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A great UCL lecture on Neoliberalism, a system whose underlying ideology is market fundamentalism. Post-Brexit encapsulates this to a T, the weakening of public power by ceding it to private power, public money transferred to private hands. #BrexitReality
Just like Trump and Johnson, Neoliberalism is two-faced, freedom for some, oppressive force for others. Main culprits were ideological enemies of social egalitarianism and managed capitalism, Adam Smith and Margaret Thatcher. >
> It was they who leapfrogged the work of economist John Maynard Keynes who exposed the folly of imposing austerity as policy via crises. Why? For Free market corporate hegemony, deregulation, laissez-faire/anarcho-capitalism and the belief that markets will regulate themselves.
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Inbound tourism from the EU is already down because of a passport requirements

What shall we do to resolve this?


I've travelled quite a bit, and paying fees to enter a country hasn't put me off because I've wanted to go there. But its usually a one off, and far away.

Charging our neighbours, when we are already losing tourists because of Brexit, is nuts. It will reduce tourism from the EU.

Pre-Brexit, EU/EEA citizens could use a National ID to visit the UK

Post-Brexit, EU/EEA citizens now need a passport

The British have always needed a passport because we don't have a National ID…
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🚨"UK failure to create post-Brexit chemical regulations risks ‘irreparable damage". New important but grim #brexitreality story by @pmdfoster on the (failed) attempts by UKG to create an affordable post-Brexit regulatory regime for the chem industry. 🧵…
1) "After Brexit, the UK quit the EU’s Reach chemical management system but has delayed the introduction of its own arrangements after a government impact assessment discovered it would cost the industry a [staggering] £2bn to duplicate the safety data already held in Brussels." Image
2) "However, attempts to broker a deal with industry to reduce the cost of re-registering 22,400 chemicals with a copycat UK “Reach” system run by the government’s Health and Safety Executive are failing to bear fruit". Image
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Property tycoon Ivan Ko hopes to find site for a charter city named Nextpolis between Dublin and Belfast to host 50,000 fellow Hong Kongers #brexit…
China’s recent imposition of national security laws in the region has prompted many Hongkongers to consider leaving. The British government has promised to provide assistance and relocation.
A department of foreign affairs spokesperson in Dublin confirmed there had been talks with Ko but appeared to pour cold water on the idea.
But don't assume there won't be many more property/city developers eyeing post-Brexit deregulated 3rd country UK to install slave cities.
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Shanker Singham, 'once the new (de)regulatory framework is set, it cannot be undone'. Tories have stakes in many properties, once they are ejected from Govt they will team up with property giants to run whole regions of the UK beyond Govt reach. #Brexit
Don't assume Labour isn't involved either. The enterprise/full fat/investment zone is the next post-Brexit nightmare that will install a patchwork of mini-sovereignty's eventually rendering the UK as one big tax haven.…
'Discipline over democracy' Lee Kuan Yew said 'Growth must come before sharing, let some people get rich first'. Tories 'growth and prosperity BS is to prevent 'Govt interventionism' it's all about putting profit share over wage share with new private laws
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Sunak’s Freeports and SEZs have a worrying legacy behind them that goes back to British colonial rule of Hong Kong, Friedman’s Mont Pelerin Society and transatlantic interests in maintaining extreme capital accumulation at the expense of democratic oversight.
The 99 year lease on the New Territories was about to expire in 1997, libertarians were panicking, Thatcher hoped that China would renew the lease on this exceptional zone to preserve international liberty and capital gains off shored to Bermuda, a compromise was reached.
The British claimed Hong Kong as the prize of the 1st Opium War in 1842, the spoils of which were a harbour named Victoria that was transformed into an economic hub serving the drug trade.
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Brexit bringing you.......rationing.
Rationing in 2023, are you at war UK?
Asda and Morrisons ration fresh produce including tomatoes and peppers…
Depriving a country of food for a few days is dangerous and irresponsible, civil unrest was predicted in Operation Yellowhammer. Be aware that the House of Lords just thwarted Govt's restrictive bill on protesting rights.…
Johnson's social Darwinism in action. 'Underclasses' to be subjugated and deprived. This underpins an economic agenda of elevating and perpetuating the ‘fittest’ groups – while finding ways to manage, control and diminish the ‘underclass’. #BrexitReality
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Sorry, but so long as Tories and Labour refuse to acknowledge the obvious need to rejoin the Single Market, meetings like this are nothing more than delusional get-togethers down a pro-Brexit rabbit hole.
"The highly unusual cross-party nature of the gathering reflects a growing acceptance that Brexit in its current form is damaging the UK economy and reducing its strategic influence in the world."
Witnessing two pro-Brexit parties discussing how to 'make Brexit work' while dismissing any return to the Single Market is like watching a bunch of medieval theologians discussing how many angels can sit on the head of a pin.
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📢On the eve of the 3-year anniversary of the UK's departure from the EU, I commissioned an Opinion Paper from 2 eminent UK lawyers who worked in the EU for @VoteTrueAndFair
Press release

Addressing #Brexit Problems Paper

The Paper shows that all the tools to fix the #Brexitdamage across almost every sector already exist in clauses within agreements both sides signed up to, in the NIP and TCA.

But are being wilfully ignored by Sunak to placate a small faction of purists #BrexitReality

The #Brexit Paper authored by Ian Forrester KC & Eleanor Sharpston KC uses examples of fixes for:
Touring #musicians
The #Erasmus programme
Increasing mobility rights for under 30s
The services sector
#Security and intelligence
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Thread to capture what we learnt about the negative impact of brexit on Britain in 2022

#BrexitReality #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitHasFailed Image

On the first day of Christmas brexit gave to us

A £1 trillion drop in the value of the London stock exchange…

On the second day of Christmas brexit gave to us

A £2 billion bill for the UK chemical industry to recreate what they already had as part of the EU

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Tories represent a grotesque distortion of high office, warped libertarian ideology honed for decades by economists and implemented through think tanks masquerading under charity status, using public money! Could it really get any worse? Wait til REUL Bill kicks in Dec 2023
Please watch @CSBarnard24 Prof of EU and Employment Law explain why REUL Bill is an unprecedented far right attack on the rule of law, why the Tories will have nothing in place and what the ensuing chaos will bring for the entire country. #BrexitDisaster
R/w thinking behind charter cities exploits philanthropy that privately run cities will alleviate poverty, don't be fooled, they are a deregulation nightmare hatched by libertarian economists to install corporate rule beyond Govt reach. #BrexitReality
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This is about as clear as the wine trade can make it. @brexit is destroying the UK wine industry and bearing in mind the UK was the main international hub pre Brexit the pathetic reply from @Jacob_Rees_Mogg demonstrates just how out of touch he is. Now the facts.
The barriers to trade this wine trade professional refers to is the endless paperwork and costs it incurs. To be clear pre-Brexit their just one document an EAD for EU and three for non EU.
Today for EU there are 5 documents (proforma, EU EAD, EU MRN, UK CDS Entry with MRN UK and UK ARC) which all require specialist brokers or trained people to complete. To be able to complete and do the UK documents you need the following…
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Seeing as this has come round again, here are two charts of what's actually happened to #food prices in the UK and EU over the last few years... 🤓

First, in levels 👇 (1/3)

Second, annual #food #inflation rates 👇

(The differences, such as they are, can largely be explained by currency movements) (2/3)
And here are the links to the original data:……

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EU was 25 per cent of my sales pre Brexit. Now 0.001 per cent. That 0.001 per cent contributes 95 per cent of delivery issues. Today @UKLabour I ceased trading with the EU. Tried to make Brexit work. It doesnt. Not voting for a party that tells me to make Brexit work. 1/2
For clarity I retail on a major online marketplace where I am in their top 100 vintage sellers worldwide and top 5 in the UK
Long game bollox doesnt put food on the table today. It doesnt pay ever increasing bills today. I will support and campaign for a party at the next election that acknowledges Brexit isnt working and to grow we need to be at the very least in the SM and CU 3/4
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Four million people have watched the @FT film on the Brexit effect in two weeks.

Why did it go viral?

Because it deals in facts - no platform for those who might try to distort the truth. Just #brexitreality for business and the economy

Britain negotiated one of the hardest, least-aligned versions of Brexit possible. The economic costs of that have become increasingly apparent
Until the UK signed the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU in January 2020, British businesses could still trade easily with European customers. That changed overnight and many small companies were forced to make difficult decisions
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Total fucking libertarian anarchy...during crises.
These people are economic terrorists, what comes next is even more terrifying, the total privatisation and commodification of the UK under corporate hegemony. #BrexitReality…
There is a next stage, charter cities, the dirty secret lurking in Truss's investment zones. Hayek said in order for Libertarian interests to prosper think tanks must never disclose their true agendas publicly, this is happening as Truss's time runs out.
Distraction is key, economic disasters are the accelerant, cherries on top were Covid and even more obscene setting the blame on the Ukraine war, refugees, anit growth coalition, anything but admit their plans of libertarian exit from democracy itself.
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“economy is exhibiting comorbidities of a badly botched Brexit that weakened resistance to shocks. When markets were spooked last week, little could reassure them” @robertshrimsley

Brexit ideology lies behind the UK’s market rout

Zingers in🧵
“The desperate pursuit of unorthodox growth strategies was driven in part by the 4 per cent hit to productivity over 15 years that has been consistently ascribed to the Brexit deal” @robertshrimsley
“This is what happens .if you spend 6 years chipping away at the institutions that underpin political stability, unlawfully suspending parliament, sniping at the judiciary and eroding checks and balances

you cannot be surprised if investors start to worry”
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The UK's 'Don't Look Up' moment is on a permanent unending loop, it's a tactic the libertarian radical right have unleashed on an otherwise unsuspecting public, massive distraction techniques while they rapidly accelerate all out disaster capitalism during crises. #BrexitReality
Mogg's restructuring of sovereignty, of taking back control didn't quite reveal it's true intention. Rewriting laws to favour corporate hegemony paving the way for the privatisation of the entire UK.
Do you know what a charter city is? Ask your friends.
Just as VoteLeave campaign was proven to be fraudulent, successive waves of corruption, corporate heists, lockdown scandals, conflicts of interest were put into practice, copied from libertarians like Tom Bell and Paul Romer, why? To capture and hold hostage an entire country.
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Is it extreme to want for your kids to study and work in the EU? #ErasmusPlus
Is it extreme to want touring musicians to be able to travel and play in the EU without a carnet for every musical instrument and untold restrictions on shipping the kits? @eufestivaluk
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Can we talk about how INSANE this is?

The Tories took us out of the EU, so we now have to do (by ourselves) all the things we used to do together as 28 countries sharing the load (e.g. trade negotiations, GPS systems etc).

And now they're saying we need a SMALLER civil service!
The idea that you can leave a shared administration of 28 countries, so that you can do everything by yourself, but expect to save money and resources is just madness.

Bus vs Taxi

I explained this a long time ago:
And yet here's Jacob Rees-Mogg complaining that the Civil Service has gotten bigger since we "took back control".

It's almost as if more "control" needs more hands!…
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A thread. 1/ Here’s my prediction for Liz Truss’ tenure as leader of the Conservatives (I’ll not legitimize her role as PM because she wasn’t voted to be so by the country). She won’t last til the next election. The Tories are in real trouble. External world pressures and events
2/ mean they cannot get out of the shit they have created, which has been exacerbated by the Brexit debacle. They have no answer to the cost of living crisis, food and fuel poverty, and the myriad of other issues facing a growing but now significant percentage of the population
3/ It is against their politics to worry about such people. Leveling up is a catchphrase only. To actually do so would demand policies they are just not interested in enacting. If they were they would have done so sometime in the last 12 years - 12 years in which millions of us
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Dear Brexiteers,

The chaos at Dover is EXACTLY what you told us you wanted.


Actually that's not fair.

We chose not to hold up our end on the Brexit border checks because Jacob Rees-Mogg said it would be an "act of self harm".

So actually you told us you wanted WORSE THAN THIS!

And the consequences of the UK NOT doing those checks is that the government might get sued by the ports who already paid to get ready to do them!

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Dover is blaming the French for not having enough resources to check and stamp all the passports prior to boarding, which is a problem entirely caused by #Brexit, voted for by Dover. I’m done with this idiocy.

God it’s all so f***cking mad.
Wrong kind of Brexit, no doubt. Risible.
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UK is fast heading towards a parallel of US evangelical libertarianism. Disenfranchisement of 'unsuitable' voters, suppression of working classes, limited access to educ, ruining local communities by savage spending cuts and environmental devastation (shit in rivers/coastlines).
The billionaire anti democracy movement & it's donor network has galvanized +450 r/w think tanks extreme partisan libertarian ideology which has its roots in early 20th century when Fred Koch sold crude oil separation techniques to Stalin and Hitler in the 1930s. #Libertarian
Economists Hayek, Friedman & Buchanan advised hiding their radical agendas in newly formed think tanks like the IEA, Heritage, Mont Pelerin CATO etc as they knew their proposals would not be accepted by the public and bring unwelcome focus on charity status of these think tanks.
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