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1. A lot of gains have taken place with #ENDSARS #POLICEREFORMS in the last 3 years that needs to be brought to public attention.
2. Based on the recent reforms signed by Buhari, your Miranda rights must be read to you before an arrest is made otherwise the arrest is void.

3. Police officer(s) are arrested within 24hrs of a report been made against him or her by any citizen.
4. Officers found guilty by the force are charged to court to be prosecuted.

5. Citizens often fail to come out to testify against the Police officers in the Court of Law.
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Today is DAY 9 of #EndSARSProtest, as aggrieved Nigerian youths continue to yearn for a holistic #PoliceReforms.

At least, 90% of @PoliceNG contacts with ordinary Nigerians, which sparked the ongoing protests, occur on roadways, with motorists. Image
2/ Having critically examined the contending issues behind the #EndSARSProtest, in this thread, I'll bare my mind on 5 Major Keys to rewiring Nigeria.

@NigeriaGov must look into:
- Central Database
- Policing System
- Justice System
- Road Infrastructure
- Transport Ministry ImageImageImageImage
3/ On October 11, in a thread, I bared my mind on how the Police in saner climes, e.g., U.S., make traffic stops across roadways, according to best global practices, as opposed to how @PoliceNG make traffic stops at their roadblocks of extortion. Read👇

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1. Prospective members of this new team will undergo psychological and medical examination to ascertain their fitness and eligibility for the new assignment.

#SARSHasEnded #PoliceReforms
2. These members are to commence training at the different Police tactical training institutions nationwide, next week.

#SARSHasEnded #PoliceReforms
3. The training schedules are as follows;

A. Police Commands in the South-East and the South-South will be trained at the Counter-Terrorism College, Nonwa-Tai, Rivers State

#SARSHasEnded #PoliceReforms
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22 Sep is celebrated as #PoliceReformsDay in India. The date marks the 2006 landmark judgment in Prakash Singh v. Union of India—where the Apex Court issued 7 directives for #policereforms. Ahead of it, we’ve curated a list of webinars on the status of policing and reforms. (1/n)
Is our police citizen friendly? This core question is answered by a panel featuring @_NehaSinha, Devika Nadig and D Sivanandhan in a discussion hosted by @fayedsouza (2/n)

Policing: Past, Present, and Future: In this webinar hosted by @CarnegieIndia and @tatatrusts, the panellists discuss the challenges facing the police establishment today, particularly since the outbreak of #COVID19. @IPF_ORG (3/n)…
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موٹروے سانحہ۔ پولیس کتنی ذمہ دار ہے؟ سابق آئی جی اظہر حسن کی گفتگو 1/3

#MotowayIncident #JusticeForRapeVictims #PakistanForPeace #PoliceReforms
#WarAgainstHarassment #MotorwayPolice #AttacksWontSilenceUs #protest #AuratMarch #WomenRights #HumanRightsViolations #Pakistan #sujag
موٹروے سانحہ۔ پولیس کتنی ذمہ دار ہے؟ سابق آئی جی اظہر حسن کی گفتگو 2/3

#MotowayIncident #JusticeForRapeVictims #PakistanForPeace #PoliceReforms
#WarAgainstHarassment #MotorwayPolice #AttacksWontSilenceUs #protest #AuratMarch #WomenRights #HumanRightsViolations #Pakistan #sujag
موٹروے سانحہ۔ پولیس کتنی ذمہ دار ہے؟ سابق آئی جی اظہر حسن کی گفتگو 3/3

#MotowayIncident #JusticeForRapeVictims #PakistanForPeace #PoliceReforms
#WarAgainstHarassment #MotorwayPolice #AttacksWontSilenceUs #protest #AuratMarch #WomenRights #HumanRightsViolations #Pakistan #sujag
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1 - Senior police officers sign declaration seeking action against CCPO Mr Imran Khan support for Mr Rao Anwar

#CCPOLahore #MotorWayIncident
#RaoAnwar #PoliceReforms #NaqeebullahMehsud #RemoveCCPOLahore
Imran backs defiant police officer
Malir SSP Rao Anwar in Khawaja Izharul Hassan of MQM
controversy (18 Sept 2016 Dawn) Sophisticated & Decent MQM of PTI

#CCPOLahore #MotorWayIncident
#RaoAnwar #PoliceReforms #NaqeebullahMehsud #RemoveCCPOLahore
1 - PTI Leader Ms Shireen Mazari says "Taliban Culture is Basically a #Pashtun Culture & It would be hard to point out which #Pashtun is #Taliban & which #Pashtun isn't Taliban
#CCPOLahore #MotorWayIncident
#RaoAnwar #PoliceReforms #NaqeebullahMehsud #RemoveCCPOLahore #Pakhutan
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@Arappor starts its #PoliceReforms campaign: #GiveRespectTakeRespect
We start with demanding that Police officials treat public with the basic Respect & Dignity which is required.
Please share a 2 minute video with us on how you were treated by the police when you went to them for help in a police station or outside. Several people have already shared their videos with us.
As a first step we are asking the Police officers to take the following oath:
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In India, We need to work on #PoliceReform asap, #Police being a key player to ensure #socialjustice

The population is rising rapidly, yet we are facing acute shorts of Police personnel in all states of India.

I'll try to summarize issues being faced by every state police here Image
Shortage of Staff

The sanctioned strength of the police across states is around 2.8 million, but only 1.9 million police officers are employed

UN recommended standard is 222 police per lakh persons v/s 137 in India

#Tweet4Bharat #socialjustice Image
Faulty Promotion Policy

Max of the state police comprises of constabulary (80-85%)

The Police functioning rest on their Shoulders, are typically promoted once during the Service, normally retiring as head constables.

This weakens their will to perform well. Image
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Police nearly wiped out our family, but another shot at life changed everything, say kin of fabled Chambal bandit Maan Singh #policereforms Image
We can learn from the past. This story counters contemporary thought/philosophy on police encounters.

One arrest that did not end in an “encounter” brought the reign of bandits in Chambal to a close. It was 67years ago, when Tehsildar Singh, the son of fabled Daku Maan Singh 1/n Image
, was nabbed. A string of “encounters” and revenge killings had nearly wiped out the family by then. But Tehsildar made 600 bandits give up arms and a life of insurrection. And what was once an outlaw’s family became one of policemen and political representatives. 2/n Image
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In the spirit of Education let me clarify. I have NO Govt affiliation however lawful in ALL my dealings business wise and across all advocacies associated with my name. What the Wiki link referred to was the adhoc Presidential panel that deployed our joint stopgap to the ills.
What actually happened was that a threshold was reached and at that watershed moment, police got tired of playing defensive & realized the devastating effect of our next move on the advocacy based on the revelation made to them at a critical meeting with the leaders.
This meeting was held behind the curtains at the International Youth Day (Safe spaces for youth 2018) held at the Music Centre as organized jointly by @koredebello & @SIAF_NG with all stakeholders including senior officers of the Police.
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We all know encounters are extra judicial means of curbing lawlessness. Whats the use of of encounters when it cannot be meted out to the most vile law breakers...
The one man who meant business on child abuse was @chouhanshivraj.
Enacted fasttrack investigation, fast track hearing. Ensured verdicts in under 60 days of crime.
But our judiciary kept blocking fast tracking in higher courts. Judiciary will have to buckle up on this fast.
There is no point of fast track verdicts if higher courts allow the convict years due process.

Where is the fear of the law when law breakers know it takes over 10 years to come calling?
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Tune in in 40Minutes. #NGTheCandidates @KadariaAhmed @atiku
Previously on #NgTheCandidates
And it begins...
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