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In today’s @nytopinion Sunday Review, an article blames climate scientists for inaction on climate. While I’m sure the writer and editors had good intentions, this is wildly unfair and problematic. Time for another edition of Stokes does amateur media criticism in a THREAD!🧵
@nytopinion The article claims that the "costs of underestimation have been enormous.”

Let me fix that typo the editors missed: "The costs of INACTION have been enormous."

Last I checked, scientists don’t set policy. They are not to blame for our governments’ complete irresponsibility.
@nytopinion Scientists are also not responsible for the 30+ years of fossil fuel funded denial, which influenced politicians, the media and the public. Here’s a summary I recently wrote of one of my favorite papers on that (written by a, spoiler alert: scientist!)…
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"Asked to explain why Exxon’s climate-related ads are not political, @Twitter declined to comment. A Harvard researcher who studies Exxon for a living, however, did not hold back."

⬆️I chat today w/ HEATED/@emorwee.

⬇️A few follow-up thoughts...…
2/n: First, and most crucially, I declare my personal slogan henceforth to be: Not holding back since 2019™.
3/n: As I discuss with @emorwee, Mobil & ExxonMobil have pioneered issue advertising for decades, on climate change and every other topic of political concern to them. I know because I've read pretty much all of them.…
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Exxon Knew. And Exxon lied.

"More than half of all industrial carbon dioxide emissions were produced after Exxon heard the clarion call from its own scientists to change direction."

Lee Wasserman writes the best op-eds for @nytopinion. READ THIS.
"These lawsuits are an important step for society to free itself from the grasp of this lethal industry. Most directly, the suits can provide the billions necessary for communities to repair climate damages and fortify their infrastructure for the storms ahead." - Lee Wasserman
"We’re not in this mess because we heat our homes or drive our children to school, which is what the fossil fuel companies want us to think. We’re victims of a small group of gargantuan companies that recklessly and deliberately ignored the implications of their own science."
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OUT NOW: #AmericaMisled, a new report from colleagues & I synthesizing a decade+ of research showing how the fossil fuel industry deliberately denied Americans their right to be accurately informed about climate change, & how to fight back. THREAD
2/n: The goal of this report from @mason4c, @Harvard & @BristolUni is not novel scholarship, but to raise awareness about what we know: that the fossil fuel industry has deliberately polluted the information landscape, undermining Americans' chances of a just & stable future.
3/n: Here and below are some quick takeaways from this report co-authored by @johnfocook @STWorg @NaomiOreskes @maibached & myself...
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BREAKING: Massachusetts Attorney General is poised to sue ExxonMobil for allegedly deceiving consumers about global warming, joining New York in escalating from investigation to lawsuit. 1/n #ExxonKnew…
2/n: For the most up-to-date summary of how fossil fuel interests knowingly confused the public & sabotaged policy, see last month's amicus brief by my colleagues & I supporting Maryland's climate lawsuit:
3/n: For those more visually inclined, I testified to EU Parliament about ExxonMobil's history of climate denial and delay in March. You can watch that here (scroll to bottom for video of the hearing itself):
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The NY attorney general’s case against Exxon starts next week, on October 23. Read this excellent reporting on the case from @nkus. Here's some of the stunning facts on what #ExxonKnew vs. what Exxon said, with implications for #cdnpoli + #elxn43… THREAD…
@nkus Exxon maintained 2 carbon prices: a higher one externally, for shareholders; and a lower one internally, for planning. The lower internal price made investments in the dirty and expensive Canadian oil sands profitable. Rex Tillerson, then CEO, was reported to have supported this
@nkus This accounting practice wasn’t just terrible news for the climate, causing Exxon to sink billions into the Albertan oil sands. It was also terrible news for investors. As @nkus puts it: "Exxon's accounting practices cost shareholders between $476 million and $1.6 billion.” 3/
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Thread: Blatant #ClimateDenial has lost. The new conflict is whether #ClimateChange is a crisis requiring urgent social and #economic transformation, or something we can adapt to incrementally while carrying on with business as usual. 1/40
2/ A recent opinion piece by Bjorn Lomborg in the @globeandmail is representative of the 'business as usual argument'. Let's deconstruct it to see how this gets passed off as the pragmatic point of view, and why it's false.…
3/ The basic tactic is this: provide a few common-sense truths to gain the air of pragmatism and then feed us the story we're desperate to hear: that everything will be fine, that growth will outpace #ClimateDamages and life can carry on as usual.
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Starting now: U.S. Back in Paris: Ending U.S. Greed and Isolationism. Thanks @NewEconomyNYC for sponsoring! We'll be live-tweeting til noon #ClimateWeekNYC

@NewEconomyNYC We begin with a land acknowledgement, recognize the centuries of the Lenape people living on and caring for this land
@NewEconomyNYC We will talk about how the same systems that had a devastating impact on these people are the systems having a devastating impact on the earth.

These systems affect our ability to feel good about ourselves, to think, to do our work.
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Today Republicans are saying: Science isn’t real.
Climate change is a hoax.
Greta is being lied to and abused by Democrats and put on display to trick the world through emotion about climate change.
Then they point to Nazi youth.

The right wing conspiracies never stop.
So it’s ok America. You can keep eating your hamburgers and keep pumping and burning that gas and oil.
Everything’s fine.
Keep consuming.
Carbon footprints is fake.
Science is fake.
The ice caps always melt.
It’s all fake.

Because Republicans say so.
Here’s a meme Republicans are passing around.
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Apparently @andersoncooper #ClimateTownHall just cited my & @NaomiOreskes's peer-reviewed study showing how #ExxonKnew about the global warming dangers of its products decades ago, then turned around & orchestrated a massive disinformation campaign to mislead the public. THREAD.
2/n: First, it's pretty surreal (& brilliant!) to have @CNN suddenly covering the s*** out of the climate crisis, helping to #EndClimateSilence. Less fantastic is that it's behind a pay wall, meaning many of us (including moi) can't actually watch it.
3/n: Second, & even more surreal: Who could've imagined presidential candidates in any previous election out-bidding one another to call out the fossil fuel industry as a bad actor that must be held legally, financially, & socially accountable for their climate denial & damages?
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In the lead up to today’s @CNN Climate Town Halls, @KamalaHarris dropped her big climate plan this morning. She will take the stage at 6:20 PM ET. What can we expect to hear from Harris? A THREAD 🧵 on her climate plan.
@CNN @KamalaHarris The @KamalaHarris plan has five big planks. The first two highlight her previous work and particular focus: environmental justice and legal approaches to holding polluters accountable. Let’s dive into her plans in these areas. 2/
@CNN @KamalaHarris On environmental justice, the plan says: clean air and clean water are a right for all Americans, in black and brown communities alike; we should stand up for Indigenous rights; and we must reverse Trump’s environmental rollbacks. 3/…
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Warning shot! @LGIM (about $1.3 trillion), one of Exxon’s top 20 shareholders, dumped about $300 million worth of Exxon shares and pledged to vote remaining shares against Exxon Chairman/CEO Darren Woods. #ExxonKnew #ExxonLies…
Reason: “There’s got to be an escalation. You cannot have the same conversation for 15 years with no results.” Hats off to @LGIM for being serious about holding polluters to account. Other institutional investors would do well to take note.
And an open question: how much does Exxon pay U.S. Chamber (#ChamberofCarbon) and NAM to be the two WORST CLIMATE OBSTRUCTORS IN AMERICA? #ExxonKnew #ExxonLies #ExxonPays…
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REVEALED: Internal memo (left) shows Mobil funded pioneering climate science in 1990s to deepen its "technical info & understanding", while simultaneously publishing climate-denying ads in @nytimes (right). As I tell @guardian, this is a "wake-up call for university leaders". 1/n 1993 Mobil internal grant recommendation form describing funding of climate science research at Lamont-Doherty lab at Columbia University. Document lists explicit Advertorial published by Mobil on op-ed page of New York Times in 1993, entitled
2/n: Mobil had inside access to climate models "that will be the basis for regulatory action". Privately self-proclaimed funding "Benefits to Mobil" such as these epitomize what @BenFranta & I term fossil fuel industry's invisible colonization of academia:…
3/n: In other words, I tell @guardian: "Fossil fuel funding is not free. When you take it, you pay with your university’s social license. You pay by helping facilitate these companies’ political and public relations tactics."…
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It’s been a hard couple weeks to be a woman living in the American South and working on climate change. THREAD. 1/13
On the planet front, the atmosphere is now choked with 415 parts per million of carbon dioxide—conditions the human species has never before faced. Earth hasn’t either, for roughly the last 3 million years. 2/13…
Who knew? #ExxonKnew. Yes, they knew where we were headed back in 1982, the year before I was born. Makes Big Tobacco seem like child’s play. 3/13…
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Prediction of the future from 1982 by @exxonmobil , along with data showing how it has actually evolved. Exxon's predictions were extremely accurate. #ExxonKnew @GeoffreySupran @NaomiOreskes
Not that surprising, though. Broecker made an essentially similar prediction a few years earlier.

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This is the new bar for climate storytelling ⬇️ A stunning 7-min postcard from the future to turbocharge the climate movement & #GreenNewDeal. By the unstoppable @AOC, @NaomiAKlein, @KateAronoff et al. Watch, share, act.

(My special thx & kudos for including #ExxonKnew framing)
My serious oversight for not acknowledging the *incredibly* talented artist who made this possible, @mollycrabapple. Also huge props to @theintercept for facilitating this brilliant futurism, and to everyone else involved in this project.
Including the extraordinarily talented filmmaker @avilewis!
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Didn't even get their lobby group to do it for them. A shockingly bad ad by Woodside, claiming to be proud climate while trying to stop action on climate.

Thread 1/
Last week the WA EPA issued a new guidance in which they will recommend all new mega projects (esp: fossil fuel extraction) offset their emissions. EPA cites the lack of any policy at the federal level. They're right, LNG is pushing Oz emissions up and up, with no constraint 2/
So how do the gas giants respond? With a full on "carbon war", claiming the policy creates uncertainty, kills jobs, and hurts the climate. Going the full scomo... 3/
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Less than a decade after World War II, the fossil fuel industry was studying CO2 pollution. Within a few years, it knew its products threatened global warming. Its response? To turn around & orchestrate an anti-science, anti-policy denial campaign dwarfing even Big Tobacco's. 1/n
2/n: For a one-stop, up-to-date primer on this history, check out this amicus brief by experts @NaomiOreskes, @RBrulle, @BenFranta, @STWorg, & me filed yesterday to U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:…
3/n: Short on time? Our Table of Contents offers top-line takeaways.
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as promised to @drvox, short thread on politics of letter signed by 27 economists advocating a carbon tax. Letter 1st published in WSJ (paywalled) and written up in WaPo, among others.
@drvox and as you can see from WaPo headline even if you don't click thru, central premise is that a carbon tax "is not controversial." But that's false for two reasons. I'll tag this #27Economists.
@drvox First, the #27Economists letter deliberately omits a key part of the plan -- a waiver of Exxon's liability for covering up what it knew about climate change back in the 1970s. #ExxonKnew
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I want to share a couple thoughts about the vital importance of history in this moment of planetary emergency.

2. This global ecological crisis we face did not come out of nowhere.

In some ways, its roots stretch back to the dawn of agriculture.

But in a more immediate sense, the crisis we face today is almost entirely the result of decisions made in the last 50 years.
3. Powerful people made choices, seeking to get rich: To subsidize + expand the use of fossil fuels; to build auto-dependent communities; to subsidize agrobusiness + animal agriculture; to embrace cheap plastic + toxic chemistry; to exploit + destroy forests and fisheries.
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With Democrats back in control, it's time for the House Science Committee to start up the #ExxonKnew investigation again! Let's review this wild saga of lawsuits, subpoenas, and climate denial in this thread —>
1/ Back in 2015, reporting at @InsideClimateNews and the @LATimes revealed that Exxon and other oil companies knew about the threat of climate change decades ago, but lied about it to the public and did everything they could to stop efforts to address it.
2/ Just as Big Tobacco lied about the risks of addiction and cancer, Exxon orchestrated a campaign of doubt and deception, making hundreds of billions at the cost of people's lives — now it's time for them to face the consequences.…
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🚨🚨 After a years-long investigation, the NYAG pulls the trigger on the Exxon climate fraud suit.

Here's old coverage from one wrinkle of the probe involving Rex Tillerson, which was revealed when he was secretary of state.…
"Exxon provided false and misleading assurances that it is effectively managing the economic risks posed to its business by the increasingly stringent policies and regulations that it expects governments to adopt to address climate change," 91-page suit…
To get a sense of the enormous scope of this suit, check out its Table of Contents.

The four counts leveled in state court in Manhattan:

1) Martins Act Securities Fraud
2) Persistent Fraud and Illegality
3) Actual Fraud
4) Equitable Fraud
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"Embodied energy injustices: Unveiling and politicizing the transboundary harms of fossil fuel extraction and fossil fuel supply chains".

New paper with @jenniecstephens & @stephmalin_soc

Thread (1)…
Energy decisions have transboundary impacts. Yet assessments of large-scale energy infrastructure (e.g. EIS) rarely consider upstream/downstream emissions. Justice implications are completely omitted. Net effect = incomplete & flawed energy decisions (2)
The old Salem plant burned coal from La Guajira, Colombia. Fracked gas from PA, USA, now supplies the new gas-fired station*. Decision-makers ignored the ‘upstream’ injustices experienced by both communities. (3)…
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