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Lockdown reimposed in England. People can leave home "to escape domestic abuse.”
-What fucking world is this where men still beat & kill us even during pandemic?
-How long must we wait until men stop beating & murdering us,even under lockdown?
🎥 @rerutled
I made the above in May. Earlier during the pandemic, isolation and lockdown conditions exacerbated barriers to escape for victims of domestic violence in the UK and many other countries.…
Where’s the vaccine vs patriarchy? Unsurprising spike in intimate partner terrorism during lockdowns is the other global pandemic many are happy to ignore.

Women, children, queer people are being terrorized at home. Home is where the hurt is.
🎥 @rerutled
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Today, 10 December 2020, marks the end of the @UN_Women international 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign. However, Gibela wants every member of society to not let this put a stop to us advocating for women’s and children's rights. #16Days #GibelaTeam
Thokozani Mabuya, head of HR at Gibela, has the following message to share today:
“Gibela has discussed the importance of responding to the specific needs of women and girls at work, in our communities and in society at large – and the dire circumstances many women and girls find themselves in at the hands of fellow human beings and men, in particular.
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@GEJFoundation @OSIWA1 @Yoonu117 @NDI @womenfundng @oluremisonaiya Mne have a great role to play in eliminating VAWIP by adopting a more proactive approach in their support for women's political participation.
@GEJFoundation @OSIWA1 @Yoonu117 @NDI @womenfundng @oluremisonaiya Male politicians must deliberately remove bottlenects in political parties process to ease entry for female candidates.
@GEJFoundation @OSIWA1 @Yoonu117 @NDI @womenfundng @oluremisonaiya Male politicians must open up the space for female policiticians by expanding the spaces within party executives for more women to occupy.
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@GEJFoundation @OSIWA1 @Yoonu117 @NDI @womenfundng @oluremisonaiya Yes, there is an hope that female candidates will be elected as a presidents in the nearest future. The United State is a good example. Nigerian system will get there soon.
@GEJFoundation @OSIWA1 @Yoonu117 @NDI @womenfundng @oluremisonaiya The increase in the number of women who show interest and contest elections on the platforms of newer political parties is an indication of hope.
@GEJFoundation @OSIWA1 @Yoonu117 @NDI @womenfundng @oluremisonaiya Nigerian women are resilient and have the necessary qualifications to attain greater heights. The enabling environment and equal playing field is the responsibility of all.
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As a migrant woman survivor of human trafficking, @ToMalaika calls for holistic services and survivor-based approaches when #AssistingTraffickedWomen. "We cannot correctly assist trafficked women if we don't put survivors at the center of integration and assistance services". Image
@MyriaVass "We shouldn't touch the Palermo Protocol nor the @coe Convention. In fact, we need correct implementation of Directives in Europe. We need to complement the current EU framework and criminalise the demand for sexual exploitation #EndDemand, as soon as possible.
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1/5 Whether it’s a sexualized comment, a grope, or an intimidating physical gesture meant to put you “in your place”, you can’t even process what’s occurring the first time it happens to you. #16Days
2/5 You’re in a toxic stew of humiliation, fear, shock and the desire to get away. And maybe you say something, or push them away, or just walk away, or pretend to laugh it off. But however you react, you now understand how vulnerable you are.
3/5 You wake up with that understanding, and you carry it with you all day. That’s regardless of your job, gender, rank, relationship status, ethnicity, sexuality, what you’re wearing, or how physically strong you are. The fear is always there.
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#December6: 1️⃣.0️⃣2️⃣ (ONTARIO COVID-19 Rt)

ALBERTA’S R VALUE: 1️⃣.1️⃣5️⃣


🦠 Effective Reproduction Number / Rt
📊 Weekly Cases Per Capita

#Polytechnique #16Days


🏫 Schools
🎊 Gatherings

📊 Case Distribution by Age

#Polytechnique #16Days


👶👴 Age Distribution 👵 👦

☠️ Monthly Death Projection ☠️

#Polytechnique #16Days

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Today i want to share my story of humiliation and verbal abuse i received from @BitiTendai. Say no to assault (physical and verbal) say no to gender based violence! #GBVmustfall

@BitiTendai is supposedly a national leader as VP of MDCA, a Christian and lawyer but the way he behaved is NOT acceptable.
He shouted at me, called me “stupid very stupid” several time’s and made me feel intimidated, belittled and publicly humiliated.
@BitiTendai violated my rights as a woman. He violently pointed his fingers at my face and threatened me. To put this into context neither me nor my company had any prior dealings with this man, we have never spoken to him and yet his behavior was irrational, hysterical...
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1/ These numbers don’t lie; social media platforms are responsible for perpetuating online harm against women. If we’re to address violence against women in 2020, we have to address the violence they face online. #thread #OrangeTheWorld #16Days
2/ According to @wagggsworld and @webfoundation, a shocking half of all young women and girls globally surveyed have experienced online abuse. #OrangeTheWorld #16Days
3/ @PlanCanada's research found that 6 out 10 girls have been harassed or abused online. #OrangeTheWorld #16Days
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5 years ago today I was walking down a street @uniofstandrews and answered my phone. A lady told me that my rape trial was acquitted with a not proven verdict. She reassured me "it means the jury believed you but they didn't have enough to send Stephen Coxen to prison". I froze.
I had spent the last two years convincing myself that this pain was for a reason, that I would see justice. Now I blamed myself, believing that I had failed society as I hadn’t been able to protect other women from his violence.
The nights immediately after I was raped were lonely, but this was nothing in comparison to the isolation I felt when my case was over, the very point when everyone else expected me to be okay. As my friends said in court, I was a shadow of my former self.
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MWCD Report (2019-20) states that out of 728 One Stop Centres, only 595 are currently operational.
It is the State's responsibility to protect and promote our Human Rights and Dignity!
#16Days #prajnya16days #nosgbv
@PriyankaSamy @DalitWomenRise @ifwedonotrise
Union Budget 2020-21 allocates a mere 0.8% (Rs.7986.34Cr.) for Dalit women and 0.34% (Rs. 3174.91Cr.) for Adivasi women from the total eligible Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Sector Schemes! Budget Justice??
#16Days #prajnya16days
@PriyankaSamy @ncdhr @dalitwomenrise
Almost 46,000 crimes were registered against Dalits in 2019 but the conviction rates are only 28%. Sexual violence on Dalit women reveals a pattern of impunity enjoyed by dominant caste State & nonstate perpetrators.
#16Days #prajnya16days
@PriyankaSamy @ManjulaHPradeep @sitara1
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Kwar Adhola Moses Owor, 94, to speak shortly on behalf of all the cultural leaders of Uganda at this meet.

#COTLA Uganda Chapter @CCFU_NGO @Mglsd_UG

Zoom link:…
LIVE NOW #KwarAdhola ImageImageImage
@CCFU_NGO @Mglsd_UG KWAR ADHOLA: Child marriage is a global concern. A young girl getting married to a man twice her age..... ideas can't rhyme!

#MosesStephenOwor #Tororo
@UNinUganda Launch #COTLA #Uganda Chapter @CCFU_NGO @Mglsd_UG #16Days #OrangeTheWorld #GBV… Image
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#16DaysOfActivism - Day 2: Learning small things to act against #GBV #SGBV
#16Days #OrangeTheWorld
1. Learn commonly used terms that any gender equality activist should have in their vocabulary toolkit.
For #16Days and beyond! #OrangeTheWorld @UN_Women @16DaysCampaign
2. Let’s flip the narrative that places blame on victims and use the power of language in service of survivors, not perpetrators.
And call out journals, publications, reports, etc. doing otherwise.
#16daysOfActivism against #GBV #SGBV
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#November25th #Elimination_of_Violence_Against_Women
Women & Girls in #Iran Are Unprotected from Many Forms of Violence, In fact, the regime itself systematically perpetrates & facilitates violence against women.
#OrangeTheWorld #GenerationEquality
Women in #Iran are exposed to worst forms of physical and psychological violence, & reports of violence against women, according to the regime officials, have increased by 20 to 22 percent compared to previous years.
@UN_Women @UN
#OrangeTheWorld #16Days #GenerationEquality
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⚠️ #Atención
¿Cómo podemos identificar y prevenir la #ViolenciaDigital?🖥️ ✊✨
Durante los próximos #16DiasDeActivismo les presentaremos los materiales que desarrollamos en nuestro #Kit de emergencia .♀️⚡️
Puedes revisarlos 🧵👇 y en 👩🏻‍💻
#NiUnaMenos Image
¿Eres periodista? 🖊¿Te interesa dar acompañamientos?♀️🤗 ¿Quieres proponer políticas públicas en materia de #ViolenciaDigital contra las mujeres y la comunidad LGBTTTIQ+? ✨

Échale un vistazo a este 🧵 que desarrollaremos los próximos #16Days

#25Nov ImageImageImage
Con nuestras amigas de @robotlabot 🤖 desarrollamos un #chat de ayuda en @telegram_es que brinda información de primer momento ante la difusión de contenido íntimo sin consentimiento. Búscalo como @AcosoOnlineBot ✨
Aquí + info:

#16DiasDeActivismo Image
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It’s Intl Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, and start of #16DaysOfActivism. What world is this where men still beat & kill us even during a pandemic? How long must we wait until men stop beating & murdering us even in lockdown?
🎥 @rerutled
It is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the start of #16DaysOfActivism.

Intimate partner terrorism & domestic abuse kills and hurts millions. Where is the VACCINE against THAT global epidemic?


🎥 @rerutled
- not everyone can call the police.
- not everyone wants to call the police.
- police don’t protect everyone: ask Indigenous women, Black women, women of colour, marginalized women, sex workers, etc
- I don’t want to be protected. I want to be free of violence #16Days
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Did you know that Iranian women have never seen a day without violence?
Do you know what is the first wish of an Iranian woman?
#ViolenceAgainstWomen will be finished.
Violence Against Women in Iran state-sponsored and institutionalized
#OrangeTheWorld #16Days
Iranian protesters killed, but no one understood what he did to the women prisoners imprisoned by the Iranian regime in prisons?
These women could never tell us their stories
Listen to Samira, she is 1 of protesters.
#ViolenceAgainstWomen #OrangeTheWorld #16Days @USAdarFarsi
I thought for hours to write this tweet, but I could not write anything
But I ask you to listen to voice of Leila, 1 of Iranian protesters, & then swear to be voice of each of them in every corner of world & to condemn Iranian regime wherever you can.
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It's the International Day to End Violence against Women.

1 in 3 🧕🏾👩🏻👩🏼‍🦰 around the 🌍 experience physical or sexual violence by:
A husband
A boyfriend
An intimate partner
A lover
A parent
A relative
A colleague
A boss
A stranger

We must #ENDviolence!

Today is the International Day to #EndViolence against Women.

If you are experiencing violence during #COVID19:
👋🏾 Reach out to supportive family, friends or neighbours
📞 Call a hotline or access information online if possible
🆘 Seek out local services for survivors
If you are experiencing violence at home during #COVID19 and need to leave in a hurry:
🏘️ Identify a friend, neighbour, relative or shelter you can go to
🔀 Plan how to get there
🎒 Keep ready essential personal items to take with you

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Anne-Marie Edward

Loved skiing so much that she was buried in her École polytechnique ski team jacket. After her murder, her teammates wore patches with her initials on their uniforms.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #SayTheirNames #VAWG
#WomenInSTEM Anne-Marie Edward
Barbara Kluczik-Widajewicz

Had fled (communist) Poland with her husband 2 years earlier. They were together when she was murdered. Her husband later said they had come to Canada because they believed it was the safest place.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #WomenInSTEM Barbara Klucznik
Maryse Leclair

Her father, director of public relations for the Montreal police, found her body. She was wearing the sweater she had worn at her last family dinner.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #WomenInSTEM Maryse Leclair
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Times up @UniStrathclyde.
Today with @StrathUnion we launch our Reportathon campaign.
We want a visible, accessible, closely monitored Report & Support tool we can trust.
We will show you how far from "rare" incidents are.
Have you been dissuaded from reporting an incident?
Have you felt reporting procedures were buried online?
Have you had people minimise your experience?
Are you hesitant to report your experience to a system you don't trust?
If you have reported, do you know:
Where your data goes?
Who knows about it?
If it gets recorded/counted?
Are departments informed if there are common names repeatedly reported?
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“It is imperative that we all take action against violence and discrimination that continue to affect women and girls” - @Scanlon_Leslie at 25th anniversary of the founding of @cpkorgpl , an amazing NGO working to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #Thread
Congratulations to Urszula Nowakowska, founder of the Centre For Women’s Rights @cpkorgpl on your 25th anniversary. The devotion and dedication your team has shown in fighting Violence Against Women is inspiring.
The moving stories, of successful @cpkorgpl projects, told by the volunteers and partners of the Centre left us hopeful there is much we can achieve to end #ViolenceAgainstWomen if we act together.
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