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The earth is spinning toward climate catastrophe.…
Unfortunately, much of corporate America failed to support policies to #ActOnClimate…
Many individual corporations profess to be on the side of fighting climate change, but support business associations, like @USChamber, a relentless adversary of climate action.
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A positive step, thanks to healthy pressure from #ChamberofCarbon members distressed that the Chamber was outed as one of America’s worst climate obstructors.…
But @Grist is correct: “It remains to be seen whether this pattern indicates that the Chamber is serious about climate action or is simply engaging in greenwashing.”
@grist Here’s one test: look at who the @USChamber supports with its massive electioneering apparatus in 2020.

Will it always be the candidate who’s worse on climate?

So far, #ChamberofCarbon has an almost perfect record of supporting the ‘worser’ candidate.
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.@BlackRock is also an owner of @MarathonPetroCo, one of the worst offenders at climate pollution and political manipulation, and apparently the main instigator (for totally selfish motives) of the Trump attacks on fuel efficiency.…
@blackrock @MarathonPetroCo .@BlackRock has also been identified as one of the worst “proxy voters” on climate issues (when an investment company proxy votes on behalf of the shareholders whose investments it holds).…
@blackrock @MarathonPetroCo .@BlackRock is also a member of the @USChamber, one of the worst climate obstructors in Congress. #ChamberOfCarbon…
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Climate denial is alive & well & funded by @exxonmobil.

@USChamber is tied for worst climate obstructor.

A true rogues gallery.

Lies and money are the tools. #ChamberofCarbon…
@exxonmobil @USChamber I should have sourced this important article to @UCSUSA, which has done such a good job of tracking @exxonmobil's continued double-dealing. “We support a price on carbon” is yet another Exxon lie. Look what they pay for.
@exxonmobil @USChamber @UCSUSA In case you thought @BP_plc was much better...…
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Ooh! Can I play too??…
How about Big Tech’s trade association TechNet FOR YEARS refusing even to mention climate change in its lobbying package?
How about @CocaCola and @Pepsi supporting top climate obstructor #ChamberofCarbon?
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Investor Group on Climate Change (over trillion$$): institutional investors “increasingly interested in whether industry associations were supporting or undermining climate action,” because...…
...“climate change is a core financial risk for investors and a systemic risk to the financial system and the economy.” #ClimateRisks
For the record, @USChamber (aka #ChamberofCarbon) & NAM are two industry associations “undermining” worse than anyone in America, per @InfluenceMap. I repeat: the WORST. Could you investors be a little bit more than just “interested”? #ClimateRisks
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Warning shot! @LGIM (about $1.3 trillion), one of Exxon’s top 20 shareholders, dumped about $300 million worth of Exxon shares and pledged to vote remaining shares against Exxon Chairman/CEO Darren Woods. #ExxonKnew #ExxonLies…
Reason: “There’s got to be an escalation. You cannot have the same conversation for 15 years with no results.” Hats off to @LGIM for being serious about holding polluters to account. Other institutional investors would do well to take note.
And an open question: how much does Exxon pay U.S. Chamber (#ChamberofCarbon) and NAM to be the two WORST CLIMATE OBSTRUCTORS IN AMERICA? #ExxonKnew #ExxonLies #ExxonPays…
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It’s time to stand up to the #ChamberOfCarbon
Today is the @USChamber's “Energy Innovates Summit” – a chance for the fossil fuel industry to get together, self-congratulate, & plot ways to delay the inevitable switch to a clean energy economy. Heartwarming. And earthwarming. #ChamberOfCarbon…
@USChamber .@USChamber’s website claims it knows climate change is a problem; its actual record shows nothing but opposition to anything that would fight climate change. #ChamberOfCarbon
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Is the @USChamber, Washington’s biggest lobbyist, shirking its responsibility to disclose on whose behalf it is lobbying? @SenWarren and I want an investigation. #ChamberofCarbon…
Backstory: @USChamber spends more on federal lobbying than ANY other lobbying group. But it has failed to disclose which of its member companies fund its lobbying. How do member companies feel about this potential illegality? @CocaCola, @facebook, et al., you paying attention?
BTW: Isn’t there a governance obligation to understand who is funding an entity on whose board you sit? Duty to inform yourself?
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Hey, @CocaCola and @pepsi: now that @ShopFloorNAM and #ChamberofCarbon are outed as worst two climate obstructors in D.C. are you rethinking your support? Both direct and through your AmBevAssn?
Can you show me a path to climate safety that does not go through a price on carbon in Congress? Cause if not, supporting tools of fossil fuel blockade of Congress seems a little hard to justify.
When it mattered to you to protect sugary beverages from tax during ACA, AmBevAssn went into hyperdrive, lobbying records show. Will lobbying records show you care that much about climate crisis?
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This is exactly right. And why would corporate members of the #ChamberofCarbon not insist on a full and transparent accounting of all the @USChamber’s back-room dealings with the fossil fuel industry?

When you have been chumped, you deserve answers.…
@CocaCoke, @pepsi, @JNJNews, and @MetLife, don’t be #ChumpsfortheChamber. Get answers.
I wonder what governance and liability issues there are for corporate members who don’t responsibly oversee #ChamberofCarbon, or even inform themselves of its financing secrets. Is it a defense to have been #ChumpedbyDonohue? Question for corporate counsel.
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To be clear, even the "financial ledger" is on the side of climate action, unless you are the fossil fuel industry or its front groups like @USChamber or @ShopFloorNAM pushing years-long campaign of obstruction and lies.
And even for those scoundrels, climate action is safer path, if they would look at big picture.

Drunk with short-term greed, powered with dark money, they are driving the world off a climate cliff.
In Aberdeen I warned Oil & Gas UK companies they needed to get a leash on their U.S. affiliates, & demand full accounting of secret spending for climate obstruction. Perfect example: #ChamberofCarbon chumping corporate members while taking secret fossil fuel money in back room.
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Five Senators, five days, six places: Canada, Greenland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Scotland, Iceland. Common theme? No U.S. #ChamberofCarbon-type industry-funded denial/obstruction groups, so everywhere clarity and progress on climate.
They see it in glaciers, oceans, fisheries, weather, animal life. No denying.
Underlying problem for U.S. is political system polluted with toxic levels of special-interest dark money. When you let big interests secretly buy influence, you get what we see: a government captive to secret special-interest influence.
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What do the @USChamber and @ShopFloorNAM have in common? They’re 2 of corporate America’s top lobbying groups. And they’re both leading the charge to stop Congress from combatting the climate crisis and saving our planet.…
The @USChamber has supported Trump Admin efforts to roll back the Clean Power Plan and funded a misleading study that @realDonaldTrump used to justify withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. It might as well change its name to the #ChamberOfCarbon.…
.@ShopFloorNAM has repeatedly opposed federal action on the climate crisis – and worked to protect Big Oil by supporting Arctic and offshore oil drilling and fighting the transition to a clean energy economy. #ManufacturedFacts.…
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.@USChamber puts member corps out front, secretly takes $$$ and orders from fossil fuel, plays members for chumps. Don’t be a corporate chump for @USChamber climate denial! #ChamberofCarbon
As a member, do you even know where @USChamber gets its big bucks? Do you even know why @USChamber is one of two worst influences on climate? Have they clued you in, or are you their chump? Don’t be a chump. #ChamberofCarbon
If they haven’t told you, if they just put you out front while they did their real business in back with fossil fuel donors, you have been chumped by the #ChamberofCarbon.
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.@USChamber has been biggest dark money spender in congressional races since 2010; spending over $150 million to elect anti-climate Republicans. Whence cometh these funds? #ChamberofCarbon…
.@USChamber is secretly funded, won’t disclose its donors. Whaddaya bet it’s fossil fuel money that explains all this? If #ChamberofCarbon wants to show it’s now sincerely Chamber of Commerce, disclose the fossil fuel funding.
Until then, just like Big Oil CEOs claiming to support climate while still funding climate denial obstruction front groups. Maybe @USChamber learning from big funders how to say one thing, do another. #ChamberofCarbon
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💥Constitutional Crisis💥

💣Judge fast-tracks fight over sub of Trump fin records

Trump aided and abetted by Barr, tears at the very fabric of our Constitution

Trump ?? his administration’s Venezuela strategy

Trump’s shifting claim that ‘we got rid’ of the Johnson Amendment
💥Constitutional Crisis 2💥

White House revokes press passes for dozens of journalists

@senschumer: That. Is. Not. Acceptable.

Trump’s steel tariffs cost U.S. consumers $900,000 for every job created

Trump Pits Florida Against Puerto Rico Over Emergency Aid
💥Constitutional Crisis 3💥

Pompeo cancels trip to Greenland for meetings on Iran, North Korea

Barr’s top aide has seen the Russia probe like few in Trump’s world

Who is Richard Burr, Really?

Senate Judiciary Dems demand a Mueller hearing to DOJ
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After years when inaction was @USChamber top goal, now it wants us to believe it’s sincere that "inaction is not an option." Born at night but not last night. #ChamberofCarbon
.@USChamber claims to support “innovation,” but it opposes price on carbon that provides the business case for innovation — hoping Innovation Fairy will fly down? #ChamberofCarbon
Is @USChamber’s new and improved rhetoric just windowdressing to quiet members demanding that it stop blocking climate action? I hope members weren’t born last night. #ChamberofCarbon
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Not enough to shut down climate action in Congress. @USChamber turned to the courts. #ChamberofCarbon
In 2010, @USChamber sued @EPA, challenging the agency’s finding that carbon pollution endangers public health and welfare. #ChamberofCarbon…
In 2014, @USChamber convened rogues' gallery of fossil fuel lobbyists and lawyers to plot legal strategy to take down #Obama administration efforts to limit carbon pollution. #ChamberofCarbon…
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Want to know why Congress hasn’t done a thing on climate for 30 years? Look at the record of @USChamber, better called #ChamberofCarbon:
In early 2000s, John McCain & @JoeLieberman began working on legislation to reduce carbon pollution; @USChamber & others created phony front group, “United for Jobs,” to oppose their work. #ChamberofCarbon…
In 2005, @USChamber fought against bipartisan cap & trade legislation, scoring the vote against members of Congress if they voted for it. #ChamberofCarbon…
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