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@TomUnabombadil @cheekyosaurus Hi Tom

I'm Ho-oHm

How many seconds did you wait to post that after I'd just told you I was dashing out

So you don't actually follow the news

Or even social media properly

Ever heard of Professor #JordanPeterson

The #Woke tried to get him cancelled for refusing, not to...
@TomUnabombadil @cheekyosaurus The #Woke tried to get Prof #JordanPeterson cancelled for refusing, not to use preferred pronouns, which he is happy to do for individuals, but for refusing to accept legally enforced PC speech

They tried but failed to get him fired

As he had tenure

The whole point of which..
@TomUnabombadil @cheekyosaurus Tried to get #JordanPeterson cancelled & fired but failed as had tenure

Whole point of which is to ensure academics had freedom to raise controversial issues

But got all his funding cut so stopping his research

(Which is why he's had to do speaking tours to raise funding!😱🤦‍♂️)
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ColemanNation Podcast - Full Episode 25: @KurtSchlichter and the Current Crisis…
Excerpt 1 - Kurt's bestest joke ever
Excerpt 2 - They can't #cancel us
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Fine! I’ll do Speed. Err. Review Speed.

I haven’t seen this since the 90s.

It stars Keanu Speeves and Sandra Blindside.

It’s a movie about public transportation.
We start out with credits overlaying a shot of an elevator shaft, but super zoomed in. Like the camera guy fucked up kind of close.
Man. They’re just looping the footage. Maybe that is where they get the idea for later in the film.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/17/2021…
Data pathology: diagnosing problems with data…

#pathology #data
2020 UST March Madness - Money: Inside and Out…

#money #march #bonds
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Here's a short and incomplete summary of the lead-up to Anima Anandkumar's cancellation list. Focusing mostly on the time since she started to go after Pedro Domingos since it's most recent and illustrative. 1/n
There is too much to cover and many of the original conversations have been deleted. I was able to recover a few through and a couple from earlier screenshots, which is why the styling of the screenshots is a bit random. 2/n
The point of this thread is to give some context for the lead-up, as well as illustrate some of the tactics used by Anima and her supporters. Tactics that follow a pretty standard playbook that many in ML will have seen in action before. 3/n
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Yesterday, Mayor Lightfoot let landlords and banks take an unenforceable "Solidarity Pledge" while renters live in fear. We did a little research. Come meet the team of banks and landlords Lightfoot trusts with your housing (and the donations they made to ensure this outcome) 1/9 Lightfoot looking at
The only Alderman Lightfoot could find to stand with her is Harry Osterman, the Real Estate and Housing Chair. He's bought and paid for, so he let the banks and landlords write their own pledge, instead of standing up for working people and legislating. Alderman Harry Osterman. Cashed 47 real estate checks in last 2 years, including from Chicagoland Apartment Association standing right next to him.
One of Lightfoot's pledge takers, The Chicagoland Apartment Association, is evicting dozens and paying off politicians. Chicagoland Apartment Association. Board members filed 31 evictions during pandemic. $1.8 million annually to lobby politicians.
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