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So this shooting just happened at BLM riot in Aurora. There was a car with a family in it, they approach the car with a rifle...The car speeds off. They almost executed a family just like they executed the teenagers in the Seattle chop. #aurora #protests #antifa #BLM
The way they spin it is hilarious
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1. News: Judge grants restraining order HALTING BAN ON SEATTLE OFFICERS using crowd-control weapons - pepper spray, blast balls and similar weapons that was passed following confrontations with protesters. -Thread 7.25.20…
2. News: Democrat Cuomo Violates Rules He Gave His State, Hugs Savannah Mayor Without A Mask 7.20.20
3. News: Report: Nursing Home Inspectors In California Were NOT Being Tested For Coronavirus…
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Analysis: #NYSE $ACB

Case 165 #Aurora Cannabis Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#ACB 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Extremely #bearish, finding some #support around 1.47. Immediate #trendline resistance is at 2.03 with the top of the unfilled gap (on the daily) at 2.00. .....

ACB 2/4
..... Stronger #resistance at 2.50 then the lower part of the cluster at 3.51.A break below 1.40 target 1.05 and then 0.89.

ACB 3/4
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In the northernmost point of the earth, in the frozen world of snow and ice within the Arctic Circle, the mysterious and gorgeous Aurora, "Aurora" is staged in the sky. So why is polar lights called #Aurora?
Aurora's prototype was #Hausōs, the goddess of dawn in the original Indo-European language family. It has the same origins as the Greek goddess #Eos, the Indian dawn goddess #Ushas, and the Nordic dawn goddess #Ostara.
Morning light represents the fading of darkness and the coming of light, so Aurora is also a goddess of hope full of hope, and hope.
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“Wherever the victims are, if you know about them and you say, ‘I don’t care,’ you will forever feel guilty" — Mirza Dinnayi, who risked his life rescuing fellow Yazidis from ISIS… @PostOpinions @IgnatiusPost @jrezaian #Recharge
@PostOpinions @IgnatiusPost @jrezaian Huda al-Sarari, a lawyer from Yemen, investigated a network of secret prisons where Yemenis had been tortured. After her reports helped free some of the prisoners, her car windows were smashed and she was personally threatened, but she didn’t stop. #Aurora
@PostOpinions @IgnatiusPost @jrezaian Zannah Bukar Mustapha founded a Nigerian school that enraged Boko Haram militants, who abducted at least 276 female students from nearby. At great personal risk, Mustapha met with Boko Haram and persuaded them to release 21 girls. He later helped gain the release of another 82.
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🇨🇦#Canada #FridaysForFuture International update #ClimateStrike #'s for #ClimateActionWeek:
🇨🇦1,000,000 people🇨🇦 Thus 1 out of every 6 strikers globally was Canadian🇨🇦 as well as we were 3rd globally for total # of strikes. Thanks to all local organizers & national supporters.
1000 #Calgary AB
15 #Cambridge ON
40 #Campbellton NB
20 #Camrose AB
15 #Canmore AB
15 #Cannington ON
150 #CapAuxMeules QC
300 #Caraquet NB
300 #Chambly QC
200 #ChathamKent ON
65 #Chibougamau QC
400 #Chillwack BC
40 #Clare NS
45 #Clinton ON
500 #Collingwood ON
80 #Compton QC
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La reunión más importante del fútbol boliviano. Todos citados a las 10 am. Son las 10:30 am y siguen llegando a cuenta gotas delegados, presidentes aún no aparecen de varios clubes....

Dan pena señores (no sigo señoras porque el Tigre por ahora sólo mandó delegado)
Los únicos que llegaron a tiempo: Salinas y Conmebol. Se han reunido antes.

40 minutos tarde, llega el bloque de los seis presidentes de #SantaCruz.
Jordán "Lo primero que vamos a pedir es un pacto de NO agresión"

Salinas "Quiero que todos esten contentos"

Esto será un sana sana...
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It’s been a week since five people were killed in an act of gun violence in #Aurora. Seven days of shock. Seven days of mourning. And seven days of incredible strength by the families and our resilient community.
We remember Russell Beyer.

Proud chair of his union and a 20-year employee of Henry Pratt, Russell was a father of two and a steadfast Patriots fan.
We remember Clayton Parks.

A Northern Illinois University grad who his wife described as an incredible father to their young son.
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14,900 gun deaths in 2018.
334 mass shootings
646 babies shot dead.
27000 injured.
3024 Americans died 1975-2015 due to a foreign born terrorist (9/11 included)
Odd to be shot in the US: 1-11000
Odds to be killed by a refugee 1-3.64 Billion

We are shut down because of a wall?
I fohkn hate that I have to tweet death stats on a Sunday morning to make a point. I need a life
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Hi tweeps! Remember back in March, I made a mega-thread of amazing #WomenInSTEM that you should follow, especially for #IWD2018? If not, here's the 'moment' I made from it…
Well, today (19 Nov) is #InternationalMensDay #IMD2018, and I wanted to mark the occasion. So here are SIXTY men working in STEM who also happen to be some of my favourite tweeps. This is by no means an exhaustive list - please don't be offended if you're not on it!
PS: I have some actual (paid) work to do today, so I'll update the list when I can, in between all my other commitments. Please be patient 😊
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September was 🔥 on the Sun! It released 31 sizable solar flares and several coronal mass ejections in just 5 days. We and our partners are always watching the Sun, so we saw these events from several perspectives. Thread 👇
First things first: A solar flare is powerful burst of light radiation, and intense flares can interfere with communications.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a cloud of solar material + magnetic fields. They can spark #aurora.
Now for the space pictures! @NOAASatellites' #GOES16 watches the Sun in 6 different wavelengths. These images show an X9.3 solar flare on Sept. 6. (This was the most intense flare of the current solar cycle!)
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The NRA’s slogan is “Freedom’s Safest Place.” Is #LasVegas freedom’s safest place, @NRA? 1/21
Is #Alexandria freedom’s safest place, @NRA? 2/21
Is #Orlando freedom’s safest place, @NRA? 3/21
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