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"John Grier III, 49, faces one count of violating an individual’s civil rights and one count of falsifying a record for allegedly submitting a falsified police report about the incident, authorities announced." #CopsLie
"A Bridgeton police officer who twice fired pepper spray into the face of a handcuffed suspect four years ago has been indicted on two federal crimes, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey announced Thursday."
"The officer surrendered to federal authorities earlier Thursday and was released on a $50,000 bond following an appearance in federal court in Camden, the office said."
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A Brooklyn man who spent 18 years in prison for allegedly shooting at NYPD cops has had his conviction overturned after prosecutors reviewing the case realized that the cops lied about what happened.… #CopsLie
"Twenty-one years into the millennium, Kadafi Ala has caught a break.

The Brooklyn man’s conviction for shooting at cops at 12:15 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2000, was overturned Wednesday after prosecutors said police testimony did not match up with ballistic evidence in the case."
"Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez asked Judge Matthew D’Emic to toss the conviction of Ala, whose name at the time of the shooting was Phillip Almeda."
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"A former Shake Shack manager falsely accused of poisoning a group of police officers’ milkshakes last June has filed a lawsuit against several NYPD officers and two police unions that perpetuated the false allegation."… #CopsLie
"According to 28-year-old Marcus Gilliam, the former manager of the Manhattan Shake Shack, he and his staff were berated and humiliated by officers last year during an investigation into the alleged poisoning."
“'They had me make a milkshake in front of them,' Gilliam told New York Daily News.

'As I was adding the custard, one of the officers said, ‘At what point did you add the bleach?’ They were trying to get me to admit to something. They were trying to coach my words.'"
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ACAB Daily Digest (June 10, 2021)🧵: Three panel meme from "Reservoir Dogs" (Harvey Kei
Broward County, Florida | "Like most people bitten by police dogs in Broward County, Davis was unarmed, accused of a nonviolent crime, and Black."…
Archived version of above:…
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Former NYPD cop Eric Adams spouts what he knows to be bullshit when he says he won't be like Rudy Giuliani or Bill de Blasio on policing but instead will do "community policing" like David Dinkins.

De Blasio also claimed to do "community policing."…
Also, as Maya Wiley's campaign mentions, former NYPD cop Eric Adams told the NY Daily News in 1999 that David Dinkins was "too soft on crime."

Now he claims to want to copy Dinkins on policing.

"Community policing" is (& always has been) a copaganda term that means nothing at best & increased copaganda & counterinsurgency in communities at worst.

Even Human Rights Watch's report on NYPD's response to #FTP4 says "community policing" is bullshit.
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"But emails released to the public after a hack of the mayor’s office show that even as Lightfoot and police leaders continued to trot out the talking point, some of the highest-ranking city officials were aware the claim was wrong." #CopsLie
"Throughout her tenure, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the police superintendents who work for her have repeatedly blamed judges when the city’s violence starts to rise."
"The argument goes like this: If judges would keep more people locked up after arrest, then they wouldn’t be able to commit crimes, and violence in Chicago would decrease."
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ACAB Daily Digest (May 19, 2021)🧵

[No charges to be filed in Elizabeth City, NC against death squad that executed Andrew Brown, Jr. there in April.]
Related | Andrew Brown's tire as he plainly and unmistakably tried to steer away from the death squad that murdered him after he had already passed them.

#CopsLie Image
CN: dv, domestic, abuse, police, pigs

Former #LiveLeak "star" cop charged for attacking a DV victim in Georgetown, TX | "We don't get your cooperation — this is what happens," Hernandez said at one point.… [h/t @ethanbrown72]
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As the media starts quoting the police's press statements, REMEMBER📢#CopsLie all the time. "Whenever there is a killing of Black people by police, the police immediately claim they had reasonable fear for their lives." -@rigodis & I wrote this last year.…
#CopsLie "to justify violating constitutional protections and due process of Black and brown communities, and they do this with impunity...Perhaps most disturbing of all is when these lies are used to absolve the police of murder." -me and @rigodis…
The same old arguments for police reform will get recycled. Don't fall for it.
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CN: police violence, car attack, vehicle attack, mass casualty event, pigs

Different angle on the lethal use of force in Tacoma last night that shows sirens were not engaged at all.
The pig sounded the flat horn once or twice before attempting to murder everyone in his path over fear of a window, but that is not a "siren" in popular understanding - as the police PIO lied about here:
Anyway, BREAKING! #Copslie.
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Not only did NBC bring fascist former NYPD leader Bill Bratton on to discuss the fascist coup attempt as if he's someone who should be taken seriously, they also let him lie & claim that "anarchists" were among the fascists storming the Capitol.

#CopsLie & the media lets them!
Bratton knows exactly what he's doing when he spreads this lie too. He's spent a lifetime cracking down on left-wing activists & protesters. He knows the difference between Trump supporters & anarchists.
Funny how the fascist golpista that Bratton calls an "anarchist" literally has US flags with Punisher skulls & a fascist Thin Blue Line/Blue Lives Matter patch.
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High-ranking NYPD cop Benjamin Tucker spouted the typical NYPD smears about small (already-rolled-back) bail reforms on Thursday & said state judges should consider "dangerousness" when deciding whether to grant someone bail.…
"During a virtual forum on policing hosted by the New York City Bar Association, Tucker acknowledged that bail reform was necessary but he stressed it had to be balanced to protect the communities."
Tucker does the typical NYPD brass "I'm reasonable! I want reforms too!" bullshit & says "cash bail was a disaster" & that "it had a disparate impact on people of color."

He doesn't mention that judges considering "dangerousness" also has a "disparate impact on people of color." Image
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I had the honor of handling this case for a wonderful young person. He was getting groceries for his job when cops assaulted him because they thought his motor scooter was stolen. They tasered him & gave him a concussion. When asked if they used force, cops wrote “no.” #CopsLie
Lt Henry Daverin, wearing a shirt w a “dont tread on me” symbol on it while assaulting a Black teenager on video, had at least 10 prior complaints. NYPD cleared them of wrongdoing after an internal investigation. DA spox initially denied TASER use since NYPD didn’t turn over ppw.
That TASER/force ppw later surfaced. It not being included initially was chalked up to an honest mistake. So was checking “no” on use of force. So was telling numerous lies captured on video, uncovered by our investigators. They’re all still arresting people, to my knowledge.
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One of my 1st suppression hearings was a case that started w/ a stop for "running a stop sign."

I asked the cop to describe a stop sign, then asked him to point out the stop sign my client ran in a picture of the intersection. Because there wasn't one there. #copslie
(And I still lost the hearing, because NY State Courts.)
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. . . . . . . . . #COPSLIE. . . . . . . . . .
S1 Ep1: The one where a cop pulls a knife on my client in the courthouse and gets caught lying about it.

A thread.

August 2006. I had just finished trying a case in front of a new-ish judge and was about to pick a jury in another.
This wasn't unusual. I was a Public Defender at the time and often went back to back, picking a jury in a case while the jury in the last case was deliberating. SOP.

The new jury would hear a gun/drug case. My client had made bail and was in the hallway waiting to get started.
Suddenly he comes back into the courtroom looking frazzled, his equally anxious gf in tow.

"Cop pulled a fucking knife on me just now!" He said, breathless.

I have to admit, even with all I knew about routine police misconduct, it sounded farfetched.

"Really?" I asked.
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A THREAD. @bala_nyc As public defenders we’re sharing our firsthand accounts of how officers lie to illustrate for you the reality of policing and why defunding is necessary. Join and share yours. #CopsLie #CopsLiesMatter. Here are a few of my stories:
I represented a teenage boy who officers lied + said threw a Capri sun on the ground. They arrested him him for littering which is a violation and not a crime, they tased and beat him so many times he peed himself, was bleeding, had cuts running down his legs and couldn’t walk
Even the judge was appalled. The prosecution still refused to dismiss the case.
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As PDs we are witness to the lies told by cops to justify their racist policing and prosecutions. #COPSLIE. Police plant evidence, falsify documents, lie about why they arrest or use force and lie while testifying under oath. Please read these stories, share & tell yours: 1/
An undercover told a person he was a veteran whose war injuries were hurting. He was given a pain pill, said he recognized it to be a controlled substance based on his “training,” & arrested the person he lied to. After months in court, labs showed it was an OTC pain med. 2/
Cops denied using any force in arresting a person who had TASER burns across their body. 2/
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Friends, especially White friends, in academic medicine wondering what you can do and what issues you can advocate for. A non-comprehensive breakdown by specialty. I remind you that pledging to stop hate is not enough. What you do in this moment should make you uncomfortable.
All: Faculty should advocate for a *written* statement from their Deans stating: any med student arrested in connection with protests (for any reason, violent or nonviolent #CopsLie) will not be penalized, but will instead receive a letter of commendation for living their oath.
Medical students are one of many groups out here risking our lives. Will you risk writing an email to protect our professional futures?
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"The data, quietly posted on the NYPD’s website Friday afternoon, shows that cops conducted 13,459 stop-and-frisks last year — 2,451 more than in 2018. That’s a 22% jump, according to the data."…
"The department had drastically reduced incidents of the controversial tactic and appointed a monitor to oversee reform after a federal judge in 2013 determined the practice was being carried out in an unconstitutional way because cops were unduly targeting minorities."
"Last year was the first time since 2016 that the NYPD recorded more than 12,400 stops, an uptick that has outraged critics of the long-panned practice."
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"But an analysis by the New York Civil Liberties Union, examining police data from 2014 to 2017, shows that even as the number of stops has dropped, extreme racial disparities continued and, in some cases, worsened."…
"Of those people stopped citywide over the four-year period, 81 percent were black or Latino."
"Racial disproportionality existed in both high-crime and low-crime precincts; it occurred in neighborhoods with a majority of black and Latino residents and also, in some cases, neighborhoods that were mostly white."
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