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‘Media Bias Fact Check’ Smears WikiLeaks, Supports Western Propaganda Machine…
Within days of this outlet’s coverage of the #IntegrityInitiative, the website ‘#MediaBiasFactCheck‘ produced an updated page appraising Disobedient Media as right-leaning, supportive of conspiracy theories, and “supportive of #Guccifer2.0.”
In characterizing @DisobedientNews as a hard-right news source, a smear lands on not only the writers producing work with this outlet, but also those whose stories this outlet has covered.
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Opinion: In A Sane World #BrendaSnipes Would Be In Prison, Not Reinstated…
No doubt many of us are thoroughly sick of hearing about the ongoing litany of Brenda Snipes’s corruption. After going unprosecuted for her multiple felonies spanning at least two elections, she now has the gall to play the victim for being ousted by Rick Scott.
Snipes went so far as to appear with #DebbieWassermanSchultz on the campaign trail just prior to the November elections.

Imagine the outrage that would have ensued if #Trump had campaigned with #Putin in the weeks before the 2016 Presidential election.
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#TimCanova Contests The Results Of Congressional Race Against #WassermanSchultz, Calls For Revote…
From the article: "Unlike the faux “#Resistance” against fictional #Russiancollusion or #Russianhacking, Canova is the singular example of real resistance against actual US election rigging in one of the most corrupt political fiefdoms in the country."
You can read the full complaint here, via the #Canova campaign website:…
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Opinion: Why A Revote Is Necessary After #BrendaSnipes Resigns Amid Florida’s Midterm Insanity…
Some have accused #BrendaSnipes and her affiliates of falsifying ballots ‘as needed,’ dubbing the practice the ‘Brenda Snipes Process,’ which was allegedly used routinely in order to ensure a desired election outcome.

If such accusations have merit, it could explain a photograph taken on the day of voting, where a woman was reported to have identified herself as working for the elections department, asking if the polling site had enough ‘literature’ for DWS -

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Back at the ranch in Florida, this case 👇 has been reopened 🔥
Brenda Snipes Answer to Case...
Official Complaint

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@LauraLoomer, Brenda Snipes is member of Mount Olive Baptist Church where she was ALLEGEDLY meeting with Andrew Gillum today! #BrendaSnipes
More evidence that Brenda Snipes is a member of Mount Olive Baptist Church where Andrew Gillum held his "Count Every Vote" rally this evening and where he allegedly met Ms Snipes this evening!… @LauraLoomer
Watch @LauraLoomer's coverage of Andrew Gillum's "Count Every Vote" rally where he and Brenda Snipes were allegedly meeting at Mount Olive Baptist Church where she is KNOWN to be a member!
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#BrendaSnipes is a perfect example of how action needs to be taken on a local level. If you live in #Broward you have to make your voice heard and not just on twitter. File complaints. Make phone calls. Go to city halls. Be factual and professional. #StopTheSteal
We are up against bureaucracies which means you have to fight with their rules. All government agencies have ways to officially complain. It’s not as exciting perhaps as “retweets” but if everyone starts to hold these people accountable via paper trail you might be surprised.
Democrats drive me insane BUT they mobilize and get 10 friends to write letters blah blah they that’s why and how they get people to resign. You don’t need a lawyer or money to shake these people up YOU pay them YOU vote them in or out.
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Thread 1/5 On Friday a judge ruled that the destruction of ballots in @Tim_Canova race was illegal. The judge said that #BrendaSnipes the #BrowardCounty Supervisor of Elections' defenses were “without substance in fact or law."…
2/5 @MarcACaputo @politico is reporting that @FLGovScott says he will have #BrendaSnipes the #BrowardCounty Supervisor of Elections' office monitored.…
3/5 The winning case is built around multiple public records requests that I did & one that @Tim_Canova and I filed together. I wanted to examine #ballots in his race due to statistical irregularities a #data team I led found in the #election results
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