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The reporting of Argentinia’s recent election is only the most current example of @BBCNews bias. In its articles they bemoan the loss of the right & spread fear over victory by the left.

But the @BBC will claim to be impartial.…

To further illustrate the bias & partiality of @BBCNews here is another article demonstrating the hand-wringing over defeat of the right & a totally obvious bias against the left... & Cristina Kirchner in particular. @CFKArgentina…

Andrew Gilligan reported to @BBCRadio on the @BBCToday program that the then UK government had “sexed up” a claim about Iraq’s since proven non-existent WMD & the specific claim that one could be readied to use within 45 minutes.…
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After providing Trump with fake stories about dead ducks&sick from #Novichok children (& being caught), Mi6 decided to have another go.
Mark Urban, who made good money on his #Skripal alleged poisoning book (after so fortunately interviewing Skripal a few months before the alleged poisoning) wrote it.
For those who forgot, Mark Ukran & Mi6's Skripal's handler's Pablo Miller's served in the same regiment at the same time
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@EliotHiggins @rossathome @Agent_Hodgo @bellingcat @DanKaszeta @medialens This entire article is based on the false assumption that the #Skripals received swift diagnosis/treatment for nerve agent. THEY DID NOT -- for at least 36hrs, according to their doctors. The dose was also considerable, given the state they were found in.…
@EliotHiggins @rossathome @Agent_Hodgo @bellingcat @DanKaszeta @medialens "It is clear that the #Skripals and the police constable received serious and relevant medical interventions" -- this is a lie of omission, as the medics told the BBC that nerve agent was not suspected until DCI Bailey arrived at Salisbury A&E, more than a day after the Skripals.
@EliotHiggins @rossathome @Agent_Hodgo @bellingcat @DanKaszeta @medialens "NHS ambulance services and hospital A&E services have been worrying about chemical terrorism for decades now" -- this is another lie of omission, which again does not take into account the fact that the medics in this case were not initially worried about nerve agent at all.
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Well, it's the anniversary of the #Skripals poisoning, or, as some people would see it, the day that several GRU agents completely randomly descended upon the town of Salisbury to admire a famous spire.

Here is a refresher on our work regarding this case…
Frankly, it only got weirder/more shocking from there.…
The man calling himself "Ruslan Boshirov" was not, in fact, a sports nutritionist with a vaguely homoerotic (don't believe us? Recall the particulars of his RT interview performance) love for English cathedrals

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Now that EU sanctions against the #Skripals poisoning suspects are official — let's take a walk down memory lane.

This is where we began:…
Things only got more interesting from there on out.

Who knew that Russian bureaucracy could leave operatives so exposed? Batch sequence numbers of passports used for covert identities? It was like absurdist theater.…
And it got better, so much better.

Poisoning suspect "Ruslan Boshirov" turned out to be decorated GRU colonel Anatoliy Chepiga. The recipient of Russia's highest state award — i.e. *Putin probably met this man at some point*…
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1. #Skripal
None of the photos Bellingcat produced were the photos of Chepiga.
All 3 - are the photocopies from the documents that were needed to apply for a 5 year foreign passport and they we all photos of Boshirov. But the plot is much more sophisticated than we imagined.
2. These documents Boshirov brought to one of "we will get you a foreign passport in a few days" private firms - to replace Boshirov's (close to the expiration date) old foreign passport.
3. 30-40 sets copies of people's documents (those who applied for a foreign passport through that firm) were stolen by a criminal in 2016. That's why the passports Bellingcat is forging have the same series and consecutive numbers- they were stolen at the same time & place.
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[QAnon] Pence’s favorite word, or could it be NH IT DM?

KAC admits that Woodward is credible & his book is ‘damaging’

📌Stone, Infowars and QAnon are all in the barrel

Prosecutors say ‘family values’ Rep. Duncan Hunter spent campaign cash on mistresses.

Release the #Kavanaugh emails

JL:”Grassley, says they are producing the records required by law under the PRA
Durbin reminds him that they've actually circumvented that law & the process is being run by Kavanaugh's close friend & former employee, Bill Burck.”

Sen. Durbin:”Between 2001 and 2003, Republican Senate staffers hacked into and stole 4,670 files on controversial Bush judicial nominees from 6 Democrats, including me.

This scandal amounted to a digital Watergate, not unlike Russia’s hacking of the DNC.”
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BREAKING: British prosecutors say they believe they have enough evidence to charge two Russian nationals over the poisoning of Sergei & Yulia #Skripal in Salisbury in March. Their names are Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov #skripalpoisoning
Photos of suspects - their names believed to be aliases. Police say they travelled to UK from Moscow on March 2nd, went to Salisbury on 3rd & 4th (day of attack) and returned to Moscow that evening. Minute traces of novichok were found in their London hotel room. #skripals
Police say a counterfeit perfume bottle (Nina Ricci “Premier Jour”) was used to apply the novichok to the Skripals’ front door. One woman, Dawn Sturgess, later died and her partner was hospitalized after handling the bottle #skripalpoisoning
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BREAK - @metpoliceuk announce that they believe a "small bottle" found on Wednesday was the source of #novichok that killed a British citizen and left a second critically ill in hospital #Skripal #Salisbury
The small bottle was found during search of Charlie Rowley's house in #Amesbury. Scientists at Porton Down ran tests to confirm a substance it contained is #novichok. Further tests will be conducted to establish whether this is the same batch as was used against the #Skripals
Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing, said: “This is clearly a significant and positive development."
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