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@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett Ignoring fact that 50% of studies can't be replicated

And "Sociology" & related "Medical" type "studies" are the worst culprits

The ones that say otherwise are highly biased cherry-picked "studies" of self-selected participants by activist "researchers"…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett As I said

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

Is what is killing them😲

And that's what YOU support!!!😱🤦‍♂️

It's worse than the Liverpool "Care" Pathway!!!…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett #TransActivists have no self-awareness!

And no shame!!!

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

IS WHAT IS #KillingTransKids😲

And that's what THEY support!!!😱🤦‍♂️…
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1/ 🚀🍀Excited to share 17 ways GPT technology can foster a much-needed shift towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) tech space. This powerful language model has immense potential to boost #DEI efforts in our industry. Are you ready? Let's dive in! 🧵👇🏾
2/ 📚 Mentorship: Create AI-powered virtual mentors for individuals from underrepresented communities, helping them navigate the tech industry, improve their skills, and enhance their knowledge. An inclusive support system goes a long way! #MentorshipMatters #DEIinTech
3/ 🌐 Translation Services: Break language barriers and ensure everyone has equal access to knowledge or work opportunities, by using GPT to provide translations for multi-language documentation or resources. Say no to linguistic limitations! 🗺️📖 #BreakingBarriers
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Goa is known for its nightlife. 🍸
In the last few months, I have felt so helpless, not being able to experience it fearlessly.
And it’s not just me, but every other woman traveller that I speak to.

Well, it’s time to change that.
Yesterday,we launched the #SafeSpaces Initiative with 10 bars in Goa, kicking it off with a bystander intervention training for their teams. Training them on how to be an active bystander and intervene the right way, when a woman at their space is feeling unsafe or uncomfortable
This is just the beginning. These spaces are committed to building a truly safe space for their women guests. Here’s a list of all the bars in Goa that are making this change happen and what they have to offer:
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Thread! (with magic ending). If school officials contact your employer to get you/spouse fired for speech on grooming & #crtinschools, maybe use this template: "No possible interpretation can be placed upon your actions other than the desire to punish him for his speech."
Firefighter of 19 years and father of minor child in district asked too many questions at a tour of public middle school's sponsored murals and LGBTQ+&* #safespaces.
So school officials called his employer to get him fired, which is First Amendment speech retaliation by a state actor so "callous and vindictive" that the Dad may well be entitled to punitive damages. Employer obliged, opening investigation on the dad.
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Die Hessenschau #ÖRR schreibt VOR dem #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz über #safespaces… suggeriert damit…es wäre alles absolut harmlos und Frauen hätten unberechtigt Angst um kids und um sich selbst. Ignoriert die zahlreichen Fälle aus dem Ausland…aber auch die aus D. UND‼️ blendet
Antworten aus… die unter anderem darauf hinweisen.
WAS hat das noch mit OBJEKTIVER Berichterstattung zu tun????
Ich habe noch nie das Wort #Lügenpresse benutzt…werde es auch nicht tun. Aber diese IDEOLOGISIERTE… SUBJEKTIVE Berichterstattung in Medien… allen voran beim
Öffentlich Rechtlichen Rundfunk bereitet mir große Sorgen. Ihr nutzt die Pressefreiheit aus…schadet der Glaubwürdigkeit! SHAME ON YOU ‼️
Hier ein paar Beispiele der #Zensur durch die #HessenschauImage
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Ein toller thread…der als sachlich geführte Diskussion angelegt ist.
Da es in dem thread „nur“ um sex und gender sowie #safespaces geht.. möchte ich zwei Dinge ergänzen…die bei dem Thema SEHR wichtig sind:
1.) #Transkids
Es ist unsäglich…wie bereits in den USA und in UK
an/mit kids herumexperementiert wurde. #Pubertätsblocker.. Hormongaben wie Östrogen oder Testosteron sowie geschlechtsangleichende OPs (u.a. Masektomie)…all das gibt es auch in D. Die extreme Zunahme angeblicher Transkids (auch im Kleinkindalter) ist absolut besorgniserregend.
Kids/teenager können nicht die Dimension erfassen…was es bedeutet…bereits in so jungen Jahren irreversible Behandlungen durchführen zu lassen. Es ist Irrsinn…dass man ernsthaft nicht in Betracht zieht…dass es meistens psychologische Ursachen hat…wenn kids/teenager eine
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I went to #PSBB and was part of the Commerce batch of 2007. The allegations in question are appalling and supposed inaction of the management makes things worse. As an alumni, and a member of the batch of 2007, I stand with the students who have gone through such horrible times.
In addition, there has been this statement on behalf of the 2007 batch doing the rounds on social media. This is NOT representative of the entire batch. Multiple attempts to trace the origin of this statement have failed.
If there are some people who actually believe in what is being spouted in the statement, atleast have the courage to put your name on it, instead of reflecting it upon 200 odd batchmates! #psbbschool #childabuse #schools #safespaces #ChildProtection
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Check out the final awareness program of @qturnworkshop #QTURN20: this year, we will have 6 sessions about #science & #media, #MentalHealth in #research, #SafeSpaces in #Science, #disability in #academia, the Black community in academia, and #ethics in science
Science & media: On quantum hype and responsible communication
Tue, Nov 24, 9:00 CET
Tara Roberson @_tiamaree
The ‘second quantum revolution’ has been the subject of substantial speculation and media hype.
In this talk, we will discuss different aspects of quantum hype and discuss how we might responsibly communicate about quantum technologies.
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#SexWorkers remind us sex work is about work. Like all workers they #deserve #rights and #protection against violence at workplace, stigma and discrimination in society.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #AwarenessToAccountability #dignityatwork…
Current criminalisation (in majority of African countries) of sex work means #sexworkers are on the front-line of #GBV in that the perpetrator knows they are unlikely to report it, and that they are vulnerable and unprotected.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork
In the context of #MeToo: sex workers face judgement, stigma, blatant systematic discrimination. In media, they’re punished 4 their nonconforming sexuality by being criminalized/slut-shamed.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork #sexworkiswork…
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