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🆕📰Now finally out as @iza_bonn DP:

My paper on the impact of indoor #airquality on cognitive performance of #chess players! 🏭♟️ (with @KunnSteffen @umsbe & #JuanPalacios @MIT)

Paper here:

Summary 👇🏻(1/N)
We know that #airpollution is really bad for your #health.

Exposure to poor air quality may have harmful impacts on the 🧠.

Question: What are consequences for performance in complex cognitive tasks? (2/N)
We study the effect of air quality on cognitive performance using data from #chess tournaments. Why chess? ♟️

Because it's a complex, cognitively demanding task with strong incentives, involving strategic decision making under time pressure. (3/N)
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Sindh EPA (SEPA) is the only EPA in Pakistan, which in 2016, quietly changed PM2.5 #AirPollution limits to x2 of Pak-EPA, while it is x3 WHO Standards.

When #LahoreSmog came, citizens took EPD to court, bec limits showed Air was #Unhealthy, but citizens in #Sindh can't do so...
It was done when Thar was being set-up by SECMC. WHO/PEPA limits mean SEPA could've been taken to court for Coal pollution.

Now #Sindh Gvt wants even more not accounting for $billions in health cost. This is blatant disregard Environment & Public Health.…
Also important to note that SEPA has not released #AirQuality reports since late 2018.


The monitoring is also only limited to #Karachi and last available reports show PM2.5 #AirPollution is at toxic levels!


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From apathy to anger, a #hazemalaysia thread:

Southeast Asia is experiencing its worst haze since 2015. Swipe for the view outside my window. My independent air quality monitor shows an air quality index (AQI) reading of 199. The optimal for human health is <50.
Much has been written about what’s causing this #haze - irresponsible agricultural practices, the drainage of carbon-rich peatlands, patronage politics, drought. So I won’t go into why this is happening. Instead, I want to share my journey from apathy to anger.
I was 12 during the terrible haze of 1997, the worst recorded. I spent 5 years in smoggy China, where I had a ready stash of N95 masks. It’s not like I didn’t know about bad air. But when you grow up experiencing air pollution, I think the average person normalizes it.
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Our secretary General @fjgodfrey gives feedback about the prevention workshop at @PACT_eu #HealthPACT #Wellbeing4all #EU4health
#HealthPACT @fjgodfrey Clearly and frankly, we don't need the excuse that 'we need more data'. What we need is political will to do what needs to be done to improve population health #EU4health #Wellbeing4all @PACT_eu
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1/4: First lesson learned at #HealthPACT event: EU health policy is a door and has multiple faces to improve population health. Complementary EU competence is just one of the many ways EU can act! #Wellbeing4all #EU4health
2/4 Second lesson learnt at #HealthPACT @PACT_eu event: most of the known EU law is internal market regulation. Via International Trade, the EU cost-shaping global systems impacting health @Trade_EU #Wellbeing4all #EU4health #EUTrade
3/4 Third lesson learned at #HealthPACT @PACT_eu event: there are many financial instruments influencing how health policy is perceived at European level - which are key to change the perception of health as an 'opportunity' rather than a 'problem'. #EU4health #Wellbeing4all
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#Climatechange got you down? These 50 people will cheer you up. This month: I'm featuring @grist's 2019 #Grist50 Fixers here on my feed. There's more than one reason for you to feel good about the future!
Meet Ploy Achakulwisut (@_aploy). She’s got climate #activism down to a science. Ploy dedicates her work — such as research connecting #AirPollution in the southwest U.S. to premature mortality — to furthering @climate awareness. #Grist50…
What did it take for Robin Amer (@rsamer) to create an award-winning investigative #podcast on #environmental justice? Three years, more than 65 interviews, and one lawsuit against the @FBI. @thecitypod talks trash — and listeners love it. #Grist50…
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The Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions project has finished. It has been amazing and challenging in equal amounts!! I will be adding highlights to this thread over the coming days. Enjoy! #IVHHN
The consortium was made up of academic (@durham_uni, @GeofisicaUNAM, @univ_indonesia, Kagoshima Uni, @IOMworld) and stakeholder institutions (@PAHOemergencies, @pmi_diy @SaveChildren_ID) and funded by @Elrha/@wellcometrust/@DFID_UK.
The aim of the project was to determine the effectiveness of different kinds of respiratory protection worn by communities affected by eruptions, and to understand what cultural contexts influence people’s motivations to wear them. We worked in Indonesia, Mexico & Japan.
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Leticia: @airallianceHOU has their own purple air monitors for #ITCDisaster. @HarvardU also has monitors. #ITCfire is why we cannot afford rollbacks. Study by @EnvironmentTex show companies like ITC don't incur problems from air quality violations. EPA & TCEQ not protecting us
.@HighTechAztec @SierraClub: Experiencing symptoms of exposure and high levels of distress.

I care because I live here, too. My mom lives in Deer Park. Friends who are pregnant & vulnerable. Concerned about cumulative impact. Scares me

#ITCDisasterTownHall #ITCfire #UTCDisaster
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.@UN report warns that cities and regions in Asia, middle-east and Africa could see millions of premature deaths by 2050 if the nations fail to drastically scale up environmental protection measures.

Photo: Rahul Gayakwad/BCCL/Kolhapur
Flagging the deadly impact of #AirPollution and #WaterPollution that annually claims at least nine million lives globally, a new @UN report calls for urgent action to save humanity from the disastrous consequences of environmental degradation.

The report warns that #WaterPollution alone will become the number one cause of death in the world by 2050.

📸Adityamadhav83/Wikipedia Commons
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by @Bruno_Brunelli
#MIT's virtually indestructible robot can backflip.
This is the story of Margaret Hamilton, one of the world's first software engineers.

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My latest in @sciam: How does #ClimateChange harm our #health today and threaten it tomorrow? Let me count the ways... THREAD (1/n)

1. The frequency, intensity, and duration of #ExtremeWeather events (heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, floods, storms) are increasing, with some of the first and worst impacts occurring in least-developed countries, whose people have contributed least to climate change. (2/n)
2. As average temperatures continue to rise, so will heat-related disorders. One shocking thing I've learnt is that an unforeseen example of human #ClimateCanaries has emerged in Central America , where 20,000+ sugarcane workers have died from chronic kidney disease. (3/n)
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#CodeRed | Wave of HIGH 9/10 particle #airpollution will hit London by Thursday afternoon. @MayorofLondon should warn people. Relief Friday? cc @PHE_London.

NB @LondonAir particle data is reset each midnight so better to follow hourly data:…

Thread 1/..
Statement by @DefraUKAir based on @metoffice forecast
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La semaine dernière, notre pays a reçu une mise en demeure accablante de la @EU_Commission concernant la pollution de l'air. Ci-dessous traduction du récap’ de mon collègue @JoeriThijs #airpollution #cleanairnow 1/
Contexte : la @EU_Commission rappelle l'historique de la législation de l'UE sur la pollution de l'air et le dioxyde d'azote (NO2) en particulier. Nos gouvernements savaient que des valeurs limites allaient être implémentées et qu'à partir de 2010 (!), il fallait les atteindre 2/
La @UE_Commission indique que les gouvernements n’ont pas toute latitude pour décider des mesures à prendre quand l’amélioration de la qualité de l’air se fait attendre et que la réglementation européenne est sérieusement dépassée. La Cour Justice européenne confirme cela. 3/
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With #AirQuality #AirPollution at unhealthy levels in the #BayArea region I thought it might be helpful to outline what it means, why you should care, and some tips on what you should be doing.👇👇👇
Fine particulate matter or “PM2.5” are tiny particles suspended in the air that much smaller than the width of a human hair. When you breathe these particles enter your respiratory tract and end up in your lungs.
These last California wildfires have burned homes/buildings, as well as vegetation. That means the PM2.5 in the air most likely contains little bits of aerosolized electronics, rubber, plastic, asbestos, etc. That's what you could be breathing in. Nasty stuff!
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Live from WHO HQ: Opening of the First Global Conference on #AirPollution and Health with @DrTedros…
"We’re here because we know that #AirPollution is one of the biggest threats to global health, & we need to do something about it – urgently.
🌍, 9 out of 10 people breathe air that has been polluted by traffic emissions, industry, agriculture and waste incineration"–@DrTedros
"Some of our 🧒👧 will not reach their full potential because of exposure to #AirPollution in the womb and in early life; some of our 👵👴 will die early because of exposure to it throughout their lives"–@DrTedros at #CleanAir4Health Conference
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THREAD: We have just released an unprecedentedly detailed mapping of NO2 pollution levels around the world, revealing the worst pollution hotspots and showcasing the power of a new generation of smog-tracking satellites. Interactive map:…
The new TROPOMI instrument onboard the @esa Sentinel 5P satellite gives us unprecedented detail on atmospheric pollution levels, revealing the largest sources in an area. See the hotspots here around several highly polluting coal plants on Java, Indonesia.
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At #greenerUK #CPC18 fringe, ⁦@michaelgove⁩ in conversation with WWF’s ⁦@TanyaMSteele⁩. Needless to say, the room is creaking at the seams!
First time we’re hearing more detail on PM’s promised #environmentbill. Gove: as well as addressing #AirPollution it will tackle waste & resources to move us towards a #CircularEconomy
At the time of #climatechange Act, people were worried its ambitious targets would harm economic growth - quite the opposite has happened, says Gove #cpc18 #greenerUK
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Lung disease.
Heart diseases.

These noncommunicable diseases are the world's biggest killers, responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths worldwide.

Today more than ever, we need your help to #BeatNCDs & promote #MentalHealth!

The #UNGA High-level meeting on noncommunicable diseases just started! Let’s #BeatNCDs
📺 live: via @UNWebTV
“Noncommunicable diseases are widespread. I call on you leaders to fulfil commitments you already made to integrate action on NCDs”—@AminaJMohammed, @UN Deputy Secretary-General at the #UNGA high-level meeting to #beatNCDs
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Who is at risk of #ClimateChange?

Everyone. Everywhere.
#ClimateChange threatens your health.
#ClimateChange increases the risks of extreme weather events that cause damage to our lives and livelihoods
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With all the challenges that children face, the air they breathe shouldn't be one of them.

#AirPollution threatens our health.

Clean air = healthy future 🌍
9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air.

7 million people die every year from #AirPollution - both outdoor and household.

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#Livetweeting from #Manningham #NELink forum, where it's a full house, @tonybmorton currently providing background, talking about LA traffic issues, now explaining #inducedtraffic effect, especially when transport alternatives are poor
Now onto #NELink, origins in 1960s freeway plan, linking F18 / F19, prime objective making it 'easier' to drive into central Melbourne... then find a parking spot... Tony onto explaining the triple threat of #WestGateTunnel / #EWLink /#NELink
What's driving this massive road developments, despite poor BCR for #EWLink? @tonybmorton believes it's government allowing unsolicited proposals. And Transurban pushing their commercial interests
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#AirPollution threatens our health.
9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air. #BreatheLife
7 million people die every year from #AirPollution - both outdoor and household. #BreatheLife
Q: Who is most impacted by #AirPollution?
A: Children, women, and outdoor workers #BreatheLife
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This Republican control over all parts of our government defies comparison. On second thought, it feels like a Biblical punishment..Remember the 10 Plagues of Egypt?
#RepublicanPlague #CrimesAgainstHumanity #RiseUp
First, the waters of the land of Egypt were to be turned into blood....
The Clean Water Rule protected smaller bodies of water, like streams and wetlands, from discharges of all kinds of pollutants. But not anymore: #RepublicanPlague #CleanWaterAct
The EPA has delayed implementation for 2 years as the agency “clarifies” (read: eliminates)the rule.The decision is a clear gift to industrial polluters who loudly protested the reg in 2015 & GOP lawmakers who have falsely claimed the rule regulates “puddles on private property.” Large freighter ship spilled red and yellow toxic sludge into waterway. People in small boats float on the spill.
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