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Covid cases are ravaging LA. We are at the most deadly point of the pandemic and it will only get worse after these holidays. #CancelRent & #CancelMortgages with targeted landlord relief is the only solution that will truly help people in need of economic stability. A Thread 1/
Rental assistance is not enough. Most low-income tenants can’t work from home. To stay safe, they need to know they can stay home without falling deeply in debt to their landlord. All eligible tenants need relief - not just those lucky enough to be chosen for rental assistance 2/
Estimates show that over 600,000 tenants in the LA area are behind on rent and could owe hundreds of millions of dollars come January 2021. Rent debt will continue accumulating as people remain out of work. 3/…
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THREAD: So...Newsom appointed @AlexPadilla4CA to be our next Senator.

We were part of a campaign pushing for a progressive appointment. Part of that campaign was sending prospective candidates questionnaires, and Padilla (well, a surrogate), filled his out

Here's what we got:
Padilla claims to support decisive climate policy such as #GND2030, banning fracking, ending development of the fossil fuel infrastructure, and direct emission regulation. Padilla views climate change as ‘an existential crisis’.
What did @AlexPadilla4CA say on voting rights? Priorities include: a constitutional amendment to overturn #CitizensUnited, reinstating the #VRA, banning photo ID laws as well as dramatically expanding early/vote by mail options.
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Good morning KC ☀️ RIGHT NOW we are having our monthly meeting with @QuintonLucasKC. Our goal for this meeting is to flex how much PEOPLE POWER we have built since March 💪 and talk about what co-governance can look like
Our leader Steven is recapping our amazing actions this year:
💥I-70 action calling for our governments to #CancelRent
💥 Marching in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter
💥 Following the leadership of our Black comrades to demand #DefundThePolice
💥 Chaining ourselves to the Jackson County Courthouse doors to end evictions and our virtual disruptions
* Judges pushed their hearings until NEXT YEAR because of our work *
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Monday, @MayorGorton proposed funding implicit bias training for city employees. Sounds great, right?

BUT: the money to fund the trainings is being taken from emergency rental assistance—during the worst eviction crisis in at least a decade.
The city’s rental assistance program is already deeply underfunded. Now Mayor Gorton wants to cut funding even more. This will lead to even more Lexingtonians losing their homes in the coming months, after hundreds have already been evicted since August 24.
What we need is MORE rental assistance, a comprehensive and automatic eviction moratorium, and for @GovAndyBeshear to #CancelRent. Instead, @MayorGorton is trying to cut rental assistance. Shame.
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30 - 40 million people will face eviction in the coming months. All thanks to @SpeakerPelosi. She blocked @Ilhan’s HR 6515 Bill to #CancelRent & Mortgage payments until the pandemic is over.

#ButtarIsBetter because @ShahidForChange understands what was needed. Vote him on 11/3.
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If you know Anyone providing food relief in Patna city, Bihar. kindly Dm. 2000+ families need the aid, alongwith sanitary napkins. #BiharHealthDept #BiharElections2020 #biharfloods #floodrelief #ReliefNow #reliefgoods #philanthropy #socialrelief #communityservice @KubbraSait
Please dm/SpreadTheWord to help with 2000+ families in Patna City, Bihar And 40,000+ families in NCR, 4.5 Lakh people reached so far #HumanRights
Milaap campaigns embedded in link↓ & urgent🇨🇭aid-10$ can feed one family for a week…
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My wife and I were selected for the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Rental Assistance Program. I provided all necessary documents & assumed we were good to go for September. Just found out TODAY we’re ineligible bc my corporate landlord can simply OPT OUT of the program. Unreal.
For some godforsaken reason, sending a cash payment to the tenant is not an option under the ERAS program, so tenants are completely at the mercy of their landlord. And my corporate landlord, Excel Residential Services, is as cruel and sociopathic and you’d expect.
So now the rent we don’t have is due, and for over a month we’ve been under the impression that @LACity was going to pay it.

This amount of disdain this shithole country has for its poorest citizens will never cease to amaze me.
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At my job, we pay people's rent on the 1st and they pay us back throughout the month to avoid being late & allow flexibility. During the pandemic, landlords are turning down our service/not allowing it, because they are making so much revenue off of late fees. #CancelRent
We paid someone's rent yesterday, on August 4th, and they already had a $200 late fee posted. These late fees aren't regulated in any way. Some landlords have late fees that add $10/$20 each day on top of a base late fee starting as early as the 2nd or 3rd of each month.
I also do want to note that lots of landlords love our service and appreciate being able to offer it to their tenants. I just find it really horrifying how unregulated the whole system is, especially right now when we are facing an impending eviction crisis.
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Rent is due tomorrow, & I know how terrifying that can be.

I’ve been evicted three times—& @LacyClayMO1 shamed me for it. I know first-hand what happens when our "leaders" fail to protect us.

Our housing system is in crisis. Here's what we need to do about it:
✔ Guarantee housing as a human right

#CancelRent, mortgages, & utilities for the duration of the pandemic

✔ Enact a $2K/mo UBI for the duration of of the pandemic + 1 yr
✔ Extend the moratorium on evictions through the end of the pandemic

✔ Protect tenants with a “just-cause” requirement

✔ Enact Universal Rent Control & Fair Housing standards nationwide
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"#KamalaHarris, who is the prohibitive favorite with bookmakers to become #JoeBiden’s vice-presidential pick come November, has a history of proposing piecemeal reform rather than bold solutions."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #Democrats #home #KamalaHarrisForVP
"...#GavinNewsom declared that the 'State #government cannot solve housing affordability alone' and praised the public-private partnership for advancing the fight against '#economic #inequality and restoring social mobility.'"
by @hijodelcuervo…
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This is the argument police depts. nationally are relying on as demands to #DefundPolice mount: That cutting police depts. is a racial justice issues because it will disproportionately impact officers of color. #AbolishPolice #DefendBlackLife…
It's the exact argument #LoriLightfoot made shamefully in the NYT weeks ago, insisting that jobs in the police dept. were one of the only paths to middle-classness for Black and brown Chicagoans. #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice #DefendBlackLife…
Forget the fact that this logic (which acknowledges that lower ranking and rookie officers are disproportionately Black and brown) is already admitting the structural racism inherent within police depts. #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice #DefendBlackLife
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Housing is essential, a precondition for healthcare, & more tenuous in the pandemic, so am glad to be with health workers on a @NYDocs Zoom with @ceaweaver laying out how to use our voice to demand housing justice for all.

Learn more and act: Image
New York already had a housing crisis pre-COVID-19.

Now people are missing paychecks, missing rent, and facing evictions.

This is cruel and unnecessary.

And it's also a public health threat, as evicted people will enter shelters or others' apartments, increasing transmission.
As a doctor, I know housing instability threatens my patients' health (in addition to just being inhumane).

That's also what the science says:…
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82 items on the agenda, including a whole bunch about the LAPD and all of the budget items.

@christopherroth is here to live-tweet the whole damn thing. It's gonna be a long one, so buckle up!

Agenda and stream:…
Once things get rolling (likely late, the Rules Committee was a solid 15 minutes late already this morning, thanks, CM Martinez!) you'll have the opportunity to call in and provide public comment -- here's how!
1. Call (669) 254-5252
2. Use Meeting ID 160-535-8466 and then press #.
3. Press # again when prompted for participant ID.
4. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak.
#PeoplesBudgetLA has handy graphics for this!
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(1/5) To produce more reliable data on #COVID19 impacts by race/ethnicity in Connecticut, our researchers Camille Seaberry & @nathanckim crunched microdata files from @uscensusbureau's household pulse survey interviews over the past month. A few findings: #healthequityct #nnip
(2/5) Using pooled @uscensusbureau microdata, we estimate that 47% of Latino and 33% of Black renters in Connecticut reported last month that they were not likely to be able to make their June rent payments. #healthequityct #healthequity #nnip #cancelrent #COVIDrelief #COVID19
(3/5) We also estimate that people of color in Connecticut are much more likely to report food insufficiency during the past week, meaning that they sometimes or often did not have enough food to eat. #healthequityct #healthequity #nnip #foodinsecurity #COVIDrelief #COVID19
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THREAD: If you're not an active participant in our movement but have told me you're supportive of, or impressed by, or proud of my work at any time, this is for you: This is not a scold, but there's some things that I need from you that you definitely can do. 1/25
More on this later, but understand that what's happening is about so much more than George Floyd. People have been acutely reminded that many peoples' lives are less important to our system than some peoples' comfort, and people are tearing up that social contract. 2/25
I'm going to do a real short glossary about how to talk about these events and why, dispel a couple media myths that are already being created, and then do a little political education—3/25
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New Haven showing up big! #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #AbolishPIC #DefundThePolice
#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #NoJusticeNoPeace #DefundThePolice
New Haven got I-95 SHUT DOWN! #ShutItDown
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So great to see the brilliant @NikilSaval profiled in the NEW YORK TIMES today!!!

My quibble—the piece never mentions Reclaim Philadelphia, @kendraforphilly, etc; it misses how city's new left has become an insanely intense + systematic organizing force…
I must be a true Philly booster bc while the "national wave" story is true and interesting, this shit only happens bc of hyper-local organizing.

The next piece should describe his rise to local power by becoming ward leader. It's not literary publishing, it's organizing.
Aaand, in case you were wondering about those "boring" (*brilliant) Saval-supporting professors' articles...

First here's @KeeangaYamahtta on why we need to #CancelRent to protect tens of millions of tenants…
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whenever I see someone arguing we need to “re-open the economy ASAP” they almost always

1. live in SF
2. work as a CEO, VC or in finance
3. argue from at least two false premises
the first false premise is leveling criticism and standards on other experts and forecasters they don’t pass

take this @Medium post currently circulating VC for ex, where are noble author suggests scientists and epidemiologists are “overstepping their expertise”
sir (and author), need I remind you that you are a CEO writing a medium post, and are also an expert in none of these things
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo set to begin his daily coronavirus briefing at any minute.

Outside, dozens of protesters are in their cars, honking their horns. (We cant hear it in the room.) Image
The protest outside is actually a convergence of two protests.

There are #CancelRent folks and open-up-the-economy folks outside.

The Albany police aren't making it easy on them. A whole bunch of side streets are shut down.
FWIW -- We're anticipating an announcement on school closures today. Will they be extended past May 15?
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Your #CancelRent May Day playlist starts w @harikondabolu telling us why we need to cancel the damn rent this week

Next, step back w KC Tenants’ @TianaCaldwell15 to visualize the world we’re fighting for: a #HomesGuarantee that would finally make housing a human right for everyone

Now drill down on the intersection of the #HomesGuarantee and the Green New Deal. Ted Danson narrates this beauty on all the ways that green housing would lift up and beautify our frontline communities

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Yesterday, Mayor Lightfoot let landlords and banks take an unenforceable "Solidarity Pledge" while renters live in fear. We did a little research. Come meet the team of banks and landlords Lightfoot trusts with your housing (and the donations they made to ensure this outcome) 1/9 Lightfoot looking at
The only Alderman Lightfoot could find to stand with her is Harry Osterman, the Real Estate and Housing Chair. He's bought and paid for, so he let the banks and landlords write their own pledge, instead of standing up for working people and legislating. Alderman Harry Osterman. Cashed 47 real estate checks in last 2 years, including from Chicagoland Apartment Association standing right next to him.
One of Lightfoot's pledge takers, The Chicagoland Apartment Association, is evicting dozens and paying off politicians. Chicagoland Apartment Association. Board members filed 31 evictions during pandemic. $1.8 million annually to lobby politicians.
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Last week we surveyed renters about being able to pay rent for May. Here are some responses:

“I emailed my landlord saying my rent is a hundred percent of my income and he said his mortgage company won't give him a break so I don't get a break."

#CancelRent #CancelMortgages
"I did try to negotiate with my landlord but they are big corporations and won't do any rent reduction of deferral. They just told me to apply for the BC Rent Supplement."
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1/ This is what we mean when we say that government policy to protect renters is not good enough.

Over the last few weeks we have organised with strikers and been hand in hand with renters who have lost everything and are still being bled dry.
2/ We have helped desperate people find houses, and protected each other from illegal evictions. We will continue to organise collectively, as it is only by standing together that we have any power in this situation.
3/ Agents are not looking out for tenants interests. We need to have a home so that we can stay at home.
The truth is that the housing crisis existed long before #covid19.
The difference now is that more of us are facing the gut-wrenching consequences of living in a broken system
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Is this best practice for containing infection disease?
We need a UNIVERSAL moratorium for all evictions: non-payment of rent, landlord use and just cause. Stop the RTB proceedings, stop the bailiff removals. #BCRentCrisis #cancelrent #evictionmoratorium @selinarobinson @bcndp Image
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