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🌳Après les balades dans la nature, en randonnée ou en plongée, posons nous et prenons le temps pour d'un thread d'observation la #nature pour voir si la copier n'est pas mieux que de s'encombrer de calculs parfois complexes et sans certitude de résultat
#biomimétisme #conception
⚠️Encore une fois, pas de généralisation à "la nature, c'est mieux", tout au plus, comme tout bon concepteur, inspirons-nous de tout ce qui existe, quelque soit la personne, la société, la nation ou le processus naturel l'ayant engendré.
🚶‍♂️Dans notre balade mentale (excellente chaîne #YouTube par ailleurs), plein de termes s'entrechoquent ...

#Biomimétisme : Un processus d'innovation et une ingénierie. Il s'inspire des formes, matières, propriétés, processus et fonctions du vivant
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I will be introducing a bill inspired by @RepKellyCassidy that requires all inseminators to undergo #vasectomies within 6 weeks of having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first. /1

Additionally, . . .

#ReproJustice #ReproductiveRights #AbortionIsHealthcare
My forthcoming bill will codify the definition of #wrongfulconception to include when a person has demonstrated negligence toward preventing #conception during intercourse. /2

And . . .
. . . this legislation will allow Pennsylvanians to take #civilaction against inseminators for unwanted #pregnancies who wrongfully conceive
a child with them. /3
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There is little doubt that sometimes the best way to make sense of the transmission of texts, debates and commentaries is to dive deeply into codices of collected texts (majmūʿa-s) #manuscripts #Islamic #intellectual_history 1/
One good example is the majmūʿa MS Majlis-e Shūrā (Tehran) 5284 which includes ten texts mostly copied by Sulṭān Muḥammad b. ʿAlī Shāh Iṣfahānī in 962/1555 in Bharuch in West India 2/
The collection begins with some works of Jalāl al-Dīn Davānī (d. 1502) - usually called Muḥammad b. Asʿad al-Ṣiddīqī in the incipits - reflecting on Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī (d. 1274) works on the #intellect and #nafs_al_amr and on the logical notion of #conception_taṣawwur 3/
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1-Today is #Thursday – the day of #Jupiter.

#Jupiter is all about expansion,

..#Relationships, the #soul or the #Jeeva and #family and #Ayurveda. (1/25)
2-So, what does #Ayurveda say about man and woman coming together, producing children?

What are the healthy ways to do it?

In that spirit, we will discuss some bit of #Astrology as well as some bit of #Ayurveda. (2/25)
3-This also adds to #गर्भाधान and #Conception threads

..and the role #Astrology and #Ayurveda play in it

..what @shashankupadhy_ has been talking about (3/25)
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BREAKING: Coast Guard announces they are suspending search efforts in connection with the #Conception fire and sinking. Out of 39 people on board, it appearsonly 5 crew members survived. No passengers made it out while sleeping below deck. 20 bodies recovered so far. @FOXLA ImageImageImageImage
Coast Guard days they are now operating under the assumption that 34 people died in the #Conception disaster. They said there were no locked doors on the boat, and the mayday radio traffic was just an operator asking questions and trying to get info. Smoke alarm required @FOXLA Image
Sheriff says the bodies will be identified via DNA testing because they have “extreme thermal damage” as a result of the fire. @FOXLA ImageImage
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@TheCollectiveQ Which makes today's FF Ship Fire an obvious Cabal Hit.
THEY want Abortion from #Conception to #Labor (today is Labor Day. Mayday: 0330 = 33. 39 on board 13 x 3. 34 missing. (7 is God's number of perfection = their mockery of "we are created in the image of God". Date: 9/2 =11...
@TheCollectiveQ ...11 is the number of human sacrifice. Date 11/12 (9+2 = 11) (2+1+9 = 12) = 11/12 = 11+12. "23". THEY LOVE "23". THEY LOVE September (9the month)/23 = 9/23. How often do we see that in predictive programming? Sank at 64ft depth. 64, "the cumulation of all things". The completion
@TheCollectiveQ *My father (CIA OP), Stephen Paddock(FBI/CIA OP) both taken out by their own at age 64. No coincidence. Death by the Book, NLP and Gematria. Crew rescued by "The Grape Escape" (Great Escape).
Do NOT assume crew guilt. Hit? Yes. Scripted.
Unroll please @threadreaderapp
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NEW: Just spoke to Bob, captain of the Grape Escape, the boat that rescued the crew of the #Conception. Says he woke up at 330am to the crew pounding on his boat in their underwear after they went in the water. Captains clothes on his boat still. Never heard screams. 10pm @FOXLA ImageImageImageImage
He said the boat had 30-40 flames and was fully engulfed. Said he thinks the crew was all sleeping because they were all in their underwear and the captain told him by the time he woke up the boat was totally engulfed. Told me no chance any passenger survived....@FOXLA
He said the crew didn’t know how the fire started but they mentioned it seemed to begin in the gallery & they suggested the passengers plugging their cell phones to all charge in the same area may have had something to do with it. Crew distraught, one’s gf was below deck. @FOXLA
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