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1/ A few thoughts/questions coming out of #elxn2019:

Who curated that CBC election panel? I ask because I can't figure out for the life of me who thought it would be a great idea to have Jian Ghomeshi's defence lawyer on the CBC for an entire night. And, let's be clear:
2/ I'm not saying Marie Henein should be on tv or have a platform or any of that. I'm just saying that it struck me as a really poor choice given all of the alternatives.

2) we're talking about "politics" without acknowledging that that word carries many different meanings.
3/ Most commentators discuss politics as the art and science of government. Most people I know–marginalized people–are talking about politics as policy, the sh!t that impacts their lives. Part of why the coverage is so frustrating is bc commentators
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کارزار انتخاباتی کانادا، کشوری تَرَک‌خورده را نمایان کرده…
چه کانادای انگلیسی‌زبان در برابر کبک، چه شرق در برابر غرب، چه جوان در برابر پیر، اتفاق نظر در سال ۲۰۱۹ به سختی پیدا می‌شود و ممکن است بعد از انتخابات کماکان گریبانگیرمان باشد.
کارزارهای انتخاباتی گاهی چشم‌هایمان را به روی واقعیاتی باز می‌کنند که خوشایندمان نیست. کارزار کنونی که این آخر هفته تمام می‌شود، شکاف‌های جغرافیایی و بین نسلی در کانادا را آشکار کرده:
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Some thoughts for the Canada Debates Commission based on tonight’s #ElectionDebate #elxn2019

1) Start the debate later: it’s a fairness issue for Western provinces, and it will also boost audience numbers.
2) Cut the microphones of repeat interruptors
3) Remove the smallest parties at a mid-way interval, or leave only the two biggest parties on-stage for a final duel
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Conventional wisdom may be that @GMButts is a liability for #Liberals because of his connection to #SNCLavalin affair. But there is zero doubt in my mind that #Butts will be singularly focused on ensuring that #Elxn2019 is NOT a referendum on #Trudeau but a stark choice between
#Progressives & Social #Conservatives. @gmbutts is a son of Atlantic Canada who went to school in Quebec and earned his political spurs in #Ontario He is highly skilled at the art of war, especially on key battlegrounds that will determine whether or not
#Liberals emerge with the most amount of seats, if not quite a majority. #Conservative base loyalists, many of whom post replies on #Twitter may honestly believe #Butts is a liability. Wrong! While it's true that I predicted when he left that he would return to run the campaign
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