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#DeathToll from #tornadoes in South, Midwest continues to rise | -48min
-The dead included seven in one #Tennessee county, four in the small town of #Wynne, #Arkansas, four in Illinois, and three in nearby #Sullivan, Indiana.…
#Death toll from #US #tornadoes, storms climbs | -1h
- Death toll from a major storm system that has lashed south-central and eastern US with devastating winds and powerful tornadoes rises to 21, with dozens of others injured…
#Photos show destruction in US as #tornado #deathtoll rises | Apr 1
- #LittleRock, Arkansas, where the mayor said more than 2000 buildings were in a tornado's path.…
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A tornado hit pretty close to us tonight. Gonna post some pictures of the damage. Nothing major my kids outdoor toys are disappeared or damaged, but, all people and animals are accounted for.

#Tornado #Adamsville #Tennesseetornado
It was the stranger feeling when it got close. I could feel the pressure changes in my ears like driving through a mountain.
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Severe damage in Rolling Fork, #Mississippi from a #tornado.…
Update: At least 23 people are dead after a #tornado in #Mississippi.…
Statement from President Biden on the #tornado deaths in #Mississippi.
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Les USA seront aujourd'hui concernés par un épisode orageux majeur : un Moderate risk (risque 4/5) a été émis par le SPC.
Le risque de tornade de forte intensité (EF2+) est élevé, avec un possible outbreak dans la soirée.
J'essaierai de suivre au maximum cet épisode ⬇️
Pous l'instant, il est 5h du matin, mais des orages sévissent à l'ouest de Dallas au Texas. Un tornado warning (rectangle rouge) concerne cette cellule, probablement à cause d'une rotation dans un méso-vortex : on voit bien le rapprochement clair et net entre le vert et le rouge
Le radiosondage tiré au sud de Mississippi à 7h du matin heure locale montre déjà certains indices de sévérité : hodographe courbé, signe de grandes valeurs de SRH (déjà entre 120 et 270 m²/s²), de l'instabilité en altitude ( zone jaune )
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Second half of my #tornado safety & #preparedness for children & #families is now available. I expanded on learning from the previous comic strip & included some bi-lingual moments (65+m speak #Spanish at home in USA). 🙏 @AmericaGaviria for translations
I wanted the comic to be whimsical and fun to read whilst addressing some of the issues around conversations with kids on safety and preparedness in severe weather events. #wxtwitter
Thinking about family members that may have grown up in another country with an absence of certain hazards (e.g., tornadoes) is important. Talking with them is a greta first step...
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Powerful #storms slam South; at least 6 #killed in #Alabama | Jan 12
- A giant, swirling storm system billowing across the South killed at least six people Thursday in central Alabama,…
#PowerOutages across the #US | 2023-01-13 T03:04:03 AM GMT+1
- States and territories by customers out
#Georgia: 74,730
#Alabama: 33,858
#California: 21,170
#NorthCarolina: 17,778
#Tennessee: 13,314 Image
Severe #storm slamming the south of the US kills at least 6 people in Alabama | Jan 13
- There were multiple #tornado #warnings issued Thursday in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee as the storm system moved through the region.… Image
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美国对 #Tornado 制裁导致 USDC 封禁钱包地址,被封的钱包地址中的 USDC 就没法用了。很多人不理解,链不是去中心化的么,咋还能封禁。写个 Thread 聊下 Token 协议的扩展性问题以及,#Solidity Token 和 #Move Token 的区别。👇
这个实际上是 Solidity 的 Token 协议(ERC20)留的扩展性接口导致的。ERC20 的转账方法(transfer)是要 Token 合约自己实现,所以实现方可以在转账方法中做一些自定义的限制逻辑,比如 USDC 用来封禁地址,还比如一些貔貅 Token,实现只准买不准卖的逻辑。👇
当初设计 Move 上的 Token 标准时也遇到了这个难题。在 Move 中,Token 是一种“自由状态”,一旦铸造出来,Token 合约对 Token 就失去了控制。用户的 Token 默认存在用户的账户余额容器中,但用户也可以把它像现金一样从账户余额容器中提取(withdraw)出来,这时候 Token 也就不受账户合约的控制了👇
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Der #Tornado hat die westfälische Stadt #Lippstadt in ihr grünes Herz getroffen. Die historische Altstadt ist schwer beschädigt. Besonders verwüstet: einige der schönen Alleen, hier vor allem die Friedrichstraße mit ihren alten Bäumen. 1/x
Die meisten Bäume sind nur noch Kleinholz. 2/x
Der Schulhof der Grundschule Friedrichschule, 1906 erbaut, war bis Freitagnachmittag von Bäumen umsäumt. 3/x
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complete steeple roof missing after e a #tornado (most likely) appeared in #Lippstadt, #Germany during a heavy storm today.
More Damage after hey Storm in #Lippstadt, #Germany.
There are reports that a #Tornado caused a lot of damage.
Tornados are most unusual in this part of Germany.
Footage of damge after #Tornado in #Lippstadt, #Germany
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BREAKING: Major Damage Reported In #Andover #Kansas As A Strong #Tornado Has Damaged & Destroyed Buildings & Homes. Footage Captured By Meteorologist #ReedTimmer
CONTD: One Of The Buildings With Major #Tornado Damage In #Andover #Kansas Is The @ymca
CONTD: Major #Tornado Damage To Homes In #Andover #Kansas
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Tornado warning - live 🔴

- One person dead in Texas tornadoes

- Tornadoes ruins buildings, grounds flights and shuts highways in Texas and Oklahoma

- At least four injured as storms wreak havoc in Texas


- At least one person was injured when they were dragged across the parking lot, according to footage.


🔴 About 22 million people were at risk from coming into the path of severe storms across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, forecasters said, as the storm system moved northwest ⬇️…
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During the night @klhumpf and I spent time in the basement due to #Tornado warnings. I don’t understand people who hang out near windows waiting for the funnel and then run to the basement. It’s playing w/ danger.
@KlHumpf When I was 10 years old, I was sitting in front of a TV when a transformer blew and the TV was busted. My grandpa was on the porch. He ran inside and hustled me and Grand mato the cellar.
@KlHumpf I will never forget the sound that followed: roaring and howling that went on and on. It was a straight line wind over 80 MPH. I can still hear it in my mind today 40 years later.
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Interesting, Hael (sometimes spelled Hail) may well be where the word “hail” comes from. Earlier in the year it had some amazing hail storms. Weather in the Middle East atm really is seriously cray cray.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/21/2021…
Organizations’ system noise creates errors in decision making | McKinsey…

#SystemNoise, #DecisionMaking, #CognitiveBias
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1/12 Here are preliminary maps of the 15 #tornadoes from December 10-11, 2021 across #MiddleTennessee. Please note that the maps and all tornado information is PRELIMINARY and subject to change! #tnwx
2/12 #1 was a long track EF3 tornado that moved from west Tennessee across the northwest corner of Middle Tennessee and into southern Kentucky
3/12 #2 was an EF1 #tornado that touched down in northern Perry County and moved into Humphreys County before lifting in northwest Hickman County near Bucksnort, TN
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1/4 UPDATE: We've determined a 14th #tornado occurred from the severe storms on Dec 11 - an EF-0 in western Davidson Co. that tracked from Whites Bend across Bells Bend to north of John Tune Airport & through Bordeaux. Path length 9.6 miles, path width 100 yards, max winds 85 mph
2/4 Damage in Madison from Briley Parkway at Gallatin Pike northeastward to Neelys Bend Road was determined to be from a swath of severe straight line winds around 1/2 mile wide and 2 miles long, with maximum winds estimated up to 85 mph
3/4 Damage in the Brentwood, Crieve Hall, Nippers Corner, Antioch, and Nashboro Village areas was determined to be from a large swath of severe straight line winds roughly 6 miles wide, with maximum winds estimated from 60 to 80 mph
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THREAD: I tallied the #tornado coverage on the Saturday PM newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC as aired in the D.C. TV market (which, for this, I included teases). @ABCWorldNews Tonight w/@WhitJohnson was 22:04 vs. 30:00 due to #MLSCup

ABC coverage: 14:24
Due to the #ArmyNavyGame and local affiliate WUSA running commercials for a minute or two instead of the newscast, the 'CBS Weekend News' (helmed by @edokeefe) in total was only 10:42.

CBS #tornado coverage: 7:09
.@NBCNightlyNews with @jdbalart ran it's full 30:00 and sent Sunday anchor @tvkatesnow to anchor *on-site* in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Really commendable that NBC decided to send an anchor there.

NBC #tornado coverage: 17:17

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I'm so frustrated with radio stations that claim to be serving their communities. Tonight we had two major tornado incidents, one killed two dead in one and countless others missing in an Amazon warehouse collapse. I go to the all news radio stations website and see this. 1/3
It is completely unacceptable for a #radio station to call themselves #news radio and not have 1 word about deaths and damage hours after it happens. They still have the story from this morning saying it could be bad this afternoon. #Tornado @KMOX #stlwx 2/3
And while the "newsradio" station is running recorded programs, the TV stations that do news have done an amazing job wall to wall and now that it's 12:22 in the morning are still doing cut-ins from the @amazon warehouse. @FOX2now @kmov @ksdknews #StLouis 3/3
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Warum eskalieren Rolf #Mützenich, @JTrittin & Co. plötzlich in der Frage der #Atomwaffen - und das inmitten der sonst so harmonisch laufenden 🚦Koa-Verhandlungen?
Ein (politics) Erklärungsversuch 🧵 1/14
Die #AKK-Aussagen im ursprünglichen Dlf-Interview werden von ihnen extrem zugespitzt oder ihr gar falsch in den Mund legt. #Mützenich verglich sie in Sachen Drohungen mit #Putin, @JTrittin behauptete, sie fordere einen nuklearen Erstschlag. 2/14…
Beide wissen, dass #AKK nichts dergleichen gesagt/gefordert hat - im Gegenteil. Warum also diese öffentliche Eskalation?
Spoiler: Es geht weder darum der scheidenden IBuK eine mitzugeben noch um billige Likes aus der Bubble. Beide zielen IMHO auf etwas Größeres. 3/14
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THREAD: Some interesting uses of the @TwitterAPI to explore #extremeweather events in relation to #climatechange. I found the cognitive dissonance explored in the #wildfires in Australia to hold up based on……
…research that has been carried out. This is where #socialscience can be a leader in engaging with the public. Work that I’m doing now creates spaces for conversations that explore #severeweather risk, focusing on issues of shelter access for those without a range of resources
…we help #communities explore their options, including building consensus on alternative shelter provision, especially where funding is an issue in rural communities. We work with faith groups who have strong #trust and social networks alongside other stakeholders to explore…
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$HD puts an ad for a #tornado shelter in my $FB news stream…
I know that I saw something that looks a lot like it before.
I made a comment stating as much in the ad. @Facebook perpetrates on #censorship on my comment, labeling it #spam. Image
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THREAD: I have been trying to track down EVERY #Mississippipi public #StormShelter using publicly available info. Using @googlemaps I have completed about 2/3 so far. I checked out every shelter, confirmed by crosschecking satellite w/ Streetview…
...I then screen grabbed the exact position from the road and produced a @googledocs document which contains corrected or updated locations. I sometimes had to use @googlemaps Street view) to hunt down the ACTUAL locations of #stormshelters for #tornado:…
Then I used Streetview to Green grab the locations and add to my map that I am making available publicly. I hope this helps folks learn and know where there are or there are not shelters nearby. If there are not, what options are available to you. Certainly a convo worth having..
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