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Do you know that you have an equal self in the #antimatter #ParallelWorld.. 😆
The discovery of the first antimatter atom was made at #CERN in 1995 by the ALPHA Collaboration. An antimatter atom is a type of atom that is composed of antiparticles rather than particles.
Antiparticles are #subatomic particles that have the same mass as their corresponding particles, but opposite charges. For example, the antiparticle of an #electron is a #positron, which has the same mass as an electron but a positive charge instead of a negative charge.

The ALPHA Collaboration was able to create and trap #antihydrogen atoms for a short period of time using CERN's Antiproton #Decelerator facility. Antihydrogen atoms consist of an #antiproton (the antiparticle of a proton) and a positron (the antiparticle of an electron),
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1/5 "The 2022 WMO/#UNEP #Ozone Assessment contains the most up-to-date understanding of ozone #depletion, reflecting the thinking of hundreds of international scientific experts who contribute to its preparation and review."

2/5 Does anyone with expertise in this area know why charged particles in plasma from #solar #flares, #coronal #mass ejections (#CMEs) and even #localized #thermonuclear #bursts, i.e. #micronovae, were not considered in this report?
3/5 The recommended terms of reference of the 2022 Assessment for the Scientific Assessment Panel (SAP) was supposed to include assessment of information and research related to
solar radiation management and its potential effect on
the stratospheric ozone layer.
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👨‍💻 Estoy trabajando en una app multiplataforma hecha con #electron y llevo exactamente una semana fajao con un error superraro que me afectaban cuando compilaba en Windows. Aquí dejo mi experiencia para los #devs por si les puede servir.
Estoy muy a favor de utilizar soluciones como #Electron y #Capacitor que permiten hacer soluciones multiplataformas, realmente hacen el proceso mucho más rápido que tener que construir una solución nativa para cada plataforma.
Como todo, nada es perfecto y aunque utilizar estas soluciones es muy cómodo, necesitas de determinadas dependencias nativas de los sistemas operativos para hacer el Build de la app, por lo que para compilar para macOS necesitas el sistema y así mismo ocurre con los otros.
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Décollage dans 3 minutes pour #Electron !
Premier lancement depuis le pas de tir 1B de Mahia ! Image
Superbe vue Image
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Hoy, de nuevo, el #Starship y el #SN15 así como #SpaceX han sido tendencia, sin embargo hoy vamos a mirar hacía atrás, todo lo que nos ha llevado a ver hoy el primer aterrizaje y aseguramiento de una Starship.
En un lejano 2013/4 empezó a aparecer en papers de SpaceX referencias a 2 cohetes que ya entraban en la clase Omega (+100 toneladas a LEO, la tonelada a orbita es la unidad de medida mas estandar para los cohetes))
*El F9 block 5 mide 70 metros (230 pies) Image
A esas alturas el Falcon 9 no había sido recuperado o reutilizado, y lo que mas había volado era el pequeño Falcon 1, en la liga del #electron de @RocketLab .Estos cohetes monstruosos eran los Falcon X (versión heavy) y XX. Image
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Il prossimo lancio di un #Electron, il 19mo, avverrà a marzo (la data precisa non è ancora stata ufficializzata). A bordo 7 satelliti fra cui il secondo Photon di RocketLab, "Pathstone". I Photon di RocketLab sono kick stage, considerabili come l'ultimo stadio che ha il compito..
... di immettere i satelliti ospiti ad esso agganciati nell'orbita finale. Ma i kick stage di RocketLab sono essi stessi satelliti, perché una volta rilasciati i carichi paganti proseguono per la loro orbita con capacità propulsive e comunicative proprie.
Pathstone ha lo scopo..
... di preparare la prima missione di RocketLab verso la #Luna, la missione #CAPSTONE di NASA, e testerà le sue capacità di gestione energetica, controllo termico, controllo d'assetto, nuove tecnologie radio per lo spazio profondo, un sistema di controllo di reazione aggiornato..
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Rocket Lab is about to provide a media update on the initial results/data of the successful recovery of the #Electron first stage on the #ReturnToSender mission.

Thread: 1/x
Peter Beck notes it's still early days. Stage back less than 48 hours. Really just starting to dissect everything. TEST COMPLETE SUCCESS... even more than we set out to do on this mission. This proved it is feasible and Electron CAN BE MADE REUSABLE! 2/x
Beck: Stage oriented itself and controlled heating very well. Recovery systems and pilot chutes deployed at Mach 2. Drogues slowed it down, and then mains "deployed lovely." Impacted ocean at 9 m/s, 1 m/s slower than expected. 3/x
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