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Instagram account "Canadian Gun Vault" posted a photo of a list of electoral ridings with a handgun lying across it.
He is angry about the election, apparently.
I think he might, as they say, "Belong to Intelligence."
he oozes with deception:
When I look up "The Canadian Gun Vault Inc." on socialblade they list some really interesting "similar" channels.
ABC News?
hmmm, you don't say. It means they share something in common.
But what?
/2 When I search "Amazing Polly" these are the results I get.
They make perfect sense.
Anon Rah is there because that channel translates my videos into German and uses my channel name a lot.
The others are self explanatory.
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1) I don’t care who you voted for in this recent election.

Now is the time to heal.

Now is the time to unite. 🇨🇦 #Canada #Unity #PPC @peoplespca
2) Unite against a common enemy to our sovereignty, our freedoms, and our culture of liberty, individualism, justice, prosperity, equality under the law, tolerance, compassion and responsibility.
3) That enemy is a foreign entity hell bent on destroying western civilization and all the values that encompasses, values we cherish, and values we share commonly.
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Let's clear up a Few misconceptions about #PPC.

#Kinsella LIED in the media to mislead you.

1) "The PPC are Nazis".
No. No, we're not.

That word should NEVER be used because it softens and minimizes what the ACTUAL Nazis did. The PPC are not Nazis, we are not Racist.
There is no room for hatred, bigotry or anti-semitism in My PParty.

If you are discovered to be supporting us, you will be asked to leave. We do not need it want the support of Bigots, Racists, or White Supremacists.

Our list of candidates was as diverse as Canada.
2) "The PPC is anti immigrant."
No. No, we're not.

The PPC platform calls for the admission of 100,000 to 150,000 new Canadians each year. Far from Anti Immigrant, these numbers are what our immigration levels WERE 2 decades ago.

We want CONTROLLED and VETTED immigration.
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An #ELXN43 and #PPC related thread:

A lot is currently being said about #Canada "rejecting" populism, particularly by the @globeandmail & other left-leaning outlets; they want to call it a dead party.

How is a 2% party "dead" in its first election?
Let's take a look at the closest analog that we have to the #PPC in #Canada; The #GreenPartyOfCanada.

They were founded in 1983, taking 0.21% in their first federal election; 1984. On that alone the #PPC2019 result was significantly ahead of the first showing of the Greens.
Now, let's take a look at the progression of the #GreenPartyOfCanada to its first #HouseOfCommons seat.

It took them until 2008 to get their first MP in #ElizabethMay; it took them 25 years to get a seat.

Now, the #PPC didn't win a seat, so we can't compare that, however...
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Strangest thing... Hubby just went to vote, said there was no #PPC party on the Ballot 🤔 BC Canada 🇨🇦
Can Anyone Explain? #Canpoli
As long as “You Know who” isn’t PM again, I’ll be very happy...
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1) You're too weak on the Greta Thunberg con job. You not only should have ATTACKED her, you should have doubled down when the CBC used it to shame you.

Now we have your sheep telling people we can't attack her, so I am going to educate you all on this #PPC
2) To start with, yes, she's being used alright, WILLINGLY. She's in on the evil scam.

She's being used to silence anyone who would ATTACK her, because then she carries on without any "personal responsibility" for her actions, words & deeds, WHICH IS THE GAME you accommodated.
3) This CLIMATE SCAM is so evil, so unthinkably heinous, with such an unprecedented overreach, with such catastrophic consequences, that it will be the end of our world as we know it.

They're using the CLIMATE SCAM to destroy western civilizations and economies, and more...
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Here we go... Expect another Climate Catastrophy. The UN is running out of money... again.
#UNexit #UNthiefs #UNcorruption…
Oh yeah... in case you guys forgot, let me remind you.
The UN was going broke in July 2018 as well. Pffft... losers.
The UN went from a $139 million deficit in 2018 to $230 million in one year.
Seems to be about the same amount the US is supposed to cough up for their UN dues for climate change.
Poor UN. 😢😢😢
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Thread: SOROS FUNDS...
1. Soros funds the Climate Hoax...…
2. Soros funds Journalists...…
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Isnt it amazing how @jkenney @AndrewScheer Trudeau, May, Singh all their plans line up with this?
Only one that goes against the grain is @MaximeBernier #PPC
Speakers list is quite interesting
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#SundayThoughts on SCALE when it comes to #ecommerce businesses.

Over the past 2 years, I've been blessed to speak with, listen to, and work alongside some of the most disruptive DTC (direct to consumer) firms in the world. The conversation happens 9/10 times is as follows..
It starts with humble beginnings and a great idea/product/marketing/method of experience or delivery, and they are off to the races (usually growing YoY by 100+%). This is what I like to call the first "phase" (sorry don't have a cooler method name yet).
In this phase, CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is healthy, ROAS (return on ad spend) is 2x-4x, and the founder is making more money than they ever have before. "It's time to pour rocket fuel)

But then the desires for more set in and they start looking up at the market leaders 🤩
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Hey... Look who I ran into today!
Amazing meeting #MaximeBernier in Napanee and meeting #PPC Suporters from across Ontario.
#PPC2019 #Peoplespca #LetMaxDebate
Max was on fire today. He's not only passionate about his platform & about Canada, he truly speaks from the heart. Super approachable. Even took a moment with me to recognize & thank us for the work we're doing here on Twitter. So nice!
It was Fantastic meeting Adam Gray @AdamLEGray1, #PPC Candidate for Hastings-lennox and Addington. What a great guy. I'm definitely keeping in touch with you mister! You are a blessing to humanity.

What a great day!
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2)Time for some reality therapy.

The establishment parties have all committed to the UN narrative that CO2 is creating climate change. The pseudo science used to promote that agenda has been thoroughly debunked by thousands of scientists. That hysteria tactic is being used to...
3)extract as much money from western nations to fund the overall Sustainable Development Agenda. The UN admits that in their own documentation. When leaders of our country commit to lowering emissions through carbon tax or carbon pricing and the UN agenda,...
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"It's important to take C02 out of the atmosphere"
"It's important to have these accords" (Paris Accord 2030)

We all know @liberal_party @NDP @CanadianGreens are fully onboard with the United Nations plan to steal more of our $ based on junk science

And now so is @CPC_HQ
Paris Climate Agreement:
If the UN's Paris climate model was correct (which it is proven not to be) & every country signed on & met their targets, by 2100 the global temperature would drop by 0.3 degrees F
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I'm so excited!!! This Sunday I will be in Napanee, Ontario to meet #MaximeBernier & the #PPC Candidates and Supporters!
If you're going and see me come say hello! I'll be there! Really looking forward to it!…
See you this Sunday in Napanee Max @MaximeBernier. I'll be there!!!
Hi Adam @AdamLEGray1. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday!
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Over the weekend @vetscanada co-founder took extensive abuse for refusing $ raised an event with connections the Yellow Vests. Today a @peoplespca candidate is fighting online with high profile veteran @BlaszczykBrock (who famously questioned PM Trudeau at a townhall) #cdnpoli
After @vetscanada withdrew from the event @BlaszczykBrock looked into it, became concerned about the Yellow Vest element and what some members of the group had said (regarding diversity) and pulled his appearance from the event #cdnpoli
Brock then penned a letter to People’s Party of Canada leader @MaximeBernier regarding PPC candidate @MarkFriesen08 saying Friesen made him feel bullied and guilted for pulling his support from event and told him that he needs to stand up for his country #PPC #cdnpoli
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Thread: (17 total)
CANADA's SAFETY is in Your Hands.
Does the Liberal Gov. care about our safety?
Serious Question.
If they did why would they pass a bill to REDUCE punishments for serious indictable offences?

This thread is a reminder of the deliberate choices the Liberals have made to endanger Us, Our Families & Our Nation.
The following three pics are all crimes affected by the signing of Bill C-75.
Take the time to read them folks.
Some are not just shocking but disturbing to think that some of these are even being contemplated.
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If you are Conservative and worried about "Vote Splitting", know there is only one choice to get Trudeau out.

You HAVE to cast your lot with @MaximeBernier and #PPC.

They are getting support from ALL 3 major parties, AND former non-voters.

CPC cant win with a split.
This election is NOT ABOUT "Right" vs "Left" .

It is a decision about whether we go forward with the same corrupt, lying, cheating system we HAVE...

Ir whether we CHANGE the way politics is done in this country.

We give THE PEOPLE back their voice, AND their power...
We remove excess restriction, we give individuals and businesses more freedom to operate.

We reduce the SIZE of Government, so that our Tax Burden shrinks and Canadians can AFFORD to make healthy choices for their families.

We encourage people to be productive, because...
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Got something cute to show you, #CPC.

That's for today, with #PPC2019

This is #scheer4PM.

If it wasn't of the posts about Hong Kong, you'd be even lower.

Come to the [blue] light, folks!

If you truly want #TrudeauMustGo, it's with Bernier that you'll make that happen.

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Whoa... Rashida Tlaib's brother caught bragging about Muslim domination over Canada. If that doesn't call your attention to Islamic entryism into our precious Canada then you're living under a rock people. Wake up 🇨🇦🍁!!!
Thanks again @Valerie24190901! Great work as always. 🤩
Vote #PPC2019& the People's Party of Canada. The ONLY Party who stands firmly against Islamic Entryism &the Liberal's fancified-agenda-driven term "Multiculturalism". The #PPC believes in Canada's strengths. A unified🇨🇦 embracing different backgrounds but uniting as
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1... So it appears there are many #CPCTrolls out there who used to be involved with the #PPC but are now butt-hurt because they are less relevant than they think they are, smearing @MaximeBernier and @peoplespca regarding financial statements... @Worried_Canuck for starters
@MaximeBernier @peoplespca @Worried_Canuck 2... it turns out their outrage is over NOTHING because according to Elections Canada's own rules, only ONE form was to be submitted by now, and it's the form detailing assets and liabilities PRIOR to the official formation of EDA. We have 6 months from formation to file...
@MaximeBernier @peoplespca @Worried_Canuck 3...Here are screenshots of Elections CAnada reporting requirements, the May 31 would be May of NEXT year, beings many EDAs didn't exist prior to May of 2019. Here's the link too.…
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Dear @MaximeBernier, (THREAD)
2/ We see you using the term “globalist” to fearmonger. It is a constant feature of your @peoplespca’s messaging and content posted by your candidates and EDAs (@markfriesen08, @quickshotmedia, @JenniferMClarke, @PPCLSH,@PpcRDMV and more) #cdnpoli
3/ When you do this, you are saying that your target (whether it’s @JustinTrudeau, @cafreeland, or @AndrewScheer) is disloyal to their nation, in favour of some “world government” (usually the @UN) or secret evil entity. #cdnpoli
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