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#BREAKING: Just a few minutes ago in #Hama, #Syria, the #Israeli Air Force targeted an ammunition storage site in use by #IRGC Quds Force. SAM sites of #Syrian Arab Air Defense Force tried to prevent the airstrike by firing their surface-to-air missiles at the cruise missiles.
#BREAKING: In addition to an ammunition storage facility, #Israeli Air Force also tried to finish an incomplete job. They targeted a ballistic missile warhead production line in #Masyaf. Here is a #Syrian surface-to-air missile launched at one of #Israeli cruise missiles
#BREAKING: Unlike previous times, this time #Syrian Arab Air Defense Force was on high alert probably expecting #Israeli Air Force to carry-out such an airstrike. They fired lots of missiles at the Israeli cruise missiles. We have seen videos showing shot-down of some missiles.
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Thread: 29 April 2022: Day 65 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
"V" and "Z" monuments gone up in Maloyaroslavets, in European #Russia
Footage of a #Ukraine drone strike on #Russia's forces in Luhansk
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OPEC tells the #EU it's not possible to replace potential #Russian oil supply loss, as per #Ukraine'spresident request to all European state leaders.…
The #EU Commission is drafting proposals for an oil embargo on #Russia, the foreign ministers of #Ireland, #Lithuania and the #Netherlands said at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, although there was no agreement to ban #Russian crude.
#Australia, #Canada and the #US, who are less reliant on Russian supply than Europe, have already banned Russian oil purchases. EU countries are split, given their higher dependency and the potential for the move to push up already high energy prices in #Europe.
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“How can someone live without bread?” were the words of displaced Syrians in #Rukban camp, where all bakeries were recently shut down due to shortage in flour, leaving at least seven thousand people besieged in the camp and denied any humanitarian assistance. 1/ 🧵
In a remote area of abandoned desert, 1800 families are still suffering from international community’s negligence and apathy. At least seven thousand people, most of them women and children, were left to starve in #Rukban despite calls for help that span years of suffering. 2/
At the time when aid is flowing swiftly to support #Ukrainians forcibly displaced by #Russia, who supports Syrian regime & denies aid delivery to Rukban camp, people are left to choose between starving to death and dying for lack of medical care.. 3/…
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#NATO #US/#Bombing campaigns since 1945
- In practice, US led assassinations and overthrows of legitimate governments and interference with elections may be just as significant as the actual bombings listed here.…
"Babies thrown out of Incubators"…
#OscarAward winner; the best actor
#Kuwaiti ambassador's Daughter lies to Congress | Oct 10, 1990
The #Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional #HumanRights Caucus.…
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Having worked in Moscow when #Russia intervened in #Syria in 2015 & engaged RUS officials/experts on #Syria for yrs, I see 5 parallels in approach to #Ukraine vs #Syria

1. Sequential war
2. Encirclement/corridors
3. "Human shield" claims
4. Foreign fighters
5. CW claims

1. Sequential war: RUS recently termed 1st phase of #UkraineWar done, announcing focus on Donbas. In #Syria war, Russia had declared new phase in 2017, establishing de-escalation zones (DEZs) in Western parts, which freed up regime resources to take more territory toward the East
Once that was done, regime/Russia turned back & we saw sequential take-over of DEZs (E Ghouta, Homs, Deraa) in 2018 under guise of CT. Not at all to say that sequencing in Ukraine will be the same. Return of larger-scale fighting toward W Ukraine will depend on...
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🚨New Pub🚨
Coincidentally my article was published in @n_nationalism on the 11th anniversary of the #SyrianRevolution
It took a lot of work & revisions to finally get it out. It simultaneously evokes beautiful & painful memories about the greatest political event in my life🧵1/6 Image
This article traces the discursive re-articulation of the sectarian narratives as part of the meaning-making processes in the context of the Syrian uprising's first 3 years and the country's devolution into civil war. It criticizes using groupist terms and reifying practices 2/6
Specifically, it traces how local and supralocal activists' reactions to the regime's brutal violence and its master narrative culminated in the activation and politicization of the category of ‘sect’ as a residual sociality (Lisa Wedeen's (2019)+Raymond Williams's (1977)) 3/6
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THREAD on Maps on #Ukraine: Best Map Creator dragon_first_1 stopped yesterday bcs people in high places in #Russia "strongly advised" him so. Other good sources: @Suriyakmaps has live Google Map:…" width="640" height="480
VERY Fast is amazing @GeromanAT who has done great work since the #Syrian war. Even though i just reactivated my account after not using it for years, he seems to have worked since then tirelessly, compared to my lazy ass. Absolutely follow him for anything #MENA #Russia #Iran
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#BREAKING: A fighter jet of #RussianAirForce was shot down by #UkrainianArmy near #Chernihiv at 11:30 local time. It is a Su-34 strike bomber. Both pilot and navigator ejected and are survived.
#BREAKING: Video recorded 45 minutes ago shows the pilot and navigator of the downed Su-34 strike bomber of #RussianAirForce after ejection from their burning aircraft.
Pilot of the Su-34 strike bomber of #RussianAirForce which was shot-down by #UkrainianArmy is now captured. He is overweight. Something common among Su-24 and Su-34 strike bomber pilots.
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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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This morning @haaretzcom had this map of #Israel printed, which accurately reflects its borders, not including the occupied #Palestinian territory (West Bank - while including Jerusalem, which it shouldn't have - and Gaza) and the occupied #Syrian Golan. Image
The outraged reactions to this simple depiction of legal realities demonstrates the extent to which annexation of occupied territory is the norm for mainstream Israeli audiences, not to be questioned or challenged.
It is the same people who reject claims of #IsraeliApartheid, that are happy to admit #Israeli acquisition of territory by use of force, in serious breach of peremptory norms of international law #juscogens under Article 2 @UN Charter. Image
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It was clear that developments in #Kazakhstan were fueled by many Western-funded NGOs residing in the nation. The CIA-affiliated @NEDemocracy, provided $1 million in 2020 to so-called civil society groups within Kazakhstan, says @SpiritofHo…
The U.S. has an extensive history of arming and funding opposition groups abroad for its own geopolitical ends. Millions of dollars were used from 2011 to 2019 to start violent protests in #Venezuela, attempt a coup in #Nicaragua, provide #Syrian rebels with weaponry.
The U.S. has also stepped up its support for color revolutions in Eurasia in an attempt to thwart #China and #Russia's growing influence in the region. This includes a coup in #Ukraine and a coup attempt in #Belarus and the unrests generated in China's HKSAR.
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Ministers @McConalogue and @brophytalks have today signed an agreement with @WFPChief
to provide €75m over three years to the @WFP representing our highest ever contribution and confirms Ireland's commitment to fighting world hunger🇮🇪🌍


#ZeroHunger Ministers @McConalogue and @brophytalks have today signed an
Minister @McConalogue said: "I want to use the signing of this agreement to highlight the importance of continued support to @WFP and to encourage governments around the world to take steps towards giving them the reliable funding they require.”🇮🇪

#FightFamine #ZeroHunger
@WFPChief said: “Ireland has understood the impact of the #climate crisis on food security and is a champion of nutrition. @WFP thanks Ireland for the commitment made through various advocacy efforts and looks forward to continuing this partnership.”
#FightFamine #FightFoodCrises @WFPChief said: “Ireland has understood the impact of the
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🟢Must Read
In an exclusive interview with France 24, former US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford said that "US policy has failed to establish a Syrian government through negotiations," in addition to failing to unite the Syrian "opposition" groups.
Ford also mentioned that there are many divisions between the "opposition" groups, which were present since the beginning, contributing to the US' failure in achieving its interests.
"As the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is present, & controls 70% of the Syrian territory, including major cities, the armed opposition is unable to remove him. Despite the destruction of the Syrian economy, in the end, Assad won the war."
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Le porte-parole du Pentagone: "Nous continuons à voir une activité militaire inhabituelle à l'intérieur de la🇷🇺 mais près des frontières de l'Ukraine. Nous ne voulons pas qu'une action déstabilise davantage ce qui est déjà une partie très tendue du monde". Image


📣📢 |•• L'engagement des États-Unis envers l'indépendance, la souveraineté et l'intégrité territoriale de l'Ukraine est à toute épreuve, a ajouté Blinken.

#Ukraine #USA #Russia

📸⤵️ Image


📣📢 |•• Dans une allocution vidéo, le président ukrainien, Zelensky, a déclaré que l'Ukraine a reçu des renseignements de ses partenaires sur des mouvements alarmants des militaires russes près des frontières.

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The following will be a series of video threads showing by no doubt #Iranian involvement in #Daraa_al_Balad siege and tonight attempts of genocide:
Proof of #HizbAllah forces fighting in #Daraa
On the #Syrian #Jordan fronts now: Fatimoun funded by #Iran: Watch how Sulimani recruited fighters over the years.
Whoa! Iraqi/#Iranian forces jointly fight against the 50k in #Daraa_al_Balad
Didn't the US issue a statement of condolences to one of their top satanic leaders? Is this proof that #Biden is supporting those terrorists' leader?
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For anyone familiar with the inner workings of the #Assad regime (& the palace in particular) for the many last decades, this cannot be an anodine event…
More on “Abou-Salim”, #Assad’s (father & son) Chief of Staff, deceased yesterday:
"وكان يشرف #أبو_سليم على تنفيذ أوامر الرئيس في مختلف الوزارات والمؤسسات والهيئات، ويتابع آليات التنفيذ لهذه الأوامر ونتائجها، فضلاً عن وجوده الدائم كـ “حكم ووسيط” بين الضباط والجهات المتصارعة داخل النظام ، حيث كانت كلمته مسموعة لأنها أوامر الرئيس."
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1. I think this was my first use of the term "rout" noting I reported on April 14, the day we announced it, that the Taliban would attack in force. How can I be better at intel than the Pentagon and the CIA? Let's put all this off and get our people out but we have to view an
2. operational decision like this from the point of view of fighters who are on the ground in a partnered force. 45 betrayed more than Afghans and our partners are still fighting terrorists in #Syria who we don't have to fight. Every time we say what great allies the #Turks are
3. while their al-Qaeda/Daesh mercenaries are shelling #Syrian children & their air force flies US supplied F-16s to bomb a #Yazidi hospital serving victims of #Daesh genocide we become less effective & risk Daesh & al-Qaeda spreading throughout the #Mideast to
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Timeline of #CIA #MI6 intervention in #Syria or context to demonstrate dishonesty of narratives that maintain talking points used to sustain economic & military war against #Syrian people:
1956 CIA plot to overthrow the Syrian government

1983 CIA document and plans to obliterate Syria to enable pipeline

1986 CIA document discussing Syria and role of Muslim Brotherhood in a possible civil war fueled by Sunni-Shiite conflict
2001: Wesley Clark told that USA will take out 7 countries in 5 years

2005: CNN Interview. Christiane Amanpour tells Assad that Western governments are plotting a regime change in #Syria

2006: State Dept cable: Detailed discussion of various strategies to enable regime change
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#BREAKING: The weapon storage sites of #Hezbollah terrorist organization which are targeted by #IsraeliAirForce minutes ago are in #KafrKila or #Kfarkela in South of #Lebanon. Here is an screenshot of the footage showing the storage facility on fire after the airstrike.
#BREAKING: At-least three different #Hezbollah weapon storage facilities including one at Kafr Kila in South #Lebanon are destroyed by #Israel Air Force. #IDF is on high alert & ready to counter possible rocket barrage of #Hezollah terrorist group at #Haifa & #TelAviv.
#Hezbollah is capable of firing over 5,000 rockets at #Israel during any possible war which might last to maximum six weeks starting from tonight. #Israel Air Defense Command is well prepared to counter the threat of rockets & missiles fired by #Hezbollah at #Israel.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Imperial #Cohorts Under Constant #Rain of #Fire In Both #Syria & #Iraq by the Middle-East #Resistance.

They stepped on a #Hornet's nest:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive🤫
#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

An Explosive Week For The #Imperial #Cohorts in the Middle East.
July 7th, 17 rockets by the #Resistance targeted Ain al-Asad Air Base:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
#BLACKLISTED by #Crumbling #Empire #Media,
Bypassing its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Turkey is to improve the security of #HTS #Terrorists in Greater #Idlib by pushing towards #Manbij + attempting to capture that #Syrian town.

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
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#BREAKING: #IRGC's terrorists are playing with fire again! #USMC foiled a drone strike of #IRGC's Kataib Hezbollah at a #USArmy camp in #Baghdad minutes ago. LPWS (Land Phalanx Weapon System) of a C-RAM system shot-down the suicide drone throught its several bursts of fire.
Another video shows C-RAM activity in #Baghdad, #Iraq's capital minutes ago. #USMC managed to shoot-down several suicide drones of #KataibHezbollah which had been flown toward a military camp of #US in #Baghdad minutes ago!
Here is the shot-down suicide drone, a Quad copter with a pack of explosive attached to it. Interestingly, it is similar to the drones used by #ISIL/#Daesh (right image) against #Syrian Arab Army in #Syria!
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