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#Sanskrit was not limited to India it was far spread upto Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam 2000 years ago let's see the reach in this #Thread
*Map not political
Src #wikiwand
2/ The earliest surviving Sanskrit inscription is from Vo Canh inscription discovered near Nha Trang, Vietnam dates 3rd century ce
The inscription ordains grand daughter of King indicating a Matrilineal society.
3/ Yūpa Mulawarman (H!ndu king) inscription in Indonesia written by Brahm!ns in Pallava Script, Borneo, Kutai, Indonesia
Dates 4 century ce

This attests to the emergence of an Indianized state in the Indonesian archipelago.…
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Since it's #WorldSanskritDay today.
I think it's apt to Use #Sanskrit to point out some things regarding how Urdu has been demonized in India. Especially by the RW.. using criteria like Origin, mass usage, body or work etc. So here we go.
#Sanskrit-Northern Syria.
#Urdu- North India around Delhi in about the 12th CE.…
Usage by people:
#Sanskrit: never the language of the masses, the usage was restricted to the UCs.
#Urdu: as it was founded by the Masses From the time of its origin was always been the language of the masses.
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1/n Quick thread on #Afghanistan's indigenous Hindus & the present state of the Pakhtuns. Based on speaking with a Hindu lady who lived and worked there, speaks Dari and Pashto, did several field projects there, & was invited to speak at US State Dept. on security-related issues.
2/n Most Afghan Hindus are indigenous to Afghanistan, in the sense that they are the oldest inhabitants there at this point. There are some who went there from India only a few centuries ago, and are no less "Afghan", but most have been there prior to all others known today.
3/n Some indigenous Afghan Hindus are classified as Tajik & even Uzbek. More educated in today's times, & follow Persianate culture, i.e., they are basically Persian & Turkic Hindus.

But majority of native Afghan Hindus are Pakhta (#Sanskrit Pakta), or Pakhtun/Pashtun...
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If you're just getting into the study of #Sanskrit grammar, one of the first things you need to learn is the Māheśvara Sūtras, aka the Śiva Sūtras. In this thread I'll teach you everything you need to know about them to get started.
Let's start by recalling that thread about the story of Pāṇini. He received these sūtras as a gift from Śiva, who was dancing out of happiness at Pāṇini's austerities. On the surface, they are simply a special rearrangement of the alphabet. 2/
The sūtras themselves are:

1. अइउण्
2. ऋऌक्
3. एओङ्
4. ऐऔच्
5. हयवरट्
6. लण्
7. ञमङणनम्
8. झभञ्
9. घढधष्
10. जबगडदश्
11. खफछठथचटतव्
12. कपय्
13. शषसर्
14. हल्

Learn to pronounce them with this video by Vikram Bhaskaran:

But why this rearrangement? 3/
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My adaptation of Madālasā's Lullaby from the Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa. Please enjoy! 🎶

Find it on YouTube here:

A small thread about the lullaby in context. 1/5

In this section of the Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa, Queen Madālasā and King Ṛtadhvaja have 4 sons. After the birth of the 1st 3 sons, Madālasā laughs at Ṛtadhvaja for having given them “useless” names, Vikrānta (victorious), Subāhu (strong), & Śatrumardana (destroyer of enemies). 2/5
Since she chastised him, the king asks her to name their fourth son. She names him Alarka (mad dog). This baffles the king, but Madālasā explains why these names are all equally meaningless, since they do not manifest particular personalities/professions. 3/5
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My dear brothers & sisters, I am making a very important request to you all to please read this message thoroughly till the end.
The 2022 census is going to be completed very shortly & people in charge of the census will meet you soon for this purpose..
During the data collection on the languages you know, please declare Sanskrit as one of the languages you know. Even if we cannot speak sanskrit fluently, all of us use Sanskrit for chanting of shloks, pujas & rituals.
In last census the number of people who knew Sanskrit were only two thousand, where as Arabic & Parsi speaking people were more in number . Therefore the government allocated more funds for the development of these languages.
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Once upon a time around 500 BCE, in a town called Takshashila, there lived a boy named Pāṇini, and he was an utter fool. Everyone made fun of him for being a fool, and his parents and teachers thought he would amount to nothing.
One day, he somehow got admitted to Takshashila University, where people came from far and wide to study. Perhaps his father knew someone there, or perhaps they took pity on him. He was a #Sanskrit #Grammar major. Grammar was the respectable subject to study at the time.
Perhaps he wanted to study #Yoga or something, but his father, like other South Asian dads, wanted his son to study the best thing for his future. It was something like SA dads wanting their kids to study #medicine or #engineering today.
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उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम्।
वर्षं तद्भारतं नाम भारती यत्र सन्ततिः।।२-३-१।।

नव योजन साहस्त्रो विस्तारो अस्य महामुने।
कर्मभूमिरियं स्वर्गपवर्गं च गच्छताम्।।२-३-२।।
हे मैत्रेय जो समुद्र के उत्तर तथा हिमालय के दक्षिण में स्थित है वह भारतवर्ष कहलाता है।उसमें भरत की सन्तान बसी हुई हैं।
इसका विस्तार नौ हजार योजन है । यह स्वर्ग और अपवर्ग प्राप्त करनेवालों की कर्मभूमि है।
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तस्यामात्या गुणैरासन्निक्षवाकोः सुमहात्मनः।
मन्त्रज्ञाश्चेङ्गितज्ञाश्च नित्यं प्रियहिते रताः॥१॥
अष्टौ बभूवुर्वीरस्य तस्यामात्या यशस्विनः।
शुचयश्चानुरक्ताश्च राजकृत्येषु नित्यशः॥२॥
धृष्टिर्जयन्तो विजयः सुराष्ट्रो राष्ट्रवर्धनः।
अकोपो धर्मपालश्च सुमन्त्रश्चाष्टमोऽर्थवित्॥३॥
इक्ष्वाकुवंशी वीर महामना महाराज दशरथ के मन्त्रिजनोचित गुणों से सम्पन्न आठ मन्त्रि थे जो मन्त्र के तत्व को जाननेवाले और बाहरी चेष्टा को देखकर मन के भाव को समझने वाले थे ।वे सदा ही राजा के प्रिय और हितमें लगे रहते थे।इस कारण उनका यश बहुत फैला हुआ था।
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A (Non-Boring) Twitter History of the Word, Namāz ( نماز#, #नमाज़)

The word “namāz” in #Urdu/#Hindi is used for the five daily prayers that every #Muslim is supposed to offer.

The word for the five daily prayers in #Arabic , however, is salat, صَلاة

Of Persian import, namāz has a long and extremely complex history, which can be traced back to the pre-Islamic past.

The origin of namāz can be traced back to an ancient proto-Indo-European root, nam (to bow, to bend).

The verb nam (to bow) and the noun namah-/namas- (prostration, reverence) can be found in both #Sanskrit and Avestan, the Zoroastrian #Scripture .

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स कच्चिद् ब्राह्मणो विद्वान् धर्मनित्यो महाद्युतिः।
इक्ष्वाकूणामुपाध्यायो यथावत् तात पूज्यते॥९॥
तात क्या तुम इक्ष्वाकुकुलके पुरोहित ब्रह्मवेत्ता,विद्वान सदैव धर्म में तत्पर रहनेवाले महातेजस्वी ब्रह्मऋषि वशिष्ठ जी का यथावत पूजन तो करते हो ना।
तात कच्चिद् कौसल्या सुमित्रा च प्रजावती ।
सुखिनी कच्चिदार्या च देवी नन्दति कैकयी॥१०॥
भरत क्या माता कौसल्या और सुमित्रा सुख से हैं,और क्या माता आर्या कैकयी आनन्दित हैं ।
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स तत्र ब्रह्मणः स्थानमग्नेः स्थान तथैव च॥३-१२-१७
विष्णोः स्थानं महेन्द्रस्य स्थान चैव विवस्वतः।
सोमस्थानं भगस्थानं स्थानं कौबेरमेव च॥३-१२-१८
धातुर्विधातुः स्थाने च वायोः स्थानं तथैव च।
नागराजस्य च स्थानमनन्तस्य महात्मनः॥३-१२-१९
स्थानम तथैव गायत्र्या वसूनां स्थानमेव च।
स्थानं च पाशहस्तस्य वरुणस्य महात्मनः॥३-१२-२०
कार्तिकेयस्य च स्थानं धर्मस्थानं च पश्यति।३-१२-२१
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Ongoing thread on #HansVermeer's 1984 (Skopos Theory explained), on #Translation. Let me start with some of my favourite quotes:
"Language is a system" (p. 19)—>Hence, discussing about how to translate a single word is a misunderstanding of the way language works. 1/
In HV's words: "Simple signs can be combined to form complex signs, e.g. words form sentences, and sentences form texts. A sequence of simple signs is not just a collection of signs but a new sign of higher rank […] The formation of super-signs is language-specific. 2/
A word in one language can correspond to a phrase in another" (p.19).
"Signs delimit, determine, condition and define each other's meanings. Signs form language- and culture-specific fields"(p. 20) 3/
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Importance of Rudraksha.

शिवप्रियतमो ज्ञेयो रुद्राक्षः परपावन‌ः।
दर्शनात् स्पर्शनाज्जाप्यात् सर्वपापहरः स्मृतः।।२-५-२।।
रुद्राक्ष शिव को अत्यंत प्रिय है। इसे परम पावन समझना चाहिये। रुद्राक्ष का स्पर्श,दर्शन और जप समस्त पापों का हरण करनेवाला कहा गया है।
वर्णैस्तु तत्फलं धार्यं भुक्तिमुक्तिफलेुसुभिः।
शिवभक्तैर्विशेषेण शिवयोः प्रीतये सदा॥२-५-१३॥
भोग और मोक्ष की इच्छा वाले चारों वर्णों के लोगों और विशेषत शिवभक्तों शिव पार्वती की प्रसन्नताके लिये रुद्राक्ष फलोंको अवश्य धारण करना चाहिये॥
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Description of different types of Brahmins.
विभिन्न प्रकार के ब्राह्मणों का वर्णन।

सदाचारयुतो विद्वान् ब्राह्मणो नाम नामत।
वेदाचारयुतो विप्रो ह्येतैरेकैकवान्द्विजः॥ १-१२-२॥
सदाचार का पालन करनेवाला विद्वान ब्राह्मण ही 'ब्राह्मण' नाम धारण करने का अधिकारी है।
वेदोक्त आचार और विद्या से युक्त ब्राह्मण 'विप्र' कहलाता है। सदाचार, वेदाचार और विद्या से युक्त ब्राह्मण 'द्विज' कहलाता है।
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Science or sorcery? The #IronPillar of Delhi had everyone stumped for ages, till scientists solved its metallurgical mystery. The question was: how could an iron pillar be exposed to Delhi’s heat, dust, cold and rains for 1,600 years without the slightest trace of rust? 1/6 Image
Standing in the Qutb Complex, the #IronPillar is a 4th century CE, Gupta-era monument. An inscription in #Sanskrit and the Brahmi script reveals that it was erected by King Chandra (probably Chandragupta II) and that it celebrates his victories in battle. 2/6
But #DidYouKnow that the #IronPillar was originally erected in Udayagiri, in Vidisha, in present-day Madhya Pradesh? It is said to have been brought to #Delhi as a trophy by Sultan Iltutmish (r. 1211 - 1236) of the Slave Dynasty, after he conquered Vidisha. But there’s more. 3/6 Image
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आप सबको सूचित करते हुए बेहद दुख हो रहा है कि #Sanskrit की मौत हो चुकी है। सरकार के हवा फूंकने से वह जी नहीं उठेगी। कुछ लोग उसका अंतिम संस्कार करने से मना कर रहे हैं। वैसे ही जैसे बंदरिया अपने मरे बच्चे को छाती से चिपका कर घूमती है। संस्कृत की बॉडी सड़ रही है। लाश को अब जला दें।
कृपया संस्कृत की मौत के लिए दूसरे को दोष न दें। आपने अपने फ़ायदे के लिए उसे मर जाने दिया है। बल्कि मार डाला। आपने इस भाषा को कभी जनभाषा बनने नहीं दिया।

संस्कृत में आज तक कोई लोरी नहीं गाई गई। इस भाषा में बाज़ार में सामान ख़रीदा और बेचा नहीं गया।
संस्कृत कभी ज़िंदा भाषा थी ही नहीं। इसमें प्रेम गीत नहीं गाए गए। इस भाषा में लोगों ने आपस में झगड़ा नहीं किया। किसी माँ ने संस्कृत में अपने बच्चे को नहीं बुलाया।

आपने खुद मौका देखकर अपने बच्चों को इंग्लिश स्कूल में डाल दिया।
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#Sanskrit airport


विमानं, वायुयानं

air transport


संभारः, पेटी, पेटिकाः



#Sanskrit airport

पत्रक-विक्रयः (Raghuvira), चीटिका-विक्रयः

check-in (v.)

air traffic control


take-off (airplane)


flight mode (phone)


#Sanskrit airport

cabin crew|crew (airplane)

air hostess

wing (airplane)
पक्षः (Raghuvira - from समपाङ्गणसूत्रधारः)

overhead bin (airplane)




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विष्णुपुराणम् प्रथमांशः अध्यायः १ Vishnu Puranam, Section 1, Chapter 1 मङ्गलाचरणम्, पराशरं प्रति मैत्रेयस्य प्रश्नः, पराशरस्योत्तरदानञ्च
Total 126 chapters in 6 sections/ amsas
Text for chanting – sa[dot]wikisource[dot]org
विष्णुपुराणम् प्रथमांशः अध्यायः २ Vishnu Puranam, Section 1, Chapter 2 विष्णुस्तुतिः, सृष्टिप्रक्रिया च

#chanting #parayanam #sanskrit #learner #selfstudy #SanskritDM
विष्णुपुराणम् प्रथमांशः अध्यायः ३ Vishnu Puranam, Section 1, Chapter 3 ब्रह्मणः सर्गजनिकायाः शक्तेर्विवरणम्, तस्यायुर्निरूपणञ्च
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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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If this looks like an EXVLUSIVE Sanātan Dharm’s prayer to few, and if that’s why few are against chanting it in schools then such people should stop calling themselves INDIAN/ Bhartiya. 👎 If we want Bhartiya culture to ascend — then learning #SANSKRIT is a must!
Chanting SANSKRIT prayers like this was a norm in schools earlier— but with the decaying BHARTIYA culture today’s GEN Z has no clue about it. Govt is taking efforts — are you?
Pic credit: World Yoga alliance!
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THREAD on #Shakespeare #DAG and the #bees … yes… you read that right… 🙈
1. To #bee or not to be… that is the #question… by Shakespeare
2. #Skakespeare ‘s #love of life was Anne Hathaway…🙈 (forget the current one and that her husband looks like Shakespeare🙈)
Read 22 tweets… #Decoloniality- a relatively new western movement used to drive BLM politics, support Khalistani infiltration of Punjab farmer protests, pseudo-dalit caste activism, fan #Hinduphobia and self-loathing by deleting adhyatma, yoga, dharma. #BreakingIndia 2.0.
western academia projects like #Decoloniality are rooted in materialism, focus on outer transformation.

Dharmic movements reject sacred v secular partition. Outer progress reflects inner transformation via embodied knowing.

first & foremost, Bharat is an #adhyatmic civilization
trans from a good talk in Hindi on Tantra in the India Inspires YT channel.
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ब्रह्मपुराणम् अध्यायः १ Brahma Puranam, Chapter 1 तत्रादौ नैमिषारण्य वर्णनम्
(२४६ 246 chapters)
Text for chanting – sa[dot]wikisource[dot]org
#chanting #parayanam #sanskrit #learner #selfstudy #SanskritDM
ब्रह्मपुराणम् अध्यायः २ Brahma Puranam, Chapter 2 तत्रादौ स्वायम्भुवमनुवंशवर्णनम्
ब्रह्मपुराणम् अध्यायः ३ Brahma Puranam, Chapter 3 देवदानवोत्पत्ति वर्णनम्
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