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On the 12th October, @kikimordi flew this kite of blocking Lagos-Ibadan Express that led to raping, robbing, looting, loss of agricultural goods around that axis.
If I lost my business around Berger to this nonsense, I will sue her & wait for online Hoodlums to meet me in court
Then in response to @kikimordi strange suggestion of blocking Lagos-Ibadan Express, a 'peaceful' protester @Aronpandax asked that @PoliceNG station should be burnt down & Kiki wouldn't caution such. Remember SILENCE is ASSENT.
How do you differentiate hoodlums & #EndSARS? HOW?
If you intended to know the impact of such strange suggestion by @kikimordi, just check how such suggestion went wild. 7.1K Retweets, 67 Quoted this tweet, 4.6K liked the tweet. All these led to further engagement & that seed germinated so quickly.
The power of INFLUENZAS!
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GENEVA (3 November 2020) Unabridged. #EndSARS

1. The Nigerian government must set up a credible, independent inquiry into the recent illegal killings of at least 12 peaceful protestors by soldiers, UN human rights experts* said today.

2. "Since 2005, UN Special Rapporteurs have repeatedly raised the issue of police killings and impunity with the Nigerian government," the experts said. "We have had 15 years of government promises, but nothing has changed.

3. "Governments come and go, but police brutality is as intractable as ever. Nigerians need justice."

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I have a lot to say on the protests and the events that followed so I'll just drop some of them here
1. I remember in 2014 when Chibok girls were kidnapped, Jonathan was at a PDP mega really in Kano(?) and there was no way he could have known anything was happening in Chibok
He had lost goodwill with me at that point but I remember wondering why he was getting a lot of blame as if he could have known anything of such would happen that day, it was a point against him then that he was dancing in Kano while girls were kidnapped and his response wasn't
prompt but guess what, he was the GCFR and CSO and there was no excuse he could give, he had to take all responsibility. Some of you bending over backwards today to blame everybody except the government for the events of the past week probably blamed Jonathan even on things he
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In 2010 my driver & I were beaten by the police guards of @followlasg gov @tundefashola. They threatened to lock us up. We were scared for our lives. No one knew where we were. All because I took photos of the iconic Nitel building in Marina.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
The day before we had just held the first showing of @mypaga to a group of about 20 people. The photos of the event was what made the police say "he might be someone" and finally let me go.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
If not for Paga & the potential I saw to impact our country, I would have left Nigeria after that incident.

How many dreams has the Nigerian Police ended?

It's time for true Police reform @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo. No more talk. Action.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
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Feminists (inclusive actual lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans, Queers) and all elements of destruction sponsored a protest. They disguised under something terrible that has affected a lot of Nigerians, #PoliceBrutality & call for an end to SARS. They didn't expect the govt to
give in easily, and they were disappointed. Then the extended the protest, taking advantage of the poverty & hunger in the majority of the protesters, get donations from international mischief makers & all keep feeding these hungry Nigerians. "Awuf no dey run belle".
The finally released their Agenda, when they thought they have garnered enough support of hoodlums, defeated politicians & even genuine Nigerians that genuinely want improvement in the way we are being governed. But it was too early & it was rejected by the very few people that
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I wish we can harmonize now as a Nation and change our strategy. There's so much we are angry about. But it's time for us to re-strategize our next move. #CongratulationsNigerians #EndSARS
We can either keep fueling our anger and things continue on the same pedestal or we re-channel our strength to a winning strategy. Without this, we might just hit the rock. #CongratulationsNigerians #ENDBADGOVERNANCE
We can always rise up again and comeback to this process. It would always send a signal to the National Body of Governance in Nigeria that "the youths will always checkmate us if we don't do what is right". We have the power now. #change #CongratulationsNigerians #EndSARS
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SARS in PH will make you believe car stunts in movies are not film tricks

Imagine getting double crossed at 11pm on your way to the club with bright lights being pointed in your face as you're being ordered to park

For a moment, I felt a robbery was about to go down.
Car slows to Γ  halt & these officers approach with cocked guns to take a peek into the car

4 well dressed boys looking to chill for the weekend are suddenly made to come down infront of Play House & sit on the ground while the car is being searched

On the other side of the road
A driver is in the middle of pleas & negotiations as he is being threatened to cough up a sum higher than his salary for driving his bank manager boss's car to the club for a harmless outing.

Poor man kept saying the hush money asked of him was more than his monthly pay but
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@realDonaldTrump I must say something here. I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria and from what I see in USA, this election would decide the fate of the US for centuries to come. There is a battle for the soul/destiny of this nation because this nation is the lightbearer for the world and...
@realDonaldTrump ...the enemies of this nation have been able to infiltrate members of your government,promising huge compensation if they could deliver this nation over to them. I want to say that anybody that truly loves this nation would stand for RESULT-PRODUCERS as against TALKATIVES....
@realDonaldTrump ..what do I mean. Let me give a history from my nation. Our president promised heaven and earth to us, with the aim to fight corruption, create jobs, make one naira to a dollar, etc. We fell follishly to his cheap talk, kicked against the previous president and today, we are....
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The GATES of Hell

People are talking of Akwuzu SARS and forgot about SARS Borokiri. I'm not downplaying the horrors of Akwuzu SARS, but I believe that it has a twin in Borokiri. Going down a nightmarish memory lane, I torturously remember the two weeks I spent there.
Even with medical evidence that I was SS, I was tortured beyond redemption. They wanted me to sign a prewritten statement, but I was able to convince them that it was better written in my handwriting.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
The winning argument was that I agreed to confess to whatever they wanted, but I had a plan. My IPO (Investigating Police Officer) that himself intelligent, but to me he was an illiterate.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
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By Mahmud Babatunde Ajeigbe (Ph.D.)

I have over the last few days pondered, and sincerely, most of what has been said about SARS is known except we want to be deceiving ourselves. (1/19)
We all need to think about the need to approach these issues collectively. (This is a long piece but bear with me as I express my thoughts)

NIGERIA is a systemic rot. We need reforms in virtually all areas. If you say SARS, (2/19)
or more appropriately the entire police force is in dire need of surgical operation that'll birth an operational proactive elite police force, what about other security agencies (DSS, NSCDC, Armed forces, Paramilitary etc)? aren't they all birds of the same feather, (3/19)
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FG.. The ongoing protest across the nation is being sponsored by opposition who lost out in election, who now want to topple the govt, & when you fight corruption, corruption will fight back, those that our anti corruption fight has touched are sponsoring criminals to protest..
PDP.. We the PDP want 2 alert the world that this protest going on is as a result of failure under Buhari & his party APC, when we were in govt, there was never a protest 2 #EndSARS, we manage the police effectively, we want the world 2 hold Buhari responsible should Nigeria burn
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Broken down to its essence, the #EndSARS protests are really about the #righttolife of citizens. It raises the largely ignored question(in Nigeria) of capital punishment.
Given our rather bloody history, if we want to really change the National orientation as regards the sanctity of life,we should elevate the conversation. Does the State have the right to take life in any circumstance? Should we still have the death sentence in our laws? #EndSARS
As we begin to talk about reforms, we should note that reforms would need to be based on a mutually agreed values. What is the value we place on human life as a people?#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
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@Oludeewon To commemorate the beautiful work @Oludeewon has shared on Sweden and how to get the Swedish govt scholarship plus the dms I am getting on scholarship, I will be dropping soon the direct links to university scholarships just incase you are not privileged to get the govts own.
@Oludeewon Twitter, are we ready? I will be dropping this information starting today and will continue till I exhaust all scholarship information on schools in Sweden. So like,retweet and share so everyone and anyone who needs this can have access to it. It's a long thread, enjoy the rideπŸ™ƒ
@Oludeewon Relevant info- application for studies in Sweden opened today, 16-10-2021. Don't sleep on this guys, don't dull on your application. Check the links and be very strategic about your choice. Goodluck!
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