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New @UNIDIR publication on #novichok nerve agents out today:…
The report describes the process that took place @OPCW following the attempted poisoning in Salisbury in the UK with a novichok agent, resulting in first ever amendment of #CWC Annex on Chemicals
Following a discussion of some of the science involved (many thanks to @science_enduro for invaluable inputs), the report discusses suitability of Schedule amendment for dealing with this particular challenge to norm against chemical weapons use
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#Putin rejimi tarafından zehirlendikten sonra ölümün eşiğinden dönen & sonrasında #Rusya'da tutuklanan Rus #muhalefet lideri Alexei Navalny, Fransızları Emmanuel Macron'u seçmeye çağırdı & Marine LePen'i yolsuz & 2yüzlü olarak nitelendirdi.

#Fransa #Seçim #LePen #Macron #Siyaset
Sovyet döneminden kalma sinir ajanı #Novichok ile zehirlenen Rus muhalif lider Alexei #Navalny #Rusya'dan #Almanya'ya uçup orada tedavi olduktan sonra #Moskova'ya döndüğünde, susturulmak için sözde zimmete para geçirme iddiasıyla hapse atıldı. Tedavi için Rusya'dan Berlin'e uçakla getirilen Rus muhale
Cenevre'de bir basın toplantısında konuşan "BM Yargısız, kısa yoldan veya keyfi infazlar konusunda Özel Raportör" Bayan Callamard

"Bizim vardığımız sonuç, Bay Navalny'nin keyfi olarak öldürülme girişiminden Rusya'nın sorumlu olduğunu."

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Russia claims #US wanted to spread infectious #diseases via #biolabs in #Ukraine | Mar 18
-Russia’s Der Min accused the US of developing infectious diseases in biolabs in Ukraine with the aim of spreading them to Russia disguised as '#natural outbreaks.'
'#Pentagon funded' #Biolabs near #Russian borders.
#OMG Boris @BorisJohnson
#Pentagon funded #Novichok is made in #USA and developed further in #Salisbury.
Patent No: US 9,132,135 B2.
"Methods of a treatment of #organo-#phosphorus #poison agents" issued in Sep. 2015, Pat. filed in 2008.
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#CaroleCadwalladr, seen here with her friend, the "ex-spy" Christopher Steele, has evidently been ordered to re-heat the #Skripal #Salisbury #novichok story (which Steele was involved with) because of the "biolabs" found in #Ukraine. So let's deconstruct her #disinformation. 1/11
#CaroleCadwalladr has long been known to be associated with UK intelligence. Documents reveal her connection to the discredited 'Integrity Initiative', a project intended to build a network of client journalists to promote the establishment's agenda. 2/11
This is the article we'll quickly look at, which #CaroleCadwalladr had published in The Observer today. We will see that she is the antithesis of an investigative journalist, carefully avoiding the important questions about stories like the #Skripals. 3/11…
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I wanted to thank the many people who expressed support for my brother who was arrested in Moscow protest #StandWithUkraine. This means a lot to us. His last message was that he was released close to midnight. I brought up his plight 1) (thread)
2) not because I see equival. in Moscow protesters' plight and of kids hiding in shelters in Kiev hearing rockets and sirens. It is to highlight the obvious-that #Putin claim that "Russian people" desire the #occupation is a sham. That he has been waging a war on his own people
3) That even prior to invading in 2014 he developed and tested during the 2011-12 anti-Putin #SnowflakeRevolution rallies sophisticated machinery of media misinformation defaming protesters as fascists and opportunists on West. payroll. On this see my and @koheiw7 et al. paper in
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Article by @PACE_News calling on Russia to launch an investigation into the use of a #Novichok nerve agent against #Navalny & to accept a Technical Assistance Visit from the #OPCW. Interesting to consider desired objectives/outcomes of a TAV 1.5 yrs after the incident.
TAVs are normally requested much earlier, eg immediately after an incident. This being said, TAVs respond to needs of the requesting State Party, and there is no time limit to request one if requested expertise is available.
Russia had officially requested a TAV from the #OPCW in October 2020 but refused the standard procedures for one, so no TAV took place. All related correspondence is here:…
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OTD 29 years ago, Canada signed the #CWC. Since then, we have been steadfast in our effort to rid the world of #ChemicalWeapons. Keep reading ⬇️
We play a lead role in the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons & Materials of Mass Destruction to prevent #CBRN proliferation & terrorism. 🇨🇦 contributed over $240 million to support CW destruction in #Russia, #Libya, #Iraq and #Syria.

Canada is the top individual donor ($10 million) to the new Centre for Chemistry and Technology, which will position the OPCW to tackle emerging CW threats, promote chemical security and advance the peaceful use of chemistry into the future.

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Sakharov Prize: European Parliament honors Alexei #Navalny | DEc 15
- The Navalny team was loudly applauded by the broad majority of #MEPs attending the ceremony.…
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[Thread] 1/ @OPCW Exec. Council-98, U.S. & 44 other countries requested clarification from #Russia regarding its compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention #CWC, under article IV, para 2, more than a year after Moscow's attack on @navalny.…
2/ This is not the suspension ultimatum @NatSecAnthony & I recommended, but may be part of a medium-to-long-term effort to build a case on Russia's #CWC non-compliance & muster political will for eventual suspension, if compliance is not forthcoming.…
3/ After Russia's attack in the UK in 2018, which resulted in several injured & one dead British mother of three, and the brazen attack against Navalny in Aug. 2020, the international community is showing Moscow it cannot escape accountability.…
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@dankaszeta omitted significant facts and distorted aspects of the #Skripal case in his recent talk for @edskeptics, as I will show in this thread.

Kaszeta's talk is here. It's over an hour long but I'll give ~time reference points with my remarks.

Kaszeta blocked me on Twitter long ago.

This was after I asked him how it was possible that two people as physically different as Sergei and Yulia #Skripal could be *almost simultaneously overcome* by the effects of a nerve agent they had allegedly touched hours before.

After I blocked Kaszeta back (as I do with all who block me) he tried to claim I'd blocked him first!

That's the self-described "king of nerve agent Twitter".

Ah well.

Apart from listening to his @edskeptics talk, I also looked at his book, 'Toxic'.

Let's get started.

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#Habeck und Waffenlieferungen an die #Ukraine - Kontext: Was tut Russland?

Seit 2014 gab es hunderte Expertenberichte über russische Waffen und Waffenlieferungen in den #Donbas im großen Stil. Der bekannteste Fall ist der der abgeschossenen Boeing #MH17.

In jüngster Zeit haben 2 investigative Recherchen das Bild weiter vervollständigt:

Erstens ein Bericht über die Zugladungen voller Waffen und Munition, die Anfang 2015 während heftiger Kämpfe von Russland in den #Donbas gingen.

Und zweitens die Berichte darüber, wie der Kreml Geheimdienst-Killer nach #Tschechien & #Bulgarien schickte, um mit Bombenanschlägen und Attentaten #Waffenlieferungen an die #Ukraine zu verhindern.

#GRU #Novichok #Skripal

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I've previously made a short timeline of what we're told happened to the #Skripals on the day they were poisoned (Sunday, Mar 4 2018) using only official/MSM sources. This is an expanded version, again focused on the day of the poisoning. 1/43
Sources are [numbered] and listed at the end of the thread. I have added some sourced *comments and used brackets <where the exact point in the timeline is unclear from the sources>. 2/43
9:15 #Skripal's red BMW is seen in #Salisbury in the area of London Road [1]. It is reported Sergei and Yulia were going to visit the graves of Sergei’s wife and son: Yulia’s mother and brother. 4/43
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This is an "artist" Petr #Verzilov,
who is called a "Russian opposition activist" by the West.
What is the nature of his protest?
With his pregnant girlfriend Tolokonnikova he was having sex in front of public in a Zoology museum, naked.
And streaked on a football field ImageImage
Reportedly, he was using drugs a lot and in many strange combinations. And poisoned himself with them, not once but twice . And he was flown to Charite to be treated. Guess what, he accused Russian government in poisoning him with CW too! Image
Symptoms: loss of vision, speech, ability to move, hallucinations - and Verzilov and US state funded Svoboda concluded that was also #Novichok ! ImageImage
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Hmmm... How would the protesters in Capitol move out more than one computer if policemen were standing around?
The policeman Brian Sicknick died of the injuries being "hit by a fire extinguisher", he collapsed when he got back to the office and died at 9-30PM.
But... I have not seen yet any fire extinguishes in the crowd when the fights occurred in front of the building & fighting stopped inside the building. Was he hit somewhere else in the city or in the Capitol "during the storm"? And when?
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1/ Bellingcat published a new "research".
this time Mi6 &CIA gave it the task to connect the producers of Russia's COVID19 vaccine with the non-existent program of chemical weapons of mass destructions in Russia. The goals was to sanction the sales of Russian COVID19 vaccine
2/ & accuse Russia in producing weapons of mass destruction to justify NATO military invasion of Russia.
3/For that Bellingcat pushed the narrative, that developing antidots to the organophosphates poisoning means the extensive organophosphates production!
In this case #PortonDown should be sanctioned up to its collective ears.
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Spannend und sehr amüsant:

23. September 2020: Maria #Zakharova, Pressesprecherin des Außenamtes, meint weder in #Russland noch in der #UdSSR habe es jemals Arbeiten an einem Nervenkampfstoff mit der Bezeichnung #Novichok gegeben. 1/3…
15. September 2020: #Naryshkin, Leiter des Auslandsgeheimdienstes, versichert, #Russland habe gemäß internationalen Verpflichtungen alle Bestände an chemischen Waffen inklusive #Novichok vernichtet. 2/3……
14. September 2020: #Putin behauptet gegenüber #Macron, #Navalny habe sich selbst mit #Novichok vergiftet. 3/3
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Einige Überlegungen zum Vergiftungsfall #Navalny #Thread

#Merkel hat ja zu keinem Zeitpunkt von eindeutiger Schuld des #Kreml gesprochen. Sie hat lediglich festgehalten, dass eine Vergiftung mit einer Substanz aus der Wirkstoffgruppe von #Novichok – zweifelsfrei – vorliegt. 1/7
Erwähnenswert ist, dass Theresa May sich im Fall #Skripal mit dem Begriff „highly likely“ abzusichern versuchte. #Merkel formuliert ihre Thesen grundsätzlich äußerst überlegt und mit viel Bedacht, die Verwendung des Begriffes „zweifelsfrei“ kann aus diesem Grund... 2/7
...nur eines bedeuten: Für #Merkel steht die Tatsache der Vergiftung #Navalny|s mit einer Substanz aus der Wirkstoffgruppe von #Novichok bereits am 2. September absolut eindeutig fest. 3/7
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Spannende Entwicklung: Laut einem Bericht von @lemondefr behauptet #Putin im Gespräch mit #Macron, dass #Navalny sich selbst mit #Novichok vergiftet haben soll. Dabei bezeichnet Putin Navalny als Störenfried und Scharfmacher (fr. trublion).…
Was ist aber daran so spannend? Bereits am 14. September erkennt #Putin an, dass #Navalny mit #Novichok vergiftet wurde und dass dieser Nervenkampfstoff in #Russland de facto jedermann zugänglich bzw. relativ einfach herzustellen sei.
#Russland scheint, jedenfalls gegenüber seinen zentralen EU-Partnern, dem offiziellen Bericht der Organisation für das Verbot chemischer Waffen (OPCW) vorgreifen zu wollen.
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Oh dear, another version🤣? One before was that it was a bottle that "#Navalny always carries with him " Image
Just read this:
"German journalists called this bottle a key piece of evidence that allowed to determine the type of poisonous substance ... : traces of Novichok in the body DISAPPEARED under the influence of metabolism, but not on the bottle."⁉️…
The funniest part is that one of those activists was barefoot, in search of nerve agent in #Navalny former hotel room. They"found"bottles, packed& GAVE THEM TO ... Maria Pevchikh (!) , Navalny mistress/ UK contact/Mi6, most likely
Who took them to Germany,in Navalny's plane
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Fascinating piece on legal grounds to stop Nord Stream 2 by Konrad Schuller (who doesn’t seen to be on Twitter) in @faznet —> in German, so for all you poor souls who don’t speak my mother tongue, here’s a thread to summarize 1/n… #fplus via @faznet
Background: there’s a growing movement in Berlin arguing for cancellation of Nord Stream 2 (details in my Sept. 10 FT column…)
Now the Green co-party leader @ABaerbock and Green MEP @bueti have laid out the legal argument:
thanks to @szaulo, here’s Konrad Schuller’s twitter handle: @SchullerKonrad
Back to the legal argument for stopping #NordStream2:

1. GE government should declare that the pipeline threatens European security. Why?
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