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Thread. People wonder why I am anti Brexit. Because it wrecked my business almost overnight. I am a U.K. based art dealer who sells to thousands of customers across the EU. 99% of my customers are EU based and before #brexit it was no issue. Like selling to a customer in Hull. 1/
But after #brexit, it fell apart. Instead of taking 4 days from U.K. to customer receiving in, say, Naples, it takes up to 4 weeks. Instead of sticking on a label and posting, I have to fill out multiple invoices and customs declarations. A parcel costing £14 inc VAT to Italy 2/
before #brexit now costs £22 with no VAT. Instead of a customer receiving it and hanging it on their wall, they receive a customs notification demanding import duty, handling fee and 20% VAT before they get it. Approx €230 extra for a €1000 item. Before #brexit they paid 3/
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Labour talks down the prospect of nationalising public services and says it wants to take a more market-based approached.
Whichever way you look at it Jacob and Keir, Brexit is sh*t
Keir Starmer and Jacob Rees-Mogg say Brexit has benefits: what are they?…
An analysis by the University of Sussex Trade Policy Observatory found that the UK's Brexit losses were 178 times bigger than any gains from new agreements, with all deals combined worth less than 50p per person a year.
Very curious to see how this article goes down.
Pretty sure hitching your wagon to Rees-Mogg's star is going to suck you into a black hole.
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Today marks the anniversary of the withdrawal agreement.

Two years on from this and there is no denying that Brexit has been a historic mistake.

We were promised sunlit uplands but instead we are far worse off.

Thread 👇
We have been left with:

✅Empty shelves
✅ Empty pumps
✅ Empty pockets

...and a heap of unfulfilled, empty promises.…
Brexit highlights:

✅Disaster for trade
✅ Price increases
✅ Queues at the border
✅ Increased, not reduced, red tape
✅ Lower standards

On the queues at Dover one driver said: ‘It’s entirely Brexit – you can’t blame it on anything else but Brexit.’…
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This shows why traitors like Matthew and Sarah Elliott vested interests in changing UK politics to far right libertarianism takes years of serious planning Read/RT #ToryScum
Brexit-Loving Koch Acolytes Are Getting Rich Off Climate Change Denial in the UK…
Elliotts took funding from Koch and Mercer to pave the way towards smaller Govt and climate denial/deregulation, remember how #COP26 went tits up? The Tories have opened the floodgates to intense fossil fuel mining in the north sea, paid by corporate free market libertarians.
Sheer number of right wing think tanks supposedly non profit are keen to hide who their funders are, it is a scandal of the highest degree that corporate money dictates Govt policy, Brexit would not have happened if legislation was in place to stop disaster capitalist wreak havoc
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In 2017 I wrote ‘how can it be settled when everyone wants something different?’. This still feels like a relevant question. The oven ready deal appears to be not what they wanted after all. Did the words in the deal magically appear altered to different people? 1/
Others want special treatment for their industries. Fisheries got stuffed, it’s not what they voted for! Farmers got stuffed, they wanted something else and now they want special visas and will need help to stay in business. 2/
The DUP wanted …. well I don’t know what they wanted - I am totally confused by their constantly evolving contradictions. Frost and Johnson invented the NIP and told us it was brilliant, now Frost says it’s rubbish. Another confused soul! 3/
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Britain is the Basil Fawlty of the world, without any of the clever lines. The EU is Sybil.
#BrexitIsntWorking #BrexitShambles #FawltyTowers
Manuel has returned to Spain, where he has a good job.
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Don’t forget from today you MUST have the EXD/SSD documents to enter any port to get into the EU

Chances are you won’t be allowed into the port without it

Oh - and 24 hours notice is needed to get it ready . Just in time ? Nope - gone

Take back control #BrexitIsntWorking
Quote :

The details necessary for us to make the declaration on your behalf must be provided to us via a template (available upon request) at least 24 hours before the unit is sent to the port. The vehicle must not arrive at Dover until the EXS declaration has been created
You will need to submit an ‘arrived’ Exit Summary Declaration which removes the requirement to submit a separate arrival message in CHIEF. To do this, you will need to submit an Export Full Declaration in CHIEF using the new Customs Procedure Code (CPS) 1/2
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@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone I think you have missed the essential point that we have now passed peak Brexit. From now on only the disastrous reality will come at us from all sides. 57% already were Remainers on the day we joined. Soon a huge majority will hate Brexit. I expect poll tax riots response level
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Already the biggest vote winner, fish , has turned out to be a disaster. We’ve ended up with a FTA smaller than the UK itself. Gibraltar joined Schengen, Falklands shafted. UK regions never wanted It. #BrexitReality . #Brexitbenefits , there are none. #Brexitears from now on
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Remember too, this was a Tory internal civil war foisted on an uninterested country that they only won because of the #Austeridiocy policy falsely foisted after the financial crash. It was a protest vote. There are no benefits to Brexit. It’s a #ToryBrexitShambles .
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