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[⚖️Thread ⚖️] Marseille est une ville connue pour ses règlements de compte entre trafiquants de drogues.

Ce que l'on sait moins, c'est que le 9 Octobre 1934, ce n'est pas un simple dealer mais bien un Roi ainsi qu'un Ministre Français qui furent mitraillées sur la Canebière.
Cet homme que vous pouvez voir sur la première photo est Alexandre Ier, Roi du royaume de Yougoslavie. Ce royaume comprenait la Bosnie, la Serbie, la Croatie, la Slovénie, le Monténégro et le Kosovo. On peut déjà imaginer les tensions à l'intérieur du pays...
En 1934, Alexandre a fort à faire dans son pays car depuis quelques années des séparatistes croates fascistes et antisémites (rien que ça), appelés Oustachis, foutent le bordel. Leur technique? Mettre des bombes dans les trains en partance de la Hongrie vers la Yougoslavie.
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THREAD The GI Coffeehouse Movement grew throughout the 60s & 70s but was met w/ military repression, & many were shut down. During the height of the Iraq War, veterans revived the coffeehouse tradition to build community and resistance. Join
The 1st GI coffee house was opened near Ft. Jackson in 1967, by Fred Garner, a reservist who had served in Vietnam opened The UFO Coffeehouse, to provide soldiers a place to escape the authoritarian grip of the military.…
Not by coincidence, the coffeehouse was located near the USO. It also served as one of the 1st racially segregated public places in Columbia, SC. The UFO was off-limits to military personnel from nearby Ft. Jackson and for a period of time, they actually posted MPs outside.
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THREAD: Heard of the Uprising at Long Bihn Jail? Stories of effective resistance to the US military have been suppressed to keep military & civilian folks alike from challenging warmongering-for-profit. Time to educate and agitate.
Vietnam became the first completely integrated US war at the start in 1954. The Black community was re-enlisting nearly four times more than whites, and volunteering to fight in dangerous combat units, to receive higher pay.
Black ppl have participated in every US war, yet they've cont to endure hostility not only frm the so-called enemy but frm fellow service-members. Integration into the military of marginalized | oppressed comm doesn't necessarily lead to an improvement of the institution itself.
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THREAD: Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. boldly condemned US militarism despite great controversy & cost. To honor his legacy we must be at least as bold. The time has come. Join the movement to #ReclaimMLK #MLKDay
Text: On April 4, 1967, Dr. King delivered a speech titled “Beyond Vietnam.” #DropTheMIC #ReclaimMLK
While he received a standing ovation that night, the following day Dr. King was denounced by 168 major newspapers. While today every major press outlet will commemorate and memorialize Dr. King, there was a time when that wasn't the case. #ReclaimMLK #MLKDay
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Two headlines within the last week:

“White House: U.S. Can’t Afford Veterans’ Health Care Without Cuts.”

“House Passes $717 Billion Defense Bill.”

2/5 The house is trying really hard to spin this as “for the troops” bc it includes a 2.6% pay raise & will supposedly help decrease deadly training accidents. But about 45-50% of the discretionary defense budget goes to corporations getting fat on tax dollars.
3/5 These corporations pay politicians across the board to keep those dollars flowing. Yes BOTH PARTIES almost equally. 397 of 435 accepted contributions.

Check it:…
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Thanks to all who expressed support & solidarity during #14DayOrders #14DaysOfResistance

There’s much I can’t say but I’m including all 14 facts here. This war economy is hurting all of us except those profiting. Please RT
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