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The UK’s proposed #EndDemand bill; a #DecrimNow history thread:

‘Prostitution is a grievous vice’, wrote feminist Alison Neilans in 1919. To her, prostitution was morally wrong & harmful to women. Then, she continued: ‘but it cannot be made a crime without grave injustice.’
Yesterday, an amendment criminalizing the purchase of sex was added to the already controversial Policing and Crimes Bill. As much as Alison Neilans, the leading anti-prostitution campaigner of her day, hated prostitution, I know she would have opposed this. Why?
Because she knew that such laws were impossible to prosecute fairly. Laws directed against women who sold sex or men who bought it rested on stigma & too much police power. She understood that criminalizing one side would inevitably infringe on the rights of the other.
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Sexworkers are not a monolith. Some hate sw some love it. Some would never suggest it to others and some see it as freedom. But legislation should not be about FEELINGS it should be based in evidence. Evidence says that decriminalization is the safest harm reduction tool for SW.
Sw legislation is nuanced! There are caveats depending on what state/ country you're in. But decriminalization is backed by evidence, studies, lived experience & the fact that criminalization DOESN'T WORK.

Nordic model inadvertently negatively affects sw in worse ways.
Decriminalization is only ONE STEP in allowing ppl true agency over their lives.
Other steps?
Accessible & affordable housing for all
Ending cash bail
Accessible & affordable healthcare
Comprehensive no barrier DV programs
Not criminalizing drug use
Affirmative trans care!
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I wondered why I was feeling uneasy today and remembered this is the 11-year anniversary of the time I quit a job at a grassroots sex worker organization after one week, was asked to stay, quit after a month, and then had to go to the EEOC to get paid. friends (long thread). 😭
I came to the organization after working at my local rape crisis center, where I'd managed all of the city's crisis hotline and hospital accompaniment programs, and training hundreds of volunteers on crisis intervention with survivors. I loved my job, but it was very demanding +
my schedule was unpredictable and I often ended up on shifts I wasn't expecting because someone got sick, or missed a call—the hotline began and ended with me, and as a young survivor, it was really hard. of course! but while I was there, I worked with another local SW org +
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I want to talk about a terrible Supreme Court decision that was handed down right before us winning abortion access and very few are discussing it.
In USAID v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc., the Supreme Court ruled that enforcement of law requiring foreign orgs. receiving funds to fight HIV/AIDS to have policy opposing prostitution and sex trafficking does not violate the First Amendment.

This is wrong.
This means the the Court upheld the Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath (APLO), a 2003 policy that conflate sex work with human trafficking and refuses funds to organizations that do not have a policy explicitly opposing *sex work* or sex trafficking.
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curious to see how anti-trafficking organizations who say #BlackLivesMatter are going to handle the demands by Black folks for abolition [that Black sex workers have been asking for through organizing around the decriminalization of sex work for years]. #DecrimNow
Black sex workers and survivors have been saying that increased policing harms us and our communities, and anti-trafficking organizations, including the ones who *say they care* about Black lives, ignored us. but there's no way around it—the people want #AbolitionNow! #DecrimNow
We've given the data + talking points over and over again and there's not really a way around it at this point. Either you're with Black folks' demands for #abolition + the decriminalization of the ways we survive, or you're not. Policing/jails inflict sexual and gender violence-
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NOW's racism + transphobia is completely unsurprising for so many trans + queer women of color — especially those of us who've been working on the decriminalization of sex work for many years. They have consistently let TERFS have the mic + undermined demands of SWOC. #DecrimNow
remember in March of 2019, when they held an "anti-sex worker" rally in NYC where they allowed an allied organization hold up a sign that said "no Transgenderism" for the ENTIRE RALLY???

they brought in back up for a DC hearing on decrim + put out a statement that their local DC NOW chapter went against. they continuously called for INCREASED POLICING. so. their performative solidarity does not make me think they care about Black lives.
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Had a lovely, inspiring, moving (and sweaty!) time at the @SexWorkersPopUp event tonight!
2/ At the entrance of the event, attendees are greeted by an introduction to @SexWorkersPopUp and relevant terminology and concepts. This is necessary public education! #DecrimNY ImageImageImageImage
I love this flowchart that encourages the audience to reflect upon their own whorephobia- if you don’t suffer from it yourself, maybe you should try talking to someone who does and clear it up for them? @SexWorkersPopUp #DecrimNY Image
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#SexWorkers remind us sex work is about work. Like all workers they #deserve #rights and #protection against violence at workplace, stigma and discrimination in society.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #AwarenessToAccountability #dignityatwork…
Current criminalisation (in majority of African countries) of sex work means #sexworkers are on the front-line of #GBV in that the perpetrator knows they are unlikely to report it, and that they are vulnerable and unprotected.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork
In the context of #MeToo: sex workers face judgement, stigma, blatant systematic discrimination. In media, they’re punished 4 their nonconforming sexuality by being criminalized/slut-shamed.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork #sexworkiswork…
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