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Hey Everyone! Have you ever wondered why places in and around Pueblo County don't get precipitation, but places immediately around it do?

Then join us on this journey of a thread as we take a dive into the reasoning behind the "Pueblo Precipitation Doughnut Hole"!(🧵1/12) #cowx
So, what is the "Pueblo Precipitation Doughnut Hole" (PPDH)? This is an area in southern Colorado that tends to get less precipitation than areas immediately around it.

The PPDH is clearly visible on satellite imagery and even the drought monitor.

But why does it exist?(2/12)
First, let's take a look at some basic meteorology.

Stated simply... Precipitation likes rising air, and inversely of that, precipitation doesn't like sinking air.

How do we get these conditions in southern Colorado? (3/12)
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The upcoming Arctic outbreak across Central U.S. is going to be the "real deal". Temperatures will likely rival anything seen in 30 years (or even longer!) across portions of the Central Plains. In a warming climate, that's saying quite a lot. #COwx #NEwx #WYwx #KSwx (1/6) Map depicting predicted tem...
Temperatures will fall, in incredibly dramatic fashion ( of the course of just a few hours) by 40 or more degrees in some areas as a powerful Arctic front pushes through. Temperatures will plummet well below zero (-20 to -30F) across a broad region, w/even lower windchills. (2/6) Map depicting predicted dep...
This level of cold will be potentially dangerous even in places accustomed to pretty low temperatures in winter, since even those spots haven't seen temperatures this low in 30 or more years. This will be especially true across portions of Wyoming and Colorado. #WYwx #COwx (3/6) Map depicting the predicted...
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Now that activity on the #NCARFire in Boulder, CO has calmed down significantly, a majority of the evacuation orders have been lifted, and the risk of property loss moving forward appears low, I wanted to share a few related thoughts. (All photos from yesterday, 3/26/22.) #COwx Image
1) NCAR Fire is an example of a relatively small fire posing disproportionately high risk to homes in wildland-urban interface. Should an ignition have occurred exactly the same place during one of Boulder's infamous downslope windstorms, it could have been a catastrophic event. Image
2) Emergency comms during this event were...not good. There was little info during first 1.5 hrs, which would have been critical had conditions been worse. Then, suddenly, a startlingly wide evacuation was ordered for ~15-20k people well *upwind* of fire,causing traffic gridlock.
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We have just released the 2021 Annual U.S. Climate Report. Follow this thread for details, and read more online: #StateOfClimate Map of US with NCEI logo with text "2021 Annual U.S. Cl
The 2021 contiguous U.S. average temperature was 54.5°F, 2.5°F above average, the fourth-warmest year on record. #StateOfClimate 2021 Mean Temperature Departure from Average U.S. Map
RECORD WARM FOR THE MONTH: December contiguous U.S. temperature was 39.3°F, 6.7°F above average, exceeding the previous record set in December 2015. #StateOfClimate Map of December 2021 U.S. Statewide Average Temperature Rank
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Some photos, footage, and commentary from yesterday's devastating #MarshallFire in Boulder County. All photos and videos taken at various points along South Boulder Road (north side of the fire, looking south, on 12/30/21). Winds were gusting around 90mph at the time. #COwx (1/4)
Fire behavior was as you'd expect in grass/brush amid extreme wind & drought conditions: rapid rates of spread, continuous spotting and periodic sheeting fire. Fire jumped 6-lane Hwy 36 like it was nothing, and there was a 2+ mile long active fireline. #MarshallFire #COwx (2/4)
Behavior and dynamics of the fire plume were fascinating...and scary. A nearly horizontal plume, tilted by extreme westerly downslope winds, transitioned into a shallow pyroCu plume at the top of a hydraulic jump within a pronounced mountain wave. #MarshallFire #COwx (3/4)
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A drop in wind speeds but also a drop in temperatures, with many still without power in #Boulder County. Expected to get down to single digits overnight #cowx
Snow has also really started to pick up in the last few minutes here in #Boulder
Still thousands without power in #Boulder, per Xcel outage map. Looks like they are making some progress and seeing some crews out on the map, but no ETA on restoration. Have not been able to reach Xcel media folks yet today
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HERE ARE THE DOGS FOUND AT DOG TAG (address confirmed) AND AT THE @HumaneBoulder!! (A thread..) please share!! #marshallfire #colorado #boulder #FOUNDPETS
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Conditions along South Boulder Road right now. #marshallfire #COwx
Unfortunately can confirm that numerous structures are now burning, many of them homes. This is an extreme/dangerous wildland-urban interface fire. Mainly Superior/Louisville. Gusts in excess of 80mph continue.
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“Leave now!”

Emergency responders are evacuating towns of Superior and Louisville, #Colorado as thousands of people are rushing to evacuate

Two large grass fires have burned properties and are threatening more

@CBSDenver @CBSNews


Residents and shoppers in Louisville and Superior were forced to evacuate local shopping centers, some positive incredibly shocking videos like this one on twitter

Leaving stores to walk into a thick haze

@CBSDenver @CBSNews


@Hunthk11 was in #Boulder county as people were ordered to evacuate.

Hunt shared this video with @CBSDenver which shows hundreds of vehicles trying to navigate the thick plume of smoke as winds gust 75mph

@CBSNews #cowx

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Serious wind driven brush fire in wildland-urban within/just south of Boulder, CO city limits. Along Marshall road. Estimating downslope wind gusts near 90 mph. #COwx @NWSBoulder @mitchellbyars
Multiple structures burning/extreme rate of spread from my vantage point.
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Here's your travel forecast through New Year's Day. Light snow will continue in the mountains, then pick up on Friday during the day. On the plains, snow begins late afternoon/evening and goes through the night. Turning colder too! #cowx 1/6
Interstate 25 North from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs, including the Fort Collins/Denver urban corridor. A general 3-6", New Year's Eve night. #cowx 2/6
Interstate 70 Vail Pass to Limon. Ongoing light snow in the mountains will increase during the day Friday, on the plains late Friday afternoon and night. #cowx 3/6
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Incredible video!

Adrian shared us this video, showing the tornado touching ground in Platteville. Sirens blaring.

More incredible video from Rodolfo as a tornado rips through Northern #Colorado.

#cowx #4wx @CBSDenver @LaurenCBS4 @AshtonCBS4 @ChrisCBS4 @DaveCBS4
🌪WOW! 😲🌪

Tornado rips through Platteville. This incredible video from Scott M.

He said getting this video was fun until he felt it was getting too close. He left the area soon after.

@CBSDenver @LaurenCBS4 @DaveCBS4 @AshtonCBS4 @ChrisCBS4 #cowx #4wx
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Escalation of devastating #wildfires, smoke & surface #airpollution across entire western US with very high levels of surface PM2.5 for the coming days. @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF forecast initialized 9 Sept at 00 UTC visualized by @windyforecast
1 Aug - 8 Sept 2020 daily total #wildfire radiative power (cf 2003-2019 mean) for US, #CaliforniaFires, #OregonFires & #WashingtonFires from #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data… based on NASA MODIS 🛰️ active fire observations #wildfireseason Image
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It was a perfect day in Denver yesterday. Now it’s snowing. #cowx
Yesterday people were out on Sloan’s Lake fishing and kayaking. Now a snowy mist hangs around the lake. #cowx
The massive swing in temperature is not gonna be good for these flowers 😔💐
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You could write an entire meteorology textbook just based on the phenomena visible from this afternoon's wild satellite imagery looking down at the American West. (Thread) #CAwx #WAwx #ORwx #COwx #UTwx #MTwx #IDwx
Most prominent is incredibly strong early-season cold front plunging southward from Canada and currently stretching along a roughly east-west axis from Eastern Washington to North Dakota. Clouds are rapidly developing behind the front as cold air replaces a very hot airmass.
Next, there are numerous large wildfire smoke plumes visible in nearly every state not covered by clouds--including Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. The total smoke volume is massive, and extends across most of the continental U.S.
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Large smoke plumes from devastating #PineGulchFire CO, #PoodleFire NV, #LakeFire CA & other #wildfires in latest 5-day @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF aerosol optical depth forecast visualized by @windyforecast… @CopernicusEU
Increasing scale & intensity of #ColoradoFires since 1 August >> 2003-2019 average in #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS #opendata…. Estimated total smoke emissions to 13th already tower above previous August totals for the state #COFire #cowx ImageImage
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We’re in the Pinpoint Weather Beast tonight, heading north on I-25. People taking it very slow getting out of Denver. @KDVR #FOX31 #cowx
You can’t see the lanes out on 25 near Westminster. Low visibility with consistent light snowfall. #cowx #FOX31 Image
We’ve seen several cars on the shoulder, some even stuck in the median. This on I-25 SB near Longmont. @KDVR #FOX31
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Large thunderhead over Greeley right now. Rain isn’t too bad, but consistent. #cowx @KDVR Image
Well that escalated quickly 😳 #cowx @KDVR
Ping pong sized hail at Lincoln Park in Greeley. Image
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