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Unless it's the case of 2 men with the same name, the name Samer Souad is/was an infamous smuggler who became particularly wealthy from fuel smuggling & black market trading in #Idlib.

Initially linked to Jamal Maarouf, some claimed he was linked to #HTS in recent years.
In addition to Samer Souad, locals also claim influential #HTS commander Abdulqader Tahhan (aka Abu Bilal Qadas) was at the targeted location outside #Salqin.

Qadas was given responsibility for Jisr al-Shughour security, following #HTS's recent crackdown on #AlQaeda loyalists.
Here's an image of the late-night meeting held in Jakara outside #Salqin -- reportedly convening #HTS security officials with other local notables.

Casualties likely to be more than the initially cited "2." Image
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We all are aware of that the #Armenia-#Azerbaijan have reached a new ceasefire deal in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh since last night but again #AzerbaijaniArmy has violated that this morning. This video released by #Armenian Ministry of Defense proves that:
#BREAKING: Interesting footage showing #Syrian terrorists of #Azerbaijan in occupied parts of #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh today. They had worn the uniforms of #Azerbaijan border guards and were secretly filmed by a surveillance camera of #Armenia Army:
Today, #Azerbaijan violated the second ceasefire & its Bayratktar TB2 armed drones destroyed following equipment of #Armenia Army in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh:

-BM-21 MRLS x 11
-Osa-AKM SAM x 1
-T-72A MBT x 2
-BMP-1 IFV x 1
-MT-LB APC x 1
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1/15 Long thread on #ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism
Summary of reports and evidences of #jihadist groups currently fighting against #Armenia.
Compiled by Analyst Aram Khachatyan…
2/15 The first reports appeared in mid-July. First it was #Kurdish news Agency Firat @anfenglish, who reported about the corresponding decision of #Turkish authorities on July 18th and about the transportation of 200 #jihadists to #Azerbaijan.
3/15 Later there were some other #Kurdish sources (e.g. Hawar News Agency @enhawarnews) claiming the same. On Sep 22nd, few days prior to war, @LindseySnell, a prominent journalist published a photo supposedly with #Hamza group militants, in a plane arriving to #Baku via #Ankara.
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The 1973 War is a microcosm of the dysfunctional 'leadership' of Sadat and Assad.

The #Syrian and #Egyptian armies coordinated surprise attacks on #Israel that were initially quite successful. The separate offensives captured important territory with minimal losses. However,...
their success was undermined by their respective presidents.When Hafez' troops seized strategic posts in the occupied Golan Heights, they managed to catch #Israel's defences off guard. One of its major highways was unguarded, enabling the Syrian Armed Forces to advance unopposed.
Though Hafez' generals urged him to continue the offensive, he forced them to remain at the captured base, claiming that it would give them time to 'regroup.'

However, former officers have since 1973 stated that he was uninterested in leading a real offensive.
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Today is 5th day of the #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war over #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. #Armenia Ministry of Defense released this footage showing how #ArmenianArmy targeted an observation post & some supply trucks of #AzerbaijaniArmy using artillery this morning:
Video released by #Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense shows how #Turkish Bayraktar TB2 armed drones of #Azerbaijani Air Force target artillery pieces of #Armenia Army including these four howitzers which appear to be D-30 in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh.
Early morning today, this #Israeli made Harpy loitering drone of #Azerbaijan Army crashed in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh before hitting its target. Its wreckage was found by #Armenia Army.
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#BREAKING: It is the third day of #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war & as it can be seen here in this video the Armenian people have decided to take matters into their own hands & help #ArmenianArmy to defend #NagornoKarabakh. A convoy of 5,000 civilian cars is now on its way to #Artsakh.
Video released by the #Armenia Ministry of Defense shows destruction of at-least one Infantry Fighting Vehicle (BMP-2 or BMP-3) & several fighting positions of #Azerbaijan Army by #ArmenianArmy in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh this morning.
Video released by #Azerbaijan MOD shows destruction of two T-72B3 main battle tanks of #Armenia Army by a #Turkish Bayraktar TB2 armed drone of #AzerbaijaniArmy in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh early morning today.
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This thread is dedicated to the next armed conflict/#war #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia. You heard it here 1st folks. The #EU is silent on Azerbaijan aggression to Armenia to appease #Turkey who by the way is making ground in #Libya. Will #Moscow back Armenia?…
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1) All out war broke out this morning between #Azerbaijan & #Armenia after Azerbaijan launched an offensive along the entire Line of contact between Azerbaijan and disputed Artsakh (Nogorno Karabagh).

#Turkish UAVs & mercenaries from #Syria are also involved in the offensive.
2) #Armenia has declared martial law and total military mobilization following clashes with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Sunday. (Reuters)

#Armenia deploys ‘BM-30 Smerch’ MLRS on the border👇
3) Video showing an #Azerbaijan Army T-72 tank getting destroyed by an anti-tank missile fired by the #Armenian Army
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#BREAKING: Supported by #Turkey, #Azerbaijan has just started a war against #Armenia in-order to occupy #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. For now, #Azerbaijan has lost a Mi-8 transport helicopter, a Mi-24 heavy attack helicopter, 3 UAVs & over 20 #Syrian mercenaries!
#BREAKING: Video recorded this morning shows the BM-30 Smerch multiple rocket launchers of #Armenia Army on their ways to the frontline in-order to attack the incoming #Azerbaijan Army forces & their #Syrian mercenaries
Civilians from the #Armenian villages near #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh have been under artillery attack of #Azerbaijan Army since last night: Image
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No shortage of “theory” is invoked to justify and legitimize torture. Everything can be employed in the service of the racist scriptures: modernity; secularism; the War on Terror; even anti-imperialism…
It happens that #Syria, was a torture state for decades before it became a major theater of the War on Terror, in which so many of the world’s crime agencies have demonstrated their skill by joining this torturous war; “Chemical” #Assad leading their way…
After the Syrian uprising began in March 2011, Assad’s regime abolished the state of emergency that had been in effect in the country since the Baathist coup of March 1963, only to replace it with laws of “combating terror,” moving from one form a state of exception to another.
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Reports coming in hot that #Syrian air defenses were just activated over the capital of #Damascus near #Hezbollah positions. 👀👀👀
More reported video of the interception.
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#BREAKING: #Israel Air Force is now carrying an airstrike against #IRGC & #Hezbollah targets in Southern #Damascus countryside. #Syrian Arab Air Defense Force can be seen attempting to shoot down the Delilah cruise missiles launched by #Israeli Air Force's F-16 fighter jets👇
As usual, 57E6-E surface to air missiles launched by Pantsir S1E and S2 air defense systems of #Syrian Arab Air Defense Force can be seen attempting to shoot down the Delilah cruise missiles launched by F-16D or perhaps F-16I Sufa fighter jets of #Israel Air Force over #Damascus.
#Syrian Arab Air Defense Force also fired a 5V27DE surface-to-air missile from a Pechora-2M air defense site in south of #Damascus. It failed to hit the #Delilah cruise missile and crashed into the city without any self-destruction or self-kill!
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#BREAKING: Tens of thousands of Libyans have come to streets of #Tripoli protesting against the #Turkish puppet government in #Libya #Serraj also known as #GNA over its corruption. There is report about #GNA using #Turkey backed #Syrian mercenaries to brutally suppress protesters
Video shows the moment when the #Syrian mercenaries recruited by #Turkey to occupy #Libya's capital, #Tripoli opened fire at peaceful protesters who were protesting the corruption of #GNA which is a #Turkish puppet government based in #Tripoli.
#Turkey is using its #Syrian jihadists / mercenaries to suppress #Libyan people who are protesting #Turkish puppet government of #GNA in #Tripoli now. West of #Libya is now occupied by #MuslimBrotherhood affiliated terrorist groups who are backing corrupted government of #GNA.
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[ Muhammad Bin Qasim ]
The impetus was a Muslim vessel returning from Ceylon ( modern Sri Lanka ) that was attacked by pirates based in the northwest corner of India. Sindh. [ THREAD] 1

#Sindh #MuhammadBinQasim #RajaDahir #India
When the king of Sindh, Raja Dahir refused to return the Muslim captives taken from the ship, Umayyad armies were again spurred to action to push the empire's borders even further. 2

#Sindh #MuhammadBinQasim #RajaDahir #India
Under the command of Muhammad Bin Qasim, a young man who hailed from the tribe of Thaqif, based in Ta'if (the same city that according to Islamic tradition Prophet Muhammad PBUH chose not to destroy). 3

#Sindh #MuhammadBinQasim #RajaDahir #India #ProphetMubammad (PBUH)
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Who is #IRGC and what is it's mission?
In this video, we want to take a look at some terrorist activities of #IRGC in the world.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran @usadarfarsi @StateDept @statedeptspox @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @USUN @GermanyDiplo
Below is the history of IRGC.
#IRGC created by #Khomeini in 1979 is an #Iranian government agency tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. Espousing a radical ideology and a paranoid worldview.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran
#IRGC uses secret #police methods against its opponents within #Iran, and terrorist tactics against its enemies abroad.
The IRGC creates, trains, funds, arms, and deploys forces with thousands of fighters beyond Iran’s borders.
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1. The dersiking practices by banks, financial institutions, and crowdfunding platforms like @gofundme have been for long hurting the civilians in #Syria (and other countries), denying them humanitarian aid, food and medicine and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths @CNN @hrw
2. For example @gofundme have been blocking fundraising campaigns by NGOs like @MedGlobalOrg to raise funds to purchase life-saving medicine, medical supplies and Oxygen for #COVID19 patients in #Syria where COVID is causing tens of thousands of infections and deaths
3. They use the execuse of sanctions against war criminals in Syria, although the @USTreasury has clearly stated that humanitarian assistance to civilians is exempted from sanctions @deborahamos @secupp @clarissaward @arwaCNN @Charles_Lister @AndersonCoopCNN @P4HR @SafeguardingHC
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#Israel has offered #Lebanon humanitarian and medical aid. Unfortunately the Lebanese government did not react.This was to be expected as the offer came from an enemy. On Twitter and other social media I saw a lot of very cynical and negative comments about 1/
the „horrible“ Israelis and their fraudulent offer. This is really sad. Many years ago I made a film about the field hospital Israel has set up on the Golan helping #Syrian civilians who were victims of the civil war there. The Israeli doctors saved lives, made operations. 2/
These Syrian civilians were very thankful. And between the Israeli medical staff and those people human, personal bonds were developed. Beyond politics! We all know that we cannot trust politics. So what is left if you want to develop some kind of understanding and trust? 3/
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A thread on #Tuberculosis among #Syrian prisoners
1. The association between prisons and tuberculosis is long established and there are more than 118 000 prisoners and detainees in Syria.
2. Harsh conditions including severe overcrowding, torture, and malnutrition have been described. Tuberculosis is reported to be among the leading causes of mortality in Aleppo Central Prison, accounting for more than 25% of 400 fatalities between April, 2012, and October, 2013.
3. Medications, including antituberculosis therapy, often do not reach prisoners; of greater concern is the possibility that intermittent or suboptimal dosing does reach prisoners, increasing the risk of drug-resistant tuberculosi
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Special Analysis
"In a world dominated by American exceptionalism and #neocolonialism, #hunger has become a weapon of #war."
by @VanessaBeeley… #Syria #military #CaesarAct #sanctions #COVID19 #Covid_19 #Economic #RegimeChange #Syrian
"I was told of fires mysteriously ignited to the West of Sweida destroying food crops there."
Map showing all the crop-fires raging intermittently across #Syria. Credit | Ibrahim Mohammad Image
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Wall outside #Damascus with Banksy style graffiti depicting #Syrian girl resisting against Caesar. #Caesar_law is another in long line of criminal, sado-barbaric measures taken against Syrian people by US Coalition of terror, based on Qatar-commissioned distortion. Image
"the investigation was financed by the government of Qatar which is a major supporter of the armed opposition."…
"The accusations by ‘Caesar’, the Carter Ruck report and HRW that these are all victims of “death in detention” or “death by torture” or death in ‘government custody” are almost certainly false."…
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My friend and fellow colleague at Alrai, Eliya, who usually reports on Hezbollah's point of view accurately, says that #Lebanese hunger encourages war against #Israel.…
Sounds like a veiled threat, which Nasrallah also voiced in his speech, when he said "if you make us choose between surrendering our arms and hunger, we will not go hungry and we'll kill you."
In the early days of the #Syrian revolution, Assad's cousin Makhlouf told US media that the collapse of the Assad regime will unleash chaos on Israel. This is the same pattern, whenever things go bad, threaten Israel.
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Sharing with you a #Syrian awe-inspiring day of hope.

Since yesterday, I’ve been overwhelmed with hope. The brave Syrian revolutionaries are protesting, once again, against the Assad state, in areas still occupied by the #Assad-#Russia-#Iran alliance, in Swaida and #Daraa. 1/9
The revolutionaries in #Idlib also took to the streets in support of them, and protested against Al-#Qaeda fascism. Their voices, their free, heroic, and fearless voices, have swept me off my feet. 2/9
The same low-quality videos. The same breathtaking atmosphere of standing up against the bloodthirsty butchers of our land. The same sharp, uncompromisable ideals. 3/9
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#BREAKING: #Egyptian Army is now ready for war in #Libya. This video recorded minutes ago shows 18 M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks of #Egypt Army at the border with #Libya ready to enter the country to be used against #Turkish backed #GNA's Islamist militias & #Syrian mercenaries!
#BREAKING: #Egypt president #Sisi has given a 48 hours ultimatum to #GNA to accept a ceasefire with #Libya National Army. If they don't, #Egypt Army supported by #Egypt & #UAE Air Forces will join #LNA in the battle against #GNA's militias & their #Syrian mercenaries in #Sirte.
This is another video showing the convoy of 18 M1A2 Main Battle Tanks of #Egypt Army near Zawyet Sidi Musa on its way to the border with #Libya this evening. These 18 tanks can well confront the 12 M60A3 TTS tanks which #Turkey has delivered #GNA in #Misrata recently.
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