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#SpaceX has started making some progress on the transpirational steel plate system that will be installed under the #Starbase #Starship OLM. In this thread, I will be detailing the latest findings as well as touching on my process for reverse engineering a system like this. (1/n) Image
I completely redid all my models related to this system. The supply pipes and manifolds have been measured and accurately modeled. I was able to gather enough reference photos to get many of the dimensions for the plates and have sized those accordingly. (2/n) Image
A few weeks ago, @RGVaerialphotos captured this photo. At the time, I noticed some of the rectangular plates appeared to have a very slight slant to them. (3/n) Image
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There have been many questions and concerns about the water-cooled steel plate that is planned to be installed under the OLM. I’ll go over some details about it in this thread and maybe ease some of the concerns. There will be some speculation in this towards the end. (1/n) Image
The term “water-cooled plate” is a bit misleading for people who don’t understand how the system will function. Many may relate this system to a closed-loop water loop used on some high-end gaming computers or the liquid intercooler system used in high-performance vehicles. (2/n)
While water will run through the plates, the main cooling effect comes from holes that will “leak” water onto the surface of the steel. This is required as it cools the metal surface and absorbs energy from the plume at the same time. There are other advantages as well. (3/n) Image
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For SpaceX and Musk fanboys:

I can engage in decent discours with genuinely interested people, which usually you folks aren't.

But if you come at me like a smartass, I'll serve you in kind.

Also, I don't work for you, and I don't have to prove anything.
Ok. No more discussions with Starship/Musk fanboys or smartasses.

I'll block without warning.

One genius thought we're not planning for rocket engines for the spaceplanes. How the fuck else would we go to "space" dumbass? Read my fucking analysis.

Our analysis (which includes an analysis of #Starship and SpaceX on-orbit refueling shortcomings):

Much Safer than #Rockets: Titans Spaceplanes…
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Mini thread vocabulaire #Starship pour celles et ceux qui découvrent 🚀✨ 1/n

Moteurs Raptors: Ce sont les moteurs du Starship, il y en a 33 sur le premier étage (SuperHeavy) et 6 sur le deuxième étage (Starship). Ils fonctionnent au méthane liquide/Oxygène Liquide (methalox)💫
2/n: je vais pas détailler ici le cycle de combustion, ce sera pour plus tard 💜

Pour le deuxième étage (Starship) il y a 3 moteurs Raptors + 3 Raptors Vacuum (vide) qui sont la pour fonctionner dans le vide spatial (RVac)
3/n: À savoir aussi, le Starship c’est le nom de la fusée en entier et aussi le nom du deuxième étage ^^

Pad/Launch Pad = pas de tir de la fusée 🔥
Côté Starship le pas de tir se nomme “Orbital Launch Pad”
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The following 🧵is about the @SpaceXStarship massive crater and a preliminary RCA with my Dad who is a Civil Engineer, specializing in structural steel structures. This is the picture we stared at for 30 mins. ImageImage
1. "The failed mission that could have been successful" - I have seen many videos and I am amazed regarding the amount of concrete elements that went flying during launch. Image
2. Design flaws on the launch pad platform are evident. Looks like a concrete beams were covered by fire resistant steel plates and maybe the concrete was fire rated. But clearly a design flaw. Image
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This is not a render. This is not a simulation. This is @SpaceX’s first integrated test flight of #Starship with the Super Heavy booster, the world’s largest and most powerful rocket to ever fly. This #slomo is from our 8k tracker shot by @considercosmos.
It’s massive, 120 m [394 feet] tall and 9 m [30 feet] wide and has over twice as much thrust as the Saturn V that took humans to the moon. The booster has 33 "Raptor 2" engines, which utilize the ultimate in power cycles, the full flow staged combustion cycle.
This test flight was uncrewed and was highly experimental. SpaceX was hoping to validate as many systems in flight as possible and the rocket made it much further in flight than most thought it would.
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How to reach Mars with #Starship. 🚀🌌

Step-by-Step Process...🧵

#StarshipLaunch #elonmusk #SpaceX #BocaChica Image
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We are standing by for a 33-engine static fire of the #SpaceX #Starship. This will be the largest firing of rocket engines at a single time and this test has huge implications for not just SpaceX, but also the #Artemis program. Image
WOW! That looked good. Standing by for an update by SpaceX/@elonmusk on how it went.

This puts a potential March launch actually on the table. Image
@elonmusk That's a good sign. Test was the full, anticipated duration.
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Many of my space friends will hate this 🧵, but I very much share @sciguyspace’s misgivings about #SLS & would go further. I understand his argument that we had to squander $50bn on SLS+ for people to realize it’s not the future of crewed spaceflight & we need to transition… 1/5
to sustainable, reusable, far less expensive and more capable rockets such as #Starship. But the issue is we could still be wasting billions on these launches for years to come, and slowing down Moonbase progress. I do think #Artemis as an idea is too far along not to happen. 2/5
Yes #WeAreGoing so I’d be fine if #SLS blows up en route to orbit so long as no one’s hurt. That way everyone would have to accept it’d be too costly and take too long to build another SLS just to test, and they should divert the money elsewhere for our return to the #Moon. 3/5
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#Tag2 der Delegationsreise des Digitalausschusses (Bundestag) nach Estland u Finnland. Den Twitterthread zu Tag 1 gibts hier:…. Heute gehts los mit einem Besuch beim Head of Future City & Digital Services der Stadt Tallinn: Toomas Türk. #btADiEstFinn /T2-1
Der Head of Future City - Tallinn - erzählt viele spannende Sachen, z.B. hat man in 2 Mon ein neues Dashboard für die Stadt programmiert, hier könnt Ihr es ansehen:… #btADiEstFinn /T2-2
Tallinn macht seit 20 J eGovernment, “das meiste wurde 2005-11 digitalisiert“, fast 100% ist digital, sagt der Head of Future City, 40 Leute arbeiten in seinem Team, darunter auch ein „Head of IoT“, als nächstes wird ein „AI Project Manager“ eingestellt. #btADiEstFinn /T2-3
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#Starlink Gen2 is 5x bigger and 10x more capable than Gen1, i.e. 2x more efficient (not considering potential lifetime extension). Curious to see if service price drops accordingly, to enable more market penetration. But let's have a look at some launch numbers now. 1/
If Starlink Gen2 is 30000 satellites (…) it represents 36000 tons at launch in total. Or 240 #Starship flights (at 150t/flight). 2/
@elonmusk noted that indeed F9 cannot be used to deploy Gen2, thus making Starship a single point of failure for the #Starlink project (as I noted in the past already) 3/
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De la démocratie en Amérique.

Le cas #muskbuystwitter pose des questions politiques (plus que technologiques) importantes étant donné le rôle central de Twitter dans l'actualité et l'agenda politique, sa propriété est une question sensible.

Petit thread sur la question 👇
1/ L’evenement tient à la personnalité de Musk, excessive, et une idéologie, à la fois libertatienne et conservatrice. Son projet de liberté de parole maximale, à l’image des plateformes de l’Alt-Tech a été salué par l’Alt-Right US qui s’est toujours estimée censurée
2/ Par ailleurs, sa proximité avec Trump inquiète le camp démocrate / progressiste US, notamment pour ses prises de position sociétales (anti-woke, etc.) mais pas que... leur entente tient aussi du fait que Trump est l'un des grands sponsos du projet #Starship de #SpaceX .
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(1/11) Why didn't #SpaceX use #Mechazilla to lift #Booster4 onto the #OrbitalLaunchMount?

This piece of equipment is the main reason for using the #LR11000 Super crane to lift the booster, instead of the #Chopsticks. I'm going to refer to it as the Locator Pin.
(2/11) When fully extended, the locator pin is inserted into this position on the starship #StarshipSuperHeavy's Hydraulic Power Units (#HPU's). There are two of these located on either side of the booster.

(3/11) I'm not sure if the aero cover actually makes contact with this hard point on the booster, but its not meant to take much force either way. In order to not damage the booster, these locator pins are designed to have a relatively light tough.

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(1/8) #StarshipAddicts, I think we have a major update for you about one of the #Starship variants we have been expecting to see at #Starbase!

It has been speculated that this nose cone barrel section was to be used for the #CargoVariant.
(2/8) Thanks to @RGVaerialphotos, we now know what it looks like from above. In this image you can see in interior structure which is most likely used to open the "payload bay"
(3/8) If you watched the most recent episode from @RGVaerialphotos flyover review you will remember us mentioning that the size of this payload door makes a lot more sense for #HLS #LunarStarship than it does for #Cargo version.

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(1/10) Hey #StarshipAddicts! If you didn't get a chance to check out the latest @RGVaerialphotos Flyover review livestream then you missed some interesting details about new progress around #Starbase. Here's a summary of last weeks top finds. A lot of info in this image alone! Image
(2/10) CH4 Storage Tanks:
The tanks shown in this picture are assumed to be the additional Methane storage tanks needed in order to fully fuel a #Starship/#SuperHeavyBooster for orbital launches and also suborbital WDR / Cryo testing on the new staging pads. ImageImage
(3/10) CH4 Storage Tanks:
@LabPadre #Gatorcam caught these four tanks rolling into the port on a barge on the morning of Feb 15, 2022 at KSC. These are identical tanks to the four tanks that we have seen at the Sanchez site.

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Elon Musk had hinted at some exciting announcements during his #Starship update on Thursday - I think we’ve got the first of many!

#Polaris will partner with #SpaceX for 3 human spaceflight missions, with 2 Crew Dragon flights coming before the first crewed Starship mission.
There’s more:

The first mission, #Polaris Dawn, will launch NET Q4 of this year, taking advantage of Falcon 9’s and Dragon’s full capabilities. The mission will culminate in an attempt at the first-ever commercial spacewalk, using a special #SpaceX EVA suit.

📸: SpaceX/Polaris
The crew of #Polaris Dawn:

- Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 and Inspiration4 astronaut
- Scott Poteet, a retired USAF lieutenant colonel
- Sarah Gillis, Lead Space Ops Engineer at #SpaceX & astronaut trainer
- Anna Menon, Lead Space Ops Engineer at SpaceX & Mission Director
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La présentation de #Starship aura duré un peu plus d'une heure.

Présentation orientée grand public, on n'y apprend peu sur l'aspect technique.
Petit récap des annonces ⤵️
Le développement du Raptor V2 avance bien ! Environ 6 moteurs sont fabriqués chaque semaine.

Le design du V2 est bien plus simple que le V1, offrant meilleure puissance pour la moitié du prix !

On passe également de 185t de poussée à 230t (250t atteignables prochainement)
Les tests des Raptors V2 progressent également du côté de McGregor 🔥

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In response to the @FCC's request from 23-DEC-21 () @SpaceX yesterday submitted interesting clarifications (📄…) with new details about #Starlink Gen2 revealing it was actually filed with the @itu via Germany (@bnetza). A thread:
SpaceX laments the FCC's long lead times (original Gen2 filing pending for 1.5y, amendment for 5m) by which it justifies its *much earlier* ITU filing for Gen2 through Germany (p.8) & competitive risks from "asymmetric disclosures" b/c of transparent filing process in the US
Also worth noting: SpaceX claim it "was one of the last remaining NGSO operators to have been licensed
exclusively through the United States" when in fact its original Gen1 ITU filing was submitted through Norway (C/S: STEAM-1 & STEAM-2) and Gen2 apparently through Germany
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Starship, but with a third stage…

Powered by the SpaceX Raptor, this huge upper stage will help send over 340t to Low Earth Orbit, 125t to the Moon, and 20t beyond Pluto with a single launch!

Launch simulation by @Phrankensteyn below and specs in the thread.

#SpaceX #Starship
Design pt.1:
- forward and common dome makes up methane tank, aft dome placed after 3 subsequent ring segments
- holds 540t of superchilled methalox propellant, with tank mass at ~16t
- a large third stage optimizes for heavier payloads, while still being very high energy capable
Design pt.2:
- powered by single (6.5m diameter, 400s Isp) or dual (3.9m diameter, 390s Isp) 330 bar Raptor vacuum
- nozzles to be folded up within interstage to save vertical space
- heaviest engine combination weighs 6t, making overall mass ratio ~25.55
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(1) Hey #StarshipAddicts...I have a feeling that a lot of you have heard various things here and there about possible issues with the #OrbitalTankFarm at the #Starbase launch complex. Check out this thread if you want the FULL story starting from the very first signs of trouble
(2) This is a break from my normal style, I'm going to tell you all a story.

At the end of May 2021, I took my first ever trip to Starbase as a treat to myself after quitting my job as an Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry.
(3) The moment my last shift came to and end, I got in my car and drove 10 hours straight with the intension of not stopping until I got to the #Starbase sign. I drove through a massive 4 hour rain storm that ended, right as the #Highbay came into view.
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1. I'm thankful @SpaceX chose #BocaChica for the #Starship program. I'm thankful @LabPadre was allowed to set up cameras and livestream history in the making. A lot of us should be thankful we found those livestreams when the #StayAtHome orders started.
2. I think there are a lot of people out there who agree with this. I also think that a good portion of those people may have not made it through #COVID without #Spacex and #Labpadre. Whether #Starship makes it to Mars or not...its already saved a large number of human lives.
3. I feel blessed to be one of those people so thank you to everyone who is working hard to bring all this content into our lives. @SpaceX @LabPadre @BocachicaMaria1 @RGVaerialphotos @StarshipGazer @MarcusHouse @considercosmos @FelixSchlang @NASASpaceflight @BocaChicaGal
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Finally! Ive been waiting for this thing to show up for 2 months. Searched high and low in @RGVaerialphotos photos 8 weeks straight hoping I would see signs of it before anyone else.

If you are confused at what this is or want to learn more about it check out the thread below
Before we start:

I had a feeling this would happen. It sucks to have to skip ahead in the Orbital Launch Mount series cuz its going to be impossible to keep the whole thing in one thread now. Might have to come up with a better way of organizing this stuff.

One more thing! Image
Should I post this entire explanation at one time? Or would yal rather see them as I finish each page?

I'll let yal decide while I grab some food. @RGVaerialphotos unexpected post forced me to skip lunch for this.

*FYI The first option will probably contain more errors*
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@elonmusk No joke, I put in zero physical labor on but just being a spectator as @SpaceX workers fabricated this engineering marvel was exhausting!

Check out the thread below to see how the most advanced launch mount on the planet was constructed! @StarshipGazer The original image Elon was...
Before we start

#250wordcount sucks. Make sure u check the alt descriptions. This could easily turn into a 200 pager. I plan to do it in phases because there are even more interesting #Starship topics I want to cover. Make sure to follow if u want to see future updates on this
1. I waited 168 days for @SpaceX to finally move this launch table on 7/28/21. When it finally happened I almost called in from work so I could watch @LabPadre all day. Luckily I work from home so that wasn't necessary.

PS...Sorry Brad, we can talk later 😅 Image
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