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🧵#Thailand's foreign minister has invited his fellow #ASEAN counterparts to an "informal" dialogue to discuss ways to help resolve #Myanmar #coup crisis, into its 3rd year. Invite also extended to Myanmar #military… #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #เมียนมา #พม่า
I understand that a few @ASEAN foreign ministers from nations like #Malaysia #Singapore & current @asean_ri chair #Indonesia will not participate in the talks mooted by #Thailand to take place in #Bangkok June 18-19. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
In the #Thai invite letter to @ASEAN foreign ministers, which I've also seen, @MFAThai minister Don says the "meeting is intended to be an informal dialogue that could be part of the initial steps of the #Myanmar peace process" #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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#Earthquake (#lindol) possibly felt 32 sec ago in #Philippines. Felt it? Tell us via:
⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon! Image
👉#Manila (lokal na oras 10:20:17). Naramdaman niyo ba ang lindol? Mangyari lamang na ibahagi ang inyong karanasan sa:

Ang iyong mga obserbasyon ay mahalaga upang lubos na maunawaan ang epekto ng lindol.🙏
Eyewitnesses reported shaking in #Philippines 3 min ago (local time 10:20:17)⚠
At present, we have no seismic data confirming this crowdsourced detection.❗
More info soon! Image
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In today's #dailysoup, I'll introduce a Beijing-based think-tank, the South China Sea Probing Initiative or SCSPI (@SCS_PI).

It's known for providing news on the SCS dispute from China's perspective, which contain mostly pro-China peepotalking and some pro-Russia ones.

1/25 Image
Founded in 2019, the SCSPI is currently headed by Hu Bo from Peking University, along with two other so-called "academics" from prestigious Chinese universities.

One of its members is Anna Malindog-Uy, a Filipino vatnik x wumao who once hosted a Pandesal Forum with them.

2/25 ImageImageImage
In SCSPI's "About me" page, the think-tank claims that "it recognises the strategic relevance of the SCS", "it understands the significance of differences through dialogue", and "it is not affiliated with anything".

However, when we dig deeper, it is a different story.

3/25 Image
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In today's #dailysoup, I'll introduce a disputed series of small rocks in the South China Sea, the Scarborough Shoal.

Forming a triangular shape, it is known to be a hotspot for SCS disputes between China and the #Philippines.

1/18 Image
The Scarborough Shoal, known as "Huangyan Dao" in Chinese and "Bajo de Masinloc" in Filipino, is located in the Philippines' EEZ or the West Philippine Sea.

It is also located 340km W of Manila, 575km E of the Paracel Islands, and 523km N of the Spratly Islands.

2/18 ImageImageImageImage
Loads of oil and natural gas, polymetallic nodules and different kinds of sea creatures (e.g. lobster, jack, mackerel, etc.) are present in the Scarborough Shoal.

The shoal is also a major fishing ground for fisherfolk...

3/18 Image
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According to a source from the Czech government, during the current visit of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala to 🇻🇳#Vietnam, major cooperation in security-defence is planned.

1/5 PM Petr Fiala with his Viet...
Vietnam is particularly interested in additional L-39NG aircraft, of which it has ordered 12 in 2021 and deliveries of the first units are due to start this year. The delivery of L-410NG transport aircraft was also discussed. Both products are under @Omnipol1934 group.

2/5 L-39NGL-410NG
Omnipol officials also held talks about possible sale of dual-use radars to be installed in civilian and military airports.
@stv_group and @CSG_HOLDING discussed possible contracts to upgrade Vietnam’s Soviet-made tanks and armoured vehicles with advanced technologies, including…… T-72EA - modernized soviet ...Image
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A mega #Thread compiling some lesser known facts that will make us rethink the #HumanCivilization & the extent of #Bharat
Plz read & share 🙏

1/12 let's start with #Ramayan!
In Rishi #Valmiki narrates the description of #Lanka given by Shri #Hanuman as a beautiful country with ImageImage
chariots & vimanas. He also describes #FourTuskedElephant guarding #Ravan 's gates.
Now known as #Gomphothere , that roamed #Earth 19 million yrs ago! 🤯🚩

NO OTHER text in the world describes it!

In #Ramayan , #Sugriva sends #Vanar in 4 directions to look for Maa #Sita ImageImage
While sending, he describes #Geography as follows
World #Geography >170,000 years was different than present
many parts of Himalaya & big mountain in Kentucky ,USA were submerged in water

So here is the story in more scientific way 💁‍♀️

Team travelling to #east, will have to Image
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1/My comments in this article mostly focused on the #Philippines' newly increased leverage in negotiations with #China. My full comments (including those left out of the article) follow: [1/6]…
2/"Diplomacy is always important, especially in the face of increased tensions. However, reducing tensions should never be the sole objective in pursuing dialogue with China, which often uses bilateral talks to intimidate countries it sees as weak and easy to push around."
3/"The Marcos Administration, by its recent moves to embrace a bold new maritime transparency policy and to enhance its security relationships with partners like the U.S., Japan and Australia, has shown strength and given itself leverage for negotiations."
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Nova Scotia College of Nurses is the regulator for #Nursing profession in the Province of Nova Scotia, #Canada and in coming weeks will be rolling out another 'first-in-Canada' Nursing Registration and Licensure Process - #CanadaNurses
It is in public knowledge that registration and licensure for Internationally Educated Nurses IENs in Canada is a tedious and difficult process with several bottlenecks.
This has led some provinces to start rethinking the process and find a way to streamline it so that it becomes seamless for applicants. Also, to ensure that IENs in Canada can function to the full extent of their education and competencies.
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After attacking Palawan and Mindanao, General MacArthur directed the capture of the now-isolated Central Visayas, or Visayan islands, of Panay, Negros, Cebu, and Bohol.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC
While Filipino guerrillas controlled much of the countryside, 30,000 Japanese troops held the vital coastal town. Beyond his immediate objective to liberate the Philippines, the two ports were to be important staging areas for the expected invasion of Japan.

The four islands were in close geographical proximity, but the high mountain range that ran north-south down Negros divided the region into two areas of operations, code named VICTOR I and VICTOR II.

#MilitaryHistory #WWIIPAcific #Philippines #Visayas @USArmy @TRADOC @FORSCOM
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Pentagon asking for $30.6 billion for munitions in FY 24 - a 12% increase over FY 23 & a 50% increase over 5 years ago

"We are buying to the limits of the industrial base, even as we are expanding the industrial base" per @DepSecDef Kathleen Hicks
Munitions & munition production has been in the crosshairs due to demand/aid to #Ukraine

Per @DepSecDef, 1/3 of munitions spending will go for long range fires, including #hypersonic missiles
"This latest budget...procures the maximum amt of munitions that are most relevant for deterring &, if necessary, prevailing over aggression in the #IndoPacific..." per @DepSecDef's prepared remarks
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1/ANATOMY OF A SWARM: How #China sent its ships to swarm & intimidate the #Phlippines’ largest outpost in the West Philippine Sea, then scattered after its tactics were made public, 3-11 March 2023.
By 5 March the swarm of Pag-Asa Island was well underway. (1/9)
2/However, by 10 March—perhaps due to the #Philippines’ new transparency initiative—#China had apparently recalculated & decided that swarming was no longer in its interest. Only 10 ships remained in the Pag-Asa Cays. Where did the rest go?
(Hint: not very far) (2/9)
3/Maritime open-source intelligence (#OSINT) relies on a suite of tools. The automated information system (AIS) broadcast by most ships is the simplest, but it has limitations. We used AIS to track the arrival of 7 new PRC militia ships to the Pag-Asa Cays on 3 March. (3/9)
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As the campaign to liberate the Philippines continued, U.S. and Filipino forces prepared to attack Mindanao, the southernmost island in the archipelago, in Operation VICTOR IV.

#Armyhistory #USArmy
Intelligence reported the Japanese had established strong defensive positions around of the city of Zamboanga at the southern tip of the Zamboanga peninsula. Filipino guerrillas seized a makeshift airstrip at Dipolog, about 145 miles northeast of Zamboanga City.
The Americans airlifted elements of the 21st Infantry, 24th Infantry Division, to exploit the opportunity and ensured control of the airstrip.

#TRADOC #MilitaryHistory #Mindinao #Philippines
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Rep. Rosa DeLauro expresses concern about Russell Vought's proposal to zero budget USAGM because of alleged "woke" policies.

"It would be catastrophic for the United States and the world," responds USAGM CEO Amanda Bennett. ImageImage
Even some democracies, such as #Brazil and #Philippines, "are going to increasingly require our support," says USAGM CEO Bennett before House Appropiations Foreign Affairs subcommittee.
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler is accusing USAGM of not responding to the House regarding a personnel issue with a former director of VOA's Farsi Service.

"I had nothing to do with those decisions," responds Bennett. But USAGM has responded "many, many times," according to the (1/2)
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1/#China Coast Guard 5203 less than 3nm from Pag-Asa (Thitu) this morning with 3 militia ships (those visible on AIS). This is even closer than noted by @coastguardph yesterday, but not unusual. #China rejects the #Philippines’ right to a 12nm territorial sea around Pag-Asa (1/5)
2/The 2016 @UN Arbitral Tribunal case ruled that Pag-Asa carries the legal status of a “rock” under int’l law, meaning it’s always above water but can’t organically support human habitation. This affirmed its right to a legal 12nm territorial sea. (2/5)
3/The Tribunal took no position on who “owns” which features in the Spratlys. For Pag-Asa it noted the #Philippines has occupied it since 1970 & claims only the 12nm sea earned by “rock” status (no separate exclusive economic zone). Pag-Asa lies outside any country’s EEZ. (3/5)
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The battle for Manila, capital of the Philippines, began on 4 February 1945 as the 1st Cavalry Division in the north and the 11th Airborne Division in the south reported Japanese resistance in the city was stiffening.

After liberating the Santo Tomas and Bilibid prisoner of war camps, the XIV Corps continued its advance. The corps commander divided the northern section of the city into two sectors, the 37th Inf DVN responsible for the eastern half and the 1st Cavalry on the western part.
By the afternoon of the 8 February, 37th Division units had cleared most Japanese from their sector, but the costliest fighting occurred on Provisor Island, where enemy defenders held out at the small industrial center on the Pasig River until 11 February.
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How ISLAMIZATION occurs when
there are sufficient MUSLIMS in a country.... #Thread

When culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable'
Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under
the table. Here's how it works...👇🏻👇🏻 Image
📍 As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will
be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone.

(#UnitedStates --1.0%; #Australia --1.5%; #Canada --1.9%; #China --1%-2%; #Italy --1.5%;
#Norway --1.8%)
📍 At 2% and 3% Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected
groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

(#Denmark --2%;
#Germany --3.7%; #UnitedKingdom --2.7%; #Spain --4%; #Thailand --4.6%)
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1/The preponderance of the evidence suggests that on 6 Feb #China Coast Guard ship 5205 stopped, harassed and followed #Philippines Coast Guard BRP Malapascua near Sabina Shoal for 8+ hours, preventing it from returning to Palawan. Let me explain my reasoning. [Thread 1/7]
2/BRP Malapascua (@coastguardph MRRV-4403) left Pag-Asa (Thitu) Island moving SE on 5 Feb/0930 PHT after anchoring overnight. Its companion for that night, BRP Teresa Magbanua (MRRV-9701), would move off to the NE 14 hours later. [2/7]
3/BRP Malapascua seemed headed to Palawan, but 3 hours after it left Pag-Asa CCG 5205 (marked "Unknown") left Mischief Reef moving west, came to a stop right across Malapascua's path & then at 1940L went "dark" (stopped transmitting its Automatic Identification System/AIS) [3/7]
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1/What exactly happened between #China and the #Philippines last week in the W. Philippine Sea? Why are these two PH Coast Guard ships now sitting off the coast of Pag-Asa (Thitu) Island? And how does it all relate to the strange journey of the BRP Andres Bonifacio? [Thread 1/14]
2/First some background: PH Coast Guard ship BRP Teresa Magbanua (MRRV-9701) was acquired from #Japan in 2021. It was recently deployed in support of Philippine fishermen near Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal after reports of PRC harassment there. [2/14]…
3/At about that time (22 Jan/1330L) the BRP Magbanua's automated information system (AIS) stopped transmitting while still east of Palawan, indicating the @coastguardph ship likely did not want its movements tracked during its West Philippine Sea operations. [3/14]
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UPDATE: US assesses the high-altitude surveillance balloon is #China's, per a senior defense official

Also, not 1st time #Beijing has done this

"Instances of this activity have been observed over the past several years, including prior to this administration" per the official
Per the senior defense official, in the briefing arranged from the Pentagon, @SecDef "convened senior DoD leadership yesterday, even as he was on the road in the #Philippines"

At the mtg led by @SecDef, @thejointstaff Chair Gen Mark Milley & @USNorthernCmd's Gen Glen VanHerck strongly recommended NOT to shoot down the #China surveillance balloon "due to the risk to safety & security of ppl on the ground from the possible debris" per sr defense official
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NEW: US @SecDef Lloyd Austin leaves #Manila w/agreement on expanded access for US troops to #Philippines military sites AND talk from Philippine officials of a shared vision re #China & the #IndoPacific
“It seems to me the future of the #Philippines, & for that matter the Asia Pacific, will always have to involve the #UnitedStates simply bcs those partnerships are so strong and they’re so historically embedded in our common psyches" per Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
.@SecDef visit to #Philippines “is symbolic to all of us that the US will always be there for us" per Philippine
acting Defense Secretary Carlito Galvez, Jr.
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“Premeditated Manslaughter Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Part 2 -Psychopathic democide might be eligible for forgiveness in rare circumstances, but blanket amnesty is not in the cards for crimes against humanity - by @TraderStef #Nuremberg2 #Amnesty… Image
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? - “Plandemic 3” Trailer – Seeing Through The Propaganda…
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? #democide - Jr. covering for daddy, sooo late and behind the curve by a couple+ years, is pathetic - not humble
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The meeting is suspended to hear from the High Rep for Disarmament Affairs @INakamitsu on "Our Common Agenda" and how it relates to the #SpaceThreatsOEWG
Read the "Our Common Agenda" report by the UNSG here:…
A key message from the report is that governance and regulatory regimes require updating in line with this new era of space activity to preserve outer space as a global common.
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Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing legal and normative frameworks

#Mexico emphasizes principles in Article 1 of the #OST.

#PAROS and primacy of peaceful use are key. Rejects placement of weapons in outer space and celestial bodies. esp. those with indiscriminate effects.
#Mexico supports giving legal principles greater precision, and the adoption of norms as interim step to legal instrument to ban weapons in space and use of force and prohibit war

#IHL. Public exchange of info. Supports DA ASAT test moratorium as interim step to legal agreement.
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Item 6 c) recommendations on possible norms, rules, and principles of responsible behaviour

Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing international legal and other normative frameworks
#Russia continues to insist that NGOs are not permitted to make statements during the formal session.
#Canada respectfully disagrees with Russia. The matter is closed. The Chair has ruled and will not change established UN practice.

"As we tell kids in Canada, sometimes, you get what you get, and you don't get upset. It's time to move on."
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