££. THREAD: how 2use it 2research #Jamaica
To find out more about the slave-owners who claimed 4 £20 million compensation from Brit gov for their 'property' in people at the end of slavery in 1834 click on the 'Advanced Search' tab & select 'Jamaica' from the 'Colony' drop down menu in the 'Claims' section.
There were 13,188 claims (out of 46,000) made relating to Jamaica. Slave-owners & their creditors received the bulk of the ££. If you're interested in a particular parish narrow down the search by using the drop down menu for 'Parish' and selecting the place you are interested in
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Did #Reparations save the Jewish community? 🤔

#StopAntiBlackAmericanHate Image
This was a show to “debate” callers’ #Reparations arguments. Not only do the hosts lack historical context on anti-ADOS discrimination codified into American law & the data, they believe we’re only owed $2.1T.

Every rebuttal was based on racist stereotypes & bootstrapper beliefs
A prev caller tried to quote Antonio Moore’s data on the % of Black immigrants in the US prior to 1965 & JT said he was very familiar w/ his work.

He proceeded to responded to almost every caller w/ anti-ADOS rhetoric & repeated how financial literacy is needed.🥴
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"What we know is that violence has drivers. And one of the drivers is the inability to meet one's economic needs--poverty…” 1/
- Jamila Hodge, @EJUSA

#blackfortunelentenseries #race #raceinAmerica #racialjustice #reparations #truthseeker #truthteller…
“And so it is not surprising that Black people, who have had life, land, and labor stolen for generations disproportionately make up those who are impacted by violence.” 2/
- Jamila Hodge, @EJUSA

#blackfortunelentenseries #raceinAmerica #racialjustice #reparations #truthteller
“And in thinking about the issue of safety, what we know is that safety is more than the absence of violence. It's the presence of community wellbeing; it is thriving communities." 3/ - Jamila Hodge, @EJUSA

#Lent2022 #blackfortunelentenseries #race #reparations #truthteller
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#tdih 1865 the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands was established in the War Department "to undertake the relief effort and the unprecedented social reconstruction that would bring freedpeople to full citizenship." ⬇️
Freedmen’s Bureau issued food & clothing, operated hospitals, helped locate family members, promoted education, legalized marriages, supervised labor contracts, settled freed people on abandoned or confiscated lands, & more. See records at @USNatArchives:… black text on white backgro...
Imagine if everyone whose knowledge, skills, & labor had been stolen for generations, for centuries — had been compensated as Richard Brown was promised in doc ⬇️ to “take possession of & occupy forty acres of land, situated in St. Andrews Parish, Island of James.” #reparations Land Order, April 1, 1865 ....
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My answer to if Black Americans are doing enough to help #Ukraine
Yesterday 👇🏾 I said I would be watching #SOTU 2C how the needs of Black Americans would be addressed (the same way Biden had a SPECIFIC message 4 Black ppl when he ran) whenever it comes down to money for Black ppl like #Reparations it's no but Ukraine will receive BILLIONS
Part 3 The question was asked if Black people should do more in #Ukraine since everyone marched for Black people in 2020. My response
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@FloydiesNFT is another example of how #America views ADOS lives; even in death we’re denied peaceful rest.

@SFMayorsOffice @LondonBreed What are you doing about @SFPDCentral support of this racist trope?

Why is this account still active? @Twitter

#Metaverse #Slavery #Racism ImageImage
@Twitter Why is @MetaSlaveNFT, in which has changed to @MetaHumanWorld, still active?

#MetaverseNFT #Slavery Image
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Gothamist/WNYC covered #reparations today and featured some of my work to push for it in NY.

I read the comments and a lot of people wrote that New Yorkers shouldn’t have to pay for reparations because “most didn’t own slaves”.


A thread! 🧵…
There’s a huge misconception that because NYC is left leaning, there was either no slavery or that if there was, it wasn’t “violent” like the South.

Neither is true.

NYC had the LARGEST population of enslaved black people of any American city outside of the South.
Enslaved black people built the foundations of what NYC is today.
Wall Street was literally a wall that was built by enslaved black people. NY companies were involved in the slave trade.

NYC also has a very violent history during and after the antebellum period… Image
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This is the perfect place to start a THREAD...

Historical attempts to sue the American government & others for #Reparations
An invaluable .pdf on past attempts to litigate for #Reparations

By Eric J. Miller highlighting Professor Charles J. Olgetree Jr's work...…

Cato's complaint seeks compensation $100,000,000 for forced, ancestral indoctrination into a foreign society;  kidnapping of ancestors from Africa;  forced labor;  breakup of families;  removal of traditional values;  deprivations of freedom...…
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Grab your coffee ☕️ and your water (let's stay hydrated!).

California's Task Force on #Reparations #AB3121 is starting!

Beginning with public comment followed by a panel on mental health.

Tips on how to participate can be found here:…
Here's the link to log in:…

And here's today's agenda:…
As per usual, we're beginning with public comment from now until 10:05

*If you want to participate in public comment login via BlueJeans and use the raise hand function.
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Black(#ADOS) communities were shut out of entrepreneurial investments in the seafood industry during #Reconstruction. “Bohemian”, or Romanian/Yugoslavian immigrants, migrated to Biloxi, MS from Baltimore, MD. to offset The Natl. Child Labor Comm’s ruling.…
The National Child Labor Committee was formed in 1904 to combat the growing number of children who were working in what would be considered shocking and appalling conditions today; especially in Mississippi’s seafood industry.…
“In the Child Labor Bulletin for 1912 and 1913, Hine stressed the importance of bringing the abuses and mistreatment of child labor practices to an end.”…
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A short thread about imperial attitudes and how Africa was carved up by European occupiers… 🧐🧵 #BritishEmpire #history #Africa
I’ve tweeted before about Major Sir Claude MacDonald (pic above)… He’s one of the main figures in my new book BLOOD AND BRONZE because he led the initial formal British occupation of what is now southern Nigeria. #BeninBronzes #history @HurstPublishers…
I regard MacDonald as a cut above the average imperial official, but nonetheless he was guilty of some horrendous acts, which have been largely obscured or forgotten in the archives. ⬇️😖 #Nigeria #BritishEmpire #history #ColonialViolence
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Guess what came yesterday!

I opened the box on my kitchen table next to my family wall, where pictures of ancestors and beloved family remind me who I am every day.

30 yrs of research
4 yrs of writing

#fortunebook @BrazosPress #truthtelling #reparations #belovedcommunity

Fortune: How Race Broke My Family And The World—And How To Repair It All is a gift to the generations before and the generations to come.


I gave first copy to my mother, Sharon Lawrence Harper, an incredible writer in her own right. She’s been my partner in this family research journey and is the one who discovered our likely connection to Fortune Game/Magee.

#FortuneBook @BrazosPress

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We've come to a time in the United States where any non-historical, stagnant analysis of the racial wealth gap is outdated in 3-6 months. White wealth has been growing at lightening speed for years.
@tonetalks provided an excellent breakdown of the Federal Reserve's "Distribution of Household Wealth in the U.S. Since 1989"

Wealth 101: From Biden to Obama - the Truth about Boomer Wealth Transfers to Millennials #ADOS #ADOSAF
It inspired me to go back thru the chart & I took note of a few patterns. From 1990-2001, white wealth grew at about $1 trillion/yr, with exceptions in 1997 & 1999. 2002 is 1st yr in over a decade where whites had a loss of $0.88 trillion.…
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