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Ten #MMT tips to remember on #TaxDay:
1. Federal #taxes don't fund federal spending, so let's #decouple these two important tools.
2. Taxes offset #Government spending.
3. It's a matter of #logic: #dollars must be spent into existence (by the Gov) first, in order for us to use some of those $ to pay taxes
4. #Taxing for #revenue is for local states/municipalities, not the #sovereign issuer of the #currency.
5. Taxing excessive wealth protects #democracy from #Oligarchy and protects us from abusive market power
6. Taxing #pollution & #speculation to reduce such activities, not to "fund" #healthcare and #education.
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#EPlenary today made history by recognising fundamental rights of black people in landmark resolution overwelmingly adopted by 535 MEPs.

The 1st time #EU denounces structural racism, call for #reparations and to end racial profiling. #EndRacismEU #EUelections2019 #AfricanDescent
“The ball is now in their court: we need concrete action plans and specific measures now." @amelyacef , Chair of ENAR

Read our statement: ”…

#EndRacismEU #EUelections2019
“The resolution calls for concrete action from European Union institutions and EU Member States."

Read our statement:… #EndRacismEU #EUelections2019
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Reparations? Who is @SenWarren @ewarren pandering to?

She wants victims-by-proxy for dead slaves, but does nothing to stop modern slavery and sex trafficking of live slaves, real victims who can be saved.

Anything to divide us. #PatriotsUnited! 1 of 4…
Anyone old enough to remember that Kamala had a "anti-lynching" bill pending that was going nowhere so Jussie Smollett tried to play the race card and got bagged bigly?

That was all to lay the groundwork for this #reparations nonsense.

#WAKEUPAMERICA #DemExit #QAnon 2 of 4
Dem's want to make sheeple victim-by-proxy for dead slaves while ignoring ongoing misery.

600k white men died in our civil war to end slavery. My ancestors went from Maine to fight.

That they even talk about it shows how stupid and desperate for votes they are.
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1. On #Reparations, the legit orgs to follow & support 👉🏿 & @ReparationsComm.

- @ministter

"There are external forces intent on sowing confusion to suppress the Black vote to favor the ascendancy of these reactionary forces."

- @ReparationsComm #HR40
2. Our struggle is a Pan-African struggle because we came from Africa. Reparations require healing. Reparations MUST include @ReparationsComm’s demand for “Right of Repatriation & Creation of an African Knowledge Program”
- M
3. Reparations is not necessarily all about the Benjamins for individuals. Rather it’s about long-term reparatory financial investment in our communities.
- M
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Wow. @nytdavidbrooks for #reparations:
“I’m talking about more than recompense for past injustices—more than a handout,a payoff,hush money,or a reluctant bribe.What I’m talking about is a national reckoning that would lead to spiritual renewal.”-
Those of us who have always supported #reparations certainly know that this is essential to national healing.
Brooks writes: “Reparations are a drastic policy and hard to execute, but the very act of talking about and designing them heals a wound and opens a new story,”

Brooks says: “Lincoln was saying that sometimes the costs of repairing sin have to [be] borne generations after the sin was first committed.”

This marks the first time I have ever agreed with Brooks.
Now we ask how others claiming to be on the left can reject #reparations.
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On #Reparations: Recently, I’ve watched as some white evangelicals have jumped into this conversation with talking points they heard at the dinner table or recently, on Fox News. Neither of these sources should shape our understanding of this biblical concept. 1/
Theologically, #reparation is about repairing what oppression broke in the world. 2/ @FreedomRoadus
In Abrahamic traditions God declares what perfection looks like in Genesis 1:31. God looks around and declared all of creation “very good” (tov m’od). Tov (good) is located BETWEEN THINGS. M’od (very) translated actually means forceful, abundant, overflowing. 3/ @FreedomRoadus
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#Decolonising #Development must be approached against a dual background of (a) optimistic anticolonial pushbacks like #RhodesMustFall & (b) renewed, frantic & violent attempts to hold on to the 'white man's world' - @o_rutazibwa opens the last #SussexDev lecture of 2017 @IDS_UK
@o_rutazibwa @IDS_UK The 'bathwater' here is #development as a system (ideologies, institutions, practices) which we may need to get rid of; we need to fight the desire to hold on to 'development studies' even if it has given us our professional identities (and paychecks) @o_rutazibwa #SussexDev
@o_rutazibwa @IDS_UK The 'baby' in this story is the ideas, desires and energy - global #justice, #solidarity, #reparations - righting the past and present wrongs that persist 'after' colonialism (the end of which was never quite the rupture we sometimes imagine) - @o_rutazibwa #SussexDev
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