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Disasters continue to sweep the world. Anthropogenic in nature, exacerbated by #climateCrisis #capitalism and #EcosystemDestruction. The age of disasters is upon us.
#Yellowstone hit by #floods; staff cut off and in short supply.…
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For 3 of the last 5 summers, BC has witnessed severe forest fires that charred millions of hectares of land and choked out communities.

Today I asked @mikefarnworthbc to identify the specific actions the @bcndp is taking to protect BCers from poor air quality.

1/ #bcpoli
Minister @mikefarnworthbc reiterated that his govt is doing minimal work to protect BCers for this year's inevitable #wildfire season.

Wildfire smoke contains hundreds of dangerous particles and gases that increase the risk of brain tumours and lung cancer.

2/ #bcpoli
Other jurisdictions like Oregon, are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of their workers during climate related disasters.

BC teachers, farm workers, construction workers, and all those that work outside need similar protections.

3/ #bcpoli…
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Friday is going to be a major #FireWx day. If you live within any of the areas below, it's a "pack your go bag/back your car into your driveway" day. Pay attention! It could save your life. #wildfire #weather
#Extreme fire conditions in Colorado tomorrow, if you live along the Front Range. I am not an official source, but I would strongly advise--if you live anywhere against brush/grassland/prairie/forest--to be ready to leave in an instant. #Colorado #FireWx
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With lots of interest in the 'early' fires that have burnt across the UK over the last few weeks, I thought I'd add some facts to enable people to understand what is happening, why, and what we are doing. (mostly based on data and information from South Wales)
a thread🧵
2. Firstly, are these fires a new phenomenon?
No, there have been over 75,000 wildfires across South Wales since the year 2000, 55,000+ between 2000&2008, 21,000+ between 2009&2020 (the 2nd group of figures are for a smaller geographic area).
3. Are these Fires burning earlier in the year?
No, springtime fires burn the dead annual vegetation (fuel) and once dry weather arrives so do the fires. Our busiest month for wildfires is usually April, with March not far behind dependant on year - fire below 30/3/2020
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#LagunaBeach: Mandatory evacuations have been issued in Laguna Beach in Emerald Bay East of PCH. Strong Santa Ana winds are gusting to 30-40mph. Scott Reiff is in Air7HD headed to the #Fire
#California #US #BreakingNews
The #Fire was first reported sometime before 4:10 a.m. in the Emerald Bay area. A wall of flames on the hillside above #EmeraldBay.

Emerald Bay consists of gated communities with dozens of large, multimillion-dollar homes.
#California #US #BreakingNews…
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(n/n) Story time! | The making of “Feather River’s Revenge” October 2020, I was on assignment for the US Forest Service, it was the middle of the night... (continued below) #terraflamma #wildfire #nftphotography.
(1/n): I’d just spent a week at the Glass Fire in Napa on assignment for National Geographic, after weeks of back and forth covering the 2020 NorCal Fire Siege. I’d barely been home, my dog was at daycare more than with me, and I was exhausted, physically and mentally.
(2/n): My equipment was falling apart, rubber grips peeling, sensors filthy, lens zoom cams gritty with ash and dust. My nomex fire pants had holes in them, my leather boot laces tied at multiple points after breaking from hiking all over and the heat.
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Current #wildfires in #Boulder #Superior #Louisville #Colorado with multiple evacuation orders. Lost the thread, will continue below.
Fire jumping McCaslin, unit reports people trapped between Main Street and Rock Creek in Superior #wildfire
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Hearing 911 calls from people requesting evacuation in #Boulder #Colorado due to fast moving wildfire(s).
Smoke reported 5800 Oxford Road, 55 and Naiwa, S? road and J road, 119 and Arapahoe, ? and East County line (multiple callouts)
House fully engulfed, but evacuated (missed the address), things are intense in #Boulder #Colorado at the moment.
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Thread🧵 | #KansasFires
While working live on wildfires/storms, I frequently discover mapping crossovers to my quake work.
Today I'm tracking yesterday's fires + March 2017/2020 fires & mapping with current/past #Kansas #earthquake swarms + faults. ⬇️👀
#kswx #ksfire #wildfire
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An interactive web app for creating timelapse from #GOES #weather satellites. Built with #streamlit #geemap #EarthEngine. Go to and select "Create Timelapse" from the sidebar menu.


#dataviz #eochat #geospatial #wildfire
Bomb Cyclone on 2021-10-24
Creek Fire, CA on 2020-09-05
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We hit a #wildfire milestone today. It is the 63rd day for @NIFC_Fire to be at Preparedness Level (PL) 5 in 2021, breaking the record of 62 days set in 2002 (records start in 1990). 1/4
If you're not familiar with the PL index, great explainer here:…
When @NIFC_Fire is at PL5, it means everyone eligible becomes available for fire assignments. It means we have too many complex fires going in multiple regions. It means firefighters are exhausted and can't catch a break, because they go from one assignment to the next. 2/4
In some years we never even hit PL5 (e.g., 2019). In 2020, we had 45 days at PL5. But in 2021, we're at 63 and counting in mid-September. This is a huge contributor to the mental/physical strain on firefighters, and the hidden epidemic of PTSD and suicide in seasonals. 3/4
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● Feu de forêt très violent dans le #Var ce soir. À 1h du matin mardi 17 août plus de 1200 ha ont déjà brûlé #Gonfaron #Maures
■ Violent #wildfire in the #Var zone, South France, this evening. At 1am more on Tuesday August 17 than 1200 ha have already burnt
Le feu de forêt la nuit #Gonfaron a une progression très rapide, d'après les pompiers du #Var (CODIS83).
L'incendie se rend en direction de #Grimaud, #Cogolin, #LaMole.
Menace aussi Cavalaire-sur-Mer
● Feu #Var en peu de temps il a doublé en surface.
A 2h du matin, 3 000 ha ont brûlé
#Wildfire #Var #SouthFrance in a short time it doubled in surface. At 2am, 3,000 ha burned
☆ Terrible incendio forestal esta noche cerca de St Tropez
Van 3 000 ha a 2 am
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Another heatwave grips Washington, Oregon & British Columbia. Climate change - long predicted + denied - is here.

We know it's time to transition off fossil fuels.

And, all year, @invw's Decarbonizing #Cascadia series is exploring how we can.…
We launched in January explaining how a region w/ official goals to slash emissions and the means to do it just keeps getting dirtier. @invw analyzed the latest data, showing that Washington, Oregon and BC's emissions rose by 5, 6 and 7% b/w 2013 & 2018.…
We also profiled #Cascadia's activists, such as the @youthvgov litigants suing govts for the right to a livable future and campaigners eroding Big Oil, Gas and Coal's political power. @robertmcclure showed how activists bottled up fossil export proposals.…
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A 🧵 to counter some confusing messages about masks & wildfire smoke (1/x)

1. High-quality masks (i.e. #N95) best for both viral aerosol + #wildfire smoke
2. N95s readily available & should be used for both
3. But other masks can provide non-zero benefit…
2/ The #CDC and #EPA both strongly recommend upgraded masks (respirators) like #N95 or #KN95 to protect against wildfire smoke. I totally agree (unless using something even better like N99 or elastomeric), b/c these filter the smallest particles very well.…
3/ But the #CDC also says not to use N95s, b/c they "should be reserved for health care workers." I totally disagree, as do countless others, b/c supply chain problems in 2020 have recovered in the US.

Follow @projectn95 & see resources to easily buy.
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This week, USFS chief Moore suspended Managed Wildfire and Prescribed Fire and pushed to suppress all fires quickly. Here's why that's a horrible decision that only exacerbates the wildfire problem. 🧵1/ n…
1) It puts firefighter lives at risk. Wilderness fires are some of the most difficult and dangerous to fight bc you can't use motorized equipment, the terrain is incredibly challenging, and it's very difficult to get in and out. Escape routes are limited if things blow up. 2/n
2) It can pull valuable air resources away from more dangerous WUI fires. Air resources (especially helicopters) are used to ferry firefighters, drop supplies, and drop water on wilderness fires, which 99% of the time threaten no one and no homes. 3/n
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I'm beyond 💔- I'm furious. We KNOW how to mitigate these disasters: prescribed fire, fuel reduction, structure hardening, etc. Politicians REFUSE to fund it, empower the right people, and change policies to support it. We CAN live w/ #wildfire, even under climate change. 🧵 1/
I'm tired of hearing about "managed retreat" from fire. Everywhere can burn. We will have to retreat from some areas due to drought & sea level rise - those are almost impossible to mitigate. But we can mitigate severe wildfire through smart planning and managing the land. 2/
Look at the history of Indigenous cultures in America. Where did they abandon their homes and move on? Chaco Canyon and other laces in the SW where drought made it impossible to live. But Indigenous people lived WITH fire across the US bc they used it to steward the land. 3/
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Thread on the #BootlegFire #wildfire in Oregon
Katy O’Hara says the fire is large it’s creating logistical issues.

This incident base at Chiloquin is at the western edge of the fire, where most of the containment is.

Many of the firefighters are camping closer to the Fire.

“We can’t risk the drive time” says O’Hara
At Chiloquin high school, about an hour from the fire, a vendor sells “Bootleg fire” shirts and other souvenirs
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An unpopular thread on B.C.s raging forest fires.

Much of B.C.'s interior is a fire maintained ecosystem.

Tree ring research shows fire intervals of 5-20 years in much of it which fire suppression starting 100 years ago and getting really good starting in the 1950s.

Our plants, trees and wildlife all evolved with fire. Fire rejuvenates grasslands and plant communities and is an essential part of functioning and productive habitat for native species such as , moose, elk, mule deer and sheep, plus the growing list of #endangered species.

A number of these populations are in decline/at record lows; fire suppression plays a central role. Fire suppression results in more fuels on the forest floor and ladder fuels from young trees growing in areas where they shouldn't be, putting people and biodiversity at risk.

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Tragedy like the #LyttonFire is the very reason why we should talk about the impacts of #climatechange on these events and on #wildfires in Canada. A thread. 1/
Obviously, #wildfires are strongly linked to #weather/#climate parameters. The warmer, the windier, the drier is the weather, the more fire ignition probabilities and spread
#temperatures are increasing fast around the globe but way faster in Canada. 1.7C since 1948. Warming in especially important in the west, notably in spring and summer time
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#WildfireCommunityPreparednessDay వేసవి వచ్చిదంటే చాలు.. అడవులను కార్చిచ్చు కాటేస్తుంటుంది. విలువైన అటవీ సంపదను దహిస్తుంది. ఫలితంగా ప్రభుత్వానికి ఆస్తి నష్టం, వన్యప్రాణులకు ప్రాణ నష్టం, మనుషులకు అటవీ సంపద నష్టం వాటిల్లుతుంటుంది.
#Wildfire #Seshachalam #Nalamalla @RayaIaseema
భూగోళంపై అడవుల క్షీణత మానవాళి మనుగడను ప్రమాదంలోకి నెట్టేస్తోంది. వృక్ష సంపద తరిగేకొద్దీ కరవు కాటకాలు, తుపాన్లు, వరదలు, ఇతర వాతావరణ మార్పులు మానవాళికి కొత్త సవాళ్లు విసురుతున్నాయి. భవిష్యత్తు తరాలు ఎదుర్కొనబోయే ఘోర పరిస్థితులు కళ్లముందే సాక్షాత్కరిస్తున్నాయి.
కొన్నేళ్లుగా భారత్‌లోనే కాకుండా, ప్రపంచ దేశాల్లో కార్చిచ్చు పెద్దయెత్తున అడవులను భస్మీపటలం చేస్తున్న తీరు తీవ్ర ఆందోళన రేకెత్తిస్తోంది. సాంకేతిక పరిజ్ఞానం విస్తృతంగా అందుబాటులోకి వచ్చినా కార్చిచ్చును నియంత్రించడం అభివృద్ది చెందిన దేశాలకు సైతం కష్టతరంగా మారుతోంది.
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So excited to see a bill that is near and dear to my heart in print! SB 440 (@SenBillDodd) would create a sustained funding source for wildfire hardening ($1 billion over 10 years) and earthquake retrofit ($500 million over 10 years). #resilience #wildfire
The California Senate and Assembly have tried for several years to fund wildfire hardening but have come up short. @GavinNewsom proposed a small pilot last January that was zeroed out due to COVID and has proposed it again this year. This bill takes a much bigger and bolder step.
The bill would accomplish this by creating post-event assessment for major quakes in California for which @CalQuake pays ~$150m per year for. Basically a new insurance policy for CA where the premium is paid to help reduce catastrophic risk in our state.
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Latest @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF aerosol forecast (dataviz @windyforecast…) shows thick smoke covering western US in coming days based on 28/09 #wildfires #AugustComplex #ZoggFire #GlassFire #ShadyFire #RedSalmonComplex
Updated monitoring of #CaliforniaFires with #CopernicusAtmosphere GFAS daily total #wildfire radiative power #opendata… showing incredible 6 weeks of activity >> 2003-2019 mean. Hoping that the current increase fails to reach mid-Aug & early-Sept peaks. Image
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We swung by Riverfront Park where there’s a bake sale to raise funds to help people affected by the wildfires. The event was organized by “patriots against racism,” mainly Epilogue Kitchen which has been involved in #BLM organizing. #Oregonfires #santiamfires #oregon #wildfire
The bake sale sold out after 1.5 hours. They are still handing out free masks & anti-racism info, plus registering people to vote. 100% of the proceeds will go to help with wildfire relief. #oregon #salemoregon #santiamfire #oregonfires #wildfire #oregonwildfires #wildfirerelief Image
Approximately 15 people participated in a “[bike] ride for change.” They flew BLM flags and biked around the park. The event was organized in conjunction with the bake sale, by Rian Gayle, a Black, Deaf community leader. #Salem #salemoregon #oregon #BLMprotests #salemor
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